Actor Jackie Long Caught Push’in Up On Alleged Transgender Backpage Peddler!!!


Jackie Long Trans Scandal

HSK Exclusive – The Trans in Tinseltown is real, ya’ll … and word is Real actor Jackie Long is no stranger to it! Matter of fact, a tipster tells us that’s a trans right there, kick’in it with the Real Husbands of Hollywood actor! And buss this: there’s a one-minute video circulating of Long push’in up on the alleged trans!

“They are at a club in LA and the trans is sitting on his lap … he’s almost kissing her neck.”

To be sure, we’re talking about the same Jackie Long that Drake shouted out on wax, on the 2007 “Comeback Season” track “Underdog.”

I been out in Hollywood
Just acting wrong
What up to Jackie Long
I f*ck with Jackie Long

Dig the Drop:

“Her backpage popped up showing her ads with the name “Ts Mimi Lee” in Orange County.”

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  1. not news. he's always been questionable, well actually deemed as being bisexual. and in other news in Hollyweird…?

  2. At this point, with all the knowledge that's out about Hollyweird, if anyone still wants to be a part of that world then they just want to sell out on THE MOST HIGH. The things that go on at those clubs and parties is beyond Satanic.

  3. What's WITH these men who go for transs?! On the outside appears to be a woman but… Demons are real; don't take them lightly. Will get all in your mind and tell you something sick is "exotic" when all it is, is a dude in a skirt with some gel for boobs and the penis he was born with tucked beneath a skirt. Sickos on all sides.


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