Actor Jackie Long Caught Push’in Up On Alleged Transgender Backpage Peddler!!!

Jackie Long Trans Scandal

HSK Exclusive – The Trans in Tinseltown is real, ya’ll … and word is Real actor Jackie Long is no stranger to it! Matter of fact, a tipster tells us that’s a trans right there, kick’in it with the Real Husbands of Hollywood actor! And buss this: there’s a one-minute video circulating of Long push’in up on the alleged trans!

“They are at a club in LA and the trans is sitting on his lap … he’s almost kissing her neck.”

To be sure, we’re talking about the same Jackie Long that Drake shouted out on wax, on the 2007 “Comeback Season” track “Underdog.”

I been out in Hollywood
Just acting wrong
What up to Jackie Long
I f*ck with Jackie Long

Dig the Drop:

“Her backpage popped up showing her ads with the name “Ts Mimi Lee” in Orange County.”


  1. not news. he's always been questionable, well actually deemed as being bisexual. and in other news in Hollyweird…?

  2. At this point, with all the knowledge that's out about Hollyweird, if anyone still wants to be a part of that world then they just want to sell out on THE MOST HIGH. The things that go on at those clubs and parties is beyond Satanic.

  3. What's WITH these men who go for transs?! On the outside appears to be a woman but… Demons are real; don't take them lightly. Will get all in your mind and tell you something sick is "exotic" when all it is, is a dude in a skirt with some gel for boobs and the penis he was born with tucked beneath a skirt. Sickos on all sides.

  4. He is definitely a cat and a clown and to be honest, loud and annoying. I can see him being gay. He just does way too much and gets bothered when asked about certain things. I know he lived with Bret Ratner for aome time, he’s been caught with a ladyman, and Diddy was takin him on all paid vacays to mexico. We all know he goes both ways. He had a girlfriend that he paraded for some months telling all his close friends and fam he was going to get her pregnant and thats wifey but that seemed to be more of a coverup of his real life. She most likely caught on. Good for her. He wasn’t the best boyfriend to her anyway. From what I saw he came off as controlling insecure and extremely CHEAP. She always did sweet things for him and he seemed to not appreciate much. She was really sweet and pretty, but she deserved better than that for sure. I’m sure Serena and everyone else connected to him went through the same thing and I don’t blame them for not being around him. A sane person who values themself can only take so much of all that he is.
    He reminds me of a male groupie. He runs behind all of his famous friends like Paul George, Rayj whoever else he’s around. He calls them his friends but they don’t care about him. Paul will make fun of him behind his back and basically said Jackie’s movie wasn’t going to do well. He has a movie called “Bodied” that got picked up by Youtube. I saw the movie and yeah, I agree with Paul. Jackie’s not a great friend himself though. J1 (Ray’s barber) and some more people came to him sayin how they knew Princess was creeping around with Brandon Jennings but Jackie never told Ray and then Princess told Jackie she was expectin so he never told Ray. That might explain why Brandy and Sonja have these little battles with Princess. I guess time will tell and we’ll see if the baby looks like Ray.
    He prides himself on his cleanliness but when you go to his crib his bathroom smelled like straight piss the 3 times I came over with my boo. Another thing I found disgusting is he doesn’t mind picking his nose in front of you. Anybody that is close to him know that this is what he does. He stay in his nose. That and spit every 5 minutes. It bothers him so much that he Instagram hasn’t put a blue check by his name because he’s so much more famous than ig hoes. He loves to explain why being a “celebrity” and being recognized is so hard. He expects to get free shit especially after someone recognizes him. He expects everyone around him to stroke his ego. He has a nasty attitude if you make him feel stupid or if the convo requires critical thinking. I noticed he wasn’t too bright, but even his cousin said Jackie is pretty damn stupid. He can’t read that well so he likes to have people read him his lines and he memorizes it that way. He’s no longer friends and gives his costar on ATL the cold shoulder for years because the guy mentioned how he helps Jackie with his lines. His girl would always work with him and read him his lines and tell him what words meant and how to act them out the few times he had an audition. ???? His Mom, little sister Marshay and older sister are pure EVIL. Money hungry and ghetto fabulous. I witnessed the sisters being mean to his girl and he never stopped them. His little sister is a spoiled brat. Their older sister buy them everything and if its not brand name, then her attittude is its beneath her. He’s a mama’s boy but he also will yell at his Mom for sayin anything he doesnt approve of. He was yelling at her like she stole something. Witnessed that also. His aunt that lives in Pasadena takes care of his grandfather. Her and her two daughters are very nice people though. Also his stepdad Buddy Boy is a great person. They have good hearts.
    Good luck to him but I see why he’s 36 years old single and why his career is stagnant. God don’t like UGLY and that man has a dark soul.

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