Who’s Jacky Talking About?


Not only is this rapper not rack’in anymore, he clearly refuses to recognize the kurse of keeping up with that diabolical dynasty. It’s a sinister situation our blind item was warned about by his (now former) friends. I’m talking about the set of music industry friends that held Mr. Hub City down after dude went bust over the drastic low number of sales connected to his non-gold dynasty album.

“They were supporting him financially. They also gave him access to their cars in order for him to keep the image going.”

We’re told that’s how our blind item gained the funding to flee from Calabasas, throw deuces up at dat doll, and set up shop in the Hollywood Hills. Guess what? It’s looking like it’s now all downhill for this dude. Know why? Because not only did dude disregard his financially-supportive friends’ advice by taking it back to keeping up with the wretched again … sources say he told ’em, “f*ck off!” Now, they’re bout to air him out!!!

He recently pledged his obedience to dat devious dynasty by apologizing to Drake for diss’in. Know why? Because they told him to! Just ask Kanye ‘New Slave’ West.

Now, can you guess which Compton rapper I’m talking about?


  1. He needs to turn his life around and go to Christ. That lifestyle is filling him with demonic spirits.

    SATAN comes to steal , kill and destroy.

    He needs to come out now before he winds up hook to crack or meth in order to deal with depression of being broke and blackballed from that Satanic idol worshiping industry. Everything that glitters isn't gold. Seek a humble life and get tested!

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    • Its Tyga. Just got done reading he is trying to get a $10 million mansion next to Kylie but the bank keep putting him in escrow. In fact he was in escrow three times. Now when U try to get a loan for a house and your shit is still in escrow that means U don't have credit, your credit is f*cked up, or U don't have the put money or some kind of equity to get that house. In this case, its all three.

      • He doesn't have a pot to piss in and he wants a $10M home. Perhaps the delusion is getting the better of him and he thinks PMK and Kanye will pitch in to help him buy a house. This fool is done and has been since that trans situation came out. And now Charlie. They can't be this stupid. They told that girl to end it now.

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    • That's a lie…the religions of the NILE worshiped the SUN which gives us life & the natural laws of the universe…Neanderthals perverted our teachings to colonize us & our lands…just ask the chinese who still have their religion, language, letters, etc

      • Fuck dat ol man made religion … That word only appears one time in your bibles ! Religion comes the Greeks and Latin , it don't got jackshit to do with us … God said follow his laws and commandments not religio!

  3. Tyga must have a death wish like most rappers do or black men in general. Lamar Odom should have been a wake up call. I can't feel sorry for someone who abandoned his child and baby mother.

  4. Is this even a blind. But really, no one cares, in fact, we want to see him implode as a testament that once again, it is the ultimate conclusion to when you lie in bed with witches. Unfortunately there will be another and another after him.

  5. Thanks for the tea on how he has been "keeping up appearances", and where all the cars came from.
    we knew his record sales were non-existent, even though he tried to say he was "streaming millions,
    What happened to that TV Show. Showing him living the life: FAKE TOO!

    How come Kanye wont out him on his label? LOLLLL.
    Cause RAP is dead! And Tyga was already wack!

        • She says kids have been tested and are negative in a recent interview. She says she been tested back when she found his porn collection, rt before the divorce was filled. Told him to get tested back then too, and he told her to go fck herself. This all according to court docs.

  6. He is gonna get what he deserved for getting in with a coven of KKK witches. No sympathy here.

  7. Sharcando hooka maybe if you can learn to wash your stink twat as long as that bullshit reply, maybe I'd hear you, but you'd still stink to high heaven .. Let us pray you scrub your nasty cunt bitch !

  8. Tyga broke not selling records not on no major label not making no kind of money elsewhere going with a. White slut who makes more than him and more popular tygas career is on life support and the plug will be puled soon kendall already flipped him the bird and told him to kiss her ass and kylie already went out witj asap rockys gay ass guess she likes gay dudes cause she dated jaden smiths punk ass

    • Such a damn tragedy. Kylie is not even a Kardashian but it seems that damn curse can f*ck a man up outta nowhere.

        • No it was inherited from the daddy side of the family. Kardashian side. It was Robert's great, great, great grandmother the late Kekel Kardashian who asked for her family to not have hardships for generations to come. Since Kris was a former Kardashian it doesn't count for her, Kendall, nor Kylie because they are not Kardashian bloodline. But Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloë, and Robert Jr are then yes it is effective and passed on for the future generations. Here is the link.


  9. When will these men learn ?! Do NOT get involved with the Kardashians. That's how they keep their level of fame : their love lives keep them in the headlines and they've built a whole business around that. Stop dating them, raise your standards ! It's really sad that these famous dummies still haven't figured out that they should stay away from them of they want their wallets and peace of mind to still be intact ! Look at what they did rob ! Look at how they're doing their own so that should be enough for these idiotic men to stop chasing them. I'm gonna start thinking these girls actually do witchcraft because I refuse to believe that men are that stupid. Not after lamar, Scott (even though he's something else) rob , hell even Kanye ! This family ruins lives for an income. I can't man!

    • Nawwww… They built it around Kim's sex tape. That's how it all got started.

  10. I don't think Chyna wants Tyga back as the headlines would suggest. She's not that dumb, although she may just want him to run for the hills and to be a better father for their son. Tyga is desperate for the spotlight to keep his rap career/image intact but he is in denial about the K's. They are going to chew him up and toss him aside, if they haven't already. It's obvious they don't respect him because he lacks money and they don't want him living on Kylie's money. He needs to look at what happened with Lamar and never let them plot his demise. They are some wicked cows who use black men then throw them like chips. The only reason they accept Yeezus is because he has his own money and doesn't need theirs. I am just so sick and tired of the K's and I don't like how they are putting out negative things about Chyna to make her look like she's crying for Tyga. Chyna stood her ground and let them know she ain't about their b.s.

    • I notice that their trying to get Justin beiber to be apart of the family.even though he's known the family for a few years they keep trying to connect beiber with Kendall.

      Why do yotu think Kris is dating Corey gamble.Corey gamble is beiber financial advisor and beiber got a lot of dough,influence,popularity and fans

  11. Kanye with his high ass clothes well he needs it cause hes about to have 2 kids with kim and he asked for it

  12. Kanye gay. Tyga gay. Kris man with the double wide hips is obviously sweet. I believe Lamar was f*cking rob in the ass too. It's a reason they all got sweet men, they probably f*ck them guys with strap ons

  13. Hold up everybody!!! How about I am watching The Cleveland Show and they talking about Hip Hop Illuminati. They got Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Will I Am, QuestLove, and Kenny West as Kanyé West. They giving us heads up about Kanye's career is about to go down! If that's not a good clue then I don't no what it is.

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