Tyga’s Trans Ex Talks About Relationship With Charlie Sheen

mia isabella charlie sheen

Kylie Jenner has been concerned about the possibility of Tyga spreading HIV to her.  It’s all related to six-degrees of Charlie Sheen.

Everyone remembers Mia Isabella, the trans prostitute that outed Tyga as a client/lover.  As previously reported, Mia was close with porn actress, Carpi Anderson, who had a relationship with Charlie Sheen and even moved into his place in 2013 – that is after the time he contracted HIV.

Apparently, Jenner’s rapper boyfriend, T-Raww, used to hit it raw with Isabella, and had a threesome with Carpri.  That would make Sheen’s HIV admission frightening news to all parties involved.

charlie sheen capri anderson mia isabella

Playing damage control, transsexual Mia Isabella is telling people that she did not have sex with Charlie and that he was simply a “great friend and mentor.”

“My life is more incredible than imagined and people will never know half the story.  Nobody knows who I’ve loved & who I’ve been with but me.”

Not a good look to admit that a crack-addicted HIV-infected sex fiend is your “mentor.”

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  2. "Not a good look to admit that a crack-addicted HIV-infected sex fiend is your “mentor.” LOLLLLLL…….LMBO……..LOLLLLLLLL.

  3. Damn that fool is two shades of some kind of stupid! Somebody educate this fool!

  4. Messy thing just loves attention trying to be coy she needs to shut the f*ck up kissing and telling isn't the smartest thing not even to imply. No freak just wants to kick it with trannies they either want the boy hole or some head, either one so stop lying sad trick.

  5. Tyga and Kylie are kaputz on the down low. This relationship will fade out soon enough. You will see Kylie going out with male friends, Tyga with his friends and they will want for everyone to forget that Kylie has been exposed to HIV. This is what's it's all about. PMK's new money maker cannot be this tainted so early on.

    • LOL Israel. Of course he dosen't know that he looks like a cartoon character. These individuals for a lack of better words live in an imaginary world where they make up shit as they go along about their day and their life. All of this for the love of money , fame, and attention.

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