Mase Busted With Trans During Bad Boy Reunion Tour!

mase trans bad boy reunion tour

Rumors about Mase being a trans chaser have been floating around for years, and it seems like the rapper-turned-pastor-turned-rapper is back at it again with his love for chicks with sticks!

Our sources tell us during a stop on the Bad Boy reunion tour, Puff rented out a couple of floors in a hotel. One of the rooms was for Mase, and our source caught Mase red handed with his trans lover!

“I was there with a former Bad Boy artist who was staying on the same floor. This may be old news but Mase definitely is a trans chaser! I personally peeped a 6ft trans that was not EVEN close to passing creeping out of Mase’s room very early in the morning,”



  1. Or perhaps bible study. Time to get 'delivert' after the tour comes to a close. Look in my mind just about 98.9% of celebs are gay. Just entertainment either way you slice it.

  2. Just assume most black male mainstream rappers are gay and you won't be surprised.

  3. Yeah, I could believe this happened, even without pics for proof. But it would tickle my soul to see a big, tall, manly dude, wearing a dress, stilettos, and a wig, just tipping out of Mases room. I'm already dying laughing just thinking about it. The visual is a HAM.

  4. Yeah f*cking right! Now that he's getting a little bit of buzz due to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour, he gets caught with a 6 feet tall trans all of a sudden? And yes I know he was caught with one some years ago but this shit here is a little too coincidental. I guess anything goes when trying to attract people to this raggedy azz blog.

    • Right he that desperate for a penus and skirt … He invites it to the same f*cking hotel for all to sees 6 ft faggot creeping out his room .. Red light special style Gtfoh !

    • this blog ISNOT jacky NO MORE that's for sure! it's SLOW annoying and HARD to navigate piece of sheitt! i don't come here no more because of the above named factors!

      • I feel ya I stop coming when hoes like you don't wash that stink ass pusssy !

        • Another punk who got turned out in jail and before that got passed around by your mamas boyfriend. Bitter downlow male.

          • Same ol whore with a millions names using the same lines jumping from one blk site to another … Wash your p*ssy you leaving stink ass cunttrails !

    Tyler Perry is shooting a new movie called "Madea Gets a Room" and Mase plays the evil black guy that gets saved so no need to speculate. That's how rumors get started!

  6. Mase = Mr Cee = Afrika Bambatta = Puffy = ILLUMINATI H.I.V. SEX RING !!!! Sad but True.

    • All cept puffy played out I see bam ain't blowed up because of f*cking boys that's because ain't no whiteboys come forward plus white america doesn't care about a one hit wonder from the 80s hell mister cee was a DJ who still haven't come out the closet yet but admitted to letting guys suck his dick come on you get caught three times with trannies sucking your dick you bisexual buff said

  7. Hmmm not sure I believe this one obviously we will believe it because of his trans chasing past lol but I need more proof and surely this "source" could have took a picture even if it was taken from the back the way he described the shim we would all know it was a man!! Haha

  8. Mase career been dead hippocrite went from cute pop star to pastor back to bad boy to being a hardcore killer back to being a pastor this fool can't ever talk to me about Christ or being a man if god you can't save anybody and f*ckibg trannies then saying I love Jesus then wanna go to hip hop and praise god f*ck mase

  9. WTF ! I thought this guy converted to Islam and decided to leave in Saudi Arabia for ever ?

    This guy has the word "gay" written all over his face though…

  10. This isn't even news. Mase been GAY since the 90's. Yall remember when he was Puffys lover back in the days. They used to run around with naked male escorts in his Hampton house. They got caught having sex together. Shyne Po even put them on full blast too.

  11. …not sure that they've done very many shows. Only the NY ones, right? SO on what "stop on their tour" could this have been? Gags. At least wait until they actually START the tour. They're still in NY, no?

  12. The black guy was absolutely right about Mase when he said, "Mase is a flaming faggot."

  13. Not Surprising he has a Tranny past

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