Troy Ave Arrested, Charged With Shooting During T.I. Concert

troy ave arrested deadly shooting ti concert

Well, this was unexpected…earlier today we reported about the deadly shooting that took place at T.I.’s Manhattan concert on Wednesday night that left one man dead. Rapper Troy Ave was shot in the leg during the incident…but come to find out, he was the one who pulled the trigger!

The 30-year-old was caught on surveillance video as he walked into Irving Plaza and started firing. Police have now confirmed that Troy accidentally shot himself in the leg.

He was arrested today in Brooklyn, and charged with reckless endangerment and illegal gun possession.

Rumors have been swirling about the whole incident stemming from an issue Troy had with Maino – who was on stage performing at the time of the shooting. But Maino shot that claim down in a lengthy Instagram post.

Troy’s friend, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, was killed during the shootout, and police are awaiting the results of a ballistics test to find out who pulled the trigger.


  1. What VIdeo of the him shooting someone.
    why werent people running to get out… folks over in the corner. WTH? is this real?

    • Warning to all up and coming blk male rap artists don't duck with Ti at no concert or venue or showcase… You gonna end up dead and all you gonna get is a rip tweet .. Mutha fukker !

      • You always kill me with your neat little hooks, Fred Fishing was another fun one… but this one with hooks and it looks like PEG BOARD…. did you plan that??? LOL LOVE IT! Fred ROCKS!!!!!

  2. You have got to be kidding me this stupid knuckle head doesn't know about video surveillance?? TF outta here come on. I thought this was the digital generation so many get popped doing shit
    right on camera stupid idiots!!

  3. I guess Troy will be sharing a cell next to Bobby Schmurda. Anybody going to report Gucci Mane was released from prison today.

  4. These idiotic rap battles, arguments, wars, and absolute crap. They need to go away. I hate this garbage. None make a difference in this world. Make money and use it to buy meaningless garbage. Filth.

  5. Perhaps those checkerboard masonic floors may have "triggered" something. I don't even know who this nigga is. Just ignorant niggas doing ignorant shit. Nothing new!

  6. Don't know who they are. That pic of the guy with the watch, he looks like he suck dicks 24/7.

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  9. Maino needed to express condolences to the dude watching his performance who got shot through the ceiling.

    Troy Ave looks like a qu, qu, qu, queeeen!, Just like TI

    Straight up lilfe hating f&gs!!

  10. And good luck to his azz bein' locked up on a 3-day weekend in Manhattan House of Detention.

  11. Anorher dumb ass rapper going to prison these dudes cannot separate entertainment from reality rapping about the streets and telling stories is cool if you getting paid but acting like a thug shooting people and starting fights ain't cool cause once a black guy gets famous or semi famous you are a target I mean blacks ate targets anyway but still when you become high profile everybody watch you

  12. ILLUMINATI COVER-UP FOR MAINO !!!! 100% Fact !!! ~ If you believe a "shooter" missed all of his targets and killed his friend, and shot himself in the leg……YOU ARE A PROGRAMMED FOOL !!! For failed blood sacrifice…. see: 2pac shakur New York Shooting !!!! SAME LIES !!!

  13. This guy woke up and decided to trade his brain for a bag full of shit
    Now he pays the price
    Hope this sorry excuse for a human will die in prison

  14. Thug culture gotta go…why grown blkmen and women endorse this is beyond me..I love hiphop..but keeping it real should start and end on need to view this rap ish as we view movies..rappers should be seen as actors and nothing more.these fools trying to bring back the 90s.

  15. Question is who in their right mind goes to a rap concert these days?? that would be like walking into a war zone it's too dangerous people are very foolish these days going to a rap concert is taking your life into your hands there is always a fight always it's never peaceful or calm it's very agitated.

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