Khloe Files for Divorce…Again

khloe lamar divorce

Khloe Kardashian is done with Lamar Odom once again. The reality star has filed for divorce again, and she claims it all has to do with her desire to start a family.

At 31, Khloe says the “clock is ticking” and she’s ready to settle down and have kids. She knows she can’t do that until she completely cuts ties with Lamar.

But wait, hasn’t she had like 3 different boyfriends since separating from Lamar? Anyway…

Since she originally filed in December 2013, the two have kept their relationship platonic. But Khloe backed out of the first divorce when Lamar was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel.

Do you think she will go through with the divorce this second time around?


  1. Oh, so she must have successfully swindled & extorted all the money she could from him and is now ready to cash out so she can get herself pregnant by some other rich black man.
    Okay, we got it now.

  2. Lamar is stopping her from starting a family how? We're know he's fertile. She's the one with a problem. Anyways he's getting all that he deserves. Tyga down, scott down, lamar down, Kanye will be next. Scott was lucky because his parents left him some money. The rest…

  3. Becky don't want no Scrub also known as a Buster????

    This will bust the hood fantasy many broke black males have, that all WW want a black male- no they don't they want his money period. Lamar got played Kanye is next. Becky stay winning but BW called gold diggers by scrubs?? WW get so many passes to use up and humiliated dumb BM.

  4. Generally ww don't want a bm unless he is super hot. Money is not enough.

    The KKK Klan wanted the men they went after for the fame and publicity. I don't expect that you will believe that, but they could have done quite well with rich white men from the jump. They wanted a gimmick in order to grab everyone's attention back in the late 2000s, and the gimmick was white girls with fat asses who dated and married black men.

    I can promise you that the vast majority of ww loathe the KKKs and have no interest in modeling themselves after them. Lamar seems rich to you who don't have a lot of money, but he is nothing above the norm within the circles in LA frequented by even B and C list celebrities. Plus Lamar was past his sports career prime by the time he met Khloe.
    She wanted the attention he would bring to her as a Laker, and she got it.

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