LHHATL’s Karen King Denies Fraud Charges Following Arrest

karen king fraud arrest

Earlier this week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King was arrested in the middle of a club appearance in Atlanta.

She was booked on identity theft and fraud charges for allegedly purchasing $4,946.52 worth of merchandise in Saks Fifth Avenue under someone else’s name. Police think she was working together with a Sak’s employee who rung up the purchase.

And now, KK is finally speaking out and denying the fraud charges in a statement to VH1.

She says after police arrested her, they took her to the station and told her she had three warrants for identity fraud, forgery, and an undisclosed charge.

When KK asked the cops to explain the charges, this is what they had to say:

“They said an employee in Saks Fifth Avenue is one of your employees and he got fired 11 months ago for letting someone come in the store and buy $5,000 worth of men’s clothing.” I was like, “How does that involve me?” They were saying that from the police report when they arrested him, he said the person that came in was Karen King. He never mentioned this to me. I don’t know none of the details yet. I’m a customer at Saks Fifth Avenue. I pull clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue for work. Why would I go to a store that I frequently shop at? It makes no f–king sense. They didn’t arrest [me] then but now that I’m on TV? They’re probably following his Instagram and he’s at all of my events. [This man] worked for me, he worked in my building. I was trying to help him out. When I was ready to leave the courtroom I was told not to contact any of the witnesses, and in my mind, I’m still not understanding all of this, so when I got home and read the blogs, I thought, is this the person I’m not supposed to talk to? So, I called him, I told him, “You don’t know me like that. I’m not going to go to court and plead guilty just to make this go away because I’m on TV now, therefore I’m going to go on trial and if you did anything to implicate me, you’re going to have testify.” At the end of the day, I don’t have any fraud charges and that’s not what I do. And if it was anything that I was doing in my previous life, I have never been the person to do something where I live, where I lay my head, to do something I’m not supposed to be doing.

KK was released on $30,000 bail and her court date is scheduled for June 7th.

Do you think she’s lying?


  1. When the story about this chick first came out about me a few other people in here were like….
    "WHO the hell is this???" Now that she's made some kind of statement about her not being guilty of being a fake ass two bit thief I'm in same exact frame of mind…"WHO the hell is this again?"

    • Some bottom of barrel bitch mona hired 4 that bull shidd luv hip hop atl none of those mf have done anything n 20 damn yrs lol

  2. This old broad has absolutely nothing going for herself, nothing endearing, just nothing. if she was ever a looker, her heyday is gone..

  3. yea, she lying and that lowkey threat to the former Macy's employee is not lost on me or the police, I'm sure. By the way, did she have some cosmectic alterations?…she looks refreshed….I'd like to know what she did.

    • Ms reg says no damn body the cast members on luv & hip hop atl r no damn bodies she just trash trying 2 come up with those tired azz boys of her trying 2 b rappers lmao @ those clowns

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