T.I. Facing Backlash After Troy Ave Shooting

ti performance canceled troy ave shooting

Since Troy Ave wanted to go ahead and act a donkey and shoot up the venue at T.I. concert, leaving several people injured and one dead, T.I. is now the one feeling the backlash.

In case you missed it, Troy was arrested after surveillance video caught him walking into Irving Plaza in Manhattan with a gun. Troy accidentally shot himself during the incident, and his friend, BSB Banga was killed.

T.I. was set to take the stage, but never got to perform after everything went down. He had another performance scheduled for this Friday in Florida, but it was canceled due to all of the negative press.

The rapper also booked a gig for several South Florida high schools next month, but school organizers have canceled the show. They paid T.I. a $55K deposit, and they want their money back.

Even though T.I. wasn’t directly involved in the Tory Ave shooting, you can’t blame organizers for pulling the plug on his upcoming shows.


  1. I think somewhere in a back room they lmao, at the fact that Troy Ave, shot his own self in the leg with his own gun. It's time to clear your riders of riff raff.

  2. That's f*cked up if troy really that stupid and selfish that he'll shoot pple and then make tip look bad and jeopardize he paper tip gone piss now lol

  3. Troy Ave is one psycho f&ck. A dude was shot who was on a floor below from the bullets going through the ceiling.

    This was some staged shit that went to far, I hope he gets a double life sentence, parole after 40.

    Damn, what people will do to get in with a crew. I wonder what TI promised him, too much gunfire when TI is around. F*ck TI and his anti-black life fa&&ot sh*t

  4. Tip is cursed his best friend killed, doe b killed, numerous bits in jail, fighting all the time flip, shawty lo, may weather, ross all the death threats and now this incident sad to say tip hasvevil satanic forces against him

    • doe b was ti blood sacrfice because ti never did a sacfrice before doe b was his first one

      • Stfu dude this was his third blood sacrifice , sacrifice at any venue connected to his name was his hit or order !

  5. What about ti friend Philant who was killed? I thought that was another blood sacrifice.

    • i forgot about that yeah and dj nando an atlanta disc jockey he was friends with ti and 2 chainz no one found his killer yet

  6. these niggas worship satan they have to do something to make satan happy this shit was planned todays music is crap hidden messages all of that shit putting you under mind control doing shit like this

  7. IM HEATED! first of all WHY would his bodyguard JUMP IN FRONT OF THE BULLETS? and second: WHY would Troy sacrifice his own freedom? STUPID DUMB ASS NIGGAZ. THEY DID IT TO THEMSELVES!

    • Simple Troy won't do no time in the end if he does it will not be for his bodyguard murder/ sacrifice this was all set up … Troy ave has earned his dirty lucre… Ti got his name recognition …. They will drop this case and that's that !

  8. Tip is no gansta rapper , why all the gun charges he snitched his way out of And all the close friends who end up dead due to gun violence… Dude plays it like he's the good father when all he doing is his fathers Satan biddings all for fame and fortune !

  9. Another cursed individual other cursed dudes are suge knight and everybody he hangs with puffy, kat Williams, 50 cent, rick Ross. Birdman, Wayne, Gucci, dmx, same dash, jigga, Chris brown, snoop Dogg, master p, j prince all these dudes had misfortune and tragedy eazy, PAC, big all flirted with Satan and died like the other rappers who died and served the occult like left eye and aaliyah

  10. All this keeping it real and thug life got all these rappers locked up, shot at and even killed now cause Satan is bisexual he wants all his followerscto be bisexual and one ritual is tossing salad and oral sex which explains why celebs take pics with their tounge hanging out they repping Kali, the serpent lady and oral sex and plus twerking is another ritual and that's why you have thousands of songs focused on women's asses which is why these songs represent worshipping sex

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