Kim Burrell Faces Backlash for Bashing Eddie Long in Homophobic Sermon


Singer Kim Burrell is receiving some major backlash after going on a rant during her sermon that targeted homosexuals.

In case you forgot…after Bishop Eddie Long reappeared last week looking gaunt and as sickly as ever, Kim gave a sermon saying the homosexual spirit was “perverted,” and she also addressed the rumors that the Bishop is dying of AIDS.

“I came to tell you about sin. That sin nature. That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women, and it’s caused us pain on the body of Christ. Watching Bishop Eddie Long go down to nothing is an embarrassment to the church. Nobody would be thinking that you had aids if a homosexual man didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors.” – Kim Burrell

And now, Kim is facing backlash for her words.

She was scheduled to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show alongside with Pharrell Williams to perform their song “I See a Victory,” but she has been cut from the broadcast. Word must have gotten around to Ellen that Kim isn’t a fan of her lesbian lifestyle!

Peep Kim’s sermon:

Do you agree with her?


  1. If he is still taking that he looks like death walking because of diet and exercise shit…then who cares what anyone has to say about him.

    The truth will set you free.

    • maybe he’s really, really embarrassed. and anyone would be. and that including any of us. me or you. and if you’ve ever seen the comments on here or any other social median site, I would deny deny it too. blacks are so f*cking cruel and hypocrites….I bet they do the same crap he does. y
      like somone said it’s 2 types of people. …some that do wrong and some that get caught.

        • he said that like a truly evil fool always looking to justify his dirt

          kym is a hero. more attention needs to be given to eddie long so that his

          victims can know why his hiv infected azz was stalking young men to pass on his disease too

      • @Anton Brockenbrough Every thing you accuse “blacks” of being, was learned from your king, B E A S T.

            • Anon 19:45 No. Because whites think they do no wrong and and they think that black always are. That’s the real stereotype among those racist. Don’t get it twisted, shit-stirrer,

              • I am sorry but you are dead wrong.

                SOME whites feel that way just like SOME black folk here hate all whites just for being white.
                Most are in the middle.

        • Truly Cosigned! You are 100% Right about That. Anything learned was taught and learned by the pale, stinking @ss disgusting beasts for certain.


      • Furthermore, It’s the ALMIGHTY who says Homo sexuality is an abomination… what you need to do is take that UP with GOD! Just because YOU PEOPLE believe that everything in this disgusting world is OK to do does not mean BLACKS (some) have to believe in it also! You will see in the END!

      • I get so sick of YOU dumb azz people blaming EVERYTHING on BLACK PEOPLE as if BLACKS invented all this CRAP! DO you dumb people forget that YOU STOLE US FROM OUR OWN COUNTRY? THIS MESS OVER HERE CAME FROM YOUR NASTY AZZES!

        • the boys infected by eddie long know it was a n8ggah who infected them and likely knew he had HIV when he did it

          now those boys will infect other men and women. eddie long’s victims will likely be in the hundreds if not thousands in the end

          • And its all white folks fault Frances.

            They inflict their evil ways on poor vulnerable brothas like Eddie Long.

  2. This is why a lot of peeps like to avoid church folks these days. Pure hypocrisy. Going on about the “perverted homosexual spirit” (and if that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel)…except you’re not above going on a homosexual woman’s show to perform and promote yourself? Only church ni99as!

    • Christianity does make one stupid. I have conducted my own 40 year research on the subject. Any so called black person who thinks they can pray to a white rhesus monkey caveboy named Jesus and die and then go to some heaven where they will not be treated as a 2nd class citizen, is dumb as hell! Edomites are not human and there fore incapable of being HUMANE

      • The White man painted everything WHITE! Just like he continues to show the Egyptians as whites and Cleopatra as WHITE and on and on! He’s a liar and the white man will continue to be a liar!

        • Its been common knowledge for several decades if not more, which brings me to say…WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??!! cry? complain? bitch and moan? Oh I forgot, you don’t own any mass media or capital/credit markets like whites and now Asians….too bad for you so-called “woke” folks

          • Anon 6:40 Who cares what white and Asian people own? It’s all fake anyway/ In the end they will die and take nothing of this world with them. Whatever is “owned” in this world is an illusion.

            • Anon 12:30 Who cares what white and Asian people own? well you do if you have mortgage, student loans, car notes, credit scores, bonds/stocks/futures/401K etc.
              Since your illusion is in a lower section 8 ghetto housing and theirs is in Wall Street, your illusion must really suck

        • Cleopatra was a Greek, and anyone who understands history knows that she came from Ptolemy and Greece/ I am all for claiming black history, but not for making shit up.

          That is an embarrassment to college educated blacks.

          • Cleopatra WAS A BLACK, EGYPTIAN QUEEN. Funny how folks always want to claim the best of us!!!

        • What’s worse than that lie, is the lie of their existence.

          There is no such thing as a white race or white person. They’re albinos.

          There is no evidence to suggest they are not albinos.

      • anon 16:42 You are a fool– a hamster in a wheel heading nowhere. I feel sorry for you cause you don’t know what you are talking about and spew lies mingles with very small nuggets of half truths. The Messiah is real and he has come.

    • @ Kev. There is hypocrisy everywhere. Has nothing to do with the belief or the church, it has to do with specific people who are flawed. That is like saying you don’t go to work cause your company does shitty things. I guarantee that you would never stop going to a job and making that paper just because of that. She told the truth to her detriment. I think that was pretty brave. Do you think that maybe she timed the sermon to be before her appearance on Ellen for a reason? After all, if she was a true hypocrite, she would save this sermon after her appearance.

      • More excuses. When you’re “sanctified” to the point where you feel it’s your duty to “save” everyone else, you can’t be a hypocrite anymore. She is a true hypocrite.

      • As far as your job scenario, you don’t know what I would do in such a circumstance. If I somehow found out I was working for a company that was contributing to a problem I felt strongly about — say for-profit prisons, for example — I would absolutely be looking to be employed elsewhere. Sometimes we have to change jobs; this is why the resume exists.

        You would stay?

      • Are you honestly comparing a chick promoting her shitty music who cons old black women out of money to someone with a real job?

    • Everybody that goes on the Ellen Show or work with gay people don’t support that lifestyle…it’s just a means to an end to promote their various projects.

      And just because a person stands on their belief and God’s word does not make it ignorant and doesn’t mean they are afraid of gay people.

      Gays should get another word and stop playing the homophobic card. It’s overused and not true.

      The LGBT community should come to grips with the fact that everybody isn’t and doesn’t have to like or accept their lifestyle.

      SOME of this group have become the BIGGEST BULLIES on the block. They label everything a person says as being homophobic if they don’t agree with them lock, stock and barrel. Kim spoke the truth and should not apologize for standing on the Word.

      If preachers, pastors, revs, etc. can speak against fornication and adultery, which also are sexual sins, why is speaking against homosexuality taboo?

      • Kim wasn’t speaking like a pastor. She was talking like a half-drunk dope boy standing on the corner, so there’s no need to defend her.

        There’s no part of the bible or Christianity that says you should trash people. Anyone who defends that behavior, especially from a religious leader, is ghetto trash.

        It’s deeper than gay people. She’s fake.

      • And if black people want to rant against anyone, why be pressed about two random gay dudes? That has nothing to do with anything.

        CACs are more evil and vile than any gay dude could ever be as far as anti-gays are concerned. Worry about those evil pieces of shit.

        • How is she fake? She was speaking on a BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE in a CHURCH whether you agree with the message or not.

          • The bible talks about a lot of sins though. A lot.

            It’s not about whether I disagree, it’s about a weird focus on gays. Why is she so pressed about them? Did Queen Latifah dump her?

            It’s also a sin to trash people. If you want to call yourself a Christian, and a religious leader; you simply cannot act like that. You can disagree all day, but trashing them is just clown ish.

            Seriously, there’s more important “sins” to be worried about, especially as a black woman living in a country full of CACs. She should talk about the evil CACs do. I guarantee a CAC’s evil is far worse than gay dudes twerking and applying Mac lip gloss.

        • @16:54

          Uh no grooming and raping boys which is what long turd did is high up there on the sin list.

          I don’t care if some say sin is sin, a minor lie and raping are two completely different things.

          How do you not see this fag shit is a perversion and destroying us as a people as we know it. You take a young child twist their mind to believing same sex activity is right/natural. Turning these children, helps keep our population rates low.

          Same difference with throwing you fools in prison where you turn perve, go on the DL catch HIV and start infecting women because you are now f*cking men w/o telling your female partners. Infecting women who will no longer be able to bear children in some cases, kills us off and keeps our numbers down…think about it.

          It all just a piece of the plan to wipe us out, surface shit is never what it seems there is almost always a bigger agenda.

          • The fact that you think the behavior of consenting adults is the same as assault is just WTF.

            As for the rest of the nonsense you typed, you’re an example of the bizarre ass beliefs that black people need to eliminate from our community. Miss me with that bullshit and conspiracy nonsense.

            Black people have a lot of important things to address, but clowns want to distract people with nonsense about gay dudes. Gay dudes aren’t messing up the community. CACs are doing that. Worry about THEIR perversion. Worry about THEIR evils.

            A lot of this anti-gay stuff isn’t even about religion. It’s about people with irrational fears, bias, and anger hiding behind religion. It’s about hustlers like Kim exploiting weirdos who think like that.

            • How is a child a consenting adult, asswipe?

              Reading passed that is a waste of time since you obviously do not know how to see anything past your own warped view…f*cking idiot!

              • Correction not warped just ignorant and unenlightened as f*ck…stupid ass MF.

                There are no accidents or coincidences f*ck face…why do I bother casting my pearls before swine.

              • You know what, it’s whatever. It’s not even that deep or worth the debate.

                Obsess over gays and have fun. Good luck with that.

            • Anonymous 22:06

              CAC here, and I think you are onto something.

              Finally after months of reading your comments you got through to me. Hopefully You are getting through to the people to whom you are addressing as well.
              I f it is not too personal, are you a man or woman? At times I am sure you are a dude, but then you will slay me with some introspection which could only come from a woman.

            • I am not obsessed with anything, I just know the plan.

              Since you claim to be all black power all the time you better wake up and see it too.

              Numbers don’t lie and the rate black women are catching HIV from men who are double dipping is not normal! And who puts you idiots behind bars? If you cannot see the issue with that in itself and how it is just a piece of the agenda then you must be blind, stupid and/ or crazy.

              Outside of the fact you have CACs agreeing with you…should show you, you are waaaayyyy off base.

              And to the CAC I keep telling your dumb ass that anon is a man…so stop sucking his dick!

              • Have fun. I’m sure yelling about gays will do a lot for you and black people everywhere.

  3. eddie long was f*cking boys though and yes hes wrong for that

    ellens all about that dyke life and pharrell is suspect too heard her husband left her for a man

  4. I believe what God says, not what imperfect man wants me to believe because it’s beneficial for them!

  5. Eddie long is like a lot of black males -down low. How you can identify download black males on social media is the ones that are fussing back-and-forth on comment threads with black women those are the biggest Queens on the planet.

    So the next nappy headed male loser who comments to this outs himself as a downlow queen they always do they can’t help it all they do is gossip like old bitches

  6. These people are the most filthiest demonic people out of all of us. They put on this front like they are so holy when their not when there hypocrites. I’m not for non us this religious bullshit and nonsense and these fake people also known as wolves in sheep clothing.

  7. Eddie long is like a lot of black males -down low….now lets be honest here, its 99.999% of black males crave the d!(k, especially white ones.
    Now to be fair fully 100% of black women want and need that cat snacking

    • anon 16:12. Wow! You are either a racist or a self- loathing house negro, desperate for your massa’s approval. Either way you disgust me. Stop spewing lies.

      • Anon 12:46 As long as us self-loathing Negros are highly educated with six or seven figure incomes (or more), luxury cars, homes in gated communities, own stocks/bonds, own CXW, oil and defense stocks, no prison/criminal records, speak proper English, support President Trump…then myself and the rest of us will c00n away because we could care less what the lower caste tattooed $10 ghetto class thinks of us.

  8. God never gave man religion but yet taught us to walk upright. He commanded us to do ten things but understand that is the first place ppl look to justify there sins. God says love thy neighbor. Yes he did! Galatians 4;16 says have i now become your enemy since I told you the truth?. Corinthians 1;23 Says save those by snatching them out of the fire and to others show mercy mixed with fear hating the very clothes stained with corrupted flesh. When you tell the truth the world calls it hate or gay bashing. You will be dead a lot longer than you ever lived. You can adopt whatever lifestyle you want but God is absolute and he has not changed his mind about who he created you to be.

    • Exactly! These people expect to live in a sinful land and not be affected by it when you are not living by his standards! God is “He that is a friend of the world is an enemy of mine”. James 3:12!

      • That’s why the Almighty instructs the Israelites not to do as the heathens do! If you don’t believe, that’s to bad but I must say that God’s word is true!

        • The Almighty talks about that in the last days men will wax worse and worse. They will be without natural affection, have a form of godliness, being deceived and deceiving. 2 Timothy….then he also talks about Godly men getting caught doing things like this and they will be outed to the world so believe that God’s word is true! 2 Timothy

          • Finally, Mdot and Poolgamer…some truth. It’s like a breath of fresh air here.

  9. If you’re a Christian, you should be trying to “save” people you think are doing the wrong thing. Your bible also explicitly tells you not to rant against gay people.

    But anyway, people like Burrell are hustlers, not preachers. A church is a franchise to them, not a house of worship. They want money and status, and they don’t want to work for either.

    This is one of the reasons Christianity spreads easily; money. It’s an easy way to hustle.

    • You cannot save someone who lies abut and covers up his own truth (specifically mr. long turd).

    • @Anonymous 4:13 “You should be trying to “save” people you think are doing the wrong thing.”

      This mentality is part of what’s wrong with church folks. They think they’re the only right ones and everyone else needs saving, which is exactly why they’re judgmental AF. Real talk – imposing opinions and “saving” peeps who didn’t ask for help is total condescending bullsh t. It’s simply another way for them to flaunt how righteous they supposedly are and how wrong everyone else is living. Don’t they have jobs (aside from telling other people they’re living wrong)?

      Totally agree with you on the hustlers part though. Remember Creflo Dollar’s new G650? And he had NO SHAME about it either. I wouldn’t even give a penny to any of these sanctified crooks.

      • Wolves in sheep’s clothing have butchered the intent of the Most High. And they have been doing it since mankind has existed. It’s nothing new. The purpose was never to save anyone cause we are all lost if not for mercy. The pupose is to spread the Good News and make people aware of things that are required by the Most High. Kev, it sounds to me that you are doing the very thing that you accuse those people of. Imposing your opinion and being totally condescending. If folks are doing wrong, it is not His people who they have to answer to but the Most High Himself.

        • It sounds to me like you’re making excuses for these wolves in sheep’s clothing. My response was very clearly a response to the idea that so-called Christians have a responsibility to “save” those THEY FEEL are living wrong. If that’s not you, then I wasn’t referring to you.

          If you wish to take my criticism of hypocrisy as hypocrisy, that’s totally fine by me. I never claimed to be a sanctified Christian. Unlike the average holier than thou mofo, I can admit I’m not perfect.

  10. I give Kim props for being honest because a lot of these celebrities feel the same way but would rather lie to your face.

    • Exactly! Gay folks think because some celebs call them out and claim to “love” ’em that it’s true. They aren’t doing anything but faking the funk cause they know gays want to be loved and accepted and are loyal concert ticket and cd buyers.

  11. Homosexuality has always run rampant within the black churches, not sure what the big deal is. For some reason Blacks needing something to hold onto makes excuses for the homosexuality/pedophilia within the church and continue to support it every Sunday with attendance and tiding their hard earned money. I WOULDN’T GIVE A RUSTY PENNY TO NO FUKIN CHURCH. You people are naive and DUMB.

    KIM KNOWS, her MENTOR James Cleveland was the biggest church pedophile. He was able to adopt a small boy. Not to long after Cleveland died of AIDS the little boy would die of AIDS. Kim should speak on his filthy, low down ass.

  12. The pope f*cked boys and nuns in the name of mother Mary or Magdalene the whore but that’s ok

    Jimmy swaggert can f*ck prostitutes Ted haggard can pay dudes to f*ck.him In the ass while he wear panties and smoke meth

  13. Rev Tim’s can smoke crack and leave his lovely wife for a cave bitch end up dead

    Can’t forget about Juanita bynums dyke ass was f*cking men and women while she was married which was why her husband beat her ass

    And these folks talk about going to heaven and saving souls

    Fuck Kirk Franklin, and Donnie mclurkin and Bobby Jones gay ass

    You wanna be gay cool but some if these folks wanna f*ck kids

    • Okay, but Kirk Franklin makes jams.

      Personally, I enjoy Bobby Jones’ sparkly glittery shiny bad boyey we won’t stop haaaay suits.

  14. Whites got blacks s brainwashed over jesus but you can’t pray in schools whites control every factor of religion and how blacks can wear a cross medallion or chain with a image of a dead white man

    Fuck these man religions

  15. Black muslims are just angry black Christians that mad cause white Jesus ain’t gonna save them but Allah the black Savior will return and kill all the white devils whatever why Farrakhan preach from the Bible and the Koran

    Fuck these pro blacks who really was lusting after white girls which was why king wanted civil rights

    • LOL, really bruh?

      I assume you’re referring to AA muslims. I doubt they’re “angry Christians.” They’re just a little more drawn in by NOI and muslim teachings because the muslims are preaching about family values, a clean lifestyle, respecting women, community-building, and a pro-black lifestyle. Christians are preaching, “da lawd said give me your money.” There’s also far more BSers in the churches.

      • That is not what Christianity teaches that is what crooked pastors teach.

        Man made religion is garbage every person has the right to pick and chose what they like from whatever belief they subscribe to, to be a better person.

    • Chris, there are plenty of FALSE PROPHETS! That’s why you have to read your bible and get to know the Lord for yourself! Your relationship should be with Jesus, not a preacher because man will fail you every time. You probably work with hypocrites too but haven’t stopped doing that because you have to eat. Eat of the fruit of God and be blessed.

  16. All of the bullshit religions need to go and when they do the world will be a better place. Christianity nonsense definitely need to go with their killing of millions people over thousands of years which is just copying other bullshit from other pagan religions. It needs to end now.

  17. Jehovah serial killer caused floods, burned cities, have ad the earth swallow told certain folks to destroy everybody including innocent women and children and animals just because a few folks chose to serve Baal or Osiris I mean Jehovah didn’t like nobody even had Jesus killed but hw planned it all along no wonder satan rebelled

  18. Uh anyway…it’s fair to say that both Islam and Christianity began as normal African religions, but CACs perverted them.

  19. Why was she hanging around family blood sacrificing for me industry folks anyway? She should only congregate with people that love Christ.

  20. How many people has Eddie Long abused and infected? He paid his accusers millions to keep hush and he’s paying the ultimate price. Kim has every right to speak her truth. She grew up in the south and segregation Baptist church at that. People need to be more open minded. Ellen is a bitch and probably racist too.

  21. LOL these comments are hilarious!!

    Happy 2017 to HSK community! Bringing it back to what it was, esp. you crazy chris

  22. Why would Kim risk it all? She must be being paid by a higher up to send a message.

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