Watch What Happens When Soulja Boy Flexes His Street Cred in Compton


The first beef of the new year has kicked off between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown.

This all started after Soulja commented on one of Karrueche Tran’s Instagram photos. Chris took it as disrespect and allegedly called Soulja and threatened him.

The two have been going back and forth, calling each other cokeheads and druggies. Soulja then took the beef to Compton to prove to Breezy that he has street cred.

While filming live on Instagram, things go all the way left for Soulja. Peep the videos:

Here’s Breezy’s response:

Soulja is now throwing in the towel on this beef after finding out his mom is in the hospital.


  1. Fuck Soulja faje bubble gum gangster ass and f*ck Chris Brown skittles rainbow hair ass motherf*cker

    Cb couldn’t even handle Frank oceans gay ass or Drake simping ass

    Swear hip hop beefs used to be good I rather hear ll coo j and kool now dee beef and they admitted it was good fun

  2. Can someone give me a behind the scene narrative of what happened between SB acting the fool and his video apology? Did SB get beat by CB thugs, did someone go into his house and put a gun to his head, did his studio bosses call up and told him to apologize. Was this an attention seeking fake beef. What happened?

  3. He found out he is not Gangsta material.
    This was some stupid childish hot mess.

    And chris mad cause somebody “liked” a picture. Of a woman that dont want him.


  4. The only thing all this shit reveals is just how low the culture has fallen. Hip hop/rap world today is nothing more than an absolute joke. Im really glad I don’t f*ck with todays hip hop/rap music or culture whatsoever. Shit started going downhill back in 03, and in 2010 started sliding all the way down. This can hardly be considered what one could call a beef. Beefs today are so watered down, that anyone who really takes this shit seriously, I would begin to question their intelligence. Rap/hip hop today is absolutely disgusting, and it also reaffirms my belief that hip hop and rap are the only genres you get tired of, the older you get.

  5. Tupac caused this current shit we have now in hiphop.talking bout fuking someone wife

    • He said all that AFTER getting shot. But if you remember Boogie Down Prod & Juice Crew were the first

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