Mariah Carey Cleans House After Struggle New Year’s Eve Performance


Instead of working on her vocals to avoid another struggle performance, Mariah Carey is starting to clean house and fire employees after her embarrassing New Year’s Eve performance.

According to sources, her longtime creative director and choreographer, Anthony Burrell, was fired after her disastrous performance that went viral.

“He’s not being brought back [in 2017] for a number of reasons,”

Anthony, who’s also featured on the diva’s reality show, is being blamed for moving Mariah’s backup dancers away from her during her NYE performance. Without the dancers nearby, Mariah was left “without any support,” when her earpiece gave out.

Sounds like a cop out to us.

Who will be next to get the ax from Mariah’s camp?


  1. of course! Fire the Black Guy for your incompetence! Funny she could not hear the music yet the dancers were dancing along with the music fine. If the dancers are doing choreography, why would they be tending to your insecure ass! You have lost your voice. Give up performing! Just admit you can only lip synch and apparently not very well!

  2. Swear these divas think they are real goddess’s all hail queen Mariah magdelene

  3. Hopefully this year, Mariah get’s taken off her pedestal and exposed. She’s way past her prime, and is now resorting to irrelevant antics to hold on to whatever “fame” she may have had. I was personally never a big Mariah fan anyways.

  4. You can’t really clown her considering people are paying hella money to watch her lip synch, walk back and forth, and change outfits. She’s making more now than when she was at the top of the charts.

  5. So many haters in the world, of course she’s not gonna sound the same way she sounded 20+ yrs ago. The Choreographer dude was about to get the ax anyway, if you’ve watched her show you saw it coming. And she did say on live air to Ryan “i can’t hear you”

  6. I’ve got some sizzling hot tea! Stacy Francis and Ray J are both in the Big Brother house together! When Stacy and Ray J saw each other, their faces said it all! Then Stacy went in the diary room, and said Ray j threw her under the bus, after the Whitney incident.

  7. Naw she fired him so she could make her current dude Tanaka the head. On the doc that’s showing now he hurt his ACL and when her manager Stella wanted to send him home Mariah wanted to keep him around and they even kiss. Now all the whole she’s still engaged to the billionaire.

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