LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Films Drunken Meltdown


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie Lee and her friend Mary Jane decided to pop bottles and film themselves live last night, and things went all the way left real fast.

Mary Jane puts Joseline on blast for “eating Tommie’s box.” Once Stevie J. gets wind of the video, he sends a text to Tommie to tell her to put a muzzle on Mary Jane.

#Tommie vs #StevieJ. Lawd he just can't stay out of some mess! ?????? #uhntie #FaithEvans get out NOW!!! ????

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Wow so much disrespect ??? #tommie #joselinehernandez #lhhatl

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And then, Tommie flips out on Mary Jane and blames her for all the drama being started. Tommie has a complete meltdown and starts crying in front of all her live viewers.

In the end, Mary Jane gets the boot from Tommie’s unfurnished crib!


  1. Can some1 help me to understand this post. What does “eating Tommie’s box mean?

  2. This type of craziness is what happens when a person needs more attention than anyone can give them. Add reality TV and social media into the mix and you have all the ingredients for a hot mess.

  3. Who watches this bullshit it’s all fake one of the worst things that happened to black women are these bullshit reality show.

  4. Mental Health Issues are hella real and while I may find a grown ass person throwing a lil tantrum funny…this situation with her is not… she needs to seek help and those who truly love her need to guide her to it.

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