Miami Heat’s Norris Cole Caught Up In Brokeback Mountain Relationship

Basketball Wife Devin J

HSK Exclusive – Miami Heat point guard, Norris Cole’s boyfriend Devin J jumped on social media to say that he wasn’t going to be a cast member on the reality show Basketball Wives (as alluded to by HSK on Monday), but Miss Devin, didn’t deny that he was dating the NBA player.

Here’s Miss Devin J on instagram cheering on his NBA boyfriend, Norris Cole:

Norris Cole Lover DevinJ


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    • No, you would nt have ignored it cuz you didnt. You hopped on here with your public service announcement. Yeah all these sites are for entertain ment purposes. That dont mean they dont occasionally spill the tea



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      • OFF TOPIC:



        • Ummm….that’s called “acting.” Of course he was serious as hell, that’s the gag of the bit. I’m sure there are other people who will believe that it was real just like you. Do you also think that the person playing Kim Jong Un was really him?
          What people don’t get about Marshall is that he has an incredible sense of humor and he’s not afraid of making himself the joke(most big stars don’t like doing that.) He thought it would be a funny way to make peace with the gays who have been calling him a big homophobe for years.
          But since near everyone here believes that Marshall is dead and it’s a clone portraying him now, it really doesn’t matter does it? lol

          • Well for one thing, he was at the height of his stardom when he made 8 Mile. So if anyone was “bending over” in the casting of that film, it sure wasn’t him. That’s the hierarchy of showbiz, when you’re trying to get your foot in the door, you decide whether you want to go the casting couch route or not. Most do. Brad Pitt and Gable did their thing when they were virtual unknowns. Just as Clint Eastwood, Cary Grant and other genuine stars.
            IF Marshall ever did the deed, it would have been before he broke with the Slim Shady LP. And personally, I don’t thin that he and Dre have that sort of relationship, but I can’t say that I was present during their “private time.”
            The two prevalent rumors which are repeated frequently here that I do not buy are that Marshall and Dre were/are lovers and that Samuel Jackson gave it up to George Lucas for Star Wars.
            Most of the gossip here is fairly accurate, but there is some HSK conventional wisdom which is way off the mark.(Kim and Kanye’s relationship is one of a gold digger and her mark for instance. She’s a beard, but it isn’t for her desire for his money.)

      • @Tyrone “Fleece Johnson” the loud and proud gay dude above^^^^is just one of Glok9’s many sock puppet characters.
        He only says that stuff to get folks riled up.

        It works too. 🙂

          • There is no “real” Tippie. Or at least, if there once was a real one, she’s not the person who anon and I don’t miss was using in her war here last week.
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          Religion is okay when it is practiced in moderation, but it’s those who believe everything literally who mess things up for average everyday folk. It leads to a lot of bigotry and victimization.
          But that’s just one person’s opinion.

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