Chris Brown Caught Violating Terms of Probation

Chris Brown Gets High December 2014

HSK Exclusive – Chris Brown was caught violating his probation, by smoking a joint at the Supperclub on Thursday December 18th. Don’t believe me.. Ask Amber Rose.

Chris Brown Violates Probation

We have obtained numerous pictures with video of the New Flame lyricist getting high on medical marijuana before he bumps and grinds with Wiz Khalifa’s baby momma.

Chris Brown Amber Rose Bump Grind

Dig the drop:

“Chris had to been high to let that bald headed bimbo twerk on his Johnson.”


  1. If I werent a young professional and without jeopardizing my career, in another lifetime id burn one with his nutty ass. Seems like he has fun like Rihanna.

      • Meant to say if I wasnt. He is having fun now but he will probably end up back in jail or one of those scruffy poorly aged folk who looks like he lived his entire life in one day.

    • Now in all honesty we can’t for sure say what it ain’t nor what it is ?
      Motion denied court adjourn !

  2. Chris Brown knows better than this, but My problem is if a white man did this chit it wouldn’t be a problem

    Christian Bale beaten up His mother and sister
    and He didn’t get in trouble, maybe because He’s white, must be

    • Maybe his mom and sister didn’t press charges and the DA didn’t either

      Its not just a color thing. Its also a money thing.
      Christian has been acting for 25 years and in major blockbusters.

      • Give me a break.

        He’s white, end of story. Kills me when people try to make excuses.

        It’s a black thing. Cats out there killing their girls stating that it was an accident. Cough up a couple of tears and it’s all good.

        This dude gets in an altercation with his girl and hasn’t been blasted by his new girl, which leads me to think that maybe Riri was doing some of the ass beating as well.

        Speaking on the drug tip, Corey Haim took more drugs and got more movie roles…

        So that’s all nonsense.

        Black… black… black..

        End of story.

        • Corey Haim had a horrible career. He only got that vampire movie with Kiefer Sullivan because he was sucking Joel Schumacher’s geriatric dick.
          He is a horrible example of white men who prosper while black men are punished. CB better hope he doesn’t end up like Corey Haim did.

    • Chris’ mom and sister didnt press charges, they prob got a settlement from him. I remember that story going away quickly.

      If Chris B really has Bi Polar, he should know not to smoke pot.

  3. CB will never learn. Then again maybe he needs the ” medical marijuana” for his health issues.

          • I agree. Anyone who saw Amber’s shape while pregnant knows that he is built like a giant pear, and those are usually the women with the biggest natural behinds.
            Willie, I would bet that she did have cosmetic surgery in November, but it was likely a tummy tuck and a vaginal rejuvenation post-pregnancy.
            They might have done a little waist belly lipo, and then injected that fat into her booty rather than dispose of it as medical waste, but that woman has an ass like a VW beetle hood by birth.

    • I agree completely, I don’t see the point in putting him on blast publically for getting high, that’s a straight move from the TMZ playbook that I didn’t expect from this blog. secondly if he was smoking medical mary how is he in violation of probation, either way this blog bogish for putting him on blast for getting high knowing the fellow on probation, that’s super petty,

  4. Amber needs to sit her tired ass fake cakes down somewhere. Doesnt she have a child. You never see her being in mommy mode. She stays being photograph ed with some dude and shes not even divorced yet. Just trifling.

    • I read elsewheres she lets the nanny raise her and the bodyguards baby..
      Doesn’t keep a clean house.. dog poop all over, baby playing In it..

      Too busy sleeping and partying her way to the top. And she is doing Nick Cannon because “she doesn’t read her contracts”.. whatever that meant..

  5. Chris Brown is immune to trouble maybe because he thinks it fun and that he’s invincible but every thing and everyone comes with an expiration date. If he doesn’t start making some changes, he will be another MJ and Whitney marked off by his enablers.As for Amber, she needs to be a mother to her child but you can’t expect too much from a lost and thirsty who’re who leeches on to every rich black dick that tricks with her.

  6. Chris Brown is the male version of Lindsay Lohan…Teflon! Prosecutors in LA County are beholden to Hollywood. They’ll make a small fuss about him smoking trees, but, weed is pretty much legal at this point in Cali. More money down the drain…Young & Dumb!

  7. Why yal snitching hsk. Yal worse than tmz nigga bout to be off papers for good n what do u know snitches at hsk airing him out smmfh. Black ppl we will never make it being crabs in the barrels or by the willie lynch affect jus sayn.

  8. Damn snitching though why???? And that drop that was dropped with that little quote must be a damn joke who dropped that lmao it wasn’t even worth writing damn the Feds be on these sites why and you just did story about someone snitching smh

  9. i saw these pics and video smokeing weed all over facebook b4 u ran your story old news..its really a cigarette.. this guy gose to clubs and smokes with 100 cameras on

  10. Uh..youngsters don’t smoke joints. Dont believe every photo you see with a red ember.. just sayin

  11. Did anybody actually believe he doesn’t smoke? C’mon now Y’all know better. They need to cut him loose and let him live or die by his own hand. He’s determined to f*ck up his life so let him.

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