Steve Harvey Aired Out For Committing Adultery

Steve Harvey Cheating Scandal

HSK Exclusive – Steve Harvey, was committing adultery on his then second wife, Mary Harvey, before the couple divorced in 2005. Know how?

In 2003 Steve Harvey and his current wife, and former escort, Marjorie Bridges Townsend Woods Harvey, purchased an Atlanta, mansion together, while the talk show host was still married to Mary.

A source is saying back in 1997 the Family Feud host purchased the “Adore You” yacht for his mistress Marjorie Bridges Townsend Woods. The same year the talk show host second wife Mary, gave birth to their son Wynton Harvey.

Here is a drop:

“The song Adore You by the artist Prince is what Steve said he played constantly when he first met Marjorie Bridges back in 1986.”

Steve Harveys Yacht Adore You


  1. Steve LOL! got caught up lol, Steve you bout what 62? I guess you needed to more time to settle down hu? Boy I tell you that Hollywood lifestyle, it’ll get you caught up lol

    • Any doubt’s about my stand will be erased if anyone cares to go to RhymesWithSnitch under the Love and Hip Hop post. It’s there for all to see! @whoever checked for it..that’s what’s up!

    • Happy Christ Day! God for gives 7×77 times a day, he’s human makes mistakes an learn from them, found his Queen moved on and he’s Happy!leave the past in the past!Love you Steve Harvey

      • I heard Marjorie was a piece of work. I ain’t know she was an escort too. Dayum steve please say it aint so.

  2. What goes around; comes around.

    Honestly never saw anything appealing about Steve H. In my opinion; he is not a funny comedian. Of the bunch; Bernie Mac was the funniest.

      • He and Bernie Mac were not that close as he makes it seems. When Casting for Ocean 11 was going on Steve tried to get the part by talking bad about BMac but Bernie got the part. They fell out after kings of comedy.

    • All of these entertainers at the top, drug dealers and other low lifes you see prospering inspite of the demise of the black community as a whole were carefully selected to spread propaganda to the community and assist in its destruction, and they gladly participated. Their days in the spotlight are numbered because they didn’t earn it based on talent and ability.

      • You are so correct janika. The day of the coons are over. One by one you will see all of these coons go down in 2015. You thought the bill cosby thing was bad just wait we aint seen nothing yet. The Most High will allow tptb to take them all down.

      • Steve Harvey has NEVER said he was a saint e tells you the direct opposite. He has been to jail has gotten shot you can the lines but he made it. He use to live on 112 St. in Cleveland. He is just like a lot of men who are younger getting his wife pregnant marrying her but was not ready to get married. He was chasing his dream and trying to be young and married. Nobody even thinks he was an angel but he is not a bad person. That is how he knows about the mistakes women make with men because he more than likely knows exactly what women do wrong. I like Steve Harvey. He’s for adults everybody knows Steve Harvey is not a saint and we are not going to hate him because he cheated on his wife. Steve Harvey has come a long way and I wish him well

        • Hi @deborah,

          I adore the positive energy displayed in your post especially since we’re discussing a black man. I’m not in any way trying to taint your opinion of Steve Harvey, however, I can honestly tell you irregardless to ALL the issues of Steve Harvey’s past & all the things he’s had to overcome…the man he is today is far from the image he portrays. AND…cheating on his previous wives has NOTHING to do with what I’m speaking of either.

          I work with people who have worked with him & in the same environments as him. I also have clients who own affiliates that have employed/contracted him several times in over recent years…
          He’s a real cold piece of work.

        • He is a fraud ,asshole! Look at his ex wife’s you tube videos,he treated her so badly ,he used his power and money to take away her son, and left her homeless! The mother of his child!! But nobody talks about it ! I have no respect for him,he is just lucky that’s all, he is not educated just a fake fraud laughing his way to the bank!!!!

          • No luck.All he did was agree to use his voice in entertainment to lead you to vote for your own destruction and was paid for it. He’s as crooked as ever.

        • Will u just hush…his second wife stuck by him while he was struggling to come who he is….and he dogs her and drop her for the notorious….Marjorie who is a hustle bunny…google her under Marjorie bridges..nobody’s hating…..but him and Marjorie both needs to sit down…he can’t tell me nothing…wit a book called act like a woman think like a man….what I wannan think like a man for…really?

  3. LOL! Yeah Bernie Mac was the shit,I miss him he was sooo funny na Steve ain’t that funny, I think he should put his hair back on he looked better with it, Steve your just as lo down as can be mane, you ain’t shit dirty low down, you forgot to mention this part in your book lier you on some bullshit fa sho LOL!

  4. Has Marjorie Bridges Townsend Woods Harvey been married 4 times because that’s one hell of a name? I’m not surprised. He is such a hypocrite. That’s all I got.

    • Maybe she marrIed Todd Bridges, Robert Townsend, then Tiger Woods.

      Is that a typo that they met in’86?

      • Lmmfao. …I can’t deal with you either. Thanks for that one…

        On the real though, wasn’t she like that chick from New Jack city. Bobbing on drug dealer knobs, she went from one kingpin to the next, then finally landed this professional soup cooler. She must have some good coochie. If it’s the good, she can keep it…

          • I. Couldn’t help it, but for real, if she g other that sunshine, I don’t want no paaaaarts of that PU-C…..I like being in control of me. She CAN Keep that twizaaaahd.

      • Thanks guys! Merry Christmas. Happy holidays!

        I did some “research” about this lady and it turns out.. they have been dating 20 years.
        She likes dope boys. And she’s a bad parent.
        Here is a blind item from Baller Alert a few yrs ago..

        BLIND ITEM:
        This black male celebrity is vile, arrogant, belligerent, obnoxious and phony! He’s disliked by so many people and these same people are happy about his situation. Nobody will be coming to his defense and no one will be vouching for his “manufactured” character.

        He and his wife give the impression of being an upstanding couple, what a joke!

        3 of her ex’s are drug kingpins, before that, she only dealt with corner dope boys and hood sugar daddies. These kingpins and dope boys were also into pimping women, I.D. theft, boosting and chop shops. She was allegedly, a Black Underworld vamp.

        She tries to come off as so sophisticated and worldly, in reality, she’s an around the way girl, a woman with a past.

        As soon as her last kingpin got arrested, she allegedly had an affair and later landed this big fish.

        Her famous husband loves to preach fidelity and family values, despite the fact he’s known as the biggest trick among escorts. When he’s not tricking, you can find him cruising the strolls and he’s known to have an aide pick out pretty girls in the audience-to come backstage, and then to his hotel suite.

        He also loves to hit it raw and he will tell you, “It’s your benefit to sleep with me!” He has a harem of chicken heads and ghetto babes.

        He better pray that he bought up all the copies of his (lackluster) sex tape.

        Who is he?

        • I thought she was a D boy bopper. I had heard some of this before but not to that extent. Thank yo I fir your contribution. ..

          • You’re welcome.

            I found everythIng on her but her age! She sounds like a prize. You are the company you keep Steve..

            Daggone sell out phony. I liked Family Fued with him at first but the show is nasty.
            He kisses those white womens behinds so badly on his talk show. Its too much.

            And he has those camp programs for boys (probably teaching the “Steve Harvey” way of life) and working with Paula Deen now.. doing too much.

            • You piked that up on FF huh? Cock sucker always talm bout how he love them and their families. But i think Lady Heroine is like 51.

            • He’s worse than the original host.. Richard… name escapes me . Dawson. . He used to kiss the women.

              Steve prob pulls that backstage stuff like Cosby but Is so busy complimenting himself.. he needs a captive audience to cosign..

              But let it be white vs black family.. where you at Steve? So far up the white ladies butts. .

            • Willie I’m embarrassed to say I watch FF very day, and I don’t think he is up ww’s butts. He makes a big point of referring to all the female heads of family as Queen, and if anything I think he favors the black families just a little. And with blacks being just 15% of the population, the fact that there is a black family on every show tells me that Steve Harvey insisted on that. I won’t say that I am a SH fan per se, but I LIKE the fact that he has given black families a better chance of being seen by the rest of the population. The families are always attractive, married and generally upstanding types. I have to give him some credit for being behind that.
              And he never does face kissing like that weirdo Dawson did. He only hugs the grannies.

            • That is embarrassing Anonymous!.
              Yeah most of the black families are proper and upstanding.. except that one family .. was the daughters name punkin?

              I guess I watch for stuff like that.. the favoring. I just remember Steve going crazy over a white lady named Double D.

              I stick to Pawn Stars, SVU, Ink Master, Walking Dead.. my TV is usually on child propaganda when that kid is here…

            • Social workers are paid well to help under privileged children but they are so lazy today they let any low life lead them to being homos dope boys etc. That’s why their numbers increased 10 fold

        • lmaoooooo at he has a harem of chickenheads and ghetto babes. and wow!! thanks for researching @WillieJones. i never liked this fool because i always felt something skitchy about him. because how his ass is in a position to give advice on a relationship and he’s been married three times, did his previous wife wrong as hell? f*ck this no-good kneegro. i dont support nothing…not one thing associated with him. and believe it or not, i’v never been to see one single movie he’s made…those part 1 & 2 “Think Like A Man” bullsh*t-movies.

          • I never seen any of movies either except The Kings of Comedy
            I dont phuck with him either

          • Dubbautee: that’s the feeling I have about Tom Cruise and Will Smith.. see right thru them…

            I loved Kings of Comedy. Taped in Charlotte.
            I liked his show with Cedric.

            I wouldn’t watch them now if you paid me..

          • Ohhh please…

            These very folks on here talking about Steve. Harvey..will support R.Kelly and all the other scandalous “we were on a break” , cheaters
            d- Wade

            Men with money are not monogamous…
            “You are only a faithful as your options! ” – chris rock

            • I’m not a basketball fan.
              Nor am I am R. Kelly fan.

              I don’t support any of them fools. I have a few shows I watch on TV, I listen to old school on the radio. I don’t waste money on fad clothing, GMO and fast foods. I don’t like any of it.

        • Damn steve and here it is I thought you were such an upstanding guy. Man you aint nothing but a trick and a hoe.

        • Thank you @Willie Jones Jr…

          I’m glad you told it because I was damn sure about to. You left out the part about how the “last dope dealer dude she dated is the cousin of her previous dope dealer dude & BOTH of them are in prison now as are a few others associated with her.” She was rolling with these criminal types all while laying around with a very married Steve Harvey at the same time. He truly gives extreme meaning to the term “Captain Save A Hoe.”

          • Merry Christmas Ms Reg!! Have a safe, happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2015. Blessings from your old friend.

            • OMG…@your old HSK sista /now banned,
              0_o…NO way… (my mouth is hanging open)

              My sista “with wings like I use to have with Eastern?” Banned for WHAT, being kind, positive & telling the damn truth?

              Girl, I love you & miss you to PIECES!
              Merry Christmas to you & may blessings just pour out all over you. Your grace & wisdom is truly, truly missed. 😉

              Look, go right now soon as you see this…
              You will fall out with pride when you see this. Google Mariea Antoinette & find her song “Fly Away”…but her CD is BEAUTIFUL!!

            • @your old HSK sista /now banned & My whole HSK Family,

              This is for & from ALL of us…

              Today is a special day.
              Today I feel connected to my source.
              Today I feel that I am a step closer to what I should and will become. No need to ask for favors, for I know everything comes when the timing is perfect. TODAY, LET US THANK GOD TOGETHER!

              Thank you God for giving me another day, another chance to become a better individual, another chance to give and experience love. Thank you God for giving me health, for the food you provide, for the awareness you have awaken in me…Thank you for the energy that feeds my soul, the sun that warms our bodies and the air that fills our lungs… Because of you I believe in the good without the bad and the ugly, because of you I am learning to love and accept myself, because of you I believe in believing. My source, stay connected to me today and always, for I need you in order to fullfil my spiritual tasks…God, show me how to love myself, to be able to love others. Help me become the type of person that I would like to befriend, help me forgive myself and forgive others…

              God, make me a channel of your energy and help me understand. I thank you God for giving me another day, another unused opportunity to do it right. Keep us all close to you and listen to our prayers.


            • Thank you for the beautiful and kind words Ms Reg. I sure do miss our “Tea Times”!!Good memories….

            • Nice to hear from you. We never really chopped it up on here. I avoided you . You’re smart and I don’t like being discredited or put in my place.. perhaps another place and time. ..

              Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

            • Willie, I think you must have me confused with someone else. I never chopped it up with ya, or even chatted amiably with you, because
              you weren’t posting when I was here under my old handle. Could you be thinking of Bella/B.Stiv?? Naw, that’s not me. Now DaRa and I were good old pals back in the day, but Ms Reg and I were “the terrible two” LOLOLOLOL!!

            • Sorry.. yes. I’m mistaken. I thought you were someone else.

              You seem like a nice cool lady.

              Sorry about the confusion. ..

          • Ms Reg: Oh those little details got left out of her bio!
            I swear I only wanted to know her age.. 51? Yeah, I believe it.
            They been messing around for 30 yrs, so…

            Nice holiday wishes there. Merry Christmas and Happy holIdays


          • @LoW E.,

            I’m sure your mom told you right. She would know better than all of us because you all are right there where she’s from. I wouldn’t lie on old girl. She was doing the most & keeping herself paid in the process.

            To answer your question…
            If Memphis had an NBA team back when we’d be adding “old NBA trick” to her already jaded resume now!

    • Google Marjorie under Marjorie Bridges and U will find out all you need to know about her past…but u better be sitting down cauz she ain’t got nothing on Cookie on Empire… Marjorie had her own Scandalous Empire going on….phew!!

  5. I read how horrible he treated his 2nd wife, he married a woman if he didn’t have money, she did not want his big ugly mouth.. Karma

  6. Well this is old, cold tea because Mary Harvey stays talking about how Steve did her wrong: cheated and screwed her in the sivorce settlement. She ahould just move.on because in spite of him being the inspiration behind those Well this is old, cold tea because Mary Harvey stays talking about how Steve did her wrong: cheated and screwed her in the divorce settlement. She should just move on because in spite of him being the inspiration behind those Think like a Man movies, Steve aint shit.
    Black men have zero resistance when it comes to exoticals I guess his brown skinned, respectable wife was no longer making him happy once the green eye d, pale skinned asstrap came along. And Black men in entertainment will wife a hoe faster that you can say chlamydia, provided whatever is on the receiving end of the diamond is high yellow enough….also,I didnt know the cutrent wife was a former prostitute but it doesnt surprise me . She still dresses like a total thot.

      • I heard that when she lived in Memphis she was referred to as Lady Heroin. Two of her ex-husbands are in prison. She chases money more than lawyers chase ambulances.

    • According to what I’ve read, Mary never mentioned Marjorie or any infidelity in the divorce. .

      • Look again. Isnt that why she got arrested? Cuz she violated their confidentiality agreement and was found in contempt, something like that. Anyway, she said plenty. All true but Steve is that ninja that dont want the truth told. It would mess up hoa coon heavy family friendly image .

  7. exotical? “I guess his brown skinned, respectable wife was no longer making him happy once the green eyed, pale skinned asstrap came along” I am confused who are you referring to? Marjorie Harvey is a brown skinned Black woman who just happens to have light eyes. I dont get the statement.

    • Dont worry about it. I was addressing people that actually know what she looks like.

  8. damn…Majorie is a stonecold ho eh? she’s reaching Elizabeth Taylor’s status of ho-ism for being married 7 times. and Majorie still possesses them promiscuous, escort trait-ways…they’re just suppressed and hidden because she thinks she scored a prized when she married horse-lip ass Steve. the same way she got this adulterer is the same way she will lose him…hell they may be cheatin on one another to this day and only together in the marriage for business purposes. this is why i dont see why people can take ANY type of relationship advice from a no-good nigga like him who’s been married three times. i’d never in a million damn years turn to this fool for no kinda advice on marriage or a relationship. the only thing he can give me advice on is how i can get copies of now-canceled sit-com The Steve Harvey Show.

    • Oh yeah. He knows he married a city bus and knows when the next bus is coming.

      His advice is made to attract the nasty type of women HE likes, not to make your life better.
      Sorry but a Hollyweird swinging celeb doesn’t have any advice I can heed either!

  9. Lol! I couldn’t see myself givin Steve harvey some p*ssy LMAOOOOOOOO! I just couldn’t, he doesn’t turn me on in that way,I just can’t see it, I don’t know I just can’t get that groove goen on that would lead to sex, he just don’t do it for me, now if he wants to get it started that might work but he’d definitely have to use a condom, because those some Nasty people in Hollywood, they got the same shit because everybody there is f*ck’en everybody all in a circle, if I were to, I’d choose to be a drive by lol, I wouldn’t take him serous, I wouldn’t be his only one like he wouldn’t be my only one so long as we have that understanding, he doesn’t do it for me

    • he has that DROP LIP problem like michelle obama. they struggle to keep their mouths closed and probably drool all over the damn pillows GROSS!

  10. 1997!? 2003!? 2005!? Why you going way back there? I thought you had some current tea. *Sigh*

  11. …And how many women were suckered and swayed by his magically becoming a ‘relationship guru?’ lol I’ve been telling my Mom dude was faker than a 3-dollar bill for a while now, but she is just convinced he’s what his PR team made him out to be on T.V. and radio. I’ve said it on here before and I’ll say it again: I’m so glad Katt Williams put his fake punk ass in his place on stage way back when:

    • I forgot all about that! Thanks for reminding me..

      Sorry about Mom.. my mama liked Leslie Neilson and didn’t want to think badly of him..

      Steve is an *ss. He’s with the woman he deserves.

      • EXACTLY…
        And…watch how he gets his comeuppance.
        Bet it comes by way of of that trick Marjorie.

        • If she can hang in there.. did they get married in CA? I think its 10 yrs there.. alimony. ..

    • @Raheim,

      You know what? I’ve NEVER said anything about this BUT…I can’t stand Steve Harvey because I know he’s a fraud. He started up with the “relationship guru front” when he was working with Michael Baisden at the same radio station. Michael Baisden has been writing fictional (but true as hell) books since the late 80’s-early 90’s. Michael went on to continue writing his books, was planning a movie based on one of his books all while running his blog, his syndicated radio & talk show all while continuing to advocate for causes important to him including rights for fathers & concerns of the black community.

      Steve Harvey sniped SEVERAL of Michael’s ideas & style for himself which is how the “Think Like A Man” & it’s brand came about. I’m not going to mention all the scandalous issues Steve Harvey caused for Michael at the radio station including taking part in getting his show cancelled.

      Michael Baisden has never said a word about any of this & simply continued on his path but I’m certain it’s only because he is well aware of the professional & personal repercussions he’ll experience as a result of the connections Steve Harvey has in the industry.

      Berney Mac knew & his wife knows about Steve Harvey as well.

      • @Ms Reg–You learn something new everyday. I had no idea Harvey stole Baisden’s ideas & styles to come up with his new hustle, let alone that they ever worked together, but I’m not surprised. I’ve only heard Baisden’s radio show a few times, but I will say that he comes across as genuine, and not just because of the subject.

        And yes, I’m aware of how Harvey went behind Bernie Mac’s back to the ‘Oceans 11’ crew trying to get the role only to fail, Bernie finding out & severing ties with Harvey, then Harvey showing up at Bernie’s funeral with a jar full of Crocodile tears. Add in the aforementioned Katt Williams incident, and it’s clear that Harvey is a real piece of work with a f*cked-up attitude & an ego larger than the Internet itself. Even media-agent-for-hire Sandra Rose said she couldn’t stand Harvey and that he said something (presumably negative) to her that she’ll never forget. That being said, Harvey’s snake-like demeanor & actions make him a perfect fit for the Entertainment Industry. No telling what male exec(s) Harvey had to suck & f*ck to get that talk show.

        • @Raheim,

          Now, let’s go back to a few things you stated:

          -“Harvey’s snake-like demeanor & actions make him a perfect fit for the Entertainment Industry.”

          -“No telling what male exec(s) Harvey had to suck & f*ck to get that talk show.”

          And…right between those 2 statements are exactly WHY Michael Baisden is NOT elevated in the industry. He seems to NOT be willing to compromise his manhood &/or integrity to become apart of Hollywood.

          This coupled with the fact that he is a REAL activist who stands up for the his beliefs especially as it pertains to black men & the black community. He is neither a “sale-out or Uncle Tom type of man.” He has taken several loses caused by Steve Harvey & yet, never once discussed it publically but a few of us know the truth. I could go on but I have to watch my length…but y’all just don’t know how low down Steve Harvey really is.

          • @Ms Reg–Yeah, that explains a lot as to why Baisden isn’t more successful than he is. It’s always nice to see even one black person who isn’t willing to be ‘down with the get-down’ as it pertains to Hollyweird, though the question is always how long will they hold out? And for Baisden to never speak on or act in retaliation to what transpired between he and Steve shows remarkable fortitude. And yeah, I’m sure Harvey has even more dirt in his backyard–Hell, you can almost SEE it on him on that damn talk show! lol

        • @Willie Jones Jr,

          Michael Baisden was fired over the greedy-ass shenanigans, lies, promises & ultimatums made to the station by Steve Harvey.

      • Ms.Reg! I remember exactly what U talking about when Michael got cancelled! In fact, he said it himself on the radio the real reason why his show was cancel. I mean he simply put it out there about “certain radio host”. Mannnnnnn….I talk about nothing but the truth! Michael said what he had to say and meant that shit too! Not to mention it was posted on Facebook! I missed listen to the Bad Boy on the radio!

  12. marriages isn’t sacred anymore, 2 many People are getting married for business and money deals

    when You get married before god, You should respect Your vows and most of all respect god, He’s the only Person that can help and repair marriages

  13. To think, many gullible women took his conventional male advice to lower their standards and expectations and look inward at a man’s soul( i.e. dating broke and/ or irresponsible men). I hope they don’t feel duped.

    • Oh no! Is that what he preaches?
      Wow. Well I guess combining dumbed down women and the boys he teaches in his camps.. wow wow wow.

      • @Willie Jones Jr–And don’t forget his having Southern-fried, greasy, racist-ass Paula Deen on his show & having the boys he mentors (God help them…) learn how to cook from her. Public Relations and Industry coercion at its very worst, and Harvey is an even bigger three-piece-suit-wearing Coon than before for doing it.

  14. “The song Adore You by the artist Prince is what Steve said he played constantly when he first met Marjorie Bridges back in 1986.”

    Adore came out in ’87.

    Just sayin’…

    Either way, f_ Steve Harvey.

    Merry Xmas.

  15. Can anyone answer this quesion in a true analyitcal way and not with bullshit general quotes, like she is exotica etc….. How do women like Marjorie with a well known past even to her current husband, end up having the very successful, rich man and player by nature (Steve) end up having that very man marry her and try to make a respectable woman out of her in the public eyes. What made him fall for her and dump his wife? Please don’t tell me it is all about the sex. Let’s remember a man with his money and contacts can buy ( for service) any type of woman he wants, from any part of the world ( escorts, pros etc.) . just asking…….

    • Gina you ever hear of birds of a feather flock together? Or to put it another way: How can two walk together lest they be in agreement? Most women will never understand (and I am a woman) that a vagina is a vagina to a man. I don’t care if you can make yours tootsie roll and do back flips, it’s not enough to keep a man around. That Marjorie sounds like a true street urchin who is down for anything. And so is Steve Harvey from the accounts of MANY. So, no, it wasn’t the sex. Steve found a trick just as depraved as he is and they took it to the alter. I don’t see why people are so surprised or confused by him, his actions, or his hood rat wife.

        • Forgot to add she is going to be his karma { payback} all steve ex wife got to do is sit back and watch the fireworks because trust he is going down. Just like when O J simpson left his beautiful wife for that that low class hootchie and look how he fell from grace.

          • @tracy,

            I pretty much said that very thing in a previous post. I just told my son how I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone from HER past don’t come after her & Steve due to ALL her dirty double dealings of the past. No one ever says anything about it but A WHOLE LOT of folks SHE was dealing with ended up jail &/or prison. Now she’s Mrs High Society…Oh R-E-A-L-L-Y???

            I know we’re not supposed to judge others. We are all for repentance, redemption & fresh starts but somehow, someway & for some weird reason we are NOT buying it in Steve Harvey’s case. God forgives all of us without condemnation. I know this but..
            Steve Harvey’s level of perniciousness is a little hard to get past.

            Like you…I won’t be surprised at his comeuppance!

            • Sooner or later they will have to pay the piper so to speak. You cant go around proclaiming that you are holy and then do the very opposite of what you preach and think that God is going to keep allowing you to use his name in vain.

      • it is called EQUALLY YOLKED

        that’s why a crack head cannot have a successful marriage with a non crackhead

      • She Stayed on her KNEES night and day. Did every freaky thing he wanted! Something most black women will NOT do.

        His other wives probably made him do only missionary and little else.

        Beginning and End

    • Gina, its been explained to me like this: guys like steve harvey are adrenalin junkies. Gamblers, billionaires, politicians….they all need a certain rush. They all disregard rules and taboos. They are all into hedonism and self gratification. Its sex, but its not just sex. They have the money to buy most things, including women so their taste runs to the exotic….I dont mean race. I mean if sex with a spouse is wal

      • Mart, they want a private room at cartier. Women like marjorie dont play by girl code rules, they tolerate depravity, infidelity, bi sexuality etc and do so with a sweet smile on thwir face, no questions asked. The man doesnt feel guilty or immoral because he doesnt feel judged. Mosy really successful men are constantly being judged so that soet of woman who doeant judge becomes his confidant. Thats why so many marry whores/ escorts. Candi spellg, Tori mom was an escort. So was Grace Ke llly . You woukd be surprised how many. You ask me they all deserve each other.

      • she stays on her knees night and day. that’s it! not a lot of older black women will do that. beginning and end


    About 7 weeks ago I declined attending the usual private screening of the most current unreleased new movie even though it was screened at a very beautiful venue nearby.

    Moving forward to this moment…
    I’m watching the controversial
    “The Interview” in my living room & the first 8 minutes has me DEAD ON THE FLOOR!

    I REFUSE to give you any spoiler alerts…
    I will say this…

    “White boys will FOREVER jock the swaggar & natural urban style of the brothers.”

    “Hollywood tells too many secrets disguised as movies.”

    “I’m no Siskel & Ebert…but I highly recommend you see this movie if for no other reason just so you can see what all the hubbub was about & LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!”

  17. Anonymous, Thanks for your insight. In short, what you
    are basically saying are they are: CUT FROM THE SAME
    CLOTH, AND Feel Comfortable with each other, so that makes everything OK. I understand your take on the situation/ their attraction to each other in general.

    Could it be he likes the bad girl in her, the way women
    like the bad boys at time. I would love to get some feed back from the men visiting the site, since they can give feed back from a man’s perspective. But thanks for your insightful feedback anonymous

  18. Hey does anyone know what Michael Baisden is doing
    now as far as Radio and is he still with the lady of his dreams Big Legs. He would talk about Big Legs
    endlessly and how he was spending so much time with her
    son, it made me wonder why he didn’t do the same for his daughter.

    • only thing i can say is follow him on social media @Gina…Facebook – to see what he’s up to on an on-going basis. i never followed anything related to him because i dont know what he does or who he is.

    • @Gina,

      Michael Baisden is STILL on his path as an activist, author & philanthropist. He currently has a new book out now…the kind Steve Harvey will have NO interest in. I’ll let you research it yourself. It’s titled
      “Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues” & if you really want to learn about what Michael is currently doing is to check out his site. He also has a newsletter you can sign up for as well which has a usually contains his complete monthly schedule.

    • Wow,
      You all have the dirt! I’m from Memphis and have known Marjorie for about 35 years or more. We grew up in the same hood, attended the same high school and dated some of the same men, She really lucked up big time with Steve. She was married to my cousin and Steve just took his daughter. But Marjorie has had a hard time with both ex husbands going to prison, the first one, Jimmie, got life for drug dealing, Those kids only saw their dad in a prison visitation room since 1989, now Steve is their father. So that is good for the children, now they are filthy rich. I wish one of those kids would take some of Steve’s money and get their real dad out of prison, They could hire a high powered attorney and petition for another appeal! He is a really nice person and was hella sexy back in the day.

  19. Steve is a simp and a paymaster you can look and tell he buy a lot of pussy and he got the money to back him up in Hollywood that’s all mattets

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