Transgender Planning to Expose Ne-Yo as Down-Low

NeYo Transgender Love

Ne-Yo is at the center of the latest gay sex scandal to rock the industry…and sources say “It’s gonna be hard for him to stick to his straight story this time.” Know why? Not only is Ne-Yo’s reported “Side Trans” singing…she comes to the table with receipts too!

“Ne-Yo is definitely a down to earth cool guy. Supporting my movement Muahh @ neyo xoxoxs Champagne Life.” That THOT spilling is Sidney Starr, who appears to have Ne-Yo running all the way to the chapel. Don’t believe me.. Ask Crystal Renay.

Check it:

“Crystal just got a ticket off the pole and she’ll keep holding that ticket as long as she keeps Ne-Yo’s closet locked. That’s going to be easier said that done because Sidney was to expose Ne-Yo.

Sidney is going to start talking sh*t about Ne-Yo, if he doesn’t help her with getting her VH1 reality show.”


  1. I knew that the first time I saw him on TV..I really don’t care, he can sing and I never wanted to sleep with no one but my husband.. These Thots are sickening, the should have them sign contracts, if you name and image means so much to the stars.. I will say this all of the must seek JESUS, who is our savior and a loving God.. Now that’s just what I know.. IJS

  2. Boy , I don’t know who is dumb, the men or the women! Men quit letting these lazy ass women trying to blackmail y’all because they stupid asses are lazy as hell! Ladies quit looking for an easy come up from a man! He don’t have to support you nor answer to you unless you are his momma! And here y’all wanna tell these men your self worth? BITCHES! SHUT THE FUCK UP!! YALL ARE DESTROYING YOUR OWN SELF WORTH!!! If U wanna a man to help U out, let him see what U can do without his help and let U and God team up and make it happen. Once that man see U trying and about something 9 timers outta 10 he gonna be there for U! Men, WAKE THE FUCK UP! YALK SUPPOSED TO BE LEADERS, NOT COWARDS! Trifling and shiftless fools!

    • Cosign. Shits disgusting. Too many trifling people looking for a come up off another persons sweat. Thotting and trotting out your side piece in public is the new normal.

    • DR1

      You’re right, Why is this transgender trying to bring down one of their own? It’s not about the personal…It’s Bizness! Every gay blackman does not want to be a Mascot for the LGBT crowd.

      • Brother Ty I don’t know either but that shit isn’t cool either. Why folks can’t let folks be?

  3. Ne-Yo is another Tyler Perry in the making. His gayness shows thru, but, he has to play the role to keep the female fanbase happy. The first video I saw of Ne-Yo, I knew he was gay. So, it’s pointless to marry a woman to hide a secret that’s not a secret.

    • BINGO@ Tyrone. my sentiments precisely. another Tyler Perry who has to appease his fanbase, which is 99.99% women, so he won’t hurt their little hearts and so it won’t ruin his reputation. it’s sad that men like him and Tyler Perry can’t live their life as who they really are, which is a gay man. i truly hate men like them two..on a serious note, which is why i do not support Tyler Perry by watching those crappy, predictable, stereotypical tv shows and movies he makes.

      • I don’t support blackmen going down.this road, but, if a dude is gay…Own It! Better for him to be honest and be done with the bs altogether…Just Saying! Babylon is busy right now…Hell Yeah!

        Good Lookin’ Sis!!!

      • Ne-Yo will come clean at some point. Everybody knows the reality of his sexuality. I don’t wanna beat up the brotha too much, he has kids. And, he has kept it G to a certain degree. Married Sistas and all that good stuff. That being said, still gotta come clean. Appreciate The Feedback!

  4. Ok so we already knew this. This is no suprise, the suprise is that these dudes keep messing with these type of girls knowing that they can and will out them. Like why can’t these guys get someone like Marlon Wayans who will not leak to the press…. Just saying.

  5. Ok so we already knew this. This is no suprise, the suprise is that these dudes keep messing with these type of girls knowing that they can and will out them. Like why can’t these guys get someone like Shawn Wayans who will not leak to the press…. Just saying.

    • girl exactly!! or someone like Errol Barnett, that CNN news anchor. someone along those lines. i’ll never understand why would he get with someone as mouthy, not to mention as super-unattractive as a ugly-ass trans who will tell ALL of your business…every last bit of it just for a come-up to get a trashy reality show. smmfh

  6. chile expose someone whom we dont know is already gay and only get with women because he doesn’t wanna be known as gay. we already know Ne-yo sleep with men and writes and sings love songs to them. i swear these monstrous-looking creature trannies makes me sick in my ass. they get their little feelings hurt and wanna expose when their on-the-down-low ass lover no longer wanna support their broke asses financially no more. bitch get a life and leave Ne-Yo alone you hideous-looking trick. gosh i hate trannies.

    • Thank you please show us someone we have NEVER thought of or heard of. I feel like it’s 2015 if you like the same sex or whatever fine, as long as it does not involve kids or animals, go for it. Try to be who you are and you will feel a lot better in life.

    • This female has been exposed also for lying about being a man when she is really female.

      • saaaayyyy wwhaaaaaaatttt @Anonymous??? nasty trick just want a pitiful reality show which isn’t gonna last, because who is this tramp’s fanbase? smmfh at it.

      • Uh oh. Is this that chick? Someone mentioned her to me but I didn’t realize this was that girl. In either case, “loose lips not only sink ships…they can get your ass killed.”





  7. i like Ne-Yo. talented as all get-out. just wish he’ll come on out, myself, to put these years upon years of rumors to rest about him being gay. it’s okay man – fans will still love you and buy your music. i def will still.

  8. Sidney retracted her statement about Chingy and said she lied about them having sex. I don’t believe shit she says now.

  9. A he/she exposed LL Cool J as a ladyboy lover. A he/she tried to expose Eddie Murphy, but that thing got murdered! Go a head and have a the trannies expose all of these DL black men. If I had my way, I would kidnap all gay men and send them on a one way trip to Uganda! I guarantee you they wouldn’t make it out of that country alive!

  10. Sidney know he phukkerd chingy like chingy’s somebody to lier on.

    nobody came out and said she was lying about phukking her but chingy nobody else said she wasn’t a trans this heshe was on maury povich years ago admitting she was born a man you know maury sucked her little girldick.

    maury love those trannies and so does his pal jerry swinger I mean springer.

  11. This is such a stupid subject. Neo been came out and said he had relationship with a dude years ago. Wether or not he is still having relationships with men means absolutely nothing.

  12. yeah NeYo even made a love song for a dude…but that same said dude broke his heart or something to that aspect. yeah this is a irrelevant subject because NeYo been the lover of the male-booty..even was in a long term relationship with a man. no new news about this sweet-lips-having mofo.

  13. that the same as saying prince or boy George is gay..everyone already knows. sometimes its more about the talent of artist than who they’re f*cking

  14. boy George never hid it.

    prince was in denial for years if you wanna call wearting panties, and bras and high heels, g strings, and stilettos, fish net stockings and taking covers showing his ass acting all fememinine but hey women still defend him.

    let a straight guy wear leg warmers with makeup and see how gay you’ll be.

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