Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 27, 2015

Blind Item 1001

She’s a pop tart all star, an ATL baby momma, and she couldn’t Scrub off her high mileage or her rep, even if she tried. What’s more? She qualified as the leading poster child for being a BOP how so?

For the last 20 years our blind item has kept her BOPisms consistent across the board…think May Day!

Let’s not forget that she’s a filler that earned her spot from rockin’ many a mic…before taking front and center stage to rock a mic! Just ask Dallas Austin, who’s no doubt hip to the fact that our blind BOP had nothing to do with any part of MR. My Ways public confession.

Here’s what a second mystery person said about her:

“She really believes that it was all about her — it had nothing to do with her– many people know this — she may think that she’s been this dudes girlfriend or that dudes lady — but she’s a jump-off. That’s all she’s good for.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Damn Chilli! She has to be damaged goods bcuz as fine as she is, she can’t have a man to claim her to save her life!

    • BOP – A name to call a female who gives head to anyone. They call them a bop because when they give head they bop there heads.

      • But don’t men’s heads ‘BOP’ too tho? I bet lot of gay men could teach a lot of women something about giving head. But as usual it is only the females that get the bad name. Shaking my head.

        • I beg to differ on the “gay men can teach a lot of women something about giving head.” A female is born with a nurturing spirit. Gay men have to “mimic”. All women have to do is pay attention to a man’s reaction while giving her man head and ask for direction. Open communication during fellatio is how you learn. Relax your mouth and practice on a banana until you lose your gag reflex. Once you have mastered that he will change his name from Kunta Kinte to Toby


    SHWE NEEDS TO GO ON BAckpage and sell her ass for 50 dollars there are plenty of 90’s fanboys and girls who will pay for her ass.

  3. lil kim, trina, khia, jacki o, missy, lil mo, and other 90’s has been need to go on backpage and sell trhat p*ssy for 40 dollars.

    too bas whitney was too expensive I would have definitely bought some from her.

  4. Usher claimed the shit out of her when he and Chilli were together…if this is Chilli. however, I DID read that Prince played the shit out of her. She thought he was taking her out. He smashed in the limo and took her ass home.

    • You are a good crazy, I like how you post.. LMFAO

    • princ e is known for that surprised princ e even gave her the time of day prince always preferred biracial or latin and white girls anyway.

      surprised prince dated whitney but then again sjhe was this big star in the 80’s at the time.

  5. well bop is new we call it bob like kneel and bob. not kneel and bop.. kneel and bob is so and so’s best friend. lol i hope this is not chili..

  6. sooo, didnt Usher claim her in public. They also made a video together. Chilli may have gotten around, but I think Usher really did dig her

  7. I don’t understand this blind item. This sound like some old out dated gossip that we been knowing. Chilli think she is “WHOSE???” girlfriend. I can’t tell if Jacky is talking bout an old hook up or current. It really sound like Jacky met her recently & could not get her to BOP off so he is just randomly talking shit about her now

  8. Why post about her..what has she done lately.I don’t think she’s living large or have that much going for herself now days..she is pretty much old school and who cares she should had stay with usher.she could had been living a high life

  9. So many of the female celebrities of the 90’s decade are now washed up dirty hoes. Chilli, Brandy, Lil Kim, Trina, Khia and Mya just to name a few. My beautiful sistas, if you choose to be a hoe, you will end up like all of the girls I just mentioned. Please stay in school and get a good education. We need more black women to be like Marilyn Mosby, not Chilli!

      • brandy was a pillpopper and phukked mase, kobe Bryant, tyreses and some more dudes oh yeah wanya morris when she qwas 14, and we know chris stokes got some of her too she was in immature before she became a solo star.

        oh those struggling years.

        can’t forget bobby and whitney did a threesome wityh her whitney was her mentor we know that reaslly means older sex teacher or partner.

        just like queen latifah mentored monica yes monica entered her little lesbian kingsdom just one of those days.

    • trina and mya are performing teir old hits for spare change thet have officialy joined the chitlin circuit.

      they all need to go on backpaGE AND SELL THAT ASS FOR 50 THEY’LL FIND PLENTY OF BUYERS.

  10. all the male whores puffy made cassie sign a love contract, bisexual rumors, very whorish,flaunted women in kim poreters face, slept with faith before and after bigs death.

    eazy e never wore a condomn, lost virginirty at 12, had sex with numerous women, 9 kids, phukked 10 girls after a concert, ran trains with magic johnason on the same girls, bisexual rumors.

  11. another m ale whore was rick james, bisexual trans looking ass street songs cover looking like donna summer with a mustache, loved crack and white girls the American dream once freebassing cocaine while watching a bunch of white girls eat p*ssy on a pentagram or satanic circle or ouroboros.

  12. You have not lost your swagger, Crazy Chris. I see you’re still kicking facts. I like this new format HSK has.

  13. I have heard this rumor before but who in industry has Chili been with outside of Usher, Dallas Austin, possibly LA Reid (as rumored) ?Heard about Prince… Probably no more of less than any of these nasty azz industry dudes running up in all types of groupies and chicks.. Don’t know any real info about her beyond the few industry dudes who names have been linked to her over the yrs. As for looks say what you may about her but she is still very “naturally” pretty.

  14. Chili has always been a hoe my uncle’s friend use to date her and my mom told me how much of a hoe she was back then.

  15. Why is it that still in 2015, the only people being persecuted and judged for fukkin are women; like they fukked by themselves?? In order for any chick to be a so call THOT or HOE, she needed a Manwhore willing to do it with her. How many of these nasty, crusty, yeasty balled, broke Mwhores/B A N aren’t sticking it in every hole they find whether it’s woman, man or beast and have 50 kids with 50 different chicks, they don’t even send a birthday card to??? BUT that’s a wonderful thing, right? GTFOH!!

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