Miami Heat’s Norris Cole Bought His Boyfriend a New Sports Car

Norris Cole's Boyfriend DevinJ

HSK Exclusive – Miami Heat point guard, and the ex-boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Porsha Williams, Norris Cole, recently purchased his male lover Devin J, a brand new sports car.

Here is what a source is saying:

“Norris Cole bought Devin J a brand new Porsche. Devin should be cast for the next season of Basketball Wives.”

Norris Cole NBA Gay



    • Lmmfao….that shit just took me back 12 years. A dude I used to play ball with had some video screens in his car but it was hooked up to a VCR. So when I found that out, he was no longer his name. His new name became “the ni&&@ with the VC arrah, in the carrah….lol. the good old days

        • LMMFAO….bad thing about is that he always had porn in constant rotation but had to go to the trunk to change the tapes. I can’t make this shit up.

          Same dude was at a club talking to a chick, another dude was showing off for the girl and face mashed ole boy. Well ole by proceeded out to the parking lot got in the Carrah with the VC Arrah ad waited for dude to come out the club. Well dude comes out the club, buddy revs up the engine, hit the lights and smashes out, he is about to run this ninja over!!! I think the dude played running back at one point in his life cause he put a Barry sanders move on the car that was sweet. Bad thing is that the girl he was hollering at in the club, was directly behind dude and she caught it. I was able to keep it together just long enough to see if the girl was living, when I found out she was fine, I had to run away, I was laughing so hard I almost pissed in my clothes. The moral of this story is, if you gonna run somebody over, turn off the VC Arrah

          Dude is cool as hell, we still friends to this day.

      • LOL@Eddie. ‘VC arrah, in the carrah.’ Sounds like something me and my boys would be joking about, not to mention it reminded me of R.Kelly calling himself ‘The arrah (R)’ on the song ‘Thoia Thong’ lol

        • LMMFAO, well seems like we can roll, this one that we have gotten a huge laugh out of. I remember when Kells got that moniker, wasn’t it Mr Biggs who called him Arrah in the Down Low Video?? We had a laugh about that shit too. Old ass Ron Isley running around in Gators, Fosachee shirts and throwbacks jerseys. Marrying 25 year old chicks and doing shows with ya boy “Arrah”…….lol..Ron is a OG baby!!!!! Lol

          • lol Yeah, ‘Mr. Big,’ for all his supposed greatness, couldn’t keep ‘Arrah Kelly’ from f*cking all his girls lol And now that you mention it, Ron Isley is the kind of dude who would wear suspenders over FUBU shirts, slacks, and dress shoes while standing in front of the Barbershop. O.G. Cat-Daddy shit lol

        • Shit would have been even funnier if you had seen it. It was so funny, anytime we even say dude you strart laughing tears. He would come in the gym and everything would stop for ten minutes, this went on for 3 months. I an so thankful that I witnessed it, the memory Is priceless. I would thank the Lord but I don’t know if that would be wrong…..LMMFAO

  1. so Porsha messed up TWO “beard” situations???????

    Cole……you stupid!! (N my Matin Lawrence voice)

    • She’s not good at bearding either.. She must attract downlow men..

    • I dont believe this shit! Now a days, if anybody mad at you and you’re a male, everyone wants to say you been with some dude. This shit getting old. Some of yall believe this shit so quick like you just WANT to believe it. Oh well whatever

      • Yanno. He would buy dude a 60-200k car but not invest in invisalign for those unsightly bunnies/overbite? That is so ungay. Besides I am not giving up the ghost that there exists single kidless unattached black males making above median income who isnt into “rosebuds.”

        • Maybe he like his teefus, some people just roll with what ever God gives them. ***kanye shrug***

            • …Or maybe some people don’t give a damn what others think of their looks, especially when those others aren’t paragons of attractiveness themselves *shrugs*

  2. teheeheee at the “gurl” photophopped in the devil getup tho. ima hurt Jacky for postin that pic…LMAO!!!

  3. …and i figured liverlip ass Norris Cole was a powerbottom hershey highway lover of the penis. it’s obvious per his looks. a plenty mo in the NBA that are gay as a goose. lawd i just hope one day my favorite bookiewookiepie dont ever come out..even tho i know that’ll never happen. if does…ima literally just die. not gonna even say no names nor give a hint on wat team he plays for. it’ll be too evident.


      • LMMFAOOOOOOO@betchuwontstep. neither one of them…especially not ugly ass Chris bosh…Lol. even tho every last one of them screams gay to the fifth power. Timmy gay self already out tho..well so-called bisexual…his ex-wifey exposed him.

        • True, yeah she did…as for the undercover….Hershey highway lovers…I think they need 2 do themselves a favor & be who & with whom they want 2 be….they gonna be exposed soon anyways, they might as.well,.LOL…

      • I don’t think Westbrook is hiding anything, his closet door is open, he jst hadn’t pulled the cord to turn the light on yet….lol

        • oooooook now @Eddie!!! yakno!! smh at him and his girly ass fashions that really do put the icing on the cake too.

  4. I’m back with Jack spill the tea….Kobe gay what???? Westbrook, Tim D, BIG Baby Glen Davis, Bosh of course,

    • ^^^^^U ain’t bin know?

      Remember the so-called Rape N Colorado by D Wite Girl, when he snitched on Shaq Pay N up 2 1 Mil 4 Pu**y?

      Girl wanted 2 give him da Puss, but he he said he wanted, then fukked her N D Ass.

      Now I am no Prude by any stretch, but 2 ask 4 D ass from a strange Wite Girl from da Jump, screams Faggot 2 me.

    • …and Evan Turner of the 76exers, Andre Igoudola, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah…yes. chile bye

  5. @Jack…they say he and his alleged boothang Chauncy Billups sweetass is hittin each other up the butt. theyre super CLOSE off the court – quiet as it kept…even tho Chauncey switcharoo ass is retired now. it’s a all around hard-leg dick-fest mess in the NBA undercover-wise…smh

  6. Let me get ahold of that sweet ass, ill bust it wide open! I luv me some boi p*ssy! Check out my nigga song on you tube, by fly young red!

  7. Lies. Norris is NOT gay. We grew up together. I know him very well. He isn’t gay and he has never participated in such activity. GTFOH. I hope he sees this and dues you for defamation.

  8. This is a bunch of bullshit lies.
    The shit people do and say for money. & you’ll react to it like it has effected your life in a drastic way.

  9. Fucking WEIRDO these bitches keep f*cking with these DL FAGG niggas such a f*cking shame

  10. Sooooo, is Porsha… a)Turning men gay? b)Turning men straight? c)Covering for those still in the closet? d)Just another dumb azz chick who is seeking fame and fortune by any means necessary? It seems more than a coincidence that the men Porsha have been associated with have that “How you doing?” vibe.

  11. your kids.. the gays wanna turn everybody out!! I dont push my heterosexual views.. but gays push heavy in their gayness .. too many young people are confused about their sexuality in this “anything goes while young” world..

    • So by them pushing their homosexual views, has this made you Gay? Then sit the fvck down. If you try sushi and don’t like sushi, YOU DONT LIKE SUSHI idiot, You can’t turn someone gay. And heterosexual shit is shoved down everyones throats everyday. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t feel so confident in that ignorant, close-minded, perspective you have. Read.

  12. So many men out there that would suck lol Wayne, drake, and TI dick if they stuck it out for a record deal.

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