Masika Kalysha Hustles Hollywood Club Owner To Buy Clothes


HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Masika Kalysha, took an $800 deposit from LA club owner, Julious Strange, to buy herself a dress for her December 14th club appearance at Ace of Diamonds in Las Vegas.

Source says Masika Kalysha also had a club appearance on December 14 in Los Angeles, at Hollywood Couture nightclub and the L&HHH cast member was a no show. Know why? Because Masika had no intentions to appear at the Hollywood nightclub, but she did take the deposit she got from Hollywood Couture’s owner Julious Strange, to purchase herself an outfit for her Las Vegas gig.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Julious Strange reached out to Masika’s management team and they told him they will charge him either $3,000 or $1,500 and 3 bottles, since the club is in California. Agreeing to the second option, Strange sent $800 on November 21st and was planning to pay the other $700 at the event, like he is supposed to. That’s when they sent him a contract and photos.”

The drop:

“Masika also did a video shoot for the rapper Lok Skywalker on December 14th. She rocked the same outfit for her Ace of Diamonds club appearance and the video shoot.

Masika ripped off Julious Strange to buy clothes.”


  1. All of them bitches is bums….you can probably catch this hoe on Backpage selling ass…all of these industry niggas is tricks

  2. Masika where burge at bitch? You get everything you deserve trick, because you ain’t shit, why you gota skeze ta get a dress? Where yo so called man at? In the studio on his knees? because he got caught in the studio rub’en nuts and get’en fingered hu? And you mean to tell me he couldn’t or wouldn’t buy you a dress trick? so now you run’en around steal’en and try’en ta jip people outa there money? the streets is watch’en and talk’en, and you gone wined up get’en your ass beat, because everybody not going put wit that hoe shit you try’ed to pull. I see a future where you will be on the Hollywood strip, trick trick trick thot, beware another thot is on the lose, burge get yo trick mane LOL!She run’en steal’en mane LOL!

  3. She might be a “smutbucket”, but she seems to be an in-demand and working smutbucket. .

    3 gigs in one day.. better get her act in gear before she burns bridges and the gigs dry up..
    You’ve got about 9 minutes left of that 15..

  4. This is what U called a non educated bum ass bitch. But she called Nikki and Hazel delusional now. But those same ddelusional woman got degrees to fall back on. Not to mention, Masika works for Nikki since the property that the dude is currently leasing is on Nikki’s family and not to mention she is also work for Hazel too. Hazel was the one who brought her on LHHH. So who is the delusional bitch now? MASIKA!!

    • Who should be more embarrassed is the persons whose name was revealed as the buyer. She’s just like any reality show girl. Kim goes to Dubai, Porsha dates Africans ,and the list goes on. Prostitution goes way back to the biblical times.

  5. I hate this bitch…I truly do. Every time she opens her mouth/legs she puts women back like 60 yrs. I don’t usually condone domestic violence, but in this case….KARMA IS A MOFO. She can’t blame ANYONE…she went into all her situations EYES WIDE OPEN.

    • I hate no one, hating seems to put people back even further. I’m sure she is use to constant hate, look at her. While worrying about whose putting women back, we should focus more on praying for her and doing our part. In due season she’ll realize, and if she doesn’t who are we to judge? “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

      • Praying for her??? LMMFAO!!! Hahahaha…that was funny, hold up. Listen, everyone on this thread is calling her out by her name, but you want to tell me not to worry about whose putting women back…I do worry about that because she is a woman and she is on television, and she is in the position to influence a lot of young impressionable girls out there. So she is a big problem. And I will not pray for anyone who is letting their own demons get the best of them. That bitch damn sure ain’t praying for me. Like I said before she is a willing victim and I have no sympathy for her. I’m not judging her…she is giving everyone all the ammunition they need to compose an opinion of her.

          • TB U told the truth on that! How she come at Hazel and told to forget Berg when she went behind Hazel’s and did exactly what she told Hazel not to do. Where they do that at?

            • @DR1, YA FEEL ME?? LOL, Masika is Fugazy. Yo, I’ve seen my moms get hit by a man a few times when I was a very little girl and I vowed if anyone ever put their f*ckin hands on me, they would get handled BY ME. LOL. I’m against all that domestic violence…male on female and female on male. But this chick right here. Shiiiiiit…the only thing I regret is that I wasn’t a fly on the wall when she was getting the shit choked out of her by that jacked up midget. LMAO

          • My point is your wack comments are not needed. They’re only satisfying your thirst. Go grab a big glass of water, you may feel a little better about yourself;)

            • MY point is I don’t give two flying f*cks what you think. Stay anonymous because you don’t have the heart to come at me correct. Your attempts to get me off this blog is fruitless…you keep trying though. You’re the one that hates…not me. You’re so thirsty your salty bitch. You country bitch. Good Bye Roach!!! LMPRAOOOOO!!!

            • TB, that’s got to be a 12 year old kid judging from their comments. Fuck that troll.

            • Yeah, I’m a play it kool…cuz she’s making me celebrity status. I’m pretty flattered she values my comments that much.

            • @TB , that’s a dick sucking witch , I thought she melted by now.Hey WITCH go suck a dick and fly away WHORE.

            • That’s the best you got??? The one I ate for breakfast?? Bwahahahaha!!!! Stealing my insults??? LMAO…STFU and stay the f*ck of my posts! You start shit and then you don’t like to take it. You’re the only stupid, not needed person here…perfect screen name…because you are an Anonymous, irrelevant bitch.

            • TippieToes/Choco the hippie ho, gtfoh you worthless bitch , you f*ck up everywhere you go , did you suck your son dick tis Christmas bitch?


          • @Anon 10:43, I know that’s right…that’s one of the demons witches up in this bitch, starting shit. This bitch probably mad because I’m friends with Glok…f*ck her and the horse she rode on. I notice guys don’t fight amongst each other that much…it’s the females tearing each other apart. I got you though Anon…we must peep out these f*cking Demonic Hoes. The only thing she runnin here is her MF mouth.

            • I don’t give a f*ck who the witch is. @Anon 10:47 seems you have an accurate list…the moment you dropped names mf’s coming to say they not a part of it. Go suck a big dick and get the f*ck of mine WHOEVER THE ANON SCUMBAG IS. IIGHTT. LMAO.

            • @Anon 11:08, you saw that, right? You called her out and she just confirmed it!!! She is so obviously desperately stupid it’s incredible. I knew it was between her and a couple of other morons that got nothing better to do then spread their evil wherever they go.

            • @Anon 11:08, And thank you for having the heart to expose these wenches in the spirit of solidarity! Love you, whoever you are, for that one.

            • All those morons WERE this Demonic witch …she does this in every black site she goes into until they tear her a new asshole then she runs on to the next but lil does this dumbf*ck know we on to her, people told me about her and she can’t do this on other blogs , she was all them handles in here…SHE even talks to herself …ask her about Wife from manhattan ?!

            • TB no doubt sister , ANYTIME YOU GET ATTACKED ITS THIS WITCH under her many names ..But I got love for you too lol you good up in here..Plus Glok like you, so do I!

            • Thanks ma! Good Lookin’!!!

              Oh, and I don’t feel like it’s an attack, she ain’t that fierce or scarey to be putting an attack on me…I look at it like she’s pathetic and seriously damaged. I’m ALWAYS good n’ plenty. 🙂 Oh, and Glok’s my boy so if you cool with him, you cool with me too.

            • Glok is all these weird characters. Just in case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet.

            • @3:16, are you serious? Because I adore glok. it would really bum me out to find hes this big imposter. Ima need receipts for that one. First, how can you see his isp if you arent administration . And what other handles does he/she use?
              Also , is it,true B. Stiviano is now banned from this site?

            • Right how can you see an IP if you don’t work for this site?
              Unless its all you and you got busted and you blaming him because he not here to defend himself, liar! She not the only one who needs to be banned, that’s for sure.

            • Yeah.. how do you know its all Glok?

              It seemed like B. Stiv was banned during the interactions with the moderator.

              If it is Glok, that’s messed up.
              Okay, so lets all get this together.. One Anonymous is CB. Tippie, Choco, Fruits, Name and most other handles on here.

              CB is not me, ELTHP, Anonymous, Non, Corn, TB, Raheim, K, I’m Back, DaR1.. anyone else? I can’t list everyone. .

              And Glok is CB?

            • CB is some retarded chick in Europe. She has a thousand handles but is harmless. Not glok. All the shit starting newish handles are glok and his alters

            • @willie you know what it is! Same BS different day! This hoe trying to conjure up confusion cause together all of us was getting in her shit. Its the oldest trick in the book ie the ol divide and conquer..and to tell you the truth even if it IS glock burning this bushpig she ain’t doing nothing but getting back wtf she put out there.he did say she been stalking him from site to site for a while. I rather admire a person who fights back!

            • Hey anon and I don’t miss you only been on this site for two months but u trying to talk to willie like u official or some shit. Matter fact the bullshit started when you came. Don’t get it twisted. You only foolin the slow witted

            • On the contrary bitch I been reading this site for YEARS so don’t even try it! I ain’t trying to be official I’m just telling it like it REALLY is. NO YOU DON’T GET IT TWISTED..I GIVES NOT ONE FUCK about you or your flimsy funky opinion I was talking to @willie and no @tippietoes he ain’t slow witted!
              @willie see wtf I mean? Again f*ck this bitch!!!!

            • …and yes I was reading this blog when it was all good and I remember when YOU came @tippietoes trying to type three words here and there to see if anybody from RWS followed your tired ass here.. Yea cut the bullshit! Then here you go getting NO LOVE so you get all in your feelings then start stealing names and trying to sound clever and I still just watched. Then your stupid ass thought the coast was clear then insulted glock and contradicted your own self and that’s when I stepped up but f*ck it we here now bitch WHATCHU GOT????

            • Nope. Its me. I just think all this is getting crazy.
              Its making me crazy ..

            • Willie & all: I have been posting here for 2 and a half years, most of that time I had a screen name which I chose to stop using once the practice of name jacking became rampant. That was right before you started posting regularly Willie.

              I am not a hysterical, jump to conclusions type of person. I’ve been quietly watching all of the craziness play itself out over the last 2 months since that first weekend when so many went HAM on the character “Glok9” and began to fake post as him.
              Here is what I KNOW to be true: Glok9 is someone who at the very least also posts as “Phillymofo”, and more likely posts as a minimum of 4 other personalities. What is particularly telling is that his personalities vary greatly in the tone they assume. It would be a grave mistake to think, “That couldn’t be the character I know as Glok9, because he would never say something like that.” Because that is exactly what he does. It’s far easier to troll successfully when you can take each and every side of an issue.
              Okay, now here’s where I get controversial:
              I am 99% certain that CB is not a part of this in any fashion. I have read him/her stuff from the outset, and I am completely convinced that he/she is simply a sad low information poster who changes her screen name frequently. But he/she posts as one SN at a time. In other words, CB is a red herring.
              The person who I believe is behind the bulk of the shenanigans is he/she who calls itself “anon and I don’t miss.”
              I believe that is also Glok9, Tippietoes and any and all who claim that there is a trouble maker from Bossip and LSA who is now making trouble here.
              Before “anon and I don’t miss” made itself known, there were few problems here. Now, if you will note, that appearance oddly coincided with Glok9’s problems that weekend 2 months ago.
              Coincidence? You tell me, but I don’t think so. The one thing I can guarantee is that “anon and I don’t miss” will immediately attack me and my message. It will say that I am “Tippietoes”, “Choco the Hippie” and the other screen names she attacks in her profane screeds and tirades. If ya believe that, fine. But I have said my peace, and the ball is in your court to make your own conclusions.

              And yes Willie, it does appear that Bella(BStiv) was finally banned because of her continuous accusations that HSK routinely deleted her more informative posts. Lesson learned: when you are a guest in someone’s forum, it is usually good cyber etiquette to abstain from crapping on your host. ijs

            • Big bro pal u r exactly right. The bullshit started when those posters showed up.

            • Lmao @ this WITCH is something else I swear , I don’t think Glok trolls if he does it seems to be the characters that come from you TIPPIE /CHOCO yes bitch I SEE YOU ARE NOW…”YOUR BIG BROTHER PAL” NOW YOU ON HERE AS A BROTHER you conniving WITCH STOP, Why the f*ck are you trying to confuse WILLIE? @ Willie don’t pay this deceiving devil no f*cking mind , notice this witch never blames Tippie/Choco or any other person but Glok , I mean talk about having time on your hands , this ho is this f*cking thirsty, she will go through a gang of names to make sure nothing sticks on her , Bitch please, and @I dont miss she came here and woke people up about your bullshit in here.. I noticed it was Glok who called you out and you went Crazy in here like a wild boar ..We feel your lies and devilish presence you made it your duty to chase the people who spoke of the MOST HIGH so your demonic presence cant roam free , you are a liar like your father SATAN bitch and I’m not going nowhere and I will soon continue to preach the gospel in here, come back THAT CHICK 414, come back GLOK we cant let this demonic bitch win..THIS HOW SHE OPERATE TROLL AND COME BACK AS MANY HANDLES DEFENDING HER OTHER HANDLES , GOOD NIGHT.

            • 19:41 WITCH GO TO BED, if his don’t mean nothing to you why all the cosigning yourself in here? we see you WITCH , bye FELICIA/TIFFANY !

            • Nah@big brother as I’ve stated many times before I am not glock or any of the other names attacking tippietoes. Hsk Mod can back that up and would have called me out when I posted in that thread that
              he\she was in that day..just like she did that other name. I call her out under this screen name and if I mistakenly do it under anonymous I OWN IT! If you’re trying to say that there was no confusion before I started my attack on her then you are sadly mistaken. I was just the first to start it cause I’m all too familiar with her antics and as I’ve also stated many times before I am tired of it. Stand corrected!

            • Ive been watching and observing VERY closely too. And I know for a FACT that @anon dont miss is a part of the solution not the problem I remember some years ago that bitch Tippietoes posed as a hebrew sister and attacked me on a thread I got emotional on, because I was molested and sexually abused as a kid and a teenager. The bytch said I deserved it and was asking for it as a child and a teenager. I may have been fast, but I was just really confused as a child and really didnt know about life yet
              The bytch was relentless and the other posters had to help defend me
              I tried to defend myself but the poster Tippie was cold
              I never saw that handle again , but i know it was her from observing her style of comments. I then began to visit other blogs too and I began to hear of this person Tippie far and in between, and it was somewhat negative. In fact she seem to have come to my defence another time, i thought, then when i thanked her for it and she ignored me, I realized then she was not a kind and thoughtful genuine commenter on black related issues
              Fast forward to a few months ago
              I saw her attack @DaRadiant 1 in the same fashion and format that she did me
              and when she was called out on it, I remembered hearing the same things in the passing in between. I again put 2 and 2 together
              I also remember looking for another poster who was super smart , realy intelligent and very caring and concern on black issues named @Darla. This bytch Tipie attacked me like i was a fool and sort of tried to make it look like she was @Darla anonymously, and chatised me for being a troublemaker 4 looking 4 @Darla to pay her a compliment
              She then began to wreak havoc on here disguising her self
              Even during an earlier attack on @Glok, @anon i dont miss appeared under a handle on the low i observed letting us know that something in the milk wasnt clean and I began to realize that I wasnt the only person thinking the same thing about this Tippie character
              It was very subtle at the time , but i caught it
              At 1st i thought maybe i was wrong, but @anon i dont miss began sharing his/her thoughts, like i was observing, I realized it was quite possible that Tippie was the culprit and a long time trouble maker
              Now @Glok9 may have certain ways, but mostly I observe, he is more interested in informing us about more pressing issues
              This Tippie lady like to see the posters argue amongst themselves and she like to sit back and laugh
              Personally, I know that people dont always agree ,but I can deal with that as long as we stay on the thread’s topic
              Its the personal immature abuse and nastiness I could do without when 1 of my brothers or sisters on @hsk have been thru a similiar situation with the threads topic That is still suffering and in pain
              Isnt that 1 of the reasons we come here is to discuss and share ideas? I know that @hsk site is not a therapist or not here for counseling But when someone on here is hurting, or is trying to learn something
              I dont mind helping and if I cant, I fully support any reader or poster who does or can contribute
              I dont have too much more to say. Its just so sad that after all the things we and our ancestors have been thru in life, some will still try to conquer and divide for no reason
              I also miss that Anonymous 414 chick comments too. Apparently something or someone ran her off too
              Some of posts were long, but she was positive, uplifting and upbeat
              And I sometimes looked forward to reading her comments
              Please excuse such a long post but I m upset on what @hsk comment section is becoming

            • @astute let me apologize for her ignorance cause I seriously doubt she has the capacity to do so. That attack on you was especially cold and uncalled for but don’t worry cause it has and most certainly will come back on her…ten fold! I think you and others are very brave to share such personal experiences here and I for one APPLAUD that!! We all know that our stories and situations are a lot of times similar in nature and talking about them helps us heal so more than likely you helped somebody that day! Kudos for that and thank you for speaking the truth on this situation here! And yes I miss that 414 chick too!

            • @Your Big Brother Pal

              You predicted it and it happened. Anon and I don’t miss and her sock puppet Astute Reader didn’t waste any time doing just what you said. She must think we are really stupid to fall for her Captain Save a Poster routine. The only poster who needs rescuing is her thirsty ass. LOL

            • Glock and cb are not the same person, And if bella was kicked she did not deserve it. Anon and I don’t miss, you like this detective shit a lil bit to much. It’s not your job, mods get yo shit together. You can stop name jacking. I don’t give a f*ck if people go ham on people just don’t fog up the place with confusion. Stick to a name or be anonymous. It just f*cks it up for errbodi.

            • Oh yes I’m waiting for the moderator to come in AGAIN and shut your shit DOWN bitch..just like last time. YOU can stop it with your sock puppets as soon as somebody start telling the real about your ass. I don’t name jack tramp I don’t have to and the mod can verify that shit too. Let’s see how fast you run this time when mod steps in..I’ll be here JUST LIKE LAST TIME! You ain’t said shit..I’ll be looking for you and calling you out for it!

            • Nah it’s not the witch it’s killa callan. Leave it alone man. Your jumping at shadows.

            • @Anonymous 21:37
              Now I know for a FACT that u are @Tippietoes cuz a hit dog holler and u would be the only person that would down play a woman that have been sexually abused or molested
              U REALLY seriously need help, therapy and God!
              Smh. Im starting to believe what they are saying about u being an evil wytch. Smh

              @Anon I Dont miss
              Thank u so much for ur kind words 🙂
              I have been thru a lot in life and sometimes its hard for me articulate things or express through words, but I admire how u are able to articulate yourself and how u dont allow wicked people like that lady we are discussing to run over u or make u feel bad
              There are a lot of wicked people like her running amiss in this society
              But I am so happy and proud that there are good educated people like u that can stand up to bullies like that @Tippie woman
              and still be a warm and caring person to others at the same time

              I hope you enjoy your holiday and again thanx again for understanding people such as myself 🙂

              @Anon and I dont miss
              I dont come here a lot but when I do Ive got ur back too *smiles*

            • @Spot the witch, anon and I can’t miss, astute reader, Glok9, Phillymofo, xxxkittenwithclawsxxx, etc……

              Willie knows why I posted as your Big Brother Pal. It was not meant for you to understand.

              Willie is a nice man whose kindness should never be mistaken for clueless-ness. He’s whip smart, and if it weren’t for his belief in blood sacrifices, I’d marry him tomorrow! LOL, jk Willie.

              Anon and I don’t miss, you can create your many sock puppets to pat yourself on the back for what a great job you are doing in “driving the witch away”
              all day long, but anyone with a room temperature IQ can see that your sole goal is to get a lot of attention by causing chaos among the decent congenial members of the HSK family.
              You must be terribly sad and lonely, and for that I am genuinely sorry. That would suck, especially at this time of the year.
              But doing this is not the way to ease your own personal pain. You’ll just end up as lonely and empty inside as you were before.
              The very way you speak in your posts speaks volumes about you. “cumtrap” Really????
              Your language is almost as coarse and profane as Glok’s. Hmmmm.

              So, you do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. I will pray that things get better or you, and that you receive some grace in this holy season so that your unhappiness might be lifted.

            • Bitch you still in here pleading and shifting your demonic kaos bitch? Hey Deep Throat You spent your entire f*cking day in here trying to convince us ALL YOUR HANDLES are Gloks , you are a tired sick ho , go to bed ok ,it’s all GLOK, not TIPPIE, KITTEN AND CHOCO we gotcha !lol but when you pray to your god SATAN ask him to hold your lonely ass hand when the 2 burn you BURN in a lake of fire bitch and no more seasons for you..he gonna turn on you like he does all his workers /lil helpers.

            • I feel shaky jut posting to a Witch , I’m nervous and Lightheaded TYPING.

            • spot the witch!!! aka anon and I don’t miss

              Naw, you’re just lightheaded because you’re drunk as hell. Get some sleep and try to be more convincing tomorrow.

            • @astute your warm words are worth more than your weight in gold! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! It brings a smile to my heart! You are the MVP! When you do come back I GOTCHU TOO! Don’t worry! Blessings to you and your family always!!!

            • Nice try skeeziod but I ain’t nervous and I don’t indulge do you can shove that bullshit right back up your stank ass!
              I see somebody got that confirmation about yo ass @tippietoes on RWS! Ha! Keep it coming hoe!

            • I’m glad I missed all this.

              I’ve noticed patterns and certaIn names always entangled in the mess.
              Its easy to see who is who. It makes sense now.

              Ppl showing up out of nowhere.. I see it now.
              Thanks everyone.

              Now that we all know, lets stop our interaction with them. Once we stop giving them attention, they’ll move on and tell their tale of woe elsewheres..

            • Also.. whoever is switching names as Astute Reader.. honey, you typed too fast.. it says Astue Reader.. most of us, our names stay in Name line. We don’t have to keep typing it in. Its autofilled.

            • Willie jmho but I believe your initial instincts were correct.(concerning the missing t in Astute.) I believe that Astute WAS here from the days of Dice and Darla just as I was, but for reasons unknown to any of us he/she has become consumed with this charade of names. There’s a lot of pain there.

            • Alright guys. I know who I will be avoiding on here..
              Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

            • Merry Christmas Killa Callan, long time no see. I figured you’d end up as another one of us anonymi just to save your sanity. lol
              My posting has been much more pleasant since I dropped my screen name.

            • Yeh pretty much. I’m attached to the place. Still get some good laughs round here so I keep comming back. Merry Christmas to you and everyone. Love you guyz.

  6. Is this Tippie , BeeGee’s friend? If so why dont u come to the other site much anymore?

    • YEAH THA’ THAT TIRED DICK SUCKING SLUT FROM OTHER SITES , YOU KNOW THIS TRAMP BITCH TOO? , the ho loves to brag, to have had incest with her son , she was cum drunk from swallowing all them babies to remember , see ho EVERY- BODY KNOWS YOUR PLIGHT YOU Arrogant dumbbitch!

    • @Toni b she don’t post under tippietoes on the other site anymore cause that hoe is scared. She got straight exposed and clowned to death. Even when she does post she’s under anon or some other new shit nobody heard of but you can tell it’s her cause she uses lines to separate the other persons comment and her lame attempt at a diss. They pulled her card something terrible!!!

      • Wow! Thanx 4 the info sis
        I think I will stay far far away from her
        Happy holidays sis and also to the whole hsk fam
        I like to stop here from tyme to tyme cus these stories an site b popping

    • Ha! She wanna be BG’s friend but as cool as he is he ain’t trying to be caught up with her nonsense. She was trying EXTRA hard to get that e-penis but he promptly ignored her filthy ass!

  7. Oh shyt, are u the same Tippie from the other Site?
    What it do girl? Lol! Have u finish your Xmas shopping yet? Whats up with the other site? I rarely see the regulars there anymore. If we dont have a chance to kick it, enjoy your holiday girl
    Ps: I also wonder whats up with Ybf
    It seem like it aint the same anymore either

    • SAME DICK SUCKING TRAMP YOU KNOW HER TOO Toni? , WELL DAMN THIS COCK SUCKING WHORE IS A CUM DUMP AND GETS AROUND, WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED , tell these people that the shit we saying about her is real talk, her shit is speculation, Bwahahahahbaahwahaha

      • I KNOW ITS YOU CAUSE YOU BIT LIKE A WOUNDED SNAKE BITCH BUSTED AND EXPOSED, and you the same stupid bitch who plays these silly games on a blog , its sad you’re such a piece of shit in life that you resort to childish shit , I see why you just a cumdumpster with no life, Now go suck your son dick and his friends and pass out some candy canes ,U Hohoho! they counting stocking and your is stained in scat you piece of shit!

        • Shut the f*ck up yall have no fcking life, how do u know an anonymous posters buisness so much so that you know her personal life and who she fcking, and what sites she be on, yall are some fcking loosers “oooh that bitch got dragged” on a gossip site? Really? Who fcking cares! And you can check my IP adress im one person, the only person i ever trollef was glok on Halloween weekend

          • Cause that poster has been coming on all the blogs with the SAME TIRED ASS FUCKING FORMAT!! It ain’t that gotdamm hard AND I got just as much time as @tippietoes does to say the MF dragon! You f*ckin talk what you know or shut the ENTIRE f*ck up!!!!didn’t this tramp steal your shit too? TUH!

            • People steal my name and assume im glok (the retarded ones) and i dgaf its just a damn website, why are you so pressed about one poster? i think your egging it on

            • I don’t give AF what you think and no stealing names is not cool. If you cool with being mocked and plagiarized then bitch that’s on you @tippietoes
              Don’t even try to sit your ho nasty ass up here trying yo act like in one breath you just can’t understand why oh why people keep bothering you when somebody other than you post under your name THEN turn RIGHT around and steal this girl’s name and act like it’s no big f*ckin deal. I’m egging it on? Bitch please you started that bullshit again with TB for no damm good reason and now you the victim cause I’m getting in that ass? FOH! Imma KEEP doing what I do..and your going to stop or get BURNED..bitch don’t make me NO nevamind!

            • Your not getting in anyones ass by typing words, where is your man? Do you even have a job or any kids? You be on here all day internet thugging behind a screen over one simple bitch, you need to “get outta everyones ass” and go get your life, and your right i cant stand that boriqua btch but what does that have to do with your dumb ass? Btch please

            • There goes that WITCH again now She using her handle KITTENWITHCLAWS,Bitch you slipping big time dumbass we know you not Glok , but you love saying is name and go after people who f*ck with him , you one jealous and stalking bitch TIPPIE!
              You seriously in love with him aren’t you WITCH, YOU WANT TO SUCK HIS DICK TOO RIGHT???

            • Okay so first everyones glok now everyones tippie? You internet detectives are so clever foh

            • Save it you dumbass WITCH like I said, you are a stupid desperate bitch and very easy to spot EVIL WITCH !

            • Nobody cares about what you can’t stand cause quite frankly NOBODY likes you tippietoes..not here..not on Sandra Rose.. not on Lipstick Alley or RWS!!! I would imagine not in your sad small world either and that’s exactly why you hating on TB cause she’s getting rhthym and you’re not. Stay mad I don’t give a shit and don’t worry about “my man” freak nasty cum rag you can’t suck him off neither!..but you can hit my dog up though!

  8. @Tippie, they’re coming for you because you like to start up with posters under anonymous. You like to insult and ridicule people under anonymous, But then you come out with Tippie when you want to cop a plea. You’re going to have to stay anonymous because when we see Tippie, it’s on!!!! No one respects you here because you disrespect others.

  9. YEAH you are exposed bitch , No-body gives a f*ck about you, Lol, Obsessed? DICK SUCKING WITCH pls, its just we don’t like evil serpents and dick sucking witches invading our RIGHTEOUS SPACE. bringing your evil intent in here if I had a stake and dry branches I’d grab you by your nappy roots to burn your ass ALIVE. I’d squat and piss out the flames on you and light fire to your demonic ass again BITCH , DIE WITCH DIE!

    • Bitch pls there goes that demonic witch speculating again , listen not just my man but any man needs to BEWARE OF YOU CAUSE YOU ARE DANGEROUS..LOL, well would you check this slut out ?, ho I know you are not in here Talking about STRAYING AWAY? EVERY DICK YOU EVER PLACED YOUR LIPS ON LEAVES YOU. YOUR PUSSY MUSTY OR IS IT THAT, THEY JUST NOT THAT INTO YOUR WICCAN DICK SUCKING SKILLS, LMAO YOU EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING WITCH , SUCK A DICK AND DIE!

  10. Whore you not going nowhere you live in here you f*cking freak attached to HSK like balls to a dick you know OH so well..I’ll make it my duty to call you out every chance get , its on like fish grease bitch !

  11. Bitch you not the same now, where’s all your names bitch? They got in that ass in here too lmao ! NO YOU’D JUST FORM A STRANGE PERSON’s DICK IN YOUR MOUTH YOU MET ON A BLOG , A MARRIED ONE TOO everyboy that came across your evil ass should be a mued and in awe thata Ghetto rachet dick sucking witch is playing dumb on HSK , I’M NOT TELLING YOU SHIT ELSE WHORE IM TALKING TO THE PEOPLE HERE ABOUT YOU , FUCK YOU! !

  12. Most of you look silly. Arguing about nothing. If you don’t like at person’s response to your post, just ignore them.

    All this back and forth, calling each other bitches is not a good look.

    BTW; most, if not all, you “ladies” suck dick. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure your man has the next woman do it for him.

  13. True but you’d be nothing without my golden shower bitch! you need to bow in a bucket of piss !

  14. The only time there is cosigning is when he shows up. He must have esp cus the second this make believe person posts he begins calling her a witch. Only the person who posted it would know who it was. He is also the only one who thinks the shit is funny. Just go away and grow up.

  15. Bitch just STFU! You ain’t never seen a taken dick you ain’t wanted to gobble and you know it. Yes I noticed how you tried to side step that wife in Manhattan inquiry from anon. You know damm well what it is and now so does everybody else.
    Y’all the deal is this skeezer sitting at home f*ckin tanked with nobody to talk to cause it’s family time and ain’t nobody trying to spend their holidays with a hoo nasty bitch. TB is good people and you’d better leave her alone you hazmet hoe!

  16. You f*ckin ingrate quit trying to use that reverse psychology shit. People are doing to you what you have always done to everybody else. Your ass went in lurk mode cause you thought we would all forget huh? Nah how you STILL ain’t shit and you ain’t gonna be coming up in here tryn to clown without getting RIPPED!

    • CB was here (as always).
      She/it started being “Anonymous”, and calling ppl out. Ppl fought back.

      It is pretty confusing. Lotta back and forth between one person.

      Some ppl think it is all Glok. Idk. I know it is someone with way too much time on their hands.

      • It’s not cb. She isn’t nearly intelligent enuf for this. It’s ya boy glok all day.

          • Damn I put in all this work and glok gets all the credit, BWAAHAHAHAH ,Its all good!

            • Willie have u noticed that tippietoes did not cause any trouble until those two posters told us she or it would? They gave us the backstory about it on another site, told us to beware. Classic problem reaction solution smoke and mirrors. It’s all bullshit and all the same person wanting credit for solving the problem they started in the first place.

            • Is this the same Anonymous above discussing this, about the IP and CB being in Europe?

              I do remember certain handles being gone for a few days (same handle not here now and recently). Then appeared out of nowher as someone called them out (strange) Then this “witch” stuff jumped off. Someone was warning us then someone else disappear ed. This was that mess a few weeks ago.

              I’ve been seeing CB as “Name” and staying under rasar

            • @willie Do you remember when this bitch was going after you just a few weeks ago? She called you “spineless” to be exact. One if her classic tricks is tolow ball people’s intelligence then make you look hella stupid. You’re much too smart for that..don’t fall for it. Be aware! She will fake befriend you then flip it under another handle.. All for kicks! Fuck this bitch!

            • Anonymous 11:15 totally nailed it.
              It’s the way anon and I don’t miss goes in and out of her sock puppet personalities that gave her away. She’s smart when she’s sober, and if she used her head, sh could have easily kept on fooling everyone. But she doesn’t understand that to be a good troll, you would have to know when to fall back.
              It’s really pathetic.

      • I think CB and Glok are 2 different trolls with multiple handles. They’re both disinfo agents coming in here to cause confusion and derail all intelligent discussions. And it works unfortunately.

        • True,word, hunnid, co sign,+1, but cb is not a disinformation writer. She just sad. Glock just loves himself a lil bit to much and I still reckon he is hsk employed.

          • Yes I’ve thought that too. Who knows what’s actually going on? The only thing that’s certain is it all causes confusion and detracts from the intelligent discussions whilst guaranteeing hits.

  17. Who ever that is that does the back and forth with their own self should seek mental help.(If they are not a teenager). Like why would an adult do this???

    • Exactly. Glok, anon and I don’t miss, kittysitclaws, mr x, tippietoes, jack x, fleece johnson, and two anons are all from the same two ip addresses. It’s really quite sad that they feel the need to try to disrupt the conversation. There is nothing to gain except negative attention. The fact that he writes as a man and woman proves he is homosexual as well.

        • Why do you talk that way @tippie? And wouldn’t a “hen party” be all women and not men?

        • I know right @8:17 I ain’t block either but I can definitely feel his pain. This sad sack of shit tippietoes been hounding people and playing these roles too long. RWS posters torched her dumb ass so many many times so she ran here and set her sights on glock and he like the majority of the people here payed her dustballs now she starting shit for attention..just like at RWS! Remember when the Hsk mod showed up and put that one poster on blast? Didn’t hear a peep out of this bitch then huh? Seem to me if she was really so victimized she would have spoke up on some front and center type shit but NO! Reason being is cause she knows the Mod would have cold busted her and called her out so she got straight GHOST! That poster Mod did blast was her under one of her stupid handles Ol punk bitch!!

          • Thank you Ma..I seen that chicken hoe come for you and it’s cause you’re getting love on the blog that she wishes she had! This ain’t nothing but a repeat. She’s an insecure jealous pig! Keep doing you..I GOTCHU!!!

              • I ain’t followed that hoe nowhere. Keep the f*ck up! I’ve BEEN here she keeps getting ran off sites. Tbh I wouldn’t have given a red f*ck that she was here either had she not been doing her usual. @tippie I thought youwere so damm clever aand above everybody else with your games..where’s your weak as shamone now huh?!!! You are still and will always be that WEAK WACK bitch that runs and hides and changes names cause she really CAN’T GET NONE!

              • No you just said in another post about actively seeking this bitch out, your a manic depressive drunk bitch with no fuking life

              • Bullshit hoe you on some George Zimmerman fake ass volunteer toy internet cop shit. Mind your f*cking business and leave that (ficticious ) hoe to her own devices. You more thirsty than her. Either that or you both of em. Hsk don’t need yo ass to point out shit. Find you sumptin to do neighborhood watch ass thot.

            • @anon and I don’t miss, big ups, if ever i see the opportunity to return the favor, I’m there…my Word

          • No, you wish you were like LEGION…you’re just an old, drunk tired broad on a computer. Xmas time must be the hardest for you…why don’t you dry out and go to rehab?

          • Bye Felicia! You dick sucking wannabe. All them niccas at your party need to go to the clinic, REAL QUICK! Scumbag bitch!

          • The later it gets the drunker she gets. She an barely spell and string together a cogent sentence.

        • @Tiptoe Are you the one they said had their hands down their pants feeling themselves up in a pic that was on another blog? They said you messed with a lot of dudes that you met on-line. do you have any scruples?

          • Shut the f*ck up bitch. You have be the dumbest hoe in the history of hoes. You are a demon wench who will come face to face with her ruler, Satan. Your fate will be to die in the flames of hell. We’re gonna have HSK run you the f*ck outta here like they did you on every site.

        • No one will want to converse with you Tippie. You have to go on as anonymous to get any convo or feedback. Why live life like that? Your Ora is a bad one.

          • You ain’t the only one there are others actively seeking her whereabouts and she fckn knows it! She up here playing like she can see IP adressses but the hoe better hope nobody has found hers..YET!!!!!

      • I need to see some IP addresses .. for another site, of course.. how do I do that?

          • You aren’t making any sense at all. Put the bottle down and back away from the keyboard.
            You’re embarrassing yourself.

            The only people you have fooled are Taino Boriqua and DaRadiant1. They are both very loving people and they honestly felt a kindred spirit with your Glock character. Does that make you feel good about yourself?

            • Oh I’m making PLENTY of sense and that’s why you going into overdrive trying to derail me. I don’t need back alley discount wine like you do to have courage this is ALL ME! What else you got? I ain’t scared of you and I’m certainly not impresed either. If this is what it’s come to then fine by me..just know your bitch ass gonna lose…AGAIN! We can do this..not a problem!!

        • @ Willie Get in touch with the Peoples Republic of North Korea. They can help ya out!
          Seriously there age 10 year old kids who can hack anything right here in the US. I can’t, but the young kids who dealt with computers from the day they were born can do most anything. Computer Science was learned in the same way they pick up language as babies. I know toddlers who speak 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. Their parents live here but are from Canada and DR.
          Now you now how hard it is for an adult to pic up 2 foreign languages? That’s me learning computers 10 years ago. But the kids today are not in the least intimidated by technology so they just absorb it like sponges.
          My bf works for Verizon and he can hack most anything, so it’s not all that rare.

          • Little Chinese kids are good hackers too.
            Too bad I don’t know any Asian hackers..

            Adults are almost unable to learn new languages. . Age 4 is the brains most susceptible age for that..

            I may need a favor from Verizon bf.. !

      • You are a strait up mf lie, you cant see nobodys damn IP address cuz all of you internet detectives are way off thats how i know everyone on here is a fukn fraud my handle stays the same all day i dont change it because i come on here every so often i have a job and a life thats why i disappear and appear randomly, you might not like my opinion but trying to lump me in as glok and all these other people is a waist of time, this is a public blog anyone can make a comment, its not a club house for all your little friends to meet up and take over the thread with your boring conspiracy theories that you repeat like parrots strait from YouTube

      • Taino Boriqua I really have grown to like you, so please open your eyes. It’s right in front of you.

        I would say the same to my girl DaRa1. Y’all are too kind and sweet to be used like this.

  18. @Willie, Thats not my cousin Glok. Glok talks in all caps with a Geechie slang like mines. Think about it? After Me and Glok discover we were cousins thanks to that old post of Bow Wow, Glok and I are both in the South and we talk in Geechie. All his text are capitalized. So whoever pretending to be my cousin, is definitely not my cousin Glok.

    • Glok 9?
      Thought he was in NY..

      CB is in NY.. she talks about Manhattan. . Only ppl in NY call the boroughs by name.. its all NY if you ain’t from there..

      • He does live in NY but he is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. We speak Geechie or Gullah. Pay attention to how I type and U see my cousin does the same thing.

      • I thought CB was in Europe? It would be so easy for HSK to confirm that multiple handles were the same ISP, but all this controversy brings in much-needed traffic.

        • Your onto it casa. I remember the day cb landed on hsk. She said England. This site plays up to this bullshit for hits. You to smart to be on here casa.

          • I used to love dropping by here for some tea, knowledge and some conscious discussions, but lately with all these “characters” trying to outdo each other with the insults and showing off it’s beyond wack and boring. I feel like I’m losing brain cells reading some of the posts, and most of the good posters like Jane Doe and B.Stiv are sadly gone. Oh well, it’s only a blog lol.

    • I know huh? Me with my love rant,tipptoes,witches,and more. Dont worry about me I only come here for bu.

  19. Anon don’t miss has 70 comments on this thread all trying to convince us of some illusion. Thou protesteth too much. You tryin waaaay too hard. You need even more people so just make up some more. Add Toni B to the list of puppets and astute jackass

    • I see it too but don’t wanna be involved with the cray cray. I do however enjoy reading who I consider to be the “real” posters Willie, ELTHP, DaRad1, Ms.Reg, Raheim, CrazyChris, Black Enga, some Anonymous and anyone else sane and decent who add something to the mix in a respectful and intelligent manner. Miss me out all the other cranks though thank you please.

      • Thank you and thank you.
        We need more real posters on here to get rid of the trolls.
        Why are certain posters names in red?

            • Willie you could enter http://www.WaltDisneyWorld,com when you log into HSK and your name would be red. The purpose is to let people know of your real website, but that’s seldom how it’s used. There have been a few people here, Gluten Putin is one, that when you click on their red name, you are directed to their blog/website.

            • Oh wow. Thanks guys. You’ve made my day!
              Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

              Here’s to hoping the trolling ends…

      • @casa,

        Thank you for including me in your kind & very sensible comment.

        Merry Christmas & many blessings to you!

  20. Now these retarded coons think im you anon i dont miss, and you think im tippietoes, then someone else said im glok…wow yall really are that dumb

  21. PEOPLE “STOP!” I know everyone likes to gossip, that’s what makes news. I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Masika she is a great girl! She’s out here doing her thing! She’s not doing anything that you would not do if you were in her shoes. That’s why she is the “STAR!” of the show. And she’s coming back for the new season, and not all the other wanna be girls. Masika is beautiful and she is a well spoken girl! And so what if she doesn’t have a degree? The most successful people in the world don’t have degrees. So Knock it off! Don’t player hate, congratulate….HATERS!

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