Birdman Owes Uncle Sam $1.9 Million

Cash Money IRS Troubles

Cash Money Records founder, Bryan “Baby” Williams, was hit with a lien on November 24, by the IRS.

If the Money To Blow lyricist doesn’t pay up ASAP, they will be begin seizing his property and assets to collect on the $1.9 million owed.

The drop:

“Birdman was also hit with a $1 million lien by a construction company who accused him of failing to pay for work they did on his mansion that he bought from music producer Scott Storch.”


    • Doesnt mean anything. Baby has said before that he ONLY pays Lawsuits. If he owes you money YOU have to get a laywer to sue him for it. He’ll pay up after they get a judgement. VERY SHADY BUSINESSMAN. So as you can expect if you dont have the cash to SUE – You’ll NEVER get paid. Thats how he runs his Biz. Weezy better get a LAWYER!!

    • Well he looks the part of a convict so if actually went to jail he should fit
      right in serious !
      He has them strong prison gay features ! Welcome home birdie!!!

    • Birdman looks like Satan.. I can barely stand to look at this thing. Lock him up and throw away the key so that we don’t have to suffer him anymore. Yuck!

      • My theory is that he knew he was never going to be a handsome man, so he decided to make himself as scary looking as possible for intimidation purposes.
        It’s working.

  1. This poor excuse for a human being doesn’t pay anyone what a pityful fool. But he will learn that the man is gonna gangster his ass for there’s..

  2. Does anybody other than him really give a f*ck? Next time try doing a story on what he owes Satan,now that will be news worthy.

      • Raheim, I don’t know about you, but I’d buy a ticket to watch that collection.
        Or they could make it a Pay Per View and use all the monies to pay all the YMCMM artists who have been fleeced.

        • lol I know, right? Baby and his brother have a LONG history of screwing their artists and others in the Industry over He and Puffy alone getting what they have coming is worth whatever the price of admission would be.

          • @Raheim.. I think the jig is up also for the Birdman. Wayne has found him out and has since fallen out of love with him. The IRS is calling.. It’s Ovah! Time to pay the piper baby.

            • Slightly off topic, but not really, on another site I visit daily, they have a death pool for 2015 starting up now. This is not an urban site, nor is it a celebrity/entertainment one. So given that, I was blown away to find that more than a few are picking Weezy to have an, ahem, seizure followed by kicking the bucket next year. Apparently the news of both his anger directed at Baby for fiscal improprieties along with the need for Baby to cough up cash pronto has reached even the white blogs.

            • @Sher–Yeah, I saw that about Wayne. Maybe he finally got the balls to disassociate himself from Baby, despite whatever hold the latter has on the former (i.e. [a] tape[s] of Wayne in [a] compromising situation[s], and/or street-level retaliation). Even with his being signed to that label and a former(?) addict, it’s still a little hard to believe that, as successful as Wayne is, he’s struggling financially. Makes you wonder how Wayne’s career would’ve panned out if he’d signed to Jay-Z-run Def Jam way back when.

    • Even though he has money, I could never understand Kimora Lee Simmons even pretending to be into him.
      Could you even fake it for the use of a black Amex?

  3. Damn, a lot of dark sides little earthly minions are having money problems. They Better call their leader like Semi called king Jaffe jaffer to wire some lute.

  4. Gosh.. I’d love to put a lien on these deadbeat rappers mansions before the govt get it.. id do a daggone short sale and have money to blow forreal!

    Where is this mansion? Miami? Ugh! They pop in 6 months in FL.. y’all just watched me lose millions of dollars!

    I really need to find out who isn’t paying property taxes .. ill look at the Soundscan and Billboard charts!

    These fools downfall can be our come up! !

    • Hey Willie,

      Your posts are very interesting. How do propose that such a thing could be achieved?

      Don’t you have to have a real estate license or something?

      Hit me back up when you get a chance please. Thank you!

      • Thank you.
        No you don’t need a license to buy and sell real estate. There’s plenty of ways to go around the system..

        What I’m referring to with Baby is tax liens. When someone doesn’t pay their property taxes, anyone can take out a lien on that property. I technically could take out a lien on his house then sell it back to him..
        Its a win- win. I either end up with property outrIght or I get a good payday! I invested $1500 on a property .. I didn’t get the property but I did get a check for nearly $8000!

        In FL, the loan expires in 6 months. A very quick return (can’t remember the interest rate.. ). NC is 2 years at an 18%. SC is only 1 yr. wai

        It takes a lot of research to find a lien that will produce results (don’t want to end up with a house you can’t unload).

        Now if Babys house goes to auction,.. lets say his house is worth $100,000. He owes $2000 in back taxes. The house gets sold at auction for $50,000. That $48,000 difference belongs to Baby. The courthouse keeps that money and won’t tell Baby about it. I can go and get him his money for 10-20%..

        Its a lot and I will be happy to really share my information wIth you..

      • I know that’s right.. A homeless man was squatting in an abandoned house in Berkeley CA.. After doing a little research he discovered that the house was behind on property taxes. I forget how many years the taxes have to be paid before one can own it outright but the man paid the taxes up and is now the legal owner of a home worth well over a million dollars.

        • Sher,

          Are you well versed in matters like these? If so just like I asked Willie Jones, Jr. please hit me up at my personal e-mail address,

          My cousin has been in Real Estate for over 10 years now, and it has always been my business to ask her how it works, but since I moved from where she lives, I need a new perspective. Thanks

    • Those are not pull on and off fronts .Baby pulled all his teeth out and got the gold, platinum implanted in

        • LMMFAO….can he feel anything with all the Codiene in his system? His tolerance is so high, he gonna need industrial grade propafal, the industrial strength one is spelled propoFALL. After you take it for you cant walk for three days, if you try to stand up you FALL……LOL

          • BOL! First Cosby, now Birdman..

            They’ve been slowly breaking Bird down.. the fight with Keisha Cole, the lil boy who come out, everybody complaining about not getting paid and wanting off the label..

            I think maybe he was supposed to sacrifice Wayne & it didn’t happen. Idk. Somebody’s gotta go from that camp.

            • U might be right. Wasnt someone shot up a few weeks ago associated to Young Thug?

          • sorry the incident with keyshia means nothing just another girlfight.

            artists are always complaining about not getting paid nothing new also.


  5. You mean to tell me there isn’t some ritual this lapdog and his brother can’t do to bring some more blood money in? I call shenanigans!…Plehboi.

    • That shit is too funny……Whatever kind of shoes you got on right now, baby got the print on his shirt, cause you kicked him dead in the chest with “Plehboi” now he got you foot in his Chest and uncle Sam foot on his dirty ass neck…

      • lol@Eddie. I never liked his slimy ass (And the majority of his roster) for various reasons, so any hardship coming his way is well-deserved.

  6. Birdmans mouth piece is offensive those grills look stinky eurgh! And what goes around comes around, he’s ripped people off so now the chickens are coming back to roost.

    • Baby is a baby gangster with baby money. The IRS are real gangsters with tons of money! Don’t forget, Baby purchased that extravagant Miami mansion off of the money he owed Lil Wayne. I hope the IRS screws Baby the same way he screwed Lil Wayne. Big bank take little bank.

  7. Pay ya taxes..No one is exempt..except for some clergy. What I want to say is this..PLEASE GET BACK TO POSTING MORE “WHO’S JACKY TALKING ABOUT” I notice that they are only sporadically posted now. The site used to have them on a more regular basis.What’s wrong?Did you run out of blind items or are these celebrities behaving and not giving you enough to talk about these days?

    • I hope I am not out of pocket saying this, but according to the administrator last week, Jacy is being sued for 10 Mill by that Canadian scat freak Nyegard. That may have put a damper temporarily on Jacky’s tea spilling.

      • Thanks for the info but I have been noticing this for a long while now. He used to post them every week, sometimes more than that. I miss reading them.

  8. Birdman owes me a wing. Get in line IRS. Pluck this turkey. Cluck him to faggville and back. Thug loving on young thugs drumstick. He gives me the chitlans. They gunna clip his wings and ground him. He gotta remember it’s the talent he controls that keeps him in the good books. If they flock off on him, he got no air beneath his wings. Can some one please slap the grease off this burnt toad. Now I can take my medication.

  9. My god, this human being looks grotesque beyond belief

    My only question is, why do celebrities plaster themselves with tattoo’s

    don’t They know, They can’t get a suitable job?!

    do You really think MacDonald or Burger King will hire Him with tattoo’s on His face?, no hell!!

      • even so he looks very unhygienic! those teeth look dirty

        how can women find him remotely sexually attractive?
        well…money talk but even so

      • CB I doubt that even with financial woes Baby is filling out applications for hourly labor. But you do have a point. Same with all the white rockers like oldies Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and about a thousand others. It’s a lifetime commitment when you sleeve your arm or god forbid tat your face.

    • The full body/ face tats area coping mechanism .. usually for the sexual abuse/rituals they must do.

      Its no different than cutting or excessive piercings.
      Its a shame they made it a fashion fad.

      But no, covering themselves is to make them feel like a man again. Idk. Guess they don’t want to look at themselves/ see themselves. .

      • according to yash qaraah, tattoo’s are apart of an ritual, where celebrities cover themselves with tattoo’s

        because their in pain and suffering

  10. so nicca’s are buying White men house’s now??
    Scott Storch is a racist He called Timberland a Nicca
    and Baby bought Him a mansion??

    no wonder This nicca’s going to the poor house

  11. Ooowee that’s a ugly cat, money got ta the reason broads dig’en him yuck! Anyway he got it, ain’t that why he rip wezzy off? he got it and lil wayne cash money thanks you very much

  12. What is that?!!! I have seen plenty of birds in my day but, I have never seen one this ugly! I bet birds fly past him and say” brugh I know your ugly a** ain’t calling yourself a bird man?” All h*ills NSW!

  13. Daaaaayum! This niggaz mug and grill is devastatingly fugalicious! WHOA, I almost went blind seeing this nigga. He looks like not even bleach can help wash his dirty ass!

  14. Black people need to educate themselves more when they go from the hood to rich and famous. They spend money on stupid stuff like chains, women, cars. They forgot palms got the be greased!

  15. bird used to buy a whole fleet of cars bout 50 cars every year never drives any of them he just keep them out there to show uis how much money he got.

    he braghs about the monery he got, the women, chains, bling.

    its about time for cash money to come to an end.

    baby and wayne had a good long run they had their moments they made money and spent money.

    not our fault they wasted their money wayner’s past 30 and swears hes a damn businessman check all those girls you was buying and 5 baby mamas.

    birdman should be racking in the dough since wayne, nicki, and drake was doing guest appearances on everybody’s albums and that meant more revenue for baby since we know he was getting paid off all wayne.s drake, and nicki’s features.

    plus baby still make money off the old hot boys, big tymerz, juvenile, bg stuff.

    guess baby’s spending more than hes making.

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