Lil Kim Has IRS Trouble!

Lil Kim Back Taxes

Lil’ Kim owes the federal government $126, 725.12 in back taxes after failing to pay taxes since 2010. The IRS has filed a lien against the 39-year-old rapper on September 22.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Four months ago, she was sued for failing to pay her former law firm, Dewey & LeBoeuf, $186,217.93 for five years of legal services. A judge ruled in the firm’s favor, ordering Kim to pay the sum — with interest.”

Kim reportedly had a tax bill over a $1 million dating from 2002-2009.


    • Yea its easy if you watching your money, but when you employee greedy joos they robbing you blind.

    • They pocket everything….I guess they don’t realize that if they receive money because of who they are, it’s income…..and also not realizing the other parties are actually reporting as they are required to by law

    • Go to youtube & watch the documentary “America freedom to fascism”.it will have you questioning the so called income tax law.

    • Check out the documentary,America Freedom to fascism on youtube,you will be shocked to learn about the income tax law.

  1. I think these celebs expect their accountant (if they have one) to pay their taxes for them..

    Also, most of these ppl (lotta black celebs) have no business sense or never took a governmnt class in high school.

    Kim isn’t brand new.. been 20 years in the industry. . She should know about taxes by now. Also she’s 40. I’m sure she’s heard about income taxes, even in passing..

      • Oh yes. WhIte ppl do have tax problems. . I would starve if they didn’t..

        But white celebrities. . I can only name a few.. Willie Nelson..

        Black celebs.. Wesley, Birdman and Kim, Gotti.. my brain fails me..
        They catch a lot more black celebs than white

    • Nicholas Cage, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Ricci, Pamela Anderson, Burt Reynolds, Wes Bentley, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino and all the people who fell for Bernie Maddoff’s scheme prove that there are people of every color and age need more financial sense.

      • black people’s down fail is they can’t handle money
        they go crazy, that’s why white people are clowning them

        these rapper are throwing $20’s and $50’s at strippers every night, their only looks foolish

        black people can’t compare or compete with white people
        their only looking foolish in the process

        • Please speak for the black people that you know who do this.All black people don’t do this!

        • I once heard a black guy ask a white guy “what would you do if you got rich?” and his answer was “make it rain at the strip club,” so don’t use race. That’s an immature persons problem.

      • Thank you!

        The belief that whites got it right and blacks got it all wrong is too much. The fact the most people do no research or simply don’t apply deductive reasoning work a nerve.

        Every race, culture, gender is able to be swindled. They all assume that their money people are paying their taxes. Hell, I would too, that is what they are on payroll for.

        When the tax man commeth… they are shocked, because they thought their “people” took care of it.

        • I agree that no one is immune. . I just see a lot of black celebs having IRS problems these days ..

          • Fair enough Willie, but Wesley Snipes believing that he could with hold paying Fed Income tax based on some crazy ass anti-tax guru was a special kind of stupid.

      • @Sharon, Those folks U have mention, when the last time they made a movie? I just realized it until now.

        • Wesley Snipes served 3 years for tax evasion. Nicholas Cage owes IRS 14 million, is filming National Treasure 3. #CrimingWhileWhite — Joe Fitrzyk (@JoeFitrzyk)

          • Wesley Snipes attempted to defraud the Fed Gove by using a wack scheme to avoid paying his taxes. Cage is just broke(by Hollywood standards) and didn’t have the cash to pay his tax bill. As long as he continues to unload his
            real estate holdings and keep filming crappy movies she stays out of jail. He’s on the installment plan now. Only people who intentionally short change the Feds get sent to prison.

    • Shit she better. Look at her face. As much money she had done to her face, she should have enough to pay her taxes.(snap my fingers) Damn, that is right, when the last time she made an album?

  2. Sadly, this is the best she’s looked in a while, face-wise, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the pic has been retouched (Often for the worse, in her case).

    • It has to e an older photo. She hasn’t looked like that in almost 10 years. She was so cute before she messed herself up!

      • Now that I look at it again, you’re probably right. And yeah, she was cute, not ‘fine,’ before she went under the knife. The breast implants are whatever, but she really butchered that nose (Not to the point of a Jackson, but close). Self-hate is a mutha…

  3. Damn! What’s wrong with these people? Why do they never pay their taxes? It’s okay for them to spend excessively but they forget that the taxman will come knocking. 😐 SMDH.

  4. Let’s not beat around the bush here!!

    Kim was trying to compete with Faith Evan’s and Charlie Baltimore

    Both were Biggie’s lovers

  5. O kim kim kim your living way beyond your means, you haven’t had a c.d. out in what 8 years? all that beautification you had done is adding up isn’t it? time to cut back now that your a mother and it’s 2 of you now, things are different now

  6. Kim paid off 1million dollar taxes that she owed back in 2012. That was when she did the Return of the Queen unity tour in the bronx

  7. Wesley Snipes served 3 years for tax evasion. Nicholas Cage owes IRS 14 million, is filming National Treasure 3. #CrimingWhileWhite — Joe Fitrzyk (@JoeFitrzyk)

  8. The truth is coming out you satan’s children. You fake joos are being exposed left and right.People are starting to see your media for what it is a propaganda machine.Your screaming about holllocost every day and more people are not caring anymore. Revelation time is here so get used to it. it feels good to see that israhell crimes/atrocities against non Ashkenazi joos being exposed

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