Al Haymon Gives Mayweather Ultimatum: Fight Pacquiao, OR ELSE!

Showtime Demands Mayweather fight Pacquiao

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Manny Pacquiao will finally land his wish to shout May-Day!

Reports reveal the head honcho of CBS, Al Haymon, has let it be known that Showtime networks will cut ties with Floyd Mayweather … if the champ doesn’t fight Manny Pacquiao, next year.

Peep this:

“Les Moonves told Haymon he’s tired of losing money and he better make the Pacquiao fight happen.”


    • That old f*ck doesn’t fight who the hell is he to tell someone to hurry up I hope know one ever fights on that lame duck channel ! The nerve of idiots !!!

      • That old f*ck is Les Moonves and he makes more money than the the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. In case you guys didn’t know, Les Moonves is a high ranking member of the hollywood mafia. He is the reason why CBS is the number one television network in America. Based on the low pay-per-view numbers Floyd did in his last fight, I can see Moonves demanding Floyd to fight Pacquaio.

        • Floyd did 925,000 views on his last fight while Manny did 300,000. Even the head of Showtime said that they are making money on Floyd’s fights. Lastly FLoyd is the only fighter between the 2 to have signed a contract agreeing to fight the other.
          But don’t let the facts get in the way.

          • Moronic argument, CBS,is there to make money it seems that u r very well connected since you have ppv #and all,but you’re wrong ppv for floyds last fight were in the low 800s obviously you must be one of those flommos zombies drinking the Floyd brain wash pink koolaid

          • Floyd signed the fight contract? he’s too busy finding excuses not to fight the pacman

        • Floyd’s last fight did more than the PacMan’s last 3 fights combined. Anyone who says that they are not making money off Floyd does not know what they are talking about.

          He signed a 6 fight deal with Showtime that was between $250-300million. That extra 50 million is based on performance

      • You don’t like the fight to happen why you still have so many reasons?





  1. He’ll just go to HBO or better yet REVOLT or OWN….he ain’t scared….real hustlers keep plan B on speed dial

  2. I am sick of the hype from Mayweather last fightd. I will be done if he fails to fight Manny Pacquiao. Fans are tried of his shit and bogus fights. Now Floyd better get his games plan tight.

  3. Seems like both these clowns scared of each other and of losing. I hope this fight does happen before one of them retire cause that’s all you’ll hear about for the next 100 years is ‘ Oh, what if manny and floyd would’ve fought”?

  4. Uhhh, ahem, Al Haymon is NOT the head
    of CBS… that would be Leslie Moonves.

  5. Boxing shouldn’t be considered as a Sport, it should be considered as a death match.

    punching Someone’s head causes brain damage or brain tumors, deafness and blindness

    it’s a very risky business

      • look at Mickey Rourke for instance, He’s face is busted because of boxing

        hope the money was worth it

    • That is to show just how sick America is. Two people are paid to punch each other in the head and it is not natural. Peoples brains are in their head. Too many boxers are slow and sluggish because their brain got knocked around so much. This savage practice can be traced all the way back to the days of the Romans and their sports arenas.

      • not only that but boxing was a racist sport back in the day.

        white men would go ballistic if a black men won

        look up Jack Daniels the boxer

        remember the great white hope?? it was based on him

  6. Now we all know if this happens both not one are going to retire right? If Led want a fight, well let his ass get into the and see how that shit feels when somebody goes upside his head. An enclosed head injury is no joke! I should know, I am living proof!

    • Manny gone out point Mayweather easily. Its logic Manny is faster and throws more punches.

  7. All these fights are pretty much set up anyway these days. Gotta make the bookies rich, richt. SMH…I can’t trust half the outcomes/decisions of these fights…seen tooooo many fugazey isht.

  8. Pacquiao needs Mayweather, Mayweather doesn’t need Pacquiao. Mayweather is a WORLD UNDEFEATED CHAMPION. Pacquiao has LOSSES. Pacquiao and Mayweather have fought the SAME PEOPLE, with the exception of Bradley and Pacquiao lost that fight.
    Pacquiao fights in China now because China doesn’t test for STEROIDS and if they did, no problem, just pass them a little cash and they’ll look the other way and the fight is on. Manny’s been winning in China.
    I hope Mayweather doesn’t fight Manny. Manny doesn’t deserve to fight the WORLD CLASS boxing champion and even if he did NO DOUBT he would beat the shyt out of Manny and Manny’s peeps know it. FUK outta here with that winner takes all. Mayweather DESERVES and has EARNED the majority of the purse. Manny will take what a fighter of HIS CALIBER deserves.

    • I agree…Pacquiao has nothing on Mayweather…maybe back in the days he might have given him a good fight…but now…NAH

      • Oh TB.. poor Manny couldnt beat him on his best day..
        I want nothing more than Floyd to lose.

          • He seems like a good dude..
            But he spends too much time being a mayor, game show host, liquor pItchman.. whatever else he’s hawking..

            He’s not focused on the boxing like Floyd..

            • ROTF! Yo, I forgot that. Yeah, he has a congressional seat or something like that.

            • Yeah–you’re right dude—floyd’s too occupied slapping bitches around and keeping cops busy visiting for domestic violence—-yup–floyd’s surely the MAN!!!

        • @Willie, But all jokes aside…lol…Pacquaio reminds me of that 50 Cent lyric…”Damn homie, you used to me the man homie” I think Pac was a force though before he became hooked on steroids. lmao

          • Oh yeah. Floyds bf did write that line about Pacquio..

            Yeah as much as Id like Old Pac to show up ..

            Eh. Never know. Only takes one good shot, or Floyd to slip up. Stranger things have happened..

  9. TainoBoriqua, I will say this, Maidana put a whuppin on Mayweather. Maidana is a good fighter. Did you see Mayweather’s face after the last fight? The first fight, last May was a nail biter a good fight. Mayweather won by a hair. I didn’t know if Mayweather would beat him in the 2nd fight, but he won CONVINCINGLY.

    • Yeah, I saw that fight. One of his better matches too. I felt that in the rematch Maidana was cheating a little…And I thought Mayweather was avoiding contact through most of the fight to coast to the scorecards. He is the champ so you got to beat him convincingly or knock him out to get his belt so it may be a smart move to just fight your fight and don’t go crazy. Jab, combos, keep your opponent at bay and coast through the fight. Mayweather doesn’t let anyone get any body shots in. He won unanimously that’s for sure. Judges voted like 116-111 I think.

      But Maidana was using some tactics that I didn’t like. Mayweather is such an excellent boxer that fighters can’t get in on him, so they resort to “that bullshit”. LOL

      • @T, you’re right Maidana fought dirty in the first fight and tried it in the 2nd. In the first fight,low blows galore and he didn’t lose a point. Did you hear after a round (can’t remember which) was over and they were wiping Maidana’s face, his trainer told him to fight dirty. I was like WHAAAAAA.

        • THANK YOU!!!! I’m in a fight party and I’m like “am I the only one seeing these low blows???” Then Money said Maidana bit him in his hand through the glove. LMAOOO

          • Omg! We really bout to go up in here!
            Yeah Buster isn’t a prIze fighter but he knocked out the Champ!

            We need a Buster to take out Clown!

        • Oh and no, I didn’t hear his trainer say that. Damn, that’s straight up, no filter.

          • To be fair, cheating is the onky way to heat Floyd. He’s good and no one is even close, talent and skill wise.
            Still don’t like him but gotta give props…

            • Yeah, I’m not necessarily a fan of Money either, just like to see a good fight. I would love to see him get his first loss too…but there’s nobody out there at that caliber to do it. That’s why Money’s confidence level is sky-high.

              sighs)…Gone are the days of the Sugar Rays, the Benitez’, the Thomas Hearns, the Durans, the Alis, the Marvin Haglers…besides a handful most of the fighters are doo doo now. LOL

            • Nah, but we can’t put Buster on that list. Buster was a BUM! Come on, say it with me now…LOL. Watch the heat I get! LOL

    • Do you think they gave Mayweather the first fight? Cuz Maidana did damage to Money’s face in that first fight like you said.

  10. Sorry. I’m a hater.
    I want Mayweather to lose and not reach his 51-0 undefeated goal..

    I don’t care who beats him.

      • @Maia, I want to see that loss too…somebody needs to give him some competition so he remembers why he became a boxer. They should just give him his check before the 1st round bell even rings.

        • @ TB I agree with that also, its so many other talented boxers in the circuit and they always focus on May. Gone are the days where we had so many at one time like Foreman, Sugar Ray, Ali, Douglas, Tyson so many to name that there was some actual competition to contend with. I wish I did have some ends like that because whoever he will fight, I’ll sponsor them to beat the breaks off that “pretty boy” and see will he floss then after that “L”

          • Damn, I just said the same thing up top…great minds think alike. 🙂 Gone are the days…#FACT

            Is Money the “pretty boy”? Cuz I don’t see that. I think his money makes him pretty to those skeezers. LMAO

          • My all time fav was Ali…but my next top two favs are Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler. Did you see that Martin where Thomas Hearns beat the ISHT out of Martin? His face tho at the end…when he was dancing with Gina and he had speed knots on the side of his head. ROTFF!

            • Yes we do think alike…honey ain’t nothing “pretty” about him, and imo the money doesn’t make him attractive to me…guess I’m shallow. But he has that typical “boxer” look, short stature, hard face, broken nose. Not my particular taste. OMG how can I forget that episode, one of my top FAVE of Martin. Pam cheesing and happy that Martin got knocked out flying through the air was a great scene. Man miss those days

    • Mayweather’s last 4 fight have been weak. I hate how he moves to damn much. He don’t really put on a show. He a counter puncher he waits all day for you throw and just stays out of range my grandmother could win a boxing match the way Floyd portrays boxing like he’s an amateur. Wayyyyyy to much defense not enough offense.

  11. This is total bullshit…….Floyd called Pacquiao out months age and all this noise is just early stages of pre-fight hype. They want to see if people are still interested in it. This fight will gross the most money of any sporting event of all times. This is all staged people. Don’t let them fool you. They probably already know who the winner is going to be. It is all about the money people. Whoever wins this first fight will most def have to do a part 2 and the loser from fight one will win fight 2. Dismiss this bullshit as just that, bullshit.

  12. Floyd may be rich but Les Moonves is wealthy and powerful. The CEO of Viacom makes $66 million dollars a year. If Les Moonves is telling Floyd to fight Pacquaio, it’s going to happen. Looks like Bob Arum has no choice but to make this fight happen.

  13. Moonves pays Mayweather’s salary. Moonves says box, Mayweather says yes umm boss. If he doesn’t, Mayweather loses his lifestyle. It’s just that simple.

    • Exactly mayweather is all talk he wish he was his own boss its all head games for him

    • Money may been dodgin manny on the sly by lowballin mannys purse. Makes it look like mannys the bitch cus May signed a shitty contract.

  14. That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, he can tell money to fight or else…..hahaha….pac needs the fight more than Floyd ever will….so he’ll hear junk about it, but it won’t tarnish him…..pac has been beaten enough that he has no juice on this…..

    • Anon 14:36, Pacquio knew he couldn’t afford to lose another fight here in the USA. He had to fight out the country where he knew 100% that he would win.

      • Or would be protected in, PAC man wants no part of America or it’s Hollywood system. Can u blame him?

  15. Black people we must unplug from these Jhews system. They continue to make money off of us and work day and night to keep us down. Just look at sports,music,the entertainment world in general. Stop buying tickets,PPV,music,STOP SUPPORTING these racist Jhews who hate us. Michael Jackson said his talent paid for everything they got,he called them blood sucking parasites. Blacks should be tired of them living off us. Stop supporting their movies anything that has something to do with them. They are bottom feeders. Donald Sterling made it clear in his rant that Jhews hate Blacks. Why do we keep supporting their products and sports of all kinds. Peel back the layers and see that they own it all. Fuck the NBA,NFL,BOXING,MMA,WWE…..f*ck them yall. We must do this now,our future depends on it. We must create jobs for ourselves.

  16. Until we all look at each other as mankind and continue to be divided by racism, money,power,and religion. There will always be unbalance.

  17. floyd will fight manny next and get robbed to do a re-match to make a ton of more money its thats simple and if they don’t fight each other next its cuz of bobs ass cuz theres no one else out there for manny to fight either. they need each other

    • Floyd will pick the refs ring size glove size location purse corner shoes who name comes first who walks out first how Manny can fight n the list goes on floyds a dumb nigga n a cry baby bitch nigga he not worth 32 million+ a fight I seen better cat fights wit literally cats scraping

  18. Floyd is totally scared to fight Pacman. Those that think otherwise. Are sipping too much of that purple syrup. Lol

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