Family Urges Rihanna NOT To Visit, Fearing Chikingunya Virus


HSK Exclusive – It’s that time of year when RiRi traditionally takes it back to the Barbados for the holidays. But her family is said to be advising the “Monster” singer to stay away!

We’re told the reason is a virus that’s reported to be spreading across the Caribbean.

Dig the Drop:

“Rihanna’s family is aware of the mosquitoes infecting Caribbean people with the Chikingunya virus.

Here in the Barbados, people are spraying themselves with insect repellent like crazy.

The Caribbean tourist board is not alerting people about the Chikungunya virus. They want travellers to keep coming to vacation.”


    • Hey Sher,,Gone on down there and find out for us. Come back with six eyes, one leg, a rhino nose and some extra body parts U don’t need. Lmao!

      • Damn that’s even worse. I can see the conversation now.

        Me: Hi I’m DaRadiant1 but U can call me DR1 and U?
        Him: Oh I am Dr.Chinkinmunga
        Me: Who?
        Him: Dr.Chinkinmungo but everybody calla me Dr. Chink for short. Oh was name after a virus from Barbados
        Me: Oh hell to no! See y’all! (Hauling ass from that contiguous fool)

  1. I almost thought that that was a madame toussard wax figure on that pic either that or she had benn tightenen her face. No homo but Rihanna has lost her sex appeal. This woman has shown every part of her body that there is show but I’m happy that she has been kinda staying out of the news lately with the foolishness to work on her other brands such as her perfume and clothing line and even do a little modeling. That virus can’t be no worst than all the spite she been swapping and men she been sleeping with in hollyweird.

  2. right what the hell is chikingunya? well whatever shit that bitch got more than that lol, they should’ve been ban her ass from round them, she f*ck anybody

    • Chile me and U both know that some voodoo hex they trying to kill folks off and trying to pass it off as some type of insect. I don’t know who they fooling but it ain’t us.

        • Thanks Gluten. Like we don’t have enough problems here in America’s craziest state…now we’ve got to worry about some exotic mosquitos.
          I’ll be standing my ground with my can of OFF!

    • I agree. She’s no stranger to “viruses”, quarantine, vaccines. . Would we miss her if she did caught the cunnilingus?

      Sorry to be mean.

  3. Let her butt go over there. Just don’t bring that mess back to the US!!!! She wants to be so different and take chances like crazy. Let’s see what happens if she gets bit!

  4. Doesn’t “gunya” mean a sloppy vagina? I seriously got this from the Urban Dictionary and they were nice enough to give an example sentence. I joke around a lot, but I swear this is real. It reads:


    A vagina, often very sloppy but occasionally normal

    she told me she was a virgin but when I was about to go down on her, her gunya fell out of her pants like a wet dick

  5. My boyfriend in Jamaica and his entire family contracted this craziness. It starts off like the flu, with a fever, a rash, aches and pain…and then many months later you still feel the effects, he says the pain is like arthritis. You can still feel the effects like 2 years later.

  6. Not True, I was in Ocho Rios for the Thanksgiving holiday. They are warning people and giving out information about this virus.

  7. Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill Etc

    were sleeping with her at one point, this woman is a disgrace to black women. luckily her self hating ways
    makes her claim being biracial

    • Other people is not responsible for someone actions. Therefore, she’s a disgrace to herself, she’s no worse than the other chicks in Hollyhell.

      • @black

        I agree, but Rihanna doesn’t think She’s black!!
        She claims to be biracial most Caribbeans people are phucking coons and sellouts, can’t stand Them

        They rather betray Their race for white skin!!

  8. She’s rumored to be pregnant. That is why she must stay away from possibly getting infected.

  9. TPTB are so f*cking evil have you noticed that they are targeting the areas where there’s a big black population? First you had Ebola in Africa and now Chikungunya in the Islands. They realise that the island countries rely on tourism for money and what better way to start a smear campaign.

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