Kanye West Won’t Be Spending Christmas With Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kanye Xmas Divorce

Reality Sets In…

It seems Kanye West has had just about enough of Kim Kardashian! Know why? He’s expected to soon leave Kim to celebrate the holiday season without him.

That’s according to an insider, who reveals “unhappily married Kanye is constantly arguing with Kim … in a Hollywood recording studio.”

You’ll recall we reported the first drop on Kanye and Kim living separately, by his choice. During a recent argument in a Hollywood recording studio, Kanye reportedly served Kim up with word that he WON’T be home for Christmas.

Peep This:

“Kim lost it and was in tears. She screamed that she’s tired of him being a distant father and husband.”


  1. No surprise here. This marriage was an arrangement just like every other marriage in the biz. Jay Z and B have the same arrangement. Not to mention Kris is always willing to sell Kim to the highest bidder. It was a dead give away when Kim was the paid date to the millionaire overseas all while dating Kanye… isn’t that prostitution??!

    • She is a dubai escort. Remember she had that little snaffu where she couldnt get her passport stamped in one of those other middle eastern countries for moral reasons? Thats why. She used her perfume launch as a cover to be over there plying her trade. Shes the highest paid porta potty in the world and her mama is her pimp.

    • You know damn well they fake happy.
      The marriage was false from day one men who love dick don’t give up dick so easily . Women who live hoe money can’t just have a baby and switch off hoeing !
      They both swing they both hoes for quick cash. I’m just wondering how long does north west ,which is the dumbest name for any human dead or alive ! Along with blu ivy!
      Wtf that’s how you can tell babies raising babies. It’s hip it’s cool ,nope!!!
      It shows lack of hire intelligence !
      I wonder who will lose their child first through some wild accident or some unforeseen tragedy? That’s no joke! I really…….feel sorry for both of these little precious souls ..!
      It’s obvious none of the mothers are worth a damn , and the fathers only care money
      and power being in the spot light look at me look at me….Amber rose as well bunch of useless ass parents! You remember that commercial it’s 10pm do you know where your children are ????
      Should have one for the damn kids its 10pm do you know where mom n dad is ????

      • I promise I was thinking of those commercials the other day and why they don’t run them anymore…

        • True. I was telling my 15 year old niece about those commercials the other day. She even said that is what is needed today.

          • Hell, they gonna need to run a second ad for some of these parents.. and maybe one for those 30 yr grammas too!

      • How can you say the mothers aren’t worth a damn. Kim may not be ish, but we always see the Carter’s as family unit with their child who seems to always be smiling and happy and never cropped out of mommy’s pictures. Now we can’t say that about West’s but selfish people should not have kids.

        • So kim and kanye don’t have someone to remind them to smile for the cameras every time they walk out the door. And Bee and the camel does. So what… just because they look like a family unit doesn’t means they’re one.

      • Original you said a mouth full. I wonder what’s up with the will happen to the babies too. I can’t help but think of Sage Moonblood Stallone. Why name these kids in this fashion, is there some plan for dare I say it a sacrifice?? How far will the people go for the industry, money and fame. And North does not look like a happy baby.

        • I thought the same thing. Like all their names have something to do with the sky, the air or outer space. Just like the name “Rocket” Pharrell named his child. Its like they name these children to pay homage to an entity beside God. Just like Lil Wayne having all those children. Its like if he have to God forbid sacrifice 1, he can still go on. If u ask me, Tptb order them to have these children for purposes unseen. Cus u know these folks actually do not want any kids

    • You see they will never go away because we continue to create a demand for the Kartrashian Klan! WHo cares about Kim and Kanye and why do we allow mainstream media to create so much press around them.

    • Serve her Hoe Plastic Ass Right! Hitek Thot! Fuck her and His Gay Ass. He is a Honory at Uncle Toms Cabin

  2. Exactly Sher. Koonye aint fooling nobody he’s spending christmas with Riccardo. It it wasn’t their joint egos and narsassitic actions and behavior they probably could get along. What is marriage now adays to folks just legalized sex??? Koonye should have just stopped at smashing kim without the point to prove. Kim look like someone photoshopped her picture onto that dress in that pic. And i guess neither of the two are even thinking of GPS (NORTH WEST), that poor baby is never happy. What a shamble of a marriage! Just sad.

  3. of course he’s tired of Kim, Her family are nothing but nasty smelly thots who jump on Black Men’s dicks like coat hangers

    plus Kris poking Her smelly nasty nose where is not wanted
    that Family is mentally f*cked in the brain

    and Their using Black Men to soften Their fall!!!!

    • Yep all of them love the black man with the exception of Kourtney. At least Kanye doesn’t have to worry about his parents being sacrificed like Scott Disick’s. Scott’s mother and father passed away three months apart. No conclusion was ever made about what caused his father’s death. hmmmmm

    • They are using black men to elevate themselves you mean. When they wise up, nobody will be there to cushion their fall.

      • Not sure why they put you down there Sher…

        It could be all that surgery and botox too. She probably cannot smile..

        But why be sad? Its all fake anyways..
        Id hire an actor to be the priest.. wed have the longest marriage in Hollyweird history!

    • @Willie… Kim never looked happy. I watched the show when Kanye proprosed, Kim’s eyes were sad she was trying to look happy but all I saw was sadness. I sort of felt sorry for her but then again she keeps allowing Kris and the industry to control all for the love of money.

  4. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR CONSTANTLY BEING FAKE AS HELL KIM, you allow your slezey trick ass mother persuade into fake scripted marriages, why would you marry a cat you really don’t love? You didn’t marry none if those men for true love, do u even know what REAL love is? I don’t think so because you were raised and bread to be a whore, a Hollywood pass around so you couldn’t possibly know what REAL love is, aren’t you tired of living a sham of a lifestyle? I know you don’t because your breed to be a trash ass bitch, and Kanye is a D.L. brotha we all know that, you know that, this fake loveless put together marriage is falling apart as we speak, watch in a minute I’ll be him creep’en well he already dose, but it’ll be she creep’en as usual and the divorce papers are in the process of being made up as we speak, neither one of these people really wanted to be happily married it was a show courteous of the main Hollywood whore chris Jenner

  5. I feel a sort of pity for kim and her sisters. Im from a family full of girls too and now that we arw grown , I see where my parents being strict when we were coong up paid off. We all are educated, married , can cook, have houses etc. I thought my mother was so full of shit as a teen, always telling me how to look modest yet pretty, how to cook and clean … My point is , there was no one to teach these girls. Their mother is a raving whore her damn self and daddy isnt there anymore, rip. I think Kourtney is trying to break her moms conditioning, Kendall might be lucky and break free if she becomes a successful enough model but there is no hope for kim, khloe and that little fast ass kylie .

    • Kourtney tries & she seems to be the smart one & Kendall seems to have a mind of her own too. Kris is a really nasty ass being. Remember how she hated Scott mostly coz he wasn’t the type of guy she pimps her daughters to, then all of a sudden, she was cool with him, know why? Coz she saw how he was becoming a fan favorite & that woman is all bout the money. Nasty ass woman

  6. White women will never understand the bottom gut feelings of a black man. Kanye is weird and gay so what did she expect out of him? Notice that she doesn’t even wear a wedding band. She just wears the ring. What’s up with that?!

    • Bottom gut feeling of an (American) black man to be an absentee or half ass parent per usual? There are plenty of people married to someone that they cannot stand but no excuse for him not being around his kid, especially for the holidays, crazy whore wife aside.

      He is losing what little respect that I have for him if this is true. Nori as a female needs to bond with her dad in these formative years. Just hope that they don’t argue or fight around her like most dumb ass parents. You just don’t walk away from tough situations, especially ones that you created.

        • She always looks sad. Then again she also resembles George Zimmerman. Hope puberty treats her well like it did Kim who also had funny looking baby pics.

    • He wears one. She never really wore it from the start. it was thought that it was too big or small but she never put it on. I don’t think it’s a legal marriage (what state or country do they hold a legal marriage license or certificate). The ceremony is not legally recognized by Italy.

  7. Stevie Wonder seen this coming.

    So what was the marriage/ wedding for? Money and publicity?

    Does Kim know that’s a real baby? One that will grow up? Not that that’s her problem…

    Maybe when he goes away, she/they will too…

  8. that crackhead is a f*ckin faggot. Kim is forever his BEARD because he did her a FAVOR by painting her image as a “housewife” when she know damn well she married a flaming faggot lmao smh *Wendy Williams voice*

  9. Kanye wanted a baby with this pretty coat hanger and she wanted prestige. Well he got a baby and she is still a money grubbing ### who made a sex tape, with 3 marriages that where for a come up! Sad part now a baby is envolved.

  10. Poor baby all of this was orchestrated and this adorable lil innocent child has to grow up knowing her dads a candy ass and mom is a industry prostitute, taught by her grandmother the queen of the industry prostitutes omg! This has to be ultra confusion for her, wowwwwww I feel so bad for north, I feel north is very unhappy, she’s never almost hardly ever smile and laugh, you know how you catch a baby smiling and looking like he/she laughing or just happy and she didn’t ask to come here, she was thrown in to paint the picture to this fake union sad, she may have money but is she happy? When they leave here they can’t take the money, but your reputation and how you did things, lasts forever

  11. This so called union was more about publicity than than love with an unlikely chance of lasting.This is Kims 3rd go around.Numbers usually don’t lie but people do.

  12. WHY would He? Kim is an international Prostitute, with her office headquarters in Dubai. And Kanye is still pretending to be a straight black male, even though he partakes in unsanitary, unnatural sex with racist italian designers. Ever since he slandered George Bush, they used his weakness against him to devalue him as a man and as a revolutionary. Now he’s just a gay fish joke with a whore of Babylon baby mother and a daughter that gets more forgotten than the kid in home alone.

    • ….And soon 2 C his 140 Million N Counting Fortune cut in Half by the end of 2015!

      Wait N C.

      Don’t believe me, ask Lamar Odom, if U can find him.

      • Well ain’t he supposed to be a Gemini, he’s supposed to see the shit storm coming a mile away, if He’s smart like he claims to be, he should have protected his millions. He’s a joke.

        • @Lucid, u must remember its 6 family members (The Kardashians) against 1 (Kanye)
          I dont care how smart or capable he is
          The odds are against him
          Especially against that clever klan

          • Maybe a dick in 1 hand and another in your mouth will cloud your judgment enough not to post these sexist comments.

      • Hopefully he was smart enough to have done a tight pre-nup. He can’t be that stupid. I don’t really think he’s worth that much.

        • I think he has songwriter and producer money. His clothing line isn’t worth anything m
          Artists don’t make any money.

        • I’m telling you their union is not about money. They individually have all the money the can ever spend in 4 lifetimes. FAME is a very powerful drug, and once you have it you want more and more. Their marriage gave them a level of fame that neither could achieve individually.

  13. She tried to get herself into the iCloud iCrowd ‘you can’t get naked with us’ A-list Hall of Shame with her BLACKBERRY, and those pictures were apparently meant for someone other than Kanye…[now these days you will see her carrying two phones, inc. an iPhone].

    That degrading photo shoot she did without the Kardashian-West surname on it and released AFTER she was seen at her divorce lawyer’s offices shortly beforehand; was an undercover advertisement & catalog of her beaten up wares for those Middle Eastern men who she’s about to go back and ‘service’ for $1m per nite next month.

    Their show’s contract ends in 2015 [with possibly no renewal]; she’s banking on a big fat pay check for April when her pre-ordered book of selfies comes out; and people ain’t banging on her doors handing out offers like Kendall a la Estée Lauder.

    So for now she can be seen peddling over-priced hair supplements whilst wearing other people’s [hair] and showcasing weave-induced bald patches herself; and then yesterday scraping the bottom of the barrel for Tweet Money advertising eyelash serum whilst also wearing fake eyelashes and having her lop-sided udders hanging out for extra attention…

    For him, the glaze, fantasy and infatuation about her has worn off; he bought a dud bill of goods…

    Sales of her tape has also increased since those pictures too… and there was him putting her on a pedestal whilst stoopidly rapping on about ‘I Won'[a side-swipe at Reggie & Kris H.] whilst Ray J. warbled ‘I Hit It First’ and continues to collect ever increasing and frequent royalties… Lol!

    Ironically too, when you rearrange their names it spells out:

    Yes We Tank and His Kinda Karma…

    • Well whether she (Kim) or they (The Kardishians)are nice people or not, They sure got a pretty good hustle going on
      And for a million a night, hell, I might do something strange for some of that change
      As long as I wouldnt have to sell my soul
      Hell , I may be haunted or disgusted for a minute
      But Im sure that million dollars would help me get over it. Along with some pyscotherapy, Im sure I would be able to cope
      lol !
      jk but also serious 😉

    • Ooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that burn SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!
      (snaps fingers vigorously and repeatedly)

  14. Black sites talks about this harlot more than any other sites do. I mean really! Its like yall have to post a story about her or y’all will be shut down. Black sites care about this demon more than their own. It could be a black woman out there who saves the lives of a thousand children but, instead of a story about her they will post this trash. To all my black people when these sites post stories about this fake and her family don’t click on it and don’t comment on it! Make it go away!

  15. the reason why celebrities have babies is for the money!!
    it might sound stupid.

    Christina Aguilera ,Jennifer Lopez, Snooki and any more

    have all sold their baby photo’s for money is like a ritual

    • Brad and Angelina donated the 5 million they got from People for their twin’s baby pictures to The UN Children’s fund.
      Does that make them any better? No. But it’s silly to say that celebs have babies just for the photo money.

      • I don’t believe that it is just for the money they get for baby pics. That is just an added bonus. The “ritual” is the real truth. I could be wrong but something in the water does not compute. Soon after Amber Rose had her and Wiz’es baby, she met up with Beyonce. They took several pics together and it was clear that Amber had a temporary tattoo on her forehead displaying an upside down cross. (Ritual) At no other time have I ever seen pics of Amber, Wiz, Bey and JayZ hanging out together. I can’t help but to say that something was weird about the meeting. js

        • these Celebrities get pregnant for a financial gain!!

          remember when Khole got married to Lamar, She was so desperate to get pregnant, Kris Probably told Her too, but it didn’t work.

          Kourtney sold Her baby pics, Kris probably told Her to sell them

  16. Kanye should have stayed with Amber Rose. He was always smiling with her and actually looked happy. I think he regrets marrying Kim, knowing you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

  17. In all honesty I feel sorry for baby North, from the dull, bland funeral clothes she wears to the blank expressions she has on her face. I hope that baby grows up to be a happy, healthy child. But with a closet case father and a whore mother as well as a whore grandmother she’s going to be checking into therapy 24/7

    • “Funeral clothes” is right.
      They and their counterparts the Carters are not raising normal little girls.

      Someone mentioned here before about someone’s “uniform”.
      Blue Ivy dresses as a boy and that hair! That’s her uniform. You already know she’ll never grow up and marry a heterosexual man…
      The funeral attire and the mommy- matching may be her uniform. She probably already has bidders for when Its her turn.. oh lord forgive me.. they’re just babies .. but I’m not stupid
      These babies these days seem to have a value to TPTB. I can’t remember celeb kids being sold on magazines and mattering like they do these days. Bobby Kristina wasn’t that big of a deal and Whitney was huge back then.. Lourdes and the Jackson kids (only because we were amazed tthat a black man could have white kids..) but they weren’t pimped out..
      Maybe that’s just my memory. .

      • Don’t you feel sorry for these kids??? Being exploited by their sick satanic parents. North is just a fashion accessory for Kim, some doll to dress up and pimp out. That baby is all kinds of messed up. If I had the chance to adopt her I would 🙁

        • Yes it is sad that the children may not know Jesus. It’s sad that they are accessories, but they won’t be for long. Kids grow up and get sent away to school.
          I don’t imagine anyone Is slapping her around or is starving her. She sleeps somewhere, she always looks clean and dressed.
          They have money so there is no excuse.
          I’m more worried about the kids that don’t have the money and opportunity those kids have.

      • Willie you are right. The industry demands more these days than it did back then. Speaking of Madonna, I don’t know if you saw it but Madonna did an interview when Lourdes was about oh maybe between 5 and 7 years old. The interviewer asked Madonna why they don’t see more of Lourdes in mags, pics, that sorta thing. Madonna responded that she did not EVER want Lourdes to be a part of the industry EVER! Now why is that?? hmmmmm Is that why she and a few other popular females in the industry adopt black babies. Sandra Bullock’s husband was a white Nazi loving supremacist. No one can tell me that while she was married to him she didn’t know it. When she adopted that black baby I felt concern for him because..well

        • I’ve heard other celebs “denounce” Hollyweird for their kids..

          Not sure about the adoption thing.. I know plenty of “local” kids who need homes versus say an African or Mandarin baby. Not sure why they adopt African and Asian kids .. not sure when white babies became uncool..

          Remember Madonnas boy David wasn’t an orphan? He had living parents..

  18. Honestly many many women have babies for wrong and f*cked up reasons. Check the hood and trailer parks for proof. And don’t get me started on men who f*ck whatever offspring be damned. This is what u get when the hood meets trailer park mentality. Daddy Rob is gyrating at warp speed in his grave at the f*ckery his daughter is into.

  19. kanye knew kim’s rep don’t feel bad fore him.

    Hollywood kids has the worst issues.

    the nelson boys had serios issues seems like daddy ricky nelson loved 1 and hated the other.

    rod stewart hated his son who was on celebrity rehab he was crying and asked the doctor why he couldn’t relate to girls the answer was sim-ple he was a closet homosexual.

    paris Jackson already had issues her dad was a freak, he was crazy he thought he was a damn cartoon character, he thought he could fly and yes he would switch personalities.

    then mj had hisa kids thinking they were really his and when they found out mj wasn’t their real dad or that they were biracial yes that does things to a kids mind.

    mj was a joker indeed.

    we know what the joker represents.

    kind of odd robin willaims played peter pan, the devil, and the joker and made a film called jack bout a manchild who doesn’t grow up.



  20. This was a bad idea from the VERY beginning for Ye’. I don’t know Kim, IJS. She dumbed his brand wayyy down. We need the ole Kanye back., could care less who he likes for his sexual appetite..He had a voice and he is truly intelligent.




  22. Chris, the Kardashian girls and Rob are Armenian. All except for Khloe (the mailman’s baby, O.J., Al Roker, hell who knows.)

  23. Hey y’all! Found out the real reason about Kim and Kanyé are not together! According to a radio show, Kim accepted a 1 million dollar proposal from a Saudi Arabian prince! All she has to do is spend one night with him. He already gave her $500k upfront and she get the other $500k after it is all over with. Kanyé ain’t happy with this and he is filing for a divorce.

    • Hope he goes through with it. That’s a great out for him. Courts don’t like infidelity. Run nigga run.

    • He’s only unhappy because it reflects on him .

      Kim’s gonna need every dollar she can get her hands on. Once the show ends, thats it. Clothing lInes, perfume, will all fall away. Her main job will be hooking (or hoIng, whatever she calls It).. those million dollar paydays won’t last forever..

      Once the divorce happens, both brands will fail. We aren’t going to forget how wack he has become. She’s not getting younger or newer.
      Ride it out while they can I guess.

    • They found a way to end it. They fulfilled their contract. SMH… Kim was doing this while they were dating so this is not news to Kanye. All that money spent for the nuptials and traveling overseas, for what!?. I had a feeling that Rob did not go because he knew it was a sham of a marriage. Rob has become hip to the game and he doe’s not like it. It appears to be tearing him apart inside.

      Brody knows too. When they vacationed in Greece, Brody questioned Kris about the trade she was making for the price of fame. The scene that shows Kris crying while talking to Brody. That is what they were discussing, he asked her, “is it worth it?” Poor Kim get’s the brunt of it all because she is the most popular but in the end it will weigh on her. One day she will begin to self destruct just as Britney did.

  24. I think that the gossip must have reached the ears of PMK about Kim and Kanye having marital problems and not spending the holidays together, because the news has been full of pics of them out and about together.

  25. something doesn’t sound right, isn’t it weird how Amber Rose and Wiz split up so suddenly???

    Kim and Amber Rose are in a competition with each other

    when Amber Rose announced She was pregnant, then Kim did as well.

  26. He was BARELY there for the pregnancy, she’s the ONLY one who thought he would be around for the marriage

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