Stevie Wonder Becomes A Dad … For The 9th Time!


Stevie Wonder may be 64-years-old … but that’s not stopping the legendary singer from making more babies!

You may have caught Stevie telling ‘The View’ quartet that he — and Tomeeka Robyn Bracy — was gearing up for the birth of his 9th child. Sources have now confirm the baby girl’s birth.

Check out the details Stevie previously put down …

“I got, how many, 22 kids? I’m joking. It’s not true. The truth is we’re going to have a wonderful daughter, born in December, and her name is going to be Nia, which means purpose.”


    • Yeah, you say that now! Wait until that day when he’s no longer here and they find out he doesn’t have as much as they think! Talk about a family reunion!

    • Damn Stevie just because your blind doesn’t mean you can’t pull out !
      I’m just joking but that was kinda funny tho!! Don’t know what a rubber feel like ? LMAO
      I’m just joking ! Last name is Wonder tho??? Lmao really!! Good luck!

  1. Sher. Exactly. It’s time for Stevie to retire them dreads they have seen better days. Anyway all of these oldheads getting these young girls pregnant but i guess they have to leave their estate to somebody?

    • I’ve been riding HARD with Stevie since the 70’s. His music serves as an inspiration for me but I had to give him the side eye after that Superbowl voodoo commercial not to mention his pairing with liver lip Steve Harvey. I’m starting
      to Wonder if his hairstylist is blind too. Whats with the dreads hanging off the back of his head and the fuzzy weird new growth on the top? They need to cut it all off bald I mean with them top of the line shades he could rock it ijs

      • Yall killing me talking about Stevie’s hair… Rollin’

        But anywaze, I need to see this commercial you’re talking about Anon 9:29.

        • If I remember correctly the commercial was aired during the Superbowl when Beyonce did the half time performance. He was some kinda witch doctor or something. It was so very unlike him.

    • I guess if Keith Richards(Rolling Stones) who is 1,000 yrs old can be a dad at his age. Then why can’t Stevie W.

  2. So that hsk exclusive about how she was pregnant with triplets didnt quite pan out, hih? Lol. Well, congrats to the family.

  3. Babies are wonderful but am I not the only one disturbed that he keeps breeding like a buck? He will be 82 during the kid’s high school graduation ceremony. What kind of active and involved parent cant you be to a rebelious teenage kid in your 80s?

    • @NI You’re not the only one disturbed by that. Stevie needs to put a cap on that thing and stop allowing his assistants and women taking advantage of him financially. Just sad that people are so evil that they will take advantage of persons with disabilities. Whose to say any of those children are his? He needs someone trustworthy in his camp to handle all of his business and get some paternity tests done. Just like anyone with a fortune or a lot of money, they’re just waiting for them to die and cash in. I don’t know him personally or how he lives his life, but he needs to get a grip.

    • ^^^^Non Imp… you can add me to that list also. I’m like okay.. another one. I mean is Stevie overcompensating by having baby after baby because he is blind. Damn Ray Charles don’t have nothing on Stevie. I take that back I don’t know how many Stevie has altogether but Ray had 12 children with ten different women.

      • I meant to say I don’t know how many baby momma’s Stevie has. Is it Nine kids with 9 different women??

    • Thank you, I was just about to say something about that…he definitely has bread to go see a dentist, and he needs to do so, STAT!

    • Stevie still has his baby teeth. The fairy Godmother never came to visit and leave a quarter under his pillow. smh

  4. Children can be a blessing, but having 5-22 Children is
    not, Women must control Themselves, the hospitals system

    should issue tube tying for Women, if They got lots of kids, They should have their tubes tied

    schools are being overpopulation with children

  5. I got one good ass question. And not to be mean or nothing, bit how in the hell Stevie knows these kids are his? He got to have somebody to identified them or take a blood test or something. The man is blind and any woman can get knocked up by somebody and say this his child. Is there anybody can identify his kids for him?

      • Hell TB, I wanna make sure that these his kids and nobody else! Be like Anita Baker and get caught up in the Rapture!

            • He claimed all 9, so he must have talked to Maurey. And honestly, that’s not an out of pocket question you asked. He must have a DNA test done…how else can he be sure? It sounds mean but it’s a legitimate question. LOL

  6. all these old ass men phukking.

    before barry white and Isaac hayues died they both fathered newboprns.


    JAmes brown’s old ass was still trying to have sex.

  7. You guys are killin’ at the end starting with DaRadiant One on down. How can he tell if the kid’s are his… Rollin’

  8. Stevie recorded a lot of great songs and is very talented. But he veered off into offbeat music, his career went down hill and it never recovered. Too bad, he could have stayed on top much longer. With more memorable songs !

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