T.I. Sh*ts On Black Culture Defends Iggy Azalea Against Q-Tip


Q Tip recently jumped on social media to defend the African American rapper, Azealia Banks, and to put the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in her place.

Here’s Q Tip’s full message to Iggy Azalea:

“HipHop is a artistic and socio-political movement/culture that sprang from the disparate ghettos of NY in the early 70’s Coming off the heels of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT and approaching the end of the Vietnam war it was a crossroads 4 America specially for blacks in the US our neighborhoods were PROLIFERATED w/a rush of HEROINE.”

“Our school systems here in NY dungeon traps with light for learning… blk men some of whom didn’t return from tours of duty n the ones who did came w/war baggage (agent orange, addiction, ect..)… these men had families but due to these events and throw into the mix the public emasculation… they proved to be handicapped parents. The surrogate parents? The STREETS… the streets of gangs, crimes, and the hustlers coddled us and swept us up.”

“But! Being a spirited, rhythmic & expressive people music art dance outlined our existence… it proved a way for us to exhault to scream to dance to laugh and find OUR VOICE… we weren’t at the time skilled musicians as kids. We had records, turntables, ideas and INGENUITY being natural chemist we took from whatever was availed to us and we created something mighty and special.”

“We cut breakbeats back n forth we took a hybrid of Jamaican toasting along w/ radio jock rap( hank Spann, Gary Byrd, ect.) and we put our rap down.. it was a neighborhood thing really. Black and Latino Kids were carving out their space and it became infectious… eventually Keith Cowboy coined the phrase hiphop . Yrs later the first rap record was recorded and now we r moving.”

“But during these strides this country still had the monster of racism and racial insensitivity breathing and ruling… believe it or not young black n Latino lives specifically weren’t acknowledged in mainstream American culture unless Of course.. the convo was abt gangs , being criminals or uneducated. And hey! Like I stated early our families were rushed our schools sucked and we were left to put devices to survive… but HIPHOP showed that we had DEPTH, fire, and BRILLANCE… the music was undeniable! It moved from NY N became national and even GLOBAL.”

Hiphop now was FOR EVERYBODY!! All of those who cld relate to the roots, the spirit, the history, the energy.. It reached YOU… it touched your spirit n took u up. We magnetized you! That’s what BRILLANCE does… now u are fulfilling your dreams … BUT! you have to take into account the HISTORY as you move underneath the banner of hiphop. As I said before… hiphop is fun it’s vile it’s dance it’s traditional it’s light hearted but 1 thing it can never detach itself from is being a SOCIO-Political movement.”

“U may ask why … Well once you are born black your existence I believe is joined with socio-political epitaph and philos based on the tangled and treacherous history SLAVERY alone this is the case it never leaves our conversation… Ever. WeAther in our universities our dinner tables our studios or jail cells… the effects still resononates with us. It hurts… We get emotional and angry and melancholy… did u know president Clinton was the ONLY PRESIDENT to apologize for it? did u know that remnants of slavery exist today thru white privilege? When certain “niceties” r extended your way because of how u look? Isn’t that crazy?”

“I say this 2 say u are a hiphop artist who has the right 2 express herself however she wishes… this is not a chastisement this is not admonishment at ALL this is just one artist reaching to another hoping to spark insight into the field you r in. I say this in the spirit of a hopeful healthy dialogue that maybe one day we can continue… I’ve been on twitter a long time and this will probably be my last series of tweets pretty much but I’m Kool with it as long as I got to share this w u. Zzzzzzz’s up! Peace!”

Of course, Iggy Azalea’s mentor T.I. didn’t miss a beat, hopping on twitter to call Black people paranoid and to defend his American Music Award Best rapper of 2014.


Here’s T.I.’s response:

Yes @IGGYAZALEA @QtipTheAbstract all these facts are true. This is useful info to absorb as U find yourself in da midst of several people
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

who U may not share many things in common with besides #HipHop. Understanding the plight assists U in knowing how to accept,respect…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

& live in harmony even without a boatload of similarities.
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

Also what I think my big Bruh kinda left out is that OUR people (blacks in America,& HIPHOP) have had much less qualified White People
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

come along & manipulate our culture for their own pers gain. This lead to an almost incoherent overly defensive, paranoid sense of…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

“All White People Wanna Steal Our Shit” mentality. Now as difficult as this is to believe…. We think all white people who do our shit…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

gotta kiss our ass or we don’t like em!!! “Dey shady!!!” (Lol No pun intended) But me knowing U,Eminem,and a handful of other…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

(just so happen to be) white people who were inspired by our culture allowed ME TO SEE, that not all white people out to steal our culture..
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

There are some that merely wish to contribute to it. And I’d be less than ME if I didn’t say that… If WE don’t allow u guys the same…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

…rights & respect we KNOW WE DESERVE in other areas of humanity… WE’RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES. AND THATS NOT HIP HOP!!!!
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

So in a nutshell, absorb da info…apply it where most useful,and above all KEEP SHINING,FOLLOW YOUR HEART,& STAY TRUE TO WHO U ARE!!!
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

I know u don’t deserve all da negative shit that comes your way. But like I’ve told u before, it just kinda comes wit da territory…
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

when u gain so much positive attn SO FAST! It all balances out. I know u been broke,hungry& disgusted before,so I know u know just like I do
— T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014

It COULD BE A LOT WORSE. If dis all U gotta put up wit/sacrifice to earn our very above average lifestyles…. — T.I. (@Tip) December 22, 2014



    • Well, he is allowed to eat at their table as long as he keeps promoting the message they want him to say –

      • Was TI even born when TRUE Hip Hop came out? In JHS 63 park and Forest houses ? When The Cold Crush brother were harmonizing and the pop o lock dance was banging? When Afrika Bambatta and The zulku nation was ruling those projects by the river?
        If he wasnt there then he need to allow Q tip to continue to school
        No disrespect, u would just have to have been around the disco fever at the time to truly kind of understand. Even the sugar hill gang wasnt the 1st pioneers. Only on vinyl
        My cuz from up north knew Dj Starski and his patna Hutch which was a whole different era

    • To each his own ! His poor upbringing is really no excuse ?
      A lot of men were raised with out a mom or a dad . They turned out just fine !
      The problem is something you created gets over ran by people who love to gamble .
      Understand this most people gamble because they have everything to gain hence buying the pot ! You bid n bid until someone caves it doesn’t make you the best player at the table just the best player option!!! Whites bid they way into hip hop and blacks
      Sit at a table with all the talent but no real funding to back it up!!! Hence it takes money too make money !!! Why do you think all major labels are owned by Jews ?? Or people who aren’t black ? I mean if it’s made in China then China owns all rights but that doesn’t work for Americans blacks ! Why do u think black males get more time for drug dealing than the average white male ?? Simple ,taxes when u beat the hand dealt to u.
      You out bid them so the years blacks get is determined by the amount you would’ve made which means the money the government couldn’t steal from you!!!
      The Informant ( T.I) is just trying to bid his way in but when she’s not around remember the same places that let him in told him kindly take your black ass on home ! Don’t forget that LMAO,,!!! So all his Coonery has still gone somewhat unnoticed but they allowed him too beat all the weapons charges . Which would have sent a regular black male to damn near life in prison no hope of parole !!
      Besides the fact ostrich (iggy) has no credibal skills because she can’t write or produce anything with out his talents simply put she’s a puppet. So in actuality he’s her SLAVE MASTER LMFAO!!!!!!! The COON owns 1 and married another now I’m RLMAO!!!!!

      • White’s has ALWAYS taking “our” ideas, & made them into “their” true reality. That being said, what’s different, & what will change? Not a damn thang, until “we” stop running straight to “every pale face,” figuring “we” will obtain a better offer, meaning to be continuously exploited! “Our” own people do likewise. As the old adage goes, “at least my own is f*cking me.” Really? Rape is some form of penetration, may it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. These last days are truly a beast, to say the least. Bottom line is T.I. sold his soul, his walk & talk is very hypocritical. GOD bless him.

      • U@original man… Why do blacks get more time in than anyone else? Is cause of the violation of the13th amendment , look it up. Remember, we wasn’t suppose to be set free and the civil war was not about slavery, it was all about the union of the north and the south. You’re also right about blacks not having the money to get the music out there but rap was about telling the world about what was going on with us not bling bling, hoes and material.

        Ti ain’t bidding a damn thing, Iggy is his assignment, he have to help her . Iggy skin alone is her pass she really don’t need him later once she’s a big star, she’ll be on the white side for good. The only sisters that’s into to thus caricature of a black female, is cause those are the black females that want to be, do and have what she have.

        For example Montana fishburn, she thought if she followed Kim k route she’ll get success like Kim. Montana was born to a different generation and Lawrence didn’t teach about this white supremacist society. In other words, because she’s a African American female she was not gonna get treated equal to Kim kardashian who is caucasian, cause of the color of her skin. Lawrence also blocked her as well, the point I’m trying to make is this of actiAfrican American youth and young adults need to realize nothing has change, it never will.

        Also, these black females don’t need to accept Iggy cause she’s not someone we could relate with her not being an African American female. How can these sisters see themselves in her? Their beauty? I’m sick and tired of bring called a hater or jealous if i don’t slide over and let another women of another culture, benefit on the little bit of turf I’m on, to be me. But in the next breath, let a African American woman gore to the caucasian side, don’t think for one minute these caucasian men gonna make their women bow down, it ain’t happening.

        I have no respect for any black man that doesn’t have respect for himself our the women he comes from. The African American male (not all but majority) is the worst in America with not bring loyal to his territory, women and way of being. African American women that date only in culture gonna have allot to deal with, if they don’t date openly.

    • @TI pLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE LETS SHUT HIS ASS DOWN! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT HIS PRODUCTS AND HIS SHOWS! His comments to QTip are rooted in MONEY. I have no respect for TI total sell out..Another one bites the dust! O how do we forget once we arrive! Enslaved mentality

    • IGGY is not the problem, it is the American Music Industry and how it is being run now in that they are not signing alot of talented artists now and that each major city is not playing an artists from that city, but playing the same artists like the Nikkis, Iggys, T.I.S, Rick Rosss and Lil Waynes for example in the major radio markets

      • The “little guy” with the talent is not getting any rotation. I agree with that.

        • We need to send a message to Mr Shorty Cliffton harris! He has obviously forgotten you don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Hood negro wannabe forgot the journey is still in route! He will need our dollars to support his projects going forward. Iggy is not talented! No I am not jealous nor am I a hater. Teena Marie is and was talented. Square Biz slightly highlighted her rap skills…No one forced her to be accepted into our genre of music, Her skills guided her right on in! TI has an enslaved mentality and WE SHOULD MAKE HIM accountable for all of this slick talk attempting to defame our race and history! I am officially boycotting anything with cliffton Harris’s name or affiliation

    • Aww Don’t get mad Q-Tip, there’s plenty of black people selling their souls too, Iggy isn’t alone in all this.

  1. He’s just protecting his cash cow, that’s all. now that his music is basically trash…except for a few features, he has to look elsewhere for $$. What a better place than a Lilly white chick with sub par skills to appeal to a new generation of young white girls? That’s where all the money is after all. It’s funny he didn’t go hard at Qtip like he does A. Banks. Interesting.

    • Yes. Usher did the same thing with JB but they know who not to mess with and Tip is not the one.

    • Because he’s a bitch ass nigga that’s why! A real man will step to a real man. Clifford T.I. Harris is just an example of a man who wasn’t raised by his father to teach him how to have integrity as a man.

        • Exactly. This Captain Save-her ass nicca has the nerve to stand up for Eggy Brazelia. Yet he never defends Tiny when people drag her filth. The entertainment industry in general makes me sick!

    • You are right, TI does not go in on males hard like he does females. I have zero respect for men that try to jump hard in a woman’s. face but be kissing booty when it comes to a man. That is downlow behavior.

      • Bet T.I. won’t step to Guwop like that. You are right when he called Snoop he didn’t go hard or Ludacris with their beef. The only men T.I. went in on was Flip and swung on Mayweather and we know they both are chumps

      • Wasn’t there a difference in approaching the situation? Q-Tip is a hiphop legend who TI respects. While Banks was poppin’ off at the mouth disrespecting TI and his artist publicly, Q-Tip came at them with historical facts and respect. Respect takes you a long way, ijs.

        • I’m with you @just. That is EXACTLY what it was.

          And for the record, I would expect QTip to pen such an articulate message. I was however pleasantly surprised to read T.I.’s well written response. I have long suspected that he has a much bigger brain under that backwards cap than he lets on most of the time. There’s a reason why he continues to prosper years after other rappers of the moment fall off.




            T.I. IS A PUPPET 4 TPTB, BET ON IT.

            • Yea he work for them people and do what he is told. They laid shit down for him to step in and when he did they cleaned him up as long as he does what he’s supposed to do when asked. Like help them take shit over by promoting them and not your own.

            • OK fine. But there are plenty of dumb ass “rappers” in ATL who would cut off their left nut to be where T.I. is. Did it ever occur to you that the fact that T.I. is smart is one of the reasons he got the deal with the Feds?

            • @Anonymous T.I. is smart is one of the reasons he got the deal with the Feds?

              Did it occur to you he had a great team of attorneys? the best money could retain
              Did it ever occur to you someone could have wrote that response for T.I? He just stopped using incorrect grammar(his enunciation was terrible)so I doubt that he is as academically inclined to be a scholar!

    • I don’t think he’s THAT stupid. Simple m.f. KNOW WHO to ride on, when to shut the f*ck up, AND when to sit back, IF their ass were really street.

  2. I know some people don’t care for Q-tip because of his supposed lifestyle but that dude is cool with me.

      • I wonder why they wont allow a true hip hop articulate gem like Q tip lead the flock
        He most certainly have a balance of his earned stripes, veteran status and likeability
        The sprites have done shows with him and knows he have a level head
        Why is Kanye, TI, The Camel an Rick Ross the bawses?
        Havent Q Tip been around just as long and have credibility to be 1 of the bawses?
        Im just curious

        • tip been around since 88-89 same time as jigga has.

          jigga blerw up and became a hip hop mogul while tip just diod a few acting gigs and guest appearances.

          • That being said, WHO sold their soul? I’d rather “appear” as u stated, I suppose less paid, but paid w/ a sense of self, my integrity in tack. I NEVER wanted the mansion & a yacht. MY mind is a terrible thing to waste. AND KEEPING that shit is entirely two different entities.

  3. Iggy Israël not adding anything of releva ce to our culture. I do not understand what TI worldwide événement day Sichuan a thing. TI you are l’ost and you know it.

    • Iggy is not adding anything to our culture. Why would TI say such a thing. I donot know what all the above I’ ve keyed in is. I think it is reminiscent of how TI sounds to me, just plain foolish.

      • Money and disrespect to his culture! He was allowed in the house and now he must protect the interest of white privilege! He is the poster nigger for protection of the snow bunny’s rights in the culture of hip hop. I say we keep our money and let Mr T.I see who his supporter have been over the years. If he pissed on the European culture like he did ours they would shut him down financially! I don’t understand why we don’t keep our money in our pockets when we are so disrespected by our own who we help to build his career…

  4. It saddens me how black male is quick to defend their white artist. Yet will go HAM on black women in their lyrics. Since when did coonin become acceptable.

  5. Trust and believe all the coons are on their way out. Exit coons,enter real black men with integrity.

  6. Easy fix. boycott his shit too. FUck his album and his show on VH1. Nelly’s show is better anyway. T.I is a a captain Koon.

    • I agree. Nelly shows what a tea dad is with his kids. He is doing his sister proud with her kids.

  7. Qtip get over yourself and hiphop, like you, it will all be forgotten soon. No one will remember you, or her. Who was the greatest musician the world has ever seen? You don’t know because its not important. T.I. is a sell out, he sold out our music in order to make a profit. The bad part is once you sell something it is no longer yours. T.I. and the rest of the sell outs sold our music as the poor black people did before them with the bluee, jazz and rock and roll. Scripture teaches us that all things pass away, only a fool tries to hold on to something that is already gone. R.I.P. hip-hop, I can’t wait to see what we will come up with next.

    • Soul clap. Sounds like the candid and sometimes colorful exchange shared with maternal grandpa(rip) concerning contemporary gospel (which he aptly called shit music) vs. the organ/piano traditional hymns of yesteryear. Smokie Norful or Tye Tribett can move people today as my grandmas Mahalia Jackson vinyls did for her generation. Look forward to what the youth has to contribute as they have always been the innovators and initiated change. Change is inevitable and music evolves as each generation reproduces the prototype(soul music) creating their own sound distinct to the era(style/genre).

      I feel less alone. If everyone held on to antiquated beliefs Manhattan would still be a farm.

  8. I am sick of seeing this mf saluting all the time. Salute your masters TI “The Informant.”

  9. T.I’s pseudo intellectual ass knows NO comprehension(or obligation) to hiphop nor the artistic constraints MEANINGFUL black artists are relegated to at this moment. Q-tip FLAWLESSLY laid out the roots to the present but this DUTIFUL SAMBO has to be captain save a hoe for that: parody,lab-rat rapper from Australia! He’s such a treasonous LIL bitch! Mr. Debonair needs to school his vanilla gorilla,eye-color changing,self-hating wife on culture morals! Scrawny prick!

  10. Eminem did contribute to hiphop.
    Iggy does not.

    The industry is bleeding. Pushing rap to suburban white girls is a last ditch effort to cork the hole. The Industry Is not what it used to be. I think older rappers need to let it go. You didn’t see Big Bank Hank or Kurtis Blow out here protesting.

    What are they fighting about? Who’s programming the youth better? It’s over. Hiphop died with Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice. 1990?

    Of course TI is protecting his cash cow. Ill say it again. His cash cow is as useless as tits on a bull.

    I fear for the next generation.

    • Big Bank Hank is dead homie and those protest sre f*cking bullshit them ppl have no real goal they’re just doing it for likes





        • That’s also the case for many old school jazz musicians. They can fill a concert any night in Berlin or Brussels even if they can’t sell out the house in the US. Jazz musicians are lie gods in Europe.

          • Tina Turner once said she prefers performing in Europe because they have no talent over there.

      • R.I.P Hank.. but you know what I meant .. old school rappers got over it long ago.
        Ppl don’t have to hold a sign and picket to protest her music.

  11. The truth of the matter is there are plenty of good black men out there, its too bad they are being overshadowed in the media with negative images of them. Now is their time to shine. I’ve been told it is always darkest just before the dawn. @DR1 you have a valid point about seeing things from an overhead. I wonder why all this is going on? Why all the over emphasis the media puts on these particular “artists”.? It is very strange. The majority of the time it is very, very, negative

  12. TI needs to stop talking about “what we think” as black people because he doesn’t have a clue as to what I think. I’m also sure there are masses upon masses of “us” he does not have a clue about.

  13. TI’s mentality is the reason Africans became slaves in the first place. Always some trusty house negro to give the enemy the benefit of the doubt. History has shown us time and time again that this is NOT the smartest move. He will regret this…all money aint good money.

  14. “All White People Wanna Steal Our Shit”

    ummm, TI, they do want to steal our shit…like our culture, our land, our people, our history, out religion, our children,our men, our women, our intergity, our values…need I go on??? smdh @ this coon

  15. Wonder what he meant by sacrifice in the last part?
    Ita just not a word to throw around..

    • I new one of the paranoid many here would pick up on that. Yanno Willie, there are many forms of sacrifices in life other than blood ones. ijs

  16. Yall already know money motivates & changes alot of these rappers, rhymes & reasons…Dont be surprised…the coon train is coming…._ALL ABOARD!!!!!

  17. Dear Ti,

    This is a letter from a former fan, i understand you got off on the weapon charge in exchange for your snitching and being a contracted slave to the industry, to keep your freedom. You don’t have to respond unlike a lot of negroes, my third eye see beyond the issue at had. In fact allot of rappers is in your position, some want out and like yourself, is trapped (also in the closet). I’m one of the few people that’s woke out here that see you’re in bondage. I also see that this white chick is a gimmick to make money off of the African American culture which she knows nothing about. You have to help her in order to keep your freedom and I’m sure the powers that be have a slew of more things for you. to do. Ti, just go ahead and give your life to Christ repent and turn away from your wicked ways, tell your kids the truth and the public about what’s going on, and die. Jesus will give you life eternal he’ll resurrect you when he returns, brother just go ahead and die. Just please confirm the truth for your people, of all we already know, that those crooks of the industry, stole most of our people craft and creativity. By the way Iggy is fake from her butt to her act we’re not stupid oh and she didn’t drop no bars on Sway show, that let me further know, she’s a fake.

    Signed a former fan,

  18. The only thing that protects ti…is the feds!!! He has no real street cred and he is comfortable at home studying how to sew bill cosbys infamous sweater to sell bootleg at her concert!! Oh, and eating jello pudding pops with his pinky finger at attention n the air so his pinky ring can blind the blind ppl!! This guy is SO soft…he could b the face of charman 2015!! Looking at him is like looking at a jumbo marshmallows …. “lightly seared of course” <<<< (said with an aussie accent and pinky finger up)…with boiling hot butter on top!!
    He needs a pig foot necklace so that he can fit n bc "EVERYBODY WANNA B THE (KING) COON OF THE SOUTH…"
    Please can somebody give him a medal…

  19. T.I needs to have several seats! Whites do come in and still our culture, all the while smiling in our dayum faces, behind masks. I would say ask ELVIS PRESLEY, but he’s dead!

    They singing and dancing to our music, wearing our clothes and trying to take our history.

    You are right @ T.I. music is for everyone, but dayum give credit where credit is due. You want the GLORY, but not the Struggle. I have yet to hear from her about what blacks are going through with the police forces OR Justine Timberlake or Robin Thicke, they sing and dance our music, but when it comes to speak up it’s Silence! IF you gonna be down be f*cking down, not just when it cool and help you make money! Have a seat T.I. and Igor!



    • Music is for everyone but stealing other people style and vocal riffs is what’s being done now n days, by most white artist today. Long gone are the days when white artist had style on their own singing soul music. Hell, they had more swag and style than white artist today !!!! Back then white artist could actually sing and pack arenas, now they’re coping the styles of black artist vocal runs and rifs and doing a bad job, cause it’s not original. I Betty none wools sing live without a mic to showcase real skills, well Robin Thicke did it so i give him a pass (and Christina Aguilera).

  20. When TI got busted for all those illegal guns and didn’t get Federal Prison time….what does that tell yall about TI and his connections? After that,i no longer trusted him he was and will always be suspect to me.

  21. money talks.

    add jigga to the list for attempted murder and getting free.

    r kelly for phukking minors with proof yes money goes a long way.

    look how many times snoop been arrested for drugs, guns and murder and he got opff lightly.

    we know why puffy got off he had to give up shyne.

    add lindsay crackhead lohan to the list of getting off numerous times.

    and keyshia cole got to do 30 days for a old trafic ticket.

  22. This dumb coon ass nigger would sell his kids to promote, this white trash, that can’t wrap at all.. What is wrong with black ppl always fighting each other to defend someone white.. When was the last time a white man did all this BS for a white woman… Slave mentality is still in effect–in the minds of our ppl..

  23. For those who say hip hop is dead or dying, no.
    It is a living breathing art form and it’s changing.
    Rock and roll has always morphed and hanged with the times. There were hard core metal heads who blew a gasket when grunge and alternative swept heavy metal temporarily outta the scene. It’s natural that you tend to lie what was good when you were in particular
    phase of your life, but the younger folk will always take what their parents listened to and make it their own. And we older folks will tell them what shit their music is, and that the acts who we listened to were so much better.
    Time marches on…and it never stops.

    • Boo bye, you believe that bull crap you wrote !!! Numbers don’t lie but people do. Almost all of the new generation in my family that listens to music from 2005-on back, hate todays music. Today’s artist don’t sell like the legends cause they’re not talented, can’t pack an arena and definitely need technology to sing for them cause they have no vocals.

      People aren’t stupid, unlike you, the gimmicks today is a waist of money and the only reason they’re given a chance, is cause of the money, popularity and material gain. It’s obvious what’s going on now and most people are not buying into this mess, the youth get their money the parents

      excuse about the youth buying most things today, is a bald face lie,it’s coming from the parents. Hell , most of these artist are so crappy they can’t fill a stadium let alone an auditorium, which is why you now have to send a poor selling artist on the road with a legend.

      Oh and just to let you know, as for these white chicks you got on the scene trying to package themselves as an African American female rapper/singers, they won’t be successful at it.

      • THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TOKENS WHO TRY TO Act from the ghetto.

        wonder what mark walberg did to piss off the elite since folks is exposing his racist past.

        never bought his records aNYWAY.

      • Black I wish we could bring back the legends! Oooooooweeeeee…Teena Marie, Phyllis Hyman, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther, Bobby Womack all them!

      • Black well at least I can spell waste correctly.

        If it isn’t the kids buying the music, why is Taylor Swift #1 in everything? And why was “Fancy” the top song of the summer?
        Your old ass sounds just like my granny.

        • Taylor swift if number cause she’s not giving the caucasian population a destructive act, like black artist is giving black people. See, the game is to keep a people unhealthy and down, if you got the mind, you can control the actions. So therefore, Taylor prospers and remember caucasian people is here 300+ million strong, so her is inevitable.

          As for my spelling, if I’m not mistaken there is a such thing as typos. Also, you’re very childish and i expect that from someone who can’t prove a point and is ignorant. Your mentality is what’s right is wrong, you stay in your foolishness, i know better.

          Actually I’m not old, i have wisdom that’s all. Fancy was a hit cause there was no other REAL FEMALE MC to drop bars that would’ve killed that stupid song. And it wasn’t a hit just cause she was given awards. That was to hype her up so people would find herappealing to buy her crap

          • I would think that white people would be mad that shes influencing thier little girls to date black men and have “ghetto bootys” big lips tan skin and speak with whats percieved as black slang, andthat goes for Miley Cyrus, and the kardashian girls, to me it seems like black women are the standard of beauty even if they dont want to admit it, even Taylor swift has resorted to twerking for sales

            • Yuki Onna, You on this thread too spreading your evil???? You Succubus bitch. Your demonic claws are more diabolical than anything these white bitches do like Miley and the Kardashians. Lilith, your alias’ and lack of respect are over. Now you trying to have a regular conversation and not be your usual tasteless, evil self because you’re scared. I will make sure your smelly cunt ass goes back to the fire and brimstone underworld you come from.

      • Co-Sign!!!!!@Black. I come from the “Golden Age of Hip Hop” 1989 – 2005

        R.I.P. Hip Hop

        • hip hop ain’t dying.

          like all music it must evolve or change.

          to me hip hop is an expanded form of jazz, bl;ues, rock, and funk and progressed from there since rappers sampled old records yes hip hop must evolve.

          its gonna take the poor blacks from the ghettoes and projects to come up with something new.

          blacks are already doing this check the afropunk scene and the trip hop scene in Europe.

          • Thank you Chris. That was what I was trying to say, but black decided to jump me for saying it.
            All music changes over time. People not so much.

  24. Ownership Society****

    If we don’t own it—Can’t control it! Look at the nonsense that went down at Death Row and now Cash Money Records. Not paying artists, raping them in more ways than one. So, what’s the end result? Black label might or might not keep it 100, White label will push them toward black genocidal lyrics to sell units. Make no mistake about it—Warner Bros and Universal execs would sacrifice their own children for a dollar. Iggy Azalea is an example of how 2 races of men really see whitewomen. All of us know they could have discovered better than Iggy. She’s not an attractive woman in the face, just tall more or less. One side sees money and the other side is dreaming of ways to pimp this chick for all they can get. Both are equally pathetic. This is about respecting black culture. Other folk love hip-hop and other genres of black music. We overstand this to a fault. I don’t begrudge anybody for liking the music. But, pushing black female rappers to the back of the bus just to sell some white ass is hella crazy to me. Any blackman that craps on his sisters to curry favor with some foreign dames can get his kneecaps popped. Certain things a blackman should never do in life. His mother must be proud of her son—I Think Not! A down-low, trans-chasing, ass-kissing, blood on his hands rapper guy from Atlanta…A Resume To Die For!!!

    • Don’t feel sorry for Iggy cause trust and believe, caucasian men gonna treat her better than African American female. Why you think she got high up so quickly, cause she’s so damn talented, sike !!! in the words of Paul Mooney.. She got the complexion for the

      • Last we forget, Tip hopped his ass on a plane to Australia to bring Iggy back to the US. As if, she was some mail-order bride that was waiting to be rescued by him. Folk gotta understand that dudes like Tip are the reason why many caucasian women are arrogant like hell in this day and time. As I’ve said before, we’re the white supremacists on the planet, not the other way around. He assumes that using this woman will benefit him over the long haul. I don’t see it, Tip will be a distant echo to them…T.I. Who? This is the era of the “Bow Down Babies” that we’re witnessing. They love to kiss ass to get ahead, regardless of the consequences. Growing up, I loved Tip’s music. He talented like a mofo, but, having his best friend Philant Johnson killed in 2006 and Doe-B killed in late 2013 has scarred his psyche and soul. Plus, doing fed time over guns just added to the insanity. He ain’t well in his head, this we know for sure. Thanks!!!

    • Forgot protection… Anyhoo, I’m noticing how caucasian women are always used to penetrate in our culture especially next to the African American woman. But let a caucasian male do it brothers want to get up in arms but silent when the females do it. I’m not accepting anything, cause when it comes to caucasian women they’re(caucasian men) not gonna make her slide over for another race of woman, that’s like slapping their mom in the face. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against intercultural dating/marriage, I’m all for it, love who you love but that doesn’t mean imitate someone culture to be accepted

      • One reason to respect White men because they look out for their own, occasionally sacrificing a few for the good of the whole and that is one thing the world should learn from their domination.

        This started long before Iggy, those Breakin’ movies with the surbubanite character Kelly that were released around the time I was born should have been titled “Come on White girl, dance with us.” Its been a while ago but I dont recall a black woman or latina lead in those movies. But at least Kelly could dance.

        • That’s when it all started with caucasian women being used to integrate our culture. That was for us to let our guard down, which worked on African American men(cause they wanted to bed her to get back at”da man”) in turn African American women foresaw what was happening. And that was caucasian women being used to learn the ways and bring back understanding of how to etc and it worked . Now you see dance shows with who? Blacks need to come to grips with the fact America never change, it was all a lie, i think that’s a hard pill to swallow for majority. The thing is, either put up and shut up or get out. Don’t break no laws being a fight the power ass Negro or you’ll die if you do or go to prison for the rest of your life. Period, point, blank.

      • A lot of brothas have a double standard on this because they use caucasian women as a weapon to allegedly hurt their brothers. Sistas have been lied to as it relates to the pale ones. We’ve been brainwashed to a large degree. No, they’re not superior to blackwomen. No, they’re not the holy grail of femininity. African women stand on their own…Creation…Nuff Said! Please understand that caucasian women are in the middle of a war involving their brothers and so-called militant blackmen. It’s no accident that hood negros and burb babies in the NFL, NBA, and Hip-Hop portray themselves as the realest niggas blah blah blah. Ironically, the ones who partake in a proxy war involving Becky. The square brothas that are uptight like hell, we expect them to act as such. Personally, I see these dudes as strange. Got the finest women on the planet in the palm of their hands, and they wanna chase ghosts around. I don’t try to understand this nonsense anymore…It’s Craaaaazy!

  25. we got more issues to deal with thN A WHITE GIRL WHO WANTS TO BE HOOD.











    • The violence will be our downfall. Brothas losing their minds over albino women in every direction. Meanwhile, black folk are leaving this place at a fast clip. Bloodshed in the US at the hands of drug gangs and robbers, blacks in Africa killed by Boko Haram and Al-Shabab just to. name a few. Now, our folk wanna commit suicide like our slavemasters. Iggy and the rest of them are a distraction to us. You’re so right about this…It’s Scary!





  27. TI is a puppet like a few others said in this post. His handlers puppet massa controls him which is why he isn’t in prison.

  28. Yellow rat Tip. He was f*cking that bitch. I been stopped respecting tip. Scarface is the king of the south

  29. Q-Tip is just a salty ass f*ckboi because no one is checking up on his washed up old ass. Leave Iggy alone. She is getting her paper just just like everyone else.

  30. the Black culture is dying, because White people are stealing it. White people have history of stealing stuff

    remember the Cowboys and Indian’s, the Native Indian’s taught White people how to survive in the wild

    and in return the Cowboys killed the Indians and raped the Women

    • Who u think taught the Indians dumb ass? Where u think they get they red skin color? From brown. It’s us.

      • The Native Indian got his “red” skin from Black people?? Oh God please don’t say you think that’s true. Indians were their own and had their own WAAAYYYYY before Africans were even brought to America. The European went and got Africans because the Indian proved not to be a good worker.

      • Anonymous

        please don’t call Me a dumbass, can you do a sensible comment without calling people nasty names, guess not

        • Hey Ms Bayliss Just for the record, the anonymous above who called you a dumb ass was not me. Yes, I have posted some stuff to you in the past which I wish I hadn’t, but I have decided to leave you alone. I was even standing up for you in another thread where some folks were saying that you were the troll behind all the chaos surrounding Glok and his many personalities. I know that’s not you, and I know you don’t use sock puppets to cosign your comments.
          I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

          • Anonymous 03:56

            thanks for your honesty, someone jacked my screen name!!

            I’m not the troll that people are accusing me of!!
            I’ve got more sense and decorum, to pull that type of chit

            stop using C.B because that’s not My screen name
            I’ve been picked on and ganged upon, for some silly chit

            I haven’t been on here for while because is getting very boring

      • Well, everyone knows the blacks and indians loved eachother. The majority of blacks including myself has a indian grandmother or grandfather. So it doesn’t really matter who taught who,they got it in.

  31. We’re getting old guys. When these dudes from growIng up start dropping. .

    • Sorry.. this was for NonImportant.. re: Joe Cocker.

      That’s how many times my post is put elsewheres..

  32. They really need to leave iggy alone. They are always messing with her. It’s always a black and white thing. America has a long way to go. Rather than coming together they like to cause division. They know iggy is good rapper and she can rap. So therefore they try to attack her to get her to stop doing what she’s doing. Q TIP needs to be quiet and stay in his lane. He is trying to involve himself in something that doesn’t concern him. All Azaliea Banks or whatever her name is does is slander people. Her and q tip need to get together on a song. As far as t I defending iggy…it’s good someone is because those other two are caught up in black in white. As far as the whites stealing stuff. God gives all the ideas for everything in this world. Is it fair to say they stole it from Him? Like I said this world has a long way to go and it’s sad to say but many people are going to die before they see blacks and whites United. I wonder what their reaction is going to be when they find out that God isn’t black or white?

    • Iggy’s not a good rapper. No rhyming skills…she just mimics the new Ebonic phrases and has back up dancers with rhythm.

      • iggy sound like a cheap nicki minaj.

        just heard 2 of her songs today.



        HER BERATS ARE’NT ALL THAt since everybody sound the same.

        • I don’t like Iggy at all. But if I’m being honest she is a better rapper than Nicki. That ain’t sayin much tho. Either one of them would be blown outta the house by Salt, Peppa, Lyte, Latifa and about 10 others.

          • Iggy is not a better rapper than Nicki. The word play Nicki did in anaconda is light years away from that crap Iggy does. Iggy is pop & her new single sounds like Fancy, bitch is already recycling her own shit & it’s just the first album. So remember, an imitator (Iggy) can never be better than the original (Nicki)

          • Anon 03:58, your post gives away that you’re white ‘I don’t like Iggy at all, I honestly think she’s the better rapper…’ Translated: I think all this is mumbo jumbo, but if I’m to choose, I’ll go with my fellow white person even if she’s terrible. Your mentality is why Kendrick was snubbed & that ugly fag macklemore won. I’m sure you’ll say Madonna ‘s new crappy rap is better than Queen Latifah

            • You’re so perceptive!! Yes I must be white if I think Nicki Mina can’t rap for shit. I also think that Iggy is more pop than hip hop, but her hooks are catchier than Nicki’s. Mostly I don’t lie either one of them.
              By the way, Kendrick Lamar is my favorite contemporary rapper and my favorite old school dudes are Rakim, Pimp C and BDK.
              But I’m white right? Oh I also think Eminem is a better rapper than Nicki. I don’t care what color the skin is, good is good—wack is wack. If you like Nicki that’s fine with me. I’ll take the Queen and MC Lyte any day over her.

          • ‘Kendrick is my favorite contemporary rapper’..? That doesn’t sound like shit a a hip hop head would say. And u haven’t stated your opinion on Macklemore, who’s universally hated by all hip hop heads (black & white) only fags think he’s dope coz he’s one himself. Off course Iggy is catchy, that’s pop. Nicki is more diverse with her raps, if she where to freestyle battle with that geckoroo, I bet u she’d kill. Iggy is just imitating a black accent, only a white person would think that’s talent. And if u like contemporary music, try Celine Dion coz clear hip hop isn’t for u

            • @Anon 23:01 She means contemporary (now) vs Old-school (then). Not contemporary adult music. Sigh. Shouldn’t have to break that down for you. “Hip-hop heads” can speak proper English and be black as fuk, fool. You just perpetuate the stereotype that says that in order to be legit you must stick to the lingo script. Get the eff out of here with that shite. Anon 03:58 has the right to personal opinion and to like whatever the fuk they want. Personally, I think that Nikki Minaj is like listening to the nursery rhymes of a crack head suffering from multiple personalities and Iggy Azalea is just wack to the Nth degree- a neo-blackface poser. They both their talent in their asses–nothing more than life-sized paperweights– but that’s just me. Macklemore is college hip-hop made palpable for hipster that never lived in the hood but wants to fantasize that if he did he could survive. Dream on little Hipsters. Hip hop is a movement. It has grown and stretched into different genres of itself just like rock, or classical. It’s not underground anymore- it’s global-(Korean rap, anyone?) And when you’re global, everyone wants a slice and will do their own thing. Why do you care if Macklemore beat out Kendrick Lamar on some whitewashed, watered-down award show that doesn’t appreciate the real shite on the street, anyway? And for your edification, since it seems to be important for your qualifications of ethnicity, I happen to be one of the realest Nubians on the planet and a hip-hop renegade to boot. I come ready, all day everyday, but I can still break shite down, proper English-style. Stop feeding false stereotypes of Nubian ignorance and stupidity with stupid azz comments. And stop playing the game “Black, Blacker, Blackest” from a computer screen. Please and thank you

  33. Wow. Watch when Iggy gets too big for T.I’s management team. She’s gonna drop his sellout azz like a bad habit. She’s going to do a 5 Heartbeats on this MOFO. LOL

  34. She just picked up a couple of AMAs. Watch when Betsy gets a few Grammy’s under her belt. She’ll be shopping for “white management” to carry her the rest of the way. I SEE YOU CHICK!

  35. I hate the term…Coon azz Nucca…but this one right here. Lawd. He’s only trying to protect his money while selling his soul to the devil. Ok, you used to be my man for real in Hip Hop but right now….I’m not feeling you at all.

  36. If there is a perceived respect to be had of hiphop as a culture, then maybe hiphop as a culture should show it.

    These artist who aren’t black just treat it the same way OUR artist do. A means to an end to make money with.

    Folks “respecting the culture” but giving NA’AN fawks about the community confuse me.

    Soooooo… respect the culture but teach the community any and everything you want to from the confines of your studio to make money?

    #twerksomthing. And NEXT. I say leave the white artists ALONE unless you’re truly respectful of both the culture and the communities that have a grip on the culture.

  37. This bitch is gonna win best rap album in February@ the Grammys, watch! First Macklemore over Kendrick then this industry cum dumpster. Nas was right HipHop is dead

  38. I think we are all missing the boat. QTip’s issue is off the back of Azalea Banks Hot 97 Interview in NY. (A MUST LISETEN TO INTERVIEW). I love the fact that Azelea called T.I. a “coon”. She brought up the fact that T.I. has Tiny on t.v. not being able to read, speak or be literate in any sense and he should be shamed of his cooning self.

    With that being said, this young lady taught me a lot in the interview. Look if T.I. gave as much educational attention to his wife and stop cooing himself by cooing with Iggy Azelea, which by the way she nabbed that last name from the name of Azeala Banks (listen to the Hot 97 Interview). Eninem paid his dues and still pays respect to Dr. Dre, Tupac, Biggie and knows his role in the game of Hip-Hop. Em really grew up in poverty and the few black dudes in the “hood” off of Eight Mile were in the come up with him and he never forgot that black people put him on, so he’d never make comments like Iggy Azelea has made about the protesters in NYC a few blocks from her concert, or some racist comments she made about Mexicans, etc.

    Azelea Banks is like the Josephine Baker of Hip Hop, as a dark female who is opionated and will not let the music industry exploit her, audience is overseas in Europen, which is where she is free to make the most money and artisitc control over her career. With that being said…Listen to the Hot 97 Interview.

    Jackie, can you post the interview please?


  39. Fuck TI! He’s not to be trusted, EVER. He’s a govt. mole at this point. Any sensible black in the entertainment biz will stay FAR AWAY from TI.

    TI IS BONAFIDE CO-INTELPRO… All the clues/proof is before our eyes. It started when they lessened his gun charges years ago.

    • But he’s so cute. lol

      Seriously tho, I’m watching him on VH1 Behind the Music right now, and he really does have that certain something they call star quality. No, he’s not the best rapper, he’s short, and he’ll never be a Rhodes Scholar, but he has amazing chemistry with the camera. People here hate him, but I now I’m not the only one who feels this way. He probably has the most fans of anyone in mainstream hip hop right now.

  40. Iggy is not a better rapper than Nicki. The word play Nicki did in Anaconda is far ahead of anything Iggy has yet to rip off HER. Iggy isn’t adding anything to the genre, but she’s getting rewarded. Iggy should just do pop in her next crappy CD like Pink, remember she was black in her first album, then she went back to white

    • Her producers wanted her to appeal to a black audience in her first CD. That wasn’t her choice(Pink I mean.)

  41. Theres a video on you tube of Iggy trying to do a pop video and she still sucked

    • I know right & we’re supposed to believe she grew up listening to hip hop..in Australia!! My understanding of Australia is that it’s a racist piece of shit like geckoroo herself. She’s manufactured, after her pop venture flopped , they repackaged her into hip hop & found a real shoe shining coon (good one Azelia Banks) in TI who’d push her to the top without pity on our poor ears

      • I just cant believe that the rapper gimmick was the one that worked, wtf?

      • My issue with Iggy is not so much that shes white, its that shes not talented period

  42. Iggy is fake, is not even her real voice, many singers/rappers throw accents in their music is called being creative, Iggy on the other hand is nothing but a machine like puppet being pulled by her white management team

  43. ‘Kendrick is my favorite contemporary rapper’..? That doesn’t sound like shit a a hip hop head would say. And u haven’t stated your opinion on Macklemore, who’s universally hated by all hip hop heads (black & white) only fags think he’s dope coz he’s one himself. Off course Iggy is catchy, that’s pop. Nicki is more diverse with her raps, if she where to freestyle battle with that geckoroo, I bet u she’d kill. Iggy is just imitating a black accent, only a white person would think that’s talent. And if u like contemporary music, try Celine Dion coz clear hip hop isn’t for u

    • I’d rather eat dirt than listen to Celine Dion. I’d rather clean my dog’s anal glands out than listen to Macklemore.
      I’m sorry that I don’t fit your mold of the hip hop fan. I used the word contemporary to specify “today’s rappers” as opposed to the OG’s of rap. I certainly didn’t use it in the context of “contemporary FM music” which I suppose is the category the Canadian songstress would belong in.
      The first show I ever attended when I was a little one was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
      My moms found that to be very odd, as most of my CONTEMPORARIES(lol) were into Michael Jackson at that time. My second concert was PFunk. I can’t even describe her displeasure at that! Fortunately I had an older bro who indulged my eccentricities as a kid and took me.
      So, I don’t meet the standard as a hip hop fan. That’s oool. I’ve always danced to my own beat so to speak. But if we ever had a sit down, you’d find that I’m like a human Wikipedia on the history of Rap and Hip Hop. And I still think Nicki is wack. Happy Holidays tho.

  44. Surprisingly for a guy with the knowledge you claim bout hip hop, to even have a positive opinion on that geckoroo, when its best for the genre if she stopped rapping . Fuck Nicki Minaj, it’s not bout who’s better between the two, now I’m talking bout the genre, the culture. If you really appreciate hip hop as u claim, there’s no way u would be happy bout bullshit like Macklemore, geckoroo etc being pushed down our throats like this @ living at a time when there crap will probably outsell & win more awards than true talented rappers.

    • I’m not a guy, and I’d be just fine if Iggy never recorded another note. The same for Nicki. I don’t pay much if any attention who wins the awards.

  45. I’d like to say the same, but I’d be lying. One of my issues is that she’s white, doing a black accent & perpetuating black stereotypes, and getting rich & famous for it. It’s like blackface 2.14.

  46. My HSK Family,

    Give YOURSELVES a huge round of applause!!!
    OMG…I mean to tell the entire Internet…

    You ALL have made me feel like “I’m in extremely exceptional company in here.”
    I haven’t seen THIS kind of consistent intelligent dialogue on a single HSK thread in a long while. There are SO many positive, excellently articulated & prolific comments I can’t even select one to respond to not to mention…I share in the majority of all your opinions! This is one time when I’m seriously going to sit with a tumbler of my famous spiked coffee & read EVERY single one of your posts with great elation & pride.
    I LOVE you guys…y’all are so amazing!!!


  47. Dayum.. music is for everyone. Im over 50 and write song lyrics. Rap, r&b, hip-hop.. now what!! Stop the divide and conquer and embrace music. Period. Dont hate the artist, hate the machine of racism.

  48. I appreciate Iggys music .. and even like some songs ..she dont have no heavy, natural swag in her videos…but her songs are fun and catchy and her style/delivery is unique.

  49. You think I’ll let someone define me when Im ready to write a country song and im a city gurl!!?? Please!

    • Boo sitcho ass down with this bull you writing !!! Music is not music, there’s a way to do a music category that wasn’t invented by a people. If you’re gonna do country music do you think white folks just gonna eat your mess up you call country? Nope, if you think so , write boo boo the fool on your forehead. We (African American) know how our music suppose to be sung and performed and all black people music was built on the foundation of black gospel music. Not just any white person can sing it, the spirit must be tapped into, we know when the ghost (holy spirit) is upon the singer cause we’ll get out our seats, to let that artist know they’re taking us there.

      Also, you not gonna do another culture of music and cast them another an& think they suppose to accept it. Then why should we (African Americans) accept it from Iggy or any artist of another race like her, to crap on our style of doing anything?

      • There is no copyright on style.
        Painters copy other painters all through history.
        White men been trying to copy Frank Sinatra’s style since the 1940’s. That’s showbiz.

  50. HSK better stop slacking on their pimpin’…
    I can’t get it faster than you all…
    @Wille Jones Jr, his brother & I should be placed on the HSK payroll, mane!

    Check THIS out & right before the new year..
    Don’t be surprised to see Chris Rock with a white or foreign chick on his arm real soon.
    Watch what I tell you!




    • Bitch who cares!!!!!!!! Nobody but you! Fuk Chris rock idgaf if hes fuking an apple pie! You aint gettin on,nobodys payroll so sitchoassdown

  51. Apparently, the Rock’s have been planning their divorce long before their formal announcement. Chris’ brother was making jokes about it way back in June 2013…

    The shocking news surfaced in late June when Chris’s brother Tony Rock made light of the situation during a performance at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club.

    “Tony poked fun at his brother’s divorce during one of his acts,” an audience member tells Star. “He said, ‘I’m not supposed to tell y’all this, but Chris is getting a divorce. I’m so happy because now we can get p*ssy together. I didn’t like her anyway.’”

    Sources say Rock, 48, grew tired of having to answer to 44-year-old Malaak.

    “There have been many arguments behind closed doors… Malaak is very controlling and demanding.”

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