EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jackie Long Caught Cruisin’ a Trans?!

HSK Exclusive – Last month, we told you about a drop we received on Jackie Long, claiming the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ actor was spotting at a nightclub … pushin’ up on a U.F.O. aka ‘chic with a dique.’

Now, we’ve got video of the incident that led our source to chime in with the drop. Cue Drake’s “Comeback Season“:

“I been out in Hollywood/ Just acting wrong / What up to Jackie Long / I f*ck with Jackie Long” ~ Drizzy

Take a look at the video clip and tell us what you think …


  1. No one wants Jackie, so he needs to find what he can in order to get his rocks off.

    I remember when he tried to talk to me. He gave me his number and told me in parting, "Jackie Long will never do you wrong." My response: "Jackie Long will never do me. Period."

    Malik Yoba started this trans shit. I wonder who will be the one to finish it? Malik was impregnating women yet I heard about him being a trans lover. I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself. He is a sweetheart, but the trans he was with looked more like a cross dresser – totally clockable. But we were in WeHo, so I probably shouldn't have expected so much. Lol

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