Will Packer’s Ex-Wife Nina Threatens To Sue Jacky Jasper!

Nina Packer vs. Jacky Jasper

Is Will Packer Behind Door #1?

HSK Exclusive – Will Packer may have many of the bossip’in blogs in pocket … but HSK isn’t one of them. Just ask “charity fundraiser” Nina Packer. Know why? One week after we dropped first word of Will Packer’s reported actions aimed at concealing profits from Nina Packer, the former Mrs. Will Packer checked in with HSK demanding the story, “WILL PACKER SUED BY EX-WIFE OVER FAILURE TO PAY DADDY-DUES TO DAUGHTERS!!!“” be taken down.

Nina Packer The Fund Raiser

“If the blog post and all related content are not removed immediately I will pursue all available legal remedies and causes of action, including but not limited to defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” ~Nina Packer


In an email to HSK, Nina Packer stated that our factual and true report is “completely void of facts.” Is Will Packer putting his ex-wife Nina up to this? I don’t know but I do know that despite what she may have once claimed, Nina Packer has never served as Nicki Minaj’s manager, nor has she ever been Lil Wayne’s manager! Don’t believe me … Just ask Cortez Bryant.

The truth is this: We continue to receive and gather a gang of information on Will Packer and we can assure you that social media will be trending the truth about this Hollywood predator before the year is done.

“Nina, Will and Rob Hardy all lived together in a small one bedroom apartment. I guess that’s where they came up with the idea for Trois.”

Check out Nina & Will Packer’s threat to Jacky Jasper:

Nina Packer Cease & Desist


  1. iS WILL letting his wife take the blame for his messed up ways of stealing monies from Folks in Atl ? its an sad case when this sellout negro can't pay his OWN ppl back their cash investment years later Damn .. i wonder how Universal Studios feels about this

  2. Damn Damn Now that u got KEVIN HART LOOSE AS F–K u won't pay back any $$ to the hardworking ppl that helps u with your dreams that is now golden , but payback is an sweet bitch and u giving their $ to your wife is an way that u loose the best piece ass u wish was not hiding in the closet , I know Cube wife Kim don't let him get banged around ike that , its her job regarding the strap.on Queen but u have been hiding TIM STORY FOR TO long

  3. (Let me get my church hat on so when I start singing my golo. Not solo, but a golo!) Weeeeeeelllllllllllll……Jacky told the truth! Well, well,well, Jacky told the truth, Well, well, well. The Packards hate the truth! Heeeeeyyyyyy, Heeeeeyyyyy, Heeeeyyyyy! U can't handle the truth! Well, well, well,!!!! Lmao!

  4. This is straight up foolishness I don't appreciate the way your trying to paint my close friends and family. Y'all need to stop ok just chill because it's not what y'all are making it out to be. Nothing I this article is factually accurate. So shut your ignorant selves up?

  5. Aight so you an ignorant, stupid, idiotic, piece of lying scum that deserves to be fired. What you're writing is straight garbage, using some personal child support stories to demean and discredit hardworking individuals is so petty. Bet you can't even pay child support with your broke behind. Only reason you wrote this is because you are salty as Grandmas grits, you want success but your mediocre stories aren't getting you anywhere. You are only writing to start a kerfuffle. This article should be on theonion.com

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