Blogger Sets Up Sting Operation to Catch Iman Shumpert Cheating on Teyana Taylor!

iman shumpert teyana cheating

Just days after Cleveland Cavalier’s Iman Shumpert helped his fiancée, Teyana Taylor, give birth at home in their bathtub, the couple went on television to describe the events that led up to their daughter, Iman Jr., unexpectedly being born in their bathtub.

Iman even shed a few tears of joy as he described the experience. But the touching story has brought all the thots, bops, and miserable groupies out of the woodwork, and now people are trying their hardest to destroy the couples’ happy moment!

A blogger by the name of Fameolous thought it would be cute to setup a decoy operation to prove Iman’s happiness was all fake because he’s is nothing but a cheater.

The blogger setup a fake Insta-thot profile to lure Iman into setting up a date with the decoy, and Iman fell for the okie doke!

iman shumpert teyana cheating

Fameolous has yet to post the proof, but everyone knows their tweet is referring to Iman.

Is the blogger in the wrong for going out of their way to try to destroy Iman and Teyana’s relationship?


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  4. Shumpert sure made that easy. Men have some pride. All women are not meant to be plucked….you can pass on some.

  5. Doesn't matter dude was in the mix catching pun intended baby "head" whilst trickster n hater deet hateful tweets. Meanwhile, babe n mother is doing well! Justsaying … That is it!

  6. Whoever that blogger is that blogger will have the worse Karma. I understand you want clicks but don't sell your soul for it. Your heart has to be drenched in desperation and evil to do something like this while the poor girl could slip into postpartum depression. Find happiness somewhere, Darling. You can't be a happy person pulling stunts like this.

  7. That shit is wrong you got a young black male being a stand up man crying over his black baby girl and here comes some bullshit

      • But that's none of our business. That blogger could've dm'd Teyans privately about it instead of blasting it to the world. Its become cool to humiliate each other for clicks and likes. Its only a matter of time until Karma come beating down yo door!

        • Private my ass…He is a public figure…his chick giving birth made news…so should his ho-ishness…

          If you do not want to be put out there, do not do dumb ho-bag type shit then get caught doing it…

        • Privately my ass…that MF is a public figure…if his chick having his baby makes news…so should his ho-ishness…

          If he wants privacy give up the limelight and live in anonymity…otherwise stop acting like a ho-bag & keep your head on your woman and child…not new p*ssy.

    • That's the mission of white owned and controlled media. To break up the black family.

      • That blogger is a black woman from south central LA running an independent blog. Classes SheCoon desperate for money so she won't be a homeless bum again..

        • Damn I was wondering who that blogger was. The same blogger put Peter and Tara business out of her at the radiologist for her ultrasound. Damn!

      • Stop. If we go case by case, this is not the case HERE. What family? Are they married? They are destroying the notion of family all by themselves by having a baby out of wedlock. Stop playing.

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  10. oh please. f*ck this nigga. he's one of those ignorant fools who always feel the need to exploit his manhood by sticking it in every woman that gives him attention just because he thinks he's this fine, sexy guy. the decoy did a great job. any faithful, committed man wouldn't have fell for the luring of the okiedoke.

  11. First…Teyana is a HO from way back…errbody been up in that from the Association. Ugly Shump is also stooped Shump. But, he has money…and will do what he do. Two losers here.

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