Birdman Bisexual? Rapper Comes Out the Closet…Again

birdman gay

It seems like every few months, Birdman does some suspect sh*t to make us think he’s really playing for the same team. This time, a mysterious post popped up on the Cash Money execs Instagram page, where he announced he is bisexual.

As soon as the post went up, The Game’s manager, Wack100, cosigned Birdman’s announcement and praised him for coming out the closet.

“Couldn’t respeckt it while you was in the closet, but least people can make a decision now that your open with your sexuality… I’m thinking ya sh*t was hacked but if it wasn’t live your life my n*gga. I need that clearance signed though,” – Wack100

Unsurprisingly, the post has been removed from Birdman’s IG.


  1. Any man that is turned on by sucking another man's dick. Or f*cking another man is GAY.

    • Tell it like it is, damn it!
      I totally agree with you.
      Not nobody's bi nothing…Nigga, you GAY (in the my best Riley voice)

    • FM&AG4ever,

      I don't even have to tell you…you already know you're 100% right!
      This can't possibly come as any surprise to anyone here or anywhere else.

  2. these people are tired of hiding who they are but in acutually they never hid people are just blind

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  4. i mean for God sake, this nasty mouth niggah has french kisses dirty skin having lil Wayne countless times in the mouth and has digged out his booty on effortless occasions. tell something that the viewing public doesn't know already.

      • I feel your frustrations. It's like some kind of mind-control tool to keep you on edge. You typing while sweatin, then…. OMG – THE REFRESH IS COMI

  5. I'll take Geechie Talk for 100 Alex!
    Alex: Retarded phrase for information spoken of
    Me: What is "Talm bout"?
    Alex: CORRECT!

  6. You want respect? Don't suck a man's or boy's dick and tell why you had Soulja Slim killed you creampuff!

    • It’s a “b” for BLOOD. We all know Birdman is a BLOOD. Don’t look to far into it….. however, he still gay though. Hahahahaha

  7. No surprise here…
    Any man kisses another man in the mouth is gay
    This man needs 2 b n prison
    He's a pedifiling child molester…
    No such thing as halfway gay
    Dude u r a fudge packer n dick sucker ?????

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