Nick Gordon Says Bobbi Kristina Suffered Two Miscarriages Before Death

bobbi kristina miscarriage

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Nick Gordon confirms Bobbi Kristina suffered not one but TWO miscarriages prior to her July 26, 2015 death.

“We had a couple of miscarriages. We would have loved to have a kid, but we weren’t planning on it yet and she was just such a fragile young person, it took a toll on her. We wanted to get clean, settle down, get married, have kids,” ~ Nick Gordon

Nick also says he blames himself for not getting BK the help she needed.

“I can’t blame myself for another addict’s addiction but I feel like I failed her. She didn’t make it. I wish she got help. I wish she got my spot [in rehab]. I did not protect her the way that I was supposed to – even if it was from herself,” ~ Nick Gordon


  1. Was this fool really on Dr. Phil not long ago and what is his reason for discussing that girl's private business now? She's dead and gone. Plus, with all the legal/illegal drugs she was supposed to be doing it's no wonder she wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term. He needs to go somewhere and shut the hell up. What does he mean get married? I thought they were already married. If ever there was a person fitting the bill to come up missing….it's this guy.

  2. I don;t believe a word that attention ho Leola says. She wants her own reality show and she'll do anything to get one.

    I don't believe anything Nick says either.

  3. Sooooo does one of those 'two' miscarriages include the abortion she had due to the assult she endore at the hands of a uncle?!….

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