Lil Wayne Dragged for Starving a Pregnant Instagram Thot

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne


A pregnant Instagram thot is accusing Lil Wayne of starving her during a recent trip to LA.

The woman, who goes by the name Bonita4real on Instagram, said she took up Weezy’s offer to go to LA because she “really needed a getaway” *side eye*

When she got there, Weezy was being stingy with his food, and when Bonita took one of his apple slices, he told her he wanted it back…The woman didn’t understand, so Weezy told her it was a prison term…either he would get some backdoor action to make her crap it out, or should we need to cough it out by sucking on his “manhood.”

The woman says due to her pregnancy, she was hungry throughout the entire trip, but every time she tried to eat, Weezy would get mad and say being greedy was “unattractive.”

She also says Weezy was smoking weed the entire time and sippin’ lean.

Eventually, once he realized he wasn’t gonna get any from the pregnant trip, he had a flight booked to send her azz home. But he tried to leave her stranded in a hotel without even booking her a room.
lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 1

lil wayne pregnant instagram thot 2

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pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 1

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 2

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 3

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 4

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 5

pregnant instagram thot lil wayne 6


This woman also claims to have slept with Toya Wright’s ex-husband, Memphitz. In case you forgot, Toya was also married to Weezy.

Hoes will be hoes I guess *shrugs*


  1. She has such a great affect on men yet this multi-millionaire refused to feed her? She went to meet a rapper knowing she was pregnant with another mans child? Why was she in a room with a man that was smoking weed- 2nd hand smoke is worse than 1st. Wheres her child's father? I have so many questions.

    • Hell I only got one. Why in the hell her thirsty ass go on a trip and know damn well she is pregnant and not take no damn money?

      • @ DaRadiant1 Exactly. Opportunist Hoes – then when keeping it real goes wrong, they wanna talk about "God gon do this and that". LOL f*cking jokes.

        • Lmao 11:43! One would think to take some money and let folks know where U are going at all times just in case something happens! This is right here..Epic has really failed!

          • DR1,

            I'm going to need more info before I say what I really want to say.
            I need to know exactly HOW pregnant was this…dimwit, oh…I mean young lady?

            Was she 1-3 months pregnant & not showing yet OR was she ignorant enough to show up on a "getaway trip at the expense of that short Gremlin looking mongrel Lil Wayne?”

            These are the first relevant questions for me. The fact that a PREGNANT woman thought it was okay to travel on such a trip with well-known chronic drug using sickly rapper & with no money & an open credit card for emergencies is a completely separate conversation.

            I must really be naive for my age because I honestly don’t want to believe young ladies are willing to behave in this manner. Not saying I’m not aware of “what goes on” but in the circles I travel in the guests/escorts/friends have travel arrangements, daily per diem & service fees up front & in hand prior to leaving their home or office. I have NEVER seen any foolishness like this & this young lady should fell stupid as hell & shame to have made her experience this public.
            Note to all the teenage girls who may be viewing this here on HSK: DON’T FOLLOW THIS PATH!!!!

          • DR1,
            I meant to say….
            Was she 1-3 months pregnant & not showing yet OR was she ignorant enough to show up on a "getaway trip at the expense of that short Gremlin looking mongrel Lil Wayne….WITH HER BELLY POKED OUT???”

      • Completely off topic but…..
        Instead of an article on a silly uneducated pregnant chick & Lil Druggy can Sasha R cover Katt Williams being arrested AGAIN in Georgia? I want to know what pissed him off so bad to the point of throwing a damn salt shaker at a restaurant manager & busting his lip. Also, it looked like he was out just to have a casual meal but he’s looks like he’s starting age rapidly or maybe he was in need of a good facial & to comb his hair. He’s got a cute short haircut now.

        DR1, it’s time for one of those phone calls to your friends!

          • I think Ms Reg was putting it out there so you would pick it up and get the details on it because it she says anything certain people get to tripping out and it don't seem like she's about all that so she's putting on you.

  2. I don't know if you can blame him…..first of all you're pregnant….sit ya pregnant ass down somewhere and chillax…why are you jet setting to be with some rapper….while you're pregnant? And you really expected him to NOT want to f*ck you??? I will never understand people….end of the day….he will only do what you allow….so if ya ass was hungry….wtf were you waiting on him to feed you for? That in and of itself speaks volumes on this chick. Why spend so much time around him…putting your unborn baby in harms way…for what??? A lil get away???? This chick is lame as hell.

    • FRFR!!!! Sorry ass female should have taken that Airfare, stayed at home and eat organically. But no! She puts herself and an unborn child in danger and has the nerve to brag about it like she's some hero.

    • Longie I got one better, why she is on a damn airplane period? U can fly up to your 6th month but anything after, like U said sit her ass down and chillax!

  3. In the words of Huggy Lo down..u r the bammer of the Week. And a certified idiot

  4. Lil Wayne and most other rappers have little to no respect for women. Do you even listen to their lyrics, while your shaking your azz to their songs? They know that these silly Instragram chicks..wanna be models types online especially are seeking a come up ,and they use it to their advantage. Never allow yourself to be totally co dependent to a mans money, or you will be at his mercy. Lil Wayne is not attractive,but he's in the industry and has money,and that in itself is reason enough for thirsty chicks to attempt to latch on. Why would you travel that far with no money of your own? STUPID!

  5. So what I read, was a story by a woman who don't need to have kids.
    What I read was a dehydrated women, malnurished and ignorant to the effects of 2nd hand smoke.

    Lastly, I read a story from a women, that REAL MEN dont care about. AT ALL.
    TREATED Her just like a Street Whore, and she was so stupid she didnt have Plan B.
    Plan B is what you use when the man you came to visit treats you bandly.
    they only treat you, the way you allow them to!

  6. Lawd have mercy… All I can pray for that young soul is that he or she EJECT now! Wait for a better pair of parents to come through.

  7. the THOTness is real chile, the THOTness is real with these online DM-hoing skanks. let along the thirst of wanting to meet up with filth like lil Wayne. talk about pure-dee desperation.

  8. Hold up, you mean to tell Me, this woman hauled her ass to Lil Wayne's house, and she's knocked up?? What does she expect Wayne to do?? Have sex with her, and she's pregnant, yuck, how disrespectful to the father. I hope she knows, if she's already pregnant, she won't get knocked up by Wayne!!

  9. tl;dr– "Wahh, I went out with a drugged out, mentally unbalanced ex con and he treated me exactly like a drugged out, mentally unbalanced ex con would."

    Also, she's ok with using him for a free vacation but gets salty when he uses her back?? Yeah, aite. Somebody come get your dumbass peoples, please.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. That man & his staff should have sent her home immediately anyway if that belly of hers was showing. Can you imagine that?

    • @11:17 YASSSS!!! Parasites being angry at each other for being parasites. #PleasePassTheRoachSpray ?

  10. This is the funniest thread in ages. It had me all sentimental remembering the old days with all the regulars clownin out. Good times.

  11. I sure hated the way shawty mentioned that fetus 50-11 times im reading like bitch we got it the 1st couple times….fuuuuuck bitches so dramatic nowadays and lil wayne wow lost mo points and nigga u dont knw prison life cuz baby been f*ckin you BEFORE YOU DID A DAY…. You f*ck niggaz need to stop rapping real niggaz lives we getting sick of it

  12. she was put on blast on her ig…she is a paid escort who got catfished into agreeing to go to Dubai while pregnant.

  13. WTF was she even doing there?!?….this is why it's important to have your own everything! If he didn't suspect she was assigned out, he wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to treat her like that, & now she wants to complain, she should know that shivery is DIE & no one is doing anything their of the goodness of their heart, without expecting something in return!

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