Dallas Cowboys 1st Round Pick, Ezekiel Elliott, Caught in Bed W/a Becky!

Ezekiel Elliott in bed

Dallas Cowboys’ first round draft pick, Ezekiel Elliott, is getting welcomed to the league by getting put on blast by a Becky!

Just days after being the fourth pick in this year’s draft, Ezekiel decided to celebrate by smashing a groupie. The girl snapped a photo of the running back as he slept next to her in bed with the caption, “Dallas Cowboys newest running back Ezekiel Elliot.”

These thots move fast, don’t they?


  1. These dumb Nicca's, love getting played by ugly pasty becky's!
    Clearly black men will sleep with anything, black men didn't have no standards,
    you love sleeping with nasty flea ridden becky, who will drop their sh*t stain draw on demand!

    • ?!!!
      1)Sellout c00ns are given flea-bitten neanderthal caveCrotch in order to turn his weak mind from his community.
      2)Sellout c00ns are given flea-bitten neanderthal caveCrotch in order to make the so called Black Woman angry
      3)Sellout c00ns are given flea-bitten neanderthal caveCrotch in order to funnel $$$ back into the neanderthal communities

      Notice that it's the most weak-minded, weak willed, self haters who are given doggy-bones by this system in order to perpetuate the destruction of our community. If you can see it on TV, dude must be down with the system cause thats who's getting rewarded with fame and money. Becky is not a reward, but a decoy and trash her own males don't want.

        • @ Anon 15:35. NO – YOU wonder why so called "blacks" do not progress. I happen to know that 1) My people are NOT Black we are the people of the book Deuteronomy 28:15 – 68. And 2) This 400 years in this country has it's purpose and is coming to an end.

          When we get out of this Prison Corp, called AmeriKKKa, we will have all the progress we need! #RunTellDatBytch!

      • Great post. I couldn't have said it any better myself! Ezekiel Elliot is a idiot!

    • Don't care she took the pic !
      Do care about women and this whole duck lip shit stop it it's weird ill!!!!

  2. As soon as he gets on, he celebrates with this thirst for fame Thot? You men need to stop making these hoes famous or at least collect their electronic devices. Dumb asses.

  3. Something is fishy… Why does she have on clothes and he doesn't? Why out herself too? Why wait until he's asleep to take the pic? I smell a setup! He's the 2nd draft pic to be outed…

    • Because these types are too F-ing stupid to realize these neanderthals are still in cohoots with THEIR male counterparts and could easily just take this dude out if she wanted too… Nucca is SLEEP both mentally as well as physically.

      • 100% Coons got the nerve to be talking about hating the white man?? It takes two people to make the white man, a man and a woman. Coons really want to be the white man. Bedwench males getting played by the white man's woman. Make money, becky!

        • @ 12:32 IKR!!!! I read a manifesto online written by a cavebitch who encouraged Interracial Dating as a way to support White Supremacy. In it she mentioned that white females can still have "nigger cock" and still be racist! These c00ns just don't get it. They are being played BIG TIME and if they had the intuition that women in general have, they'd be afraid to lay down at night and close their eyes around these caveBitches. Just watch SNAPPED! #WillingChamberBucksSMH

      • I beg your pardon. My husband Doc and I have been together 36 years and we have a beautiful family. What is so wrong with that?

  4. The caption should have read ' I just done some filthy animalistic shyt' with this dude lastnight. Charge his dumded asz to the game.

  5. He's just enjoying being an athlete. I bet she's a freak, I'm sure he had a great time

      • Those hypocritical Kneegros are willing chamber bucks happy to star in their personal "Mandingo" movie and proud of it, till the kneegrow ends up in a pot of hot water and pitchfork in his ass!

  6. A typical sell out bedwench black male. Becky's be busting nuts on coons putting them to sleep going through wallets getting credit card numbers keep playing sell out bedwenches, Becky!!

  7. anyone see that herpes sore on Halle Berry? she didn't get that from the hood! black bitches sell out too!!!

    • Yup we saw that and hey too bad about Prince having AIDS he didn't get that from the hood! bitter crack babies can't handle the truth

    • Halle Berry is a HYBRID azz bytch – NOT Black. 1/2 black + 1/2 anything else equals a HYBRID. Genetics 101 – Hybridization. That bitch can bend the rules thanks to her sell out c00n ass daddy.

  8. Back to the top at hand, once burned twice shy now he's got some good common sense and will make better choices in who he bangs, have them sign NDA, etc. Have stronger security. BM with money are targeted by savvy non black women who can blame them? Brothas have to out think them or get played over and over as beckys are bold and showing proof of conquering them!

    • Proof positive that black athletes care more about f*cking white trash bitches than investing their money and creating a black owned, financial legacy! Like I said before, Mr. Elliot will be broke in five years!

  9. What's the point of playing football if not to eventually make a lot of $$$ and bang all the white chicks u want?

    • @15:14 and that's why you have so many black women FOLLOWING the black man's Lead.
      Goose & Gander – No Bitch fits about bedwenches without censure-ship of Chamber bucks.

  10. The Smart Becky Playbook: sex down a coon, take photos, go through his wallet, get his credit card number, rinse, lather repeat. Take the money back to your community and marry the police aka a white men. by the way, it takes a white woman and a white male to make a white person aka the police. No matter how much you coons want to breed out you can't make a white man, sorry. only mixed breeds.

  11. Black male athletes don't learn. Black male athletes refuse to control their sexual urges. Black male athletes continue to screw around with white women. I bet my next paycheck Ezekiel Elliot will be broke in ten years. Can you say Terrell Owens? Can you say Ocho Cinco?

  12. You would think that all of these black athletes would have learned form the mistakes OJ Simpson made. Orenthal lost his entire fortune (And freedom) because he married a broke, cocaine using white bitch! Twenty years later, these new black athletes are doing the same shit OJ did. It's bad enough the white man is sabotaging our chances at wealth and l and ownership. It is absolutely pathetic that some times we are our own worst enemy. Ezekiel Elliot hasn't carried the ball one time in the NFL and he has already f*cked up!

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