Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Ordered to Give Up Dr. Ken Paychecks!

tisha campbell duane martin dr ken paycheck

Less than a month after being accused of bankruptcy fraud, Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane Martin have been ordered to give their business over to the bankruptcy trustee, and they are prohibited from putting their hands on any money Tisha has earned from her gig on the t.v. show Dr. Ken.

Immediately after filing for bankruptcy back in April, the trustee found out Tisha and Duane had opened a new business, XE Visions, to funnel checks from Tisha’s t.v. appearances.

Despite claiming they only had $200 in cash on hand, Tisha was making $45K per episode on Dr. Ken…and was secretly diverting the money behind the court’s back!

According to The Jasmine Brand, the federal court judge has granted this preliminary injunction against the couple, and they are ordered to turn over all assets and cash that has been paid to XE Visions. The judge states the new company will be turned back over to the couple once the bankruptcy comes to a close.


  1. I'm sure Duane's f*ck buddy Will Smith can give him a loan

  2. I hate they got caught. This can't be good and will definitely crap their current lifestyle and spending habits unless they can find a way to work it out. I don't know why their good friends The Smiths don't let them use one of their companies or foundations to run their money through until the bankruptcy is completed. The criminal side of my mind at work from seeing how the whites been operating for so long.

    • So Cal Soul,

      Somehow, I just don't think Will & Jada want to touch that situation. You know they're both sort of "whitewashed" when it comes to certain things…you know how your white friends don't know you if you find yourself in trouble? I mean like that but by the same token I'm almost sure Will Smith would not hesitate to loan them money if it came down to it.

  3. Wow this sounds messy. They have two kids to take care of and one has autism. Let's hope they don't do time behind this.

  4. i swear most of my people are always trying to get over in life and swindle their way through life and not anticipate consequences. i still say he needs to call his secret on-the-low boothang Will Smith for help. he'll oblige.

    • Nah, Will dont want his name associated with this crap. He'll probably give him a monologue on the value of Time, Faith and Self-Belief ?

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