Prince Picked Up HIV Medication Days Before Death?

prince hiv

According to the National Enquirer, Prince was prepared to die because his HIV had turned into full blown AIDS!

“Doctors told Prince his blood count was unusually low and that his body temperature had dropped dangerously below the normal 98.6 degrees to 94 degrees,”

According to sources, Prince was “totally iron-deficient, very weak and often disoriented. He rarely ate and when he did, it all came right back up.”

Photos of the singer days before his death showed him making runs to a pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions. An employee at the Walgreens told the Enquirer that Prince was picking up his HIV meds.

“The last night, though, we sensed he was in trouble. One girl said he had foreign medication and thought it was Zika virus or something, but my friend who knows the meds says he’s sure it was HIV meds,”

A week before his death, Media Takeout ran a blind item that hinted at the singer having HIV. Some “religious people” had told him he was cured, so he stopped taking his meds. That’s when the virus came back stronger, eventually ending his life.

Do you believe these new claims?


  1. People love to talk and speculate, and that includes tabloids,blogs, and other media outlets! I'll wait for the autopsy and toxocology reports myself.

    • Thank you. I highly DOUBT Prince would have an HIV PRESCRIPTION IN HIS NAME. Stranger things have happened…but I'm with MissK. I'll wait for the official word.

      • The biggest problem here is how "unofficial & untruthful" the official word is going to be.

        • Ms Reg If there is any fudging on the ME's report it will be because he is paid to leave out the HIV stuff. It is known that the family and lawyers are doing whatever it takes to have it left as an OD and that's it.
          The AIDS stuff will come from inner circle people looking for a fat check tho.

          • Anonymous @ 17:40,

            I actually believe you especially after hearing how things are so bad that a bank rep or Sheila Escovedo will be taking over to run the distribution of Prince's money & other belonging. Things are supposedly in turmoil among the siblings but who knows. I personally believe Sheila would be better suited for this matter with the overseeing of Prince's attorney.

      • @18:24: If he went to that Walgreens regularly to pick up his own prescriptions, he wouldn't have to use an alias. His anonymity is pretty blown when he shows up at the counter.

        • If you noticed the pictures they have of him are outside waiting for someone else who is picking up the meds.

        • Kev you are correct. From what I hear, the residents on Chanhassen know him like family. I am sure that they even recognize his assts and body guards who would make pickups.

          • If the meds were under an assumed name & he had someone else picking them up…no they would not.

        • That 's exactly my point! If Prince picked up HIV meds THAT IS NEWS someone could sell for BIG BUCKS to the EQ. And if he's had it a while I doubt that news would of been a secret this long.

    • Damn can't even die in peace !
      Just better to just disappear!
      Less drama digging!!

    • There won't be any autopsy. Prince's body has already been cremated. Makes you wonder!

    • Tox is gonna give you the prescriptions in his system. But had he been HIV+ the autopsy would have already known that. Same with the liver poisoning from acetaminophen.

  2. Please do not do our Brotha Prince like this. This Brotha did so much behind the scenes for so many especially for our Brotha’s and Sista’s fighting injustices in this racist country. This is a vicious rumor with no basis in fact. We have not seen Prince medical records, we have not seen any of his sexual partners come forward, any in his inner circle confirm anything like this. This makes me so damn mad that anytime a Black celebrity dies it always gone be some type of negative story telling the worse. Imagine if Prince was your blood family, and you are dealing with his death and have to deal with this type of negativity. Let’s honor his memory and legacy for all the good that he did and all the musical joy he brought to the world.

    • You know what if that was a black woman you would be calling her all kinds of names Prince was no angel!

      • Thank U @13:01! We already know it's going to be two death certificates. Come on y'all, we all know how the game is played. Look at his lifestyle.

      • In his 20s he acted like a horny 20-year-old man sowing his royal oats. So what! People change.

        The problem is that some people — who can ill afford to remove the speck from their brother's eye — always want to beat the hell out of a person about their past no matter how they've evolved.

        Prince evolved into a God Fearing man man who spread a lot of joy not only through his music but through his philanthropic efforts and unselfishly TRIED TO SCHOOL OTHER ARTISTS on the biz…something very few people of his calibre take the time to do.

        He had two failed marriages and a string of girlfriends and none of them have come up sick…so I'ma hold out for the OFFICIAL MEDICAL REPORT as to his cause of death.

        And even if it turns out that the speculation is true, that does not diminish the respect I have for him, his music or his genius.

        • Of course not he was a genius but stop the drama please he was a man, who lived like a horny bisexual. Funny, black women are his biggest fans but he did spend lots of time and marriages, uplifting NON BLACK WOMEN. He seemed to have gotten a reality check in his later years, as Micheal Jackson did, too but for a long time Prince wasn't checking much for black women!

          • I wasn't in his bedroom every night like YOU WERE…so I'll pass on pegging him as bi-sexual.

            BOTH of Prince's wives were WOMEN OF COLOR and he dated plenty of black women as well (Nona Gaye, Ananda Lewis, Cat Glover, Denise Mathews).

            And the only folks on this blog contributing to DRAMA are the one's buying into the DRAMA of how he died.

          • Another bitch angry at the world. Sorry your daddy touched you and left mama for a white girl, but don't take it out on all black men, you stupid twit

            • So many idiots born of crackhead moms coming here pissed off that they can't control grown folks. You jailbird crack babies are funny.

          • news flash. women who loved real men with a well-built staircase, if you will, as it pertains to the male anatomy weren't checking for a man who is super petite – standing at only 5'2 110lbs or even more petite than she is. the only women that loved him and who he had relations with were the ones who loved his over inflated bank account and his loaded purse.

        • Attack of the crack babies! Damn y'all's mama did you wrong and your daddy ditched you no wonder you are so bitter and such control freaks on a message board.

    • Oh please! Aids doesn't discriminate! The sad point to this story is the JW convinced him he was cured and he stopped taking his meds. Let's get the word out and inform people about the truth of this illness. Love you Prince.

      • Why would Jehovahs Witnesses want to convince him he was cured. They take medication all tbe time except blood products. You need to straight to Jehovahs Witnesses to know what they teach and do instead of believing rumors. Only morons don’t go to the source if they really want the truth.

    • Why do ppl like you always try to stop others from using there common sense? If you want to believe lies than do that but don't try to stop others from using there brain.

      The thought of him having AIDS is not that far fetched. He dresses like a girl which means he probably likes boys. Then he works in an industry full of gay men that have AIDS. Then to top it off he was cremated and had a funeral within 48 hours of passing which might mean they expected it. If it was such a surprise they should've took a little longer to try and figure out what happen to him?

      Use your brain and stop being idiot!!

  3. I love this man no matter what.
    He has done so much for the community.
    I wish I could have told him, and that WE all could have rallied around him for support.

    • Traci I agree with you unlike the poster above you.

      He was great no matter what he died from. And being in denial of the truth serves no purpose.

  4. YES JACKY OBVIOUSLY ITS TRUE BECAUSE SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: INFLUENZA, ETC. imagine all of the other celebrities that don't even know their health status SMH thats probably why they get blackballed

    • Very true Alot of celebs fall off because of this and lie and say it was cancer Alot of celebs have died of aids we didn't know about unless you really read

      • @ 17:25 Very good point. I didn't really stop to think of that before. But didn't Vanity just die earlier this year in February. They say it was some sort of abdominal cancer? Things that make you go hmm…

  5. A good friend of his was Sylvester James. I hope that where ever Prince is, he is at peace –

        • So according to nigra logic, if you're friends with a flamboyant gay man who happens to be a fellow artist, and you're a man that means you're sleeping with him? I'm not saying Prince was or wasn't bi, but I don't get the Sylvester connection.

          So I guess all of those down low brothers who aren't friends with flaming gay guys aren't really down low and sleeping with dudes, huh?

    • Exactly, I hope that got paid well cuz they are going to get fired and sued. I have worked in the medical field as a pharmacy Tech and a Medical Secretary (HUC) releasing or repeating patient information is a big no no. They can kiss any future in said field goodbye.
      If the person worked in Walgreen’s Pharmacy dept they would know the names of all or most of the HIV retroviral medications that they carry, Zika virus meds my ass. If his A very low CD4 (t-cell count) he might have been treated with strong antibiotics to help fight opportunistic infections.

      If Prince had full blown AIDS he didn’t show any of the symptoms like wasting or dementia. He seemed pretty lucid at his last concert in ATL and he was just photographed riding his bike days before he died. I recently saw a video that Remy Ma posted of her best friend that she lost to AIDS and she clearly showed signs of wasting and Kaposi's sarcoma but it affects everyone differently so I don’t know, he just didn’t look extremely ill in recent pics to me.
      His last tweet (that has since been erased) however has me kinda effed up in the head tho….


    • Now, that's what I immediately thought about & how Walgreen's should see the largest lawsuit ever in the history of their establishment as a result.

  6. Not surprised people are putting out many reasons as to what caused his death. Anything to cover the truth, right?

    RIP Prince.

  7. RIP Prince. It doesn't matter the cause of death. I'm just saddened he died all alone and probably scared.

    • I feel the same way about him being alone. It really gives you a new perspective on what life is all about.

    • yeah i know right?! sad he died alone. and that evil, atrocious music industry didnt make it no better on him.

      • Just goes to show that at the end of the day, after all those satanic oaths taken, being a puppet, selling their agenda, and getting passed around left and right; they'll still just crumple you up and throw you in the trash. Like you're nothing at all.

  8. He was spiritual. If you understand him, you are spiritual too. His fans crossed demographics. His song lyrics included death. He lived electric and did not ignore the finale' of "this thing called life".

  9. I don't believe it. Where are the receipts and documentation? Not credible, simply speculation to sell a tabloid. The source is not identified nor are his/her credentials; secondly this is a HIPPA violation and the person needs to be accountable. I'll wait until the toxicology report is published.

  10. Here we go with that bullshit…
    Mainstream media & it's counterparts are having their field days at the expense of the masses (that being Prince fans.) I clearly understand not every single person alive was a die hard Prince fan….
    I even understand the fact that not everyone liked or appreciated his music….I get that.
    I can even understand not everyone liking Prince as person due to the various ways he may have carried himself….past & in recent times. Having said all that I want to say this: HERE WE GO WITH THE BLACK EYE SPREAD ACROSS HIS IMAGE & MUSICAL LEGACY.

    I'm not saying any of it is not true but I find it so odd that only in death does all the "not so cool details" HAVE TO come out. Like Michael & Whitney word is that Prince was actually having "money troubles" due to him spending above his means when he had very little income. ALLEGEDLY….this is the reason for this recent Australian tour & surprise shows. Supposedly Prince was so in need of generating cash he'd do shows on a whim, unplanned & not well promoted only to end up losing money as opposed to the other way around in some cases. Again, I am not saying any of this is not true but for once I wish we could have one of OUR beloved icons leave this earth without rhetoric, drama, speculation & disgrace. It's really quite obvious what's being done. Elvis was for damn sure a raging alcoholic, binge eater & drug addict yet mainstream media & all the Elvis fans of all ages worldwide are STILL swearing Elvis is the King of Rock & Roll & the greatest thing since sliced bread. For once can we have that same respect & admiration without all the sorted details?

    Now, again…not saying any of what's being said is or is not true BUT:
    I don't believe Prince did not have a will…so hundreds of millions of his money would go to estate tax? Not his style at all…sorry. I do believe there were some deals made & in place about whatever money he had & not necessarily after he died either….Prince fans KNOW he has released "unreleased music" a few times over the years & there are a bunch of "written & recorded music" of his stored for the future. Will we EVER hear any of it now??? I know for a fact he recorded an entire jazz album with Miles Davis before Miles died that was never released. Think we'll get a whiff of any of those songs ever in our lifetime? I'm making mention of this because to date we've only heard ONE new song of Michael's since he's been gone & it was poorly done due to poor production & orchestration. (Akon's bad…smh) I'm mentioning all these things because I'm hoping for everyone to not necessarily just talk about it but to be very aware of our surroundings & pay attention. There is something afoot here. I'm not speaking of hexes, conspiracies, sacrifices & all that but something IS going on….

    In all that I've said I failed to mention there's also a claim that "Prince's estate & net worth have been grossly exaggerated." Since when & who knows this to be true & allowed to share such details with the general public? Not saying it's not true…some of us remember when Paisley Park's property taxes were in the arrears & was due to be foreclosed on. THAT was all out in the media everywhere but nobody reported shit when the taxes owed were paid in ONE single payment….just saying.

    Not to pass judgment or dragging bones but David Bowie passed away of "Cancer." For those of us old enough to recall…David Bowie was openly having sex with both men & women since the late 70's. He even got caught in the bed with Mick Jagger on more than one occasion.(I'm waiting for CrazyChis to chime in because I know he knows!) Again, mainstream media & the like made sure to create a "positive, calm & natural" way out for him without tarnishing his image. Rumors swirled among fans but NOT IN THE MEDIA. Why can't we have that? Oh…let me stir that pot since they want to put Prince on front street. NOBODY SAID A WORD about how David Bowie's long time male friend & hairstylist dying right after David's passing…. No one speculated on THAT & the media said NOTHING. I mentioned it here on HSK when I brought up Iman losing 3 people close to her in the last 3 months including her mom but no one caught it. Now you guys get my point…I hope.

    Aids, HIV…whatever the case was or is. For once, I'd like to see this one icon of ours truly rest in peace without all the drama-rama. We all know most likely…we'll be handed a fabricated truth in the end anyway.

      • Anonymous @08:07
        If you profess to know so damn much why bother to comment.
        Give credit where it's due or keep all your wonderful knowledge to yourself.
        Half of what was written a few people didn't know already even if you did.

    • Good god, there were like 5 books written by members of Elvis's inner circle revealing all the gory details of his "sordid" drug use and debauched life. They aren't treating Prince any differently than they do any rock star.

      • Finally an adult with some sense instead of hysterical stan mammies and bitter male crack babies! Bravo to you for bringing common sense to this bullshit!

      • Anonymous @ 17:45,

        You either missed my point or simply turned it into what you wanted….
        While books are a form of media that was clearly NOT what I was talking about.
        The average person will get their intake of current affairs & various details thereof from the Internet, their local news, world news & gossip rags like TMZ & the like long before they ever get to the biggest of best-selling books & THOSE MEDIA OUTLETS as a rule go out of their way to NOT tell every tawdry secret of their white icons such as Elvis, Jim Morrison & Kurt Cobain to preserve their image & how they did Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & now our beloved Prince is completely opposite of that. There is a very distinct way in which mainstream media handles & delivers information to the masses about our icons & it all by design.

  11. prince murder was about his music catalog he didn't want to give back the masters and he was tired

  12. the elites wasn't gonna kill prince but queen elizabeth needed another sacrfice like whitney

    • people do not die from AIDS this day and age due to the sophisticated drugs and treatments out here now. the key is taking them daily without missing a day until a cure prevails. and i say sue the living f*ck outta Walgreens for releasing his personal info like that. sue they asses good.

  13. Why hasn't Warner Brothers released a statement offering condolences. The did Prince dirty.

    • It's because Warner Brothers and the Queen of England murdered him! Don't believe the bullshit from TMZ. Remember TMZ are owned by Warner Brothers! They're intentionally broadcasting false info to cover up the truth!

      • Knew somebody was gunnin to get somebody big. Watch zoolander2 if you can stomach that shit. They tellin you in the first 30 minutes.

  14. well have mercy. hence the reason why he wanted to remain so private for the latter portion of his life, hence the reason why he wanted to be cremated and hence the reason why he wanted and only had 20 people at his funeral. i can believe he was possibly HIV+ and it subsequently resulted to full blown AIDS. Prince ass was gay. he had 100% bitch ways about him…uhhh obviously per the high heels, the makeup, the permed-up hairdos and he was too meticulous about his sh*t, like most gay men are, but all and all the general public, let along his diehard fans accepted him for all that feminine getup he display on a daily in every aspect of his life. i dont give two sh*t how many women he dated, married f*cked, got pregnant and the babies died throughout his lifetime either – hell plenty of men like him today battling this type of cover up, being married to women but loving men on the low…hell take Ne-Yo for example. the man indulged in same sex love with men. I still wanna know why he was so close to someone in the news media and not too popular as Van Jones the CNN commentator and one of the 20 people he allowed at his funeral – i truly believe he had a thing for the dark choklit cuties like Van and just with men in general. now since the news has broken on a blog like HSK some thing are placed into perspective about how the man lived in his last days and recent days of him still making music. and the National Enquirer is a reliable source – stop doubting them. and Prince wasn't no angel by any means.

    • FINALLY some common sense, I mean, Prince work ASS OUT CHAPS. BW just liked him cause he was light skin! He wore more makeup than Beyonce!!

      • Wrong, wrong, sistahs were not checkin' for Prince like that. We were in awe of his talent, music and artistry. But 5'2", 120 lbs with permed hair and high heels, uhm, no, we weren't checkin' for him like that.

        RIP Prince.

  15. This is what the white media does, to black celebrities when they die, they lie on them, make up lies! Prince was no fool, he knew a lot of things, that's was going on, he tried to expose it, but people were stupid to understand!
    Just like with M.J, he tried to speak up, and warn people, but they were still asleep!

    Black celebrities get treated like sh!t, when these black celebrities finally wake up, and try yo help the black community, white people don't like it, because they want the money!
    is ok when black celebs, donated money to white organization, but not black organizations.

    If it wasn't for black people, these artist wouldn't be nothing, is black people who made them what they are, not white people!

      • @Anonymous

        What are you harping on about?? All I said is, the white media, going to to find a way to destroy his character! Like what they did to M.J, and Whitney.

      • It's also important to remember that white owned urban blogs are paid to keep broadcasting false info on the murder of Prince. Everything is a rich man's trick!

    • The owner of Warner Brothers Music is a British, jewish billionaire name Leonard Blavatnik. His net worth is $20 billion dollars. He is going to make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of Prince's music, image and legacy! Everything is a rich man's trick!

  16. It's sumptin wrong wit u ninjas. Oj ain't do it. Rkelly ain't pee on nobody. Mike ain't grab peepees. Bill cos ain't rape nobody and prince ain't have the bug. Foh

    • LAFFINMYMUTHAFUCKINASS clean OFF!!! now that's hilarious. *dying* at Mike aint grab no peepees! maaaaan. now see fool! Lol

    • Since you brought it up OJ did not do it his eldest son Jason did…check the facts money….

      • You're right. OJ didn't do it. And I hope Martin Sheen's documentary sheds light on all the stuff the TRIAL brought out that the MEDIA didn't cover because they'd already reached the foregone conclusion that he was guilty to sell papers and keep ratings high.

  17. Mediatakeout posted the story on the 16th, then Prince (RIP) dies on the 21st. Think the blind item was preety accurate ( minus making it untill the summer) , in addition the writer said that the religious folks told him he was cured ( the JW's) . I dont know but the AIDS story sounds pretty believable to me.

    • If you think we JW’s believe in AIDS cures or any religious cure, you need to actually study the bible with one of us. We have NO such beliefs! Find out for yourself instead of listening to rumors.

  18. People are now saying, the Simpson predicted his death. This isn't the 1st time a cartoon has done it, 2 months ago, I watching The Simpson, Homer was a hit man, He took out Prince! At the time, I didn't think nothing of it, but since people are talking about it, is every shocking!

  19. Not "White media" – it's JEWISH controlled media – don't blame whitey RIP Prince – they're gonna do you dirty but F the Jew media agendas and media manipulation/brainwashing –

    • oh please. Fake ass Kazars ARE white! what the f*ck do you think Ashkenazi means? GERMAN!

  20. [off topic slightly…Lol] man i've learn to type my comments in Microsoft Wordpad first and paste it on this site because it refreshes fast as you can blink an eye. smh

  21. Woman Who Cares MJ and Whitney and Cosby destroyed their own legacies.
    It wasn't the medias fault.

    Stop stanning for people who f*cked up.

    • Wrong. Cosby's legacy was destroyed by the media which hyped up 30-year-old ALLEGATIONS from CASTING COUCH BED WENCHES looking for a pay day since their "careers" never took off. His mistake was being dumb enough to believe he had carte blanche to deal with 'em in the first place.

        • Boule Bill's other mistake was thinking he had white privilege. Hugh Hefner drugged and raped countless numbers of women, but you will never see him get arrested or sued. That rich old white man is well protected.

          • He ain't dead yet…so there is still time for his cemetery to be brought of the closet.

  22. BULLSHIT! The illuminati murdered Prince! By the way Warner Brothers is going to make BILLION OF DOLLARS off of Prince. The chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers records is a jewish British man name Leonard Blavatnik! He is worth $20 billion dollars. If Prince did die of Aids, he was most likely injected; can you say Eazy E?

    P.S. Why was Prince's body cremated so quickly?

  23. Why was Prince's body cremated so quickly? By the way the chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers is a jewish billionaire name Leonard Blavatnik. His net worth is $20 billion dollars. Warner Brothers is going to make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of Prince's death. Everything is a rich man's trick!

    • They claim this was Prince's instructions. He also wanted to be loved and remembered without all the drama and fanfare like Michael's funeral/memorial.

  24. Mayte said it best"He's with our son now". That's all that matters. Let the man RIP.

  25. NBA: Truth, just like the boxer Tony Morrison, cremated immediately. As for the usual suspects, I am not surprised by Leonard Blavatnik being behind some shit!!

  26. Damn near this whole thread is woman who cares talking to and cosigning herself. Damn shame.

  27. Whew! *shakes dirt off clothes and stumps mud off shoes* that was a long rabbit hole. I have been doing some deep sea web surfing and I have learned so much about Prince that I didn’t know. He was a very interesting and unique individual behind the scenes whatever his lifestyle or sexual preference was and I am not in a position to judge anyone. I was also amazed by the spiritual (don't worry my idol is still Jesus Christ) connection he seemed to have with his fans on prince dot org. I never thought much about his lyrics t until read the ones to the song Lets Go Crazy O_O! Just look for the purple banana til they put us in the truck. hmmmmm… But that’s another story for another day.

    montreal super and Anon 10:27 I hear both of you when it comes to both sides the lines are blurred. Along my internet travels I found this woman’s (and I use the term loosely) Debbie Schlussel’s site who wants you to think that when pushing her Zionist agenda stating things like “an anti-White, anti-Semitic, anti-American hate-fest.” When referring to Prince and Farrakhan. Even though I don’t condone Mr. Farrakhan or his beliefs, I still found this to be an interesting read.

    • quit your moralizing 'i never judge someone' biotch! that nigga put himself on center stage, so we deserve to take a shot at him. lesson learned: engage is risky behavior and u b damn sure it gonna come back and bite you in the ass. Prince RIP – AIDS.

      • Yeah you always change your moniker when your cowardly hating ass wants to say something slick huh? Your mannerisms always give you away LMAO. But I will take your Biotch and raise you a poor diction having ass cretin with a side bet of morally inept non spelling ass hat.

        I can’t stand your fake multi handle having ass. Pick one have a drink and be somebody damn….

        Oh I forgot with your medication you cant drink…. Never mind wouldn't want your ass to OD….

  28. If it makes your dumb asses feel better to believe that Prince was the victim of the evil J e w i sh overlords then believe it.

    Prince was no more of a victim than Elvis was. Both were rich powerful men who no one said no to.

  29. I don't believe this story but I do believe the video I saw of him along with the witnesses who saw him riding his bike smiling and in good form.

  30. Prince was dating model Damaris Lewis before he died. They attended the warriors game together. Prince was definitely into chocolate.

    • and he knew he had aids and gave it to her…thats an evil person out to infect anyone who is blinded by his wealth, not knowing he was the prince of death.

  31. The Enquirer? The same trash bag that cleans princess di had a two-headed alien baby? Come on now it's nobody's business what was wrong with Prince, has Society gotten so bad that celebrities can't have anything for themselves even in death? You know it's BS because somebody working for a pharmacy should know all the meds and what therefore instead of asking someone else kind of scary for the customers have that Pharmacy

    • Ugh I hate this voice to txt crap. That was supposed to say: the same trash rag that claims princess di………

    • You must be thinking of The Weekly World News. The Enquirer has broken several huge stories in the past 10 years. Even the NYT has said that they are great at digging up stuff that the mainstream media is afraid to touch.

      They definitely don't do alien type stories.

      • Not I pumpkin pie. The story said it in first paragraph. I just remember back in the day the Enquirer was considered a joke. Crazy stories.

        There's a lot of Anons here so I am going to type my name LdyBozz. So I don't get mistakenly cussed out, cuz I am all about peace and love

  32. I oughta slap whoever wrote this bloodcot article

    Suck my dick from the back!

  33. So his personal long time chef has given an interview where he says that Prince has been very different for the last 2 month and he's only been able to keep down smoothies and shit.

    Face it yall….he was very very sick.

  34. This chef sounds suspicious . He could have poisoned him. Why is he talking? I'm sure he signed a confidentiality agreement if he worked for Prince. There's no loyalty.

  35. You muhfukkas will make a nigga lose faith in the intelligence of black folks. This fruit was cross dressing for three decades complete with bouffant eyeliner high heels and ass out chaps but noooooooo he wasn't gay. And nooooooo he couldntve had AIDS. You muhfukkas are a truly special kind of stupid. Especially woman who cares, original man, Sarah mama and your other cast of characters.

      • Your right. Flue doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks unless it turns into walking pneumonia then it does!

    • @100, some black people are a special kind of stupid black females and their mammy ways are the worse. Prince was obviously bisexual, yes a genius but blacks have a blind spot, thats how black males get away with so much.

      • Fuck you bitch…unless you are every black female on this earth you do NOT know how every single one feels ….take your trailer trash azz back to the dumpster you crawled out of!

  36. L.A Reid, said something really interesting, he did an interview regarding Prince's passing, he said Prince was afraid of elevators! They found his body inside an elevator, at his house!!

    • If Prince really died of Aids, I guarantee you he was injected. Can you say Eazy E?

  37. Wow! Interesting …We can speculate his death. But, truth we will never truly know. He was my all time FAV and always will be. Doesn't matter how he passed on he still and always will be my Prince!

  38. Prince…the Queen…THE VAULT….the Money….lookin healthy…..encore performance….chem trails….speaking out…emergency stop…..only the TRUE GOD knows……cause he saw what happened
    ….deep inside we know THE INDUSTRY is a FACTOR….." just when you thought you were safe"………..on to the next one….RIP FRODO

  39. What a bunch of low life nut jobs posting here. Prince's legacy will live on intact, no matter what he died from. The Artist was a genius and no one can take that from him…or from his fans.

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