Angela Simmons’ Fiancé is a Convicted Felon!

Sutton Tennyson angela simmons fiance

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Angela Simmons is engaged, but nothing was known about her mystery man…until now.

Apparently, Angela is done with men in the music industry, because she’s set to walk down the aisle with 35-year-old Atlanta native Sutton Tennyson…it’s just too bad he’s a convicted felon!

According to sources, Sutton did time in prison for carrying a concealed gun in 2000. A few years after that, he was back in the pen for credit card forgery, identity theft, drug possession and police obstruction…you know, typical scammer shit. He was released from prison in 2010.

Rev Run, come get yo daughter!


  1. If she decides to proceed forward with this marriage I at least hope that she has sense enough to get a prenup. People can change but considering his past you can never be too careful. He can be a straight up opportunist looking for a come upon her dime.

  2. just another case of a stupid dumb female that winds up "taking care" of a male in order to keep him faithful LOL she better hope he doesnt try to get her pregnant!

    • oh the jackpot was indeed struck look who this chic's daddy is, let along who her other fam is. a bunch of rich ass so n so's. he struck gold, silver and mainly the green.

  3. He looks crazy in the eyes. I hope he is different from what he looks like. I had an ex that could have been his twin. Very jealous and controlling. I hope she doe's a background check.

  4. Well, at least we know she's really supposedly engaged.
    This guy may be a felon but I'm betting the farm this information was purposely planted in the media to keep HER name buzzing. Seriously, what is her relevance & importance other than who her father is? Even being engaged to a felon makes her at very least the topic of a few minor conversations!

    • HELLO! spot-on with that!!! the precise scenario indeed. smdh. sad and pathetic for most women like this and Shaedra Parks.

  5. Damn, the desperation is real on her part. I always thought that she had common sense, and would marry an upstanding dude. But it just goes to show that you don't know what the hell is going on in terms of an individual's psyche. She's nothing more than a bird who just so happens to have been born into wealth and Hip-Hop royalty. He can't be too much of a downgrade for her because she obviously isn't a prize herself.

    Welp, Rev Run is now 3 of 6. Who's next? Diggy?

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