Blac Chyna Pregnant? Paparazzi Catch Her at the Gyno!

blac chyna pregnant

Ever since Blac Chyna started hooking up with Rob Kardashian, everyone suspected she would get pregnant asap. And it looks like there could definitely be a bun in the oven, according to X17 Online.

Yesterday, the gossip website caught Chyna, Rob, and Kim Kardashian headed out to her OB-GYN office…a sign that either Chy has an STD, or she’s knocked up…we’re going with the latter. Chyna was even more covered up than usual, wearing an oversized hoodie and sweatpants.

Chyna has been making an effort to patch up her relationship with the Kardashians in the past few weeks. She and Kim are back on speaking terms, and she even hung out with Kylie the other day. It would make sense that the ladies are trying to get along now that Rob III is on the way.


  1. Yep! She's definitely pregnant! Rob gave her a "push" gift early…a purple Lamborghini. Kim also tweeted/Snapped that they should never go against the "family"…meaning Chyna is carrying a Kardashian.

    • Great minds think alike!
      But they worship the serpent,she looks like a serpent!

  2. I really wish that the media would quit making these attention seeking surgically altered bimbos relevant and famous! There was a time when you had to have an actual talent or do something fame worthy to be considered a celebrity ,but these reality shows have men and women alike thinking that they are worthy of the same news coverage as MJ, Prince, or any of the real celebrities that have blessed the world with their talent. STOP IT! STOP MAKING THE IRRELEVANT RELEVANT BY REPORTING THEIR EVERY MOVE! I DON'T CARE ABOUT HER ,HIM, THE KARDASHIANS OR MOST OF THIS OTHER REALITY SHOW TRASH!

    • Of course a coon called Kanye wanted to knock up a cracker and have two trick babies with the cracker hoe.

      Fucking hypocrite

          • Stupid coon. Called out for being a hypocrite dumb male hoe. You hypocrites make it SO easy to check your jealous asses. Diss KOBE, KANYE, for breeding outside the race. What's that? Oh, right, you jealous of BW and a dick rider for coons.

  3. Again I say…
    I don't even watch tv but I got my fresh fruit, assorted popcorn, cases of chilled Moscato Di Asti, meat trays, cheese & fine crackers on deck for this one. Sasaha R, DR1, NBA is fixed, FMAG4ever, Sarah, WWC….y'all may as well come on over, fill your glass & cop a seat. THIS shit is going to be a
    thriller-dramaedy of epic proportions. It's got a bit of everything!

  4. Wait….and is that a strip club they're at in the picture above?
    Is that an old picture? I'm asking because I thought Chyna was done with that side of her life.

  5. All i can say to Blacc "Lost her damn mind" Chyna, she need to watch out, the Kardashian's are very envious of black women. Plus if she is really up the duff, that child will be the sole heir to the surname, we know that family are f*cking evil, they will do all they witch craft, so she lost that baby
    , they give her food or drink, and dummy dummy will consume it, like a little dummy she is. I lost all my respect for her.

    On her Istagram Account, white people bashed her, called her names

  6. She looks so cheap like a stripper at the photo up top, but in pics of her without the makeup, hair and ho clothes she's very pretty and young looking.

    BC, time to stop dressing like your past. Start looking like a rich young Cali mother to be.

  7. Y'all ain't figgered out all they put out there to rep blk women is skrippers. All reality stars rode poles

    • @ 16:50, Yup. That's why I stopped watching TV, sold the TV back in 2008… It's War on the Black Image ever since Jim Crow, but digital made it easy to cut/paste into the black mind how to be a degenerate.

    • 100,
      Not ALL of us watch regularly & support their foolishness.
      I don't but I am open to hear the latest because of the predictions I made about what to come of them.

  8. she is definitely pregnant. I follow her on snapchat and she forgot to hid her stomach…she does a horrible job hiding it

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