Twitter User Confirms Rita Ora as Jay Z’s Side Chick?

rita ora jay z cheating beyonce

After the BeyHive dragged Rachel Roy for filth after they assumed she was Jay Z’s side chick, the Hive set their sights on Rita Ora after the singer made some references to also being Jay’s jump off!

After Lemonade dropped, Rita posted a photo to her Instagram of an old movie poster from a film starring Elizabeth Taylor. The film is about a fading beauty who gets plastic surgery to keep her husband’s attention. And then, Rita stepped out wearing the exact same outfit Beyonce was wearing in her Formation music video. The BeyHive then assumed Rita was the real “Becky with the good hair” that was causing problems in Bey and Jay’s marriage.

Even though Rita has denied the claims, a man on Twitter is spilling the tea.

rita ora jay z cheating

rita ora jay z cheating 2

rita ora jay z cheating 3


Do you believe him?


  1. I believe it. Why? Because given a chance I'd f*ck Jay-Z too. I won't even brag about it but it would something that I only know.

  2. Piping hot tea? Receipt s? Rebuttal? DM's please.

    Typical fashion for society to want to ostracize the female, but where is Jay z scarlett letter? Is this what Beyonce wants to teach Blue Ivy. That independent, Sasha fierce person is definitely a character.

  3. I believe him. Rob Kardashian warned us too. How is she still signed at roc when we barely know her music. She's even richer than Rihanna. Makes no sense

    • But beyonce is definitely the one behind these exposes. She loves attention in any form. Anything to sell tickets and music

      • 100%. Everything Bey does is for publicity. Even her photoshopped thigh gaps and Pregnancy scandals are pre-planned. She aint going nowhere.

    • No shes not. That Fat Burger site is a hoax site. They claimed Kendrick was worth $250 million and has a burger restaurant in Compton ?

    • NOPE. Passing for white Rita ORAL isn't richer than Rhi Rhi stop the lying! Can you name any song this bitch as sung? Me neither.

      • @20:44 "Passing for white…" Now, don't you sound IG-NANT? Rita ORAL is Albanian. She is "WHITE". She was born in SFR Yugoslavia at that. She isn't passing for anything she already is!

        • One of the ignorant onesyou must be blind she is in mixed race. They never show her mother and her father but Negroe coons always trying to defend who they think is white that bitch don't give a shit about you either.

          • @23:08 Do Your Research! IG-NANT AZZ… Aint no body defending no one mixed. She is ALBANIAN!

          • Most Niggaz have never left the hood. They think all white people look like the northern Europeans they normally see in America. The ones in the south of europe are dark. By the way Romanians and Albanians like Ora, are considered close to vermin in places like Italy. An ex Italian girlfriend of mine completely blanked a guy we worked with when she found out he was Albanian!

  4. Truthfully I don't give a sh^t about who Jay Z screws. Beyonce is his wife and if she chooses to stay with him despite his alleged indiscretions that is her choice to make. It doesn't affect my life at all.

  5. "Slept her way to the top". Let me just think about that. "To the top". 'Top of what' though?


  7. Ricky aint lying. Rita will smile up in your face and f*ck your man later on. She did ir with Iggy and Nick. Bey and Jay. Many f*cking girls here in London. She was cheating on Calvin with chicks claiming its not cheating if its with a woman smh.
    Bey and Jay used to have threesomes with Rita regularly. Bey never likes Jay's exes or side-pieces, mainly because they're too brazen and never know their place but Rita seemed cool at first. They used to do their trio thing, but Jay started hooking up with Rita behind Bey's back. Someone from Bey's camp found out about it and told Bey, Bey questioned Rita and she denied it. She asked Jay and he confirmed. Rita was pushed out the circle and treated like Smokey did Deebo's draws.

    Rita's got personal texts and pictures of her in bed with Jay-Z she used to throw up in group chat on WhatsApp. Gloating about, "he's still inside me." And all that shit. She f*cked Drake once and he stopped f*cking with her after that so she sent him a pic of her and Jigga in bed in a "look at what you're missing" kinda way, so he put Jay on the verse of Pound Cake. She got shook and told Jay, Drake knows so he started moving funny with him. Coincidentally Bey's team reached out to Drake for "Mine" little while after this. This is all messy as shit lol.

    Bey leaking this now is damage control to shut down the plans Rita had to expose all of their dirty dealings to get out of her contract, even AFTER Rocnation counter-suing her. She aint going back to being a nobody in Ladbroke Grove lol. Bey beat Rita's team to the punch and exposed her own tea in a tell-all album, dropped a few hints knowing the Hive will investigate, and put coins in her husband's Tidal account. Rita's PISSED.

  8. People need to mind their own damn business. If anything tragic happens to Rita Ora or Rachel Roy, by any dumb member of the hive, then I hope these women's families will sue the socks off of Bey.

  9. Who cares? The problem is JZ not the women he sleeps with. The wife tolerates and profits by writing songs about his affairs, so why do people care.

  10. Beyonce is a joke. She can't act,dance,sing, or dress. A lot of people are brainwashed about this chick.

    • Stop the lies you may hate her but chick CAN sing dance and dress. True, she cannot act her way out of a paper bag but stop lying about her obvious talents.

        • I was NOT confused….
          I really thought it was quite strange when Rachel Roy was outed as Jay Z's side chick as if she was the sole side chick he has. It's never been a secret at least to me about him & Rita Oro as we've seen them at several music, media & charity events over the past year or two. I never know exactly who she is until somebody tells me. I've never heard any of her music yet I've been repeatedly told she's an artist & her music is played on the radio & in clubs. Sorry to say but while I can't comment on her dancing & singing I tend to agree with Sarah..
          She gets no points for her attire/style. I've never seen her appropriately dressed for the events she attended.

        • Poor jealous have a hag B looks fabulous and have a great body I never spent a penny on her but the truth there are so many jealous females out there most likely fat lonely single mothers like you.

          • I have no kids. Im a postgraduate student LOL. B can't dress. Even her stans know this. She's beautiful but her style is a no on most days.

            • Sarah,

              In case you don’t know please allow me to share this with you…

              There are some folks you have to flat out ignore.
              They will completely miss your point, turn it into what they want it to be or turn your comment into an opportunity to insult you. It’s best to leave ignorance where it is as there are several of us who read & enjoy your comments. Some of us know how to agree to disagree & keep it moving without cursing people out, name calling & all that unnecessary negative rhetoric. Honestly, you can almost bet it’s indicative of their own lifestyle when they act like that here…just saying.

              On a positive note….I’m proud to hear you’re a postgraduate.
              Hang in there, don’t get distracted & finish as big as you can!

  11. Beyonce voice is horrible. Did you ever see the Oprah interview? That was painful to watch. I doubt Beyonce finished school.

    • B does not have to speak well she makes millions singing and dancing her ass up what about your fat ass? What you doing? Most of y'all females on here have some bastards and a man won't marry you it happens at every thread about Beyoncé out come the jealous black females.

      • @ 23:12 – Now what makes you think anonymous @ 05:55 is a Black Female? You sound dumb as hell with yo guessin ass.

      • Which black females? The ones who threatened a woman's kids for beyonce? Frankly I'd rather be labelled jealous.

  12. Kiki served up some hot tea in the comments section because i never heard the drake link or about rita/jay pics on whatsapp. that bitch is messy as hell and if bey still ride or die for him then she is more stupid than i thought

  13. Beyonce can't leave J Camel because her p###y stanks it's too loose and it's infected. She addicted to his d##k like crack and because JZ is a Hot Model Rapper that she loves to bang with the lights on. And she has a strong stomach. That's Y!!!

  14. Jay's going to continue bed-hopping and Beyonce will continue to deal with it because it's what half of all her CDs are about. She's been doing this since B'Day. This formula is obviously working for both of them.

  15. This isn't the 1st time Beyonce exposed Jay z "swinging from d*ck to d*ck" mistress, back in 2005 her hit song, Ring The Alarm, she exposed Rihanna's crusty musty ass!
    If she not happy in the relationship, then leave! All I can say is, he's surly sexing up a storm!

  16. Thought all three of them were having' menage trois ' all willy nilly, but no one cares!

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