ILOVEMAKONNEN Forced to Leave OVO After Weight Loss?

ILoveMakonnen, the guy who sang “Tuesday,” is taking shots at Drake and the OVO Family.

After severing ties with the label, Makonnen went on a video rant on Snapchat to diss the rapper.

He says the real reason why he left OVO is because they didn’t like his weight loss.

“’Why’d you leave OVO?’ Because I was underweight now. When I was overweight, they were f*cking with me. That’s what OVO stands for…Overweight only. Overweigh n***** only,’” ~ ILoveMakonnen

After his snaps circulated around the internet, Makonnen of course tried to backtrack.

Anyway, here’s what Makonnen looks like after the weight loss in case anyone cares.

Plug salsa dancin ? @ojaewun

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  1. Who the hell are these ppl. Thank goodness for disco music

  2. Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever,
    You must know I was going to ask that very question?
    Is this some sort of twisted sign we're getting old or does it simply mean stories are being reported about a bunch of UNKNOWN PEOPLE GETTING STORIES PUT OUT ON THE INTERNET ABOUT THEM IN AN EFFORT TO GET FAMOUS. You'll have to help me on this one.

  3. oh lord these homos wanted him to keep a obese bubble butt in order to gain promotion for his album?????? LOL the quid pro quo is real

  4. he looks great skinny whomever he is. and what does Ms. Drake cares for – he's in love with Odell Beckham Jr. next niggah. ole girly ass stay in some bitchy sh*t like the wholehearted bitch he is.

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