Serena Williams’ Lesbian Liaison W/ Kelly Roland Ended Engagement


Serena Williams & Kelly Rowland Love Affair

Williams’ Woes?

HSK Exclusive – Serena Williams is being fingered out as the home wrecker to blame for Kelly Rowland’s break-up from her Dallas Cowboy, but it didn’t go down the way you may think!!!

You may remember six-years ago, the singer was engaged to NFL player Roy Williams. That’s before sources say Roy Williams surprised Kelly Rowland at a recording studio, only to find his finance in a lip-lock with Serena Williams! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brett Ratner.

Here’s the drop:

“Roy didn’t really know Kelly. When he found out who Kelly really is, he decided not to marry her.

Kelly would say ‘I almost made a mistake six-years-ago, when I was engaged to get married.’ That’s because she’s a closet lesbian. Roy caught Kelly and Serena Williams making out in a studio session.

Kelly needs to stop dissing Roy and tell the truth.”

Roy-Williams one time Fiance of Kelly Rowland

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