Serena Williams’ Lesbian Liaison W/ Kelly Roland Ended Engagement

Serena Williams & Kelly Rowland Love Affair

Williams’ Woes?

HSK Exclusive – Serena Williams is being fingered out as the home wrecker to blame for Kelly Rowland’s break-up from her Dallas Cowboy, but it didn’t go down the way you may think!!!

You may remember six-years ago, the singer was engaged to NFL player Roy Williams. That’s before sources say Roy Williams surprised Kelly Rowland at a recording studio, only to find his finance in a lip-lock with Serena Williams! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brett Ratner.

Here’s the drop:

“Roy didn’t really know Kelly. When he found out who Kelly really is, he decided not to marry her.

Kelly would say ‘I almost made a mistake six-years-ago, when I was engaged to get married.’¬†That’s because she’s a closet lesbian. Roy caught Kelly and Serena Williams making out in a studio session.

Kelly needs to stop dissing Roy and tell the truth.”

Roy-Williams one time Fiance of Kelly Rowland


  1. Cannot tell you how much I like this site. I knewwwww something was somthing with Kelly lol. I am late to everything on your archives I know. Please Please confirm Serena and sister are biological men. Look at the HEAD!! Next to Kelly come on. Women mostly stay childlike in the face and have smaller heads to men. The SHOULDERS are Huge! And compared to the women tennis players Chocolate skinned and translucent alabaster the body postures and skeletal frame are not even similar.

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