Bobby Brown’s Son Landon Breaks Cosby Kid Carl Payne’s Heart

Carl Payne Fed Up w/ Landon Brown

Word from the streets of Hollywood…

HSK Exclusive – It seems that one Cosby kid is shaking his head, after witnessing what he says is Bobby Brown’s son wasting his talents.

According to Carl “Cockroach” Payne, Landon Brown – who he’s been like a father to for several years, after pairing up with the boy’s mother, Melika Williams, the one-time girlfriend of Bobby “It’s my Prerogative” Brown – says he’s left disappointed, because Landon threw away the teachings he passed on, just to act like Bobby Brown.

Here’s the drop:

“Carl’s a damn good actor. He’s currently living off stage plays.

Carl is disappointed with his step-son Landon, cause Landon grew up and wants to be just like his daddy. Landon doesn’t want to hangout with Carl, he’s hanging out with his daddy. Landon said he wants to be the next King of Stage, he’s just like his daddy and Carl is pissed.”