Shemar Moore’s Home: Hollywood Swinger’s Destination

Shemar Moore Wild Swinger Parties

Moore’s Home Of Hedonism?

HSK Exclusive – Some shocking information is surfacing, pointing to the Hollywood home of Shemar Moore as a place of hedonistic happenings. Sources exclusively tell HSK, young and aspiring male and female stars are flocking to the noted ‘swinger’s destination’ in hopes that smashing the Criminal Minds actor will gain them a ticket to the top.

Baring all seems to be a mandatory requirement when visiting the Moore residence, as insiders say the place is often filled with naked visitors – both inside the home and its surrounding property, including the swimming pool. And yes, sex is on the agenda for all visitors.

Now, sources say Jamie Foxx ain’t got nothing on Shemar.

Here’s the drop:

“Jamie Foxx’s parties are nothing compared to Shemar’s. At Jamie’s parties A-class celebrities are known to show up to and business and shit while others get their freak on.

At Shemar’s parties, all the young girls and boys dreaming of becoming stars show up, and Shemar f*cks them all before they make it anywhere.

Shemar has a problem with black chicks, because he once threw a black chick in the pool and ended up paying for her weave, he was pissed. He only f*cks with slutty mulatto and white chicks-No Black Girls allowed!


  1. This is an example of hedonism actors life, however, this is only called as culture that is happened in west country or mostly they are hedonism that show up her own in order to increase the popularity and to get the attraction from fans. Therefore, Celebrity can be highly well-known caused the fans. This is usual things to do

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