Robin Thicke’s Mistress Rats Him Out During His Divorce With Paula Patton

Robin Thicke Affair Lana Scolaro

Robin Thicke’s mistress, Lana Scolaro, has come forward claiming that after she had sex with the “Blurred Lines” singer, he introduced her to his wife Paula Patton.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Then, the 21-year-old London native attended the MTV VMA’s in New York City where she said they only shared a passionate kiss, however now the singer’s fling has revealed that she indeed had sex with the star and shook Paula Patton’s hand right after.”

Here’s what Lana Scolaro revealed:

“We had sex at the party. We were among the first people to arrive in an elevator together and got to talking. We both got drinks at the bar, and Robin suddenly grabbed my hand and led me to a back room, where all the lights were off. It was really dark, and no one was around.

His hands were all over me. I thought that’s all we were going to do, but he started going down, and it just happened. It wasn’t romantic, just really steamy and fast, like he knew he was doing something wrong.

I shook his wife’s hand right after we had sex. I had no idea he was even married. I was mortified. Robin was just acting totally normal, chatting with the both of us and having a good time. What we just did didn’t seem to faze him at all.”


  1. 1). I know the comments are going to be off the chain

    2) Robin who did you anger ? You pissed somebody off that is awfully powerful.
    You better fix it Mr. Man because they are throwing you under the bus, putting it in reverse and backing over you.

    • jacky or whoever the jackass in charge of this site is

      this is a bullshit story. You already told us Robin and Paula were open swingers. Fuck out of here!!!

      • After that post of that fake Kris Jenner phone call the credibility of few stories are slimming

    • GUF,

      I’m JUST now see this because I’ve been too busy under our Rock Triplex!

      The first thing I said was…
      “Alan Thicke better start calling in some favors & shell out some cash to save Robin’s ass.” Robin got under the skin of the WRONG one & they’re systematically taking him down.

      *You should hear the older white executives in our office talk about him…

    • This is the silliest comment I’ve read. Um…wife dumped him b/c he f*cks other women at random, whom does he have to piss besides his own WIFE?? Anyone with basic sense can read this & know she is being honest. Some conspiracy theories are true…and yet not everyone can distinguish between truth & fiction.

  2. Robin–played the blame game–I guess he lost. Paula walked away just in time. She saved her career and her reputation.

  3. Well u know what they say, never marry a man with a big c*€k because he will want to share it with everyone. SMDH

  4. Why would she tell on him then cover herself by saying she didn’t know he was married? She knew he was married right after they had sex and didn’t tell Paula so why now? She doesn’t even look like he would be with her. She looks like Casper the friendly ghost in a female version.

    • @Uh Oh,

      I am trying figure out what is happening with that makeup. Or is it the flash ? Either way there is a big difference in her body tan, and porcelain face.

  5. Yes she looks plain but she must have been whispering sweet freaky nothings in his ear while he was drunk out his mind or high as the clouds. Either way I’m not surprised. Paula Patton is beautiful but I thought they said once you go Black you never go back. I guess it only works half the time since she’s half Black. J/K.

    • Dont get it twisted one drop of black blood makes you black especially mixed with the recessive genes of white folks.

  6. These how’s ain’t loyal and they lie their asses off,who doesnt know that he is married,he publicly dedicated his first number 1 single to Paula, the dam song is about Paula..bye ho

  7. These men are getting sloppy with these side chicks. If you look at the pic real good in the mirror he’s grabbing her a**. She looks drugged and unclassy.

  8. He knew she was easy and desperate. Who didn’t know Paula was his wife? She had her 5 minutes of shame. Girl go home!

  9. why i am not surpraised white people will always cheat with white people is common knowledge

    • White will always cheat with white? They will also cheat on their white spouse with black woman. Believe that! Dogs want what they don’t have. It’s about respecting yo self. Besides, I do not see him writing no songs about that nameless piece of puss!

      • @Chocolate outside pink middle

        sorry hon but you got your information wrong!!!

        heldi klum cheated with a white man (actually her security guard) many white celebrities date/marry black people
        they after white people cheat with their own kind

        • Your entitled your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. If you notice when people cheat, the person they usually cheat with is either exactly like their mate or completely opposite. Seals an angry man, Heidi was seeking comfort from any man. I know from experience.

          • @Chocolate outside pink middle

            so your saying is ok too cheat!! damn your ignorant!!!

            when white people cheat they cheat with their own kind enough said is the truth!!!!

            my friend’s cousin married a wrinkly white bytch and she cheated on him with his former best friend who is white which proves the

            • Sorry for your cousins bad experience, but a cheater is just a cheater. Seems like your a little bitter about the whole thing. Maybe you and your cousin should seek counseling together. I wouldn’t want either one of you to miss out on a good person cause of one sad dog. I love my white man and wouldn’t give him up for the world. Enjoy the rest of your day! I’m am its sunny here in Cali:)

            • I noticed when people don’t have much to say they’ll start to use profanity. Do yourself a favor, get your panties out of a bunch. It’s okay… Your friend, cousin, daddy, uncle, is going to be okay. There is plenty of white fish in the sea. Now, run along and pick up bad boysII and learn to practice your anger breathing “woosa”.

          • My man is white, and I have never had the desire to cheat with any man. I don’t know what he does when he leaves my sight, but when we are together there is never a dull moment. We could never get through an entire movie in bed. Never!

            • @Chocolate outside pink middle

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            • Next time hubby’s spanking me I’ll be sure to throw in “whose your bed wench daddy.” Just for you! Now stop riding clit.

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    • Is this some kind of schizophrenic experience??? Sounds like two CB alters arguing amongst themselves.

  10. Miley Cyrus got him ready during their VMA performance and she finished him off. You see, they say women don’t work well together…this clearly is evidence to the contrary. LMAO

  11. It isn’t by coincidence Denzel is forever casting Paula in most of his movies. Paula’s hot! Poor Robin fell for the bleached out druggie type. Now, he’s singing the blues. Boring

  12. Paula gives this chick two kicks in the ass when it comes to looks. She looks like she’s straight up an alcoholic and druggie. This dude’s buggin

  13. too many coons and self hating bed wenches on here. robin thicke is a thick shyt who got lucky just because he’s white
    paula is a self hating half breed who thinks white men are like super hero (yeah right bytch in your dreams)

    robin cheated with a white women is common and he will probably wife down a white bytch as well. is what white people do their nothing special or perfect their humans as well
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    • too many coons & lunatics wrapped up in 1 tootsie roll…yup…sounds like you looser.

  14. Robin cheated with several women. I guess no one saw the picture that the media said caused the break up. Go look it up, he was with a beautiful black gal with a huge fro. Check it out. Trick!

    • @Chocolate outside pink middle

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          • lol…’monkey’…’bitch’…’white mans dick’? Really…after 100 years of interracial dating, folks like you can’t think of anything more original when they hating on a female for getting her swirl on? It’s almost worth reading b/c ‘Chocolate outside pink middle ‘ is confident and actually original in comparison to your lame ass replies.

  15. He lleft Pharrell hanging on that Marvin Gaye suit w the song

    Think Quincy Jones likes him better….remember he and NERD were JAcks prodigies

  16. I doubt they were having sex in that crowded area anyway. They were near the farmers market. If I ever run into her my advice would be, play with stick, let him finger bang you then make it real nasty when you get home.

  17. Oh my God, eww at his fingers. Why I am reluctant to shake hands. Men will be men. Yuck at cunnilingus on random broads.

  18. Evil white men deserve evil black women and evil black men deserve evil white women.

    There’s someone for everyone, but what I will say is massa still got some of y’all hoodwinked.

    And when did the readers up here become so iggy and self hating, especially my sistas?

    • The only sisters that likes ickie is ghetto birds, band wagon jumpers and fast tale Lil girls.

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