Amber Rose Takes To Social Media To Accusing Wiz Khalifa Of Cheating

Amber Rose Wiz Cheating

Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose, jumped on twitter to defend herself against cheating rumors and to instead accuse her soon to be Ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa, of being the cheater. Get ready for a bitter break-up!

Here’s Amber’s tweets:


Rose filed for divorce from the rapper on Monday citing irreconcilable differences. It was just made public yesterday. The two have been married since February 2013.

Amber is seeking full custody of the child, Sebatian, which they share together.


  1. How did she not know that it would end this way??? Her and Ciara have got to be the dumbest hoes in Hollyweird!!! And these 2 stupid bitches got babies by these niggas!!!

    • Yup. Wiz just got with her to get a light skin baby those slave minded coons are ridiculous. Mixed chicks know how to grab the wallet she was Kanyes beard, too. You could tell she can’t stand him, look likes this breath stank plus she’s bigger than he is, LOL

        • Get. Over. It. Yall get all butt-hurt up in here over shit I say but 30 years of colorist misogynist rap/hiphop got kneegrows numbed that BWQ also got a voice, too. Fuck outta here. Rappers say shit 1000 times more tasteless than what I write. Free speech.

          • I didn’t tell you not to write your opinion and I’m not butt hurt, I’m just embarrassed for you.

            • So the f*ck what I don’t give a shit. Go slobber over one of the resident misogynist queens who cuss out BW here.

            • I would never, ever support a man who disrespects women and I know they are out there. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stoop down to their level in order to prove your point.
              You’re reaction does nothing but prove their ignorant theory of the angry, Black woman.

            • Thanks. I can tell this page has changed more Section 8 babymama/daddy citizens. You can tell by the way they agree with the jailhouse queens who cuss out BW. Fuck em.

      • And what’s sad is that bm blame bw for the exact same thing they are being subjected to by white and mixed women. But really bm who don’t date within their race hate their race. They hate the color of their own skin and want their kids to be light skinned or mixed.
        What gets me is when black women defend them! Smh they will go to their grave defending the same black men who shit and spit on them.

        • SMH I swear some of you make the worst generalizations about your own people.

          How did an article about that hoe Amber and her dirty looking husband Wiz turn into a race bashing festival?
          Amber doesn’t represent all mixed women and Wiz doesn’t represent all Black men.

          • Its the damn truth. BM swirl date and marry second only to Asian women here in the US. BM swirl more, per numbers, than WM do. Yall blind fools are brainwashed. Wiz DOES rep BM. Most BM today want a kid by a mixed or ww, those are the ones they are marrying but check out all the dark skin babymamas. You being obtuse doesn’t change the facts, its a wrap. There is no Black community and no Black unity. Ya heard for over 30 years by rappers and now we women are repeating it.

            • Your last two sentences are definitely on point but I don’t understand how I came across as being obtuse to you. I know the exact point you and others are trying to make, I just refuse to demonized all Black men by grouping them into the same category.
              Yes there are some simple minded fools out there who only date white women for superficial reasons but there are plenty of men out there who love, cherish and respect Black women. Maybe you haven’t found one but they are out there if you look in the right places.

            • LOL I don’t give anybody skin folks passes are you mad? I don’t do not favors for BM and you and me and your mama knows damn well all the so called good BM are taken the rest are jailbird queens and bitter broke felons, LOL.

            • @thee 1… Actually when it comes to dating interracial black men is not equal numbers top white men. In the mens category, black men are the last to pick next to white men, in fact it’s higher so you might want to check the 2010 census white Mr. is ahead of everybody by 6%, with Asian women..

        • True on that self-hate. When YT women see that self-hate and gets to understand it, she moves on with all the goodies. She does not want that self-hate mess up in her children.

        • I honestly can’t relate to nothing your saying. Being a lighter toned Black Man with two fully Black parents I love my skin tone, it was darker skinned Black men who dissed me. I never had problems with Black women. I love and adore black women who love themselves and have high self esteem. Don’t let anyone talk down to you, and love yourself enough to know that anyone that talks about your skin tone most likely has esteem issues about themselves. I like Black women that are dark and I like light toned Black women too, they just have to carry themselves like a lady at times and be fine and educated.

    • she aint dumb. that whiz fool is dumb for not knowing that, lesbians:
      hate men
      use men
      steal from men
      and when they’re done they look for another sucker with deeper pockets and then
      go back to doing what they do best – each other

    • That’s good for the drug addict Wiz! When An mber the gracious HOOKA is done with his azz he won’t know what hit him! Stupid nigga! Don’t you know you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! She would never cheat on her husband! Right hoe! You took your clothes off for a living and let me guess you had a revelation when you met wiz right? GTFOH! Both of you were hoes literally!

    • This bitch knew what she was doing. She probably didnt give a f*ck about Wix any f*cking way. She bullshitted that dumb nigga enough and he believed the hype skeeted in this bitch and that was checkmate! Some of these white chics no some of these niggas stuck on stupid, so they borrowing pages out the hoodrat blk girl handbook. They been studying. She probably threw that cheating shit out there knowing that supposed to be blk male m.o. so it’ll automatically be believed and no one will think she did anything. Once Iggy get her dumb Laker dude to give her a baby she’ll slide off on his dumb ass too and expect to be paid for her services. Fuck all these thots rich and poor!

    • UM, I believe they moved to Cali after they got married. I have heard that Cali laws are generous for child support/alimony but they have a prenup so well shall see.

  2. I hope Wiz dont make a diss record about Amber like Big Sean did to his ex Naya Rivera. Now Sean seems very hurt about the break up and get this Naya married some dude on the day her and Sean would have gotten married. Now thats cold!

    • Can’t stand big Sean but if he’s hurt he’s not showing it he’s dating the tramp Ariana grande

  3. She signed up with Nick Cannon during his divorce too Mariah, then she divorces Wiz…hmmm strange coincidence

  4. How can you cheat on a bisexual stripper who is in to threesomes?? Wiz probably f*cked her favorite bitch without her,now she wants a divorce Lmaoo! These hoes will never be loyal. She got that baby tho!! CHECKMATE!!

    • Her baby looks just like her driver/bodyguard, slitty eyes and all. That kid an’t Wiz he got played by a golddigger. The best golddiggers are white asian latina then mixed. BW stay at the bottom breeding with broke bums they ain’t golddiggers only dumb babymamas.

      • Omg! I love it! I’m glad there are other women on here who are living in reality.

      • That is true. These new black women, 30 and under, are learning how to breed responsibly and to date and marry well. Probably the greatest lesson these rachet tv shows can give is not to be a like these 30 40 50 year old real/basketball housewives. I had tears of joy when a young cousin became aquainted with a desi engineering student from good stock during an international internship this summer.

  5. She trying to save face that’s all. I’m not buying into her hype. Again brot has, please get the memo that you cannot turn a hoe into a housewife.

  6. Cut the shit..
    Nick Cannon is bussin’ her bald headed ass down. He’s claiming to be her manager. Wtf does she do? Lol NADA!! Only thing he’s managing is that ass.

    Amber Rose is a sucubus (sp?).She’s a thotful opportunist who, from the looks of it drags these n*ggas down and through it.
    I believe she’s more than a beard even.. A handler. I’m pretty sure she had a big hand in helping turn WIZ out. He’s beyond confused now days, he looks like a homeless 14 year old girl.

    Her driver tho.. Looks like Bash’s dad.

  7. amber rose saw dollar sign surrounding wiz’s weed up and chewed up dick
    when you low rent n1gga’s smoke too damn much it makes you dumb that’s why women take advantage your weed up n1gga’s are dumb
    amber used him and yuck mouth

    nick was probably dicking her down!!! when men smoke too damn much their sex game is off!! that’s why amber hopped on nick’s
    dick for support (a dick to cry on more like)

  8. Told u amber is a opportunist she knew what she had ta do to live the life style wiz u got caught why would you wife a stripper? One you know been passed around com on son what you expect?

  9. these Hollywood n1gga’s are soo dumb is painful these n1gga’s will wife up wrinkly white women and mixed chick because they think their better than black
    women but their not. white women and biracial women are same they use black men for money and fame

    you n1gga’s are blaming black women for nothing the real person your angry with is white women but you black men are too dumb to see it
    you bashing black women in front of white women but the person your really bashing is white women!!!

    while you low rent n1gga’s are forcing your hate and anger on sexy looking black women these white hags are taking all of your money

    • They takin their que from the 2kartrashian sisters… These white bishes know how self loathing some brothas are so they are going after their wallets knowing they easy to fool!!! Dumb kneegros!

    • @Raw N Fresh Most of these black celebs overlook blackwomen now because blackwomen overlooked them before,and now feel entitled.I’d say that’s a fair exchange wouldn’t you agree?!Those womenhave mastered the art of playing their position and keeping quiet!

      • If a negro still holdin’ onto feelins’ from 8th grade, then his azz need to grow up.

        BTW, YT woman was overlookin’ him before he blew up too.

        • Right,but he difference is the whitewoman as chosen and the blackwoman wasn’t.So you can’t be made at the Ytwoman for that.BW talk to damn much anyways!

          • Oh, so now we talk tooo damn much. Please BA, you slippin’. Any excuse, huh?

            The white women are chosen, yes, we know. But the bullshit excuse that because BM were clowned (if that is true) as youngsters ain’t gonna fly. I doubt any black athlete was probably clowned as a youngster if they displayed major talent, which most of them did.

            YT women wasn’t lookin’ at them at all, with talent or without. If BW didn’t give them any play, maybe BW weren’t gonna be their “black experience” (meaning getting dicked down and tossed aside for a YT women to marry).

            Funny how that term used to apply to white men, now it is more a propos to black men.

            Come again Mr. Israelite, better yet, go to the post about the Albanian suing the NBA fool for child support.

            Bu, BW talk too much. Yeah, right.

            • My apologies to the real BA, someone has hijacked your handle. I am glad I went o the Iggy Azalae post.

              To the asshole who is pretending to be BA, FU*K OFF

  10. when i saw amber twerking on wiz’s new ass song, i knew she was advertizing 4 a new potential trick

  11. Hopefully Nick will not get her pregnant. He’s going to be bait. He’s ill, rich, and has connections.

  12. That baby not Wiz baby that baby look just like her driver the man Wiz said she was cheating with.

    • You are on point. I thought that too. I see no wiz in this kid. Better get Maury on the line.

  13. I have seen the pictures of AMBERS child, He does not look WIZ. He does look exactly like the Chauffer Asst. the other man.

    They need a DNA test.

  14. Home girl skipped the seperation process or any chance at an reconciliation and went straight to divorce court.I’d say it doesn’t take Roy Oberson to see what’s this harlots angle is here.

    • Yep, she got the ring, the document, and then the baby. Now she is outta there with a monthly check!!!! Calculated!!!

  15. What black men are you referring to? Maybe its you who needs a re-education and a first class ticket from whatever rock you’re hiding under. Know the difference between the actions of a few rapper/athlete/actor and stereotypes versus everyday middle/upper class black men… Even the few controversial entertainers paint the whole with a bad brush when they screw up.

    So I ask again what black men are you referring to? Most Black men that I know or whom I’m affiliated with have wives/fiances, college degrees, and make a comfortable living.

    A lot of women that blog here are self-hating, brainwashed bullies. You all need to get off these blogs, get out the house and upgrade yourself.

    • Mike jones, you need to stop watching so many Tyler perry movies…u know, where black men are professionals.
      I speak from experience!!! Yes there are a few good black men but unfortunately the majority are foul or have a multitude of issues!!! They give all black men a bad name. Sorry.

      • I won’t even rent a TP movie from Redbox. The last TP movie I saw was “For Colored Girls” after watching that piece of shit movie I knew TP had an agenda to tarnish our image. Unfortunately its working – YOUR COMMENTS and way of thinking ARE THE PROOF!

        Obviously you’ve been hurt in the past and may need to seek help with your problems. To add, you haven’t dated the MAJORITY of black men. 4-5 bad relationships can’t dictate the quality of all black men.

        Like another poster stated some of you women got the game all f’d up. Listening to your girls for horrible advice – half naked in the streets chasing the wrong kind of men and ignore/reject the “nice” guys who’ll prob treat you like something.

        • Nope! Wrong! All your assumptions about me are dead wrong! However, I do agree with your critique on T Perry movies.

  16. When did the chicks up here become some so ignorant?!?!?!?!

    I miss my conscious sistas…

    Ladies, @ the end of the day stop getting so caught up in the distraction of racism and why our black men date who they date or pushing this dumb ass agenda everyone appears not to see.

    @ the end of the day, we must all pick up a mirror and really look @ ourselves and admit how f*cked up we really are and start there…

    • LOL. Let me break it down for you since you are clueless. Say you have 10 BM. Only 3 of them are married or marriage material the other 7 are bums never married babydaddies or swirling or gay or felons. LOL. We free thinking BW aren’t riding for or waiting for some groundswell of BM to get sense, LOL. Please. Also goggle this shit. Even IF most BM had sense and they do NOT there still would be 1.5 million single BW there simply arent’ enough BM, dear.

      Men come in all colors I explore my dating options JUST LIKE BM DO. Look around you mammy or butler WHO IS RAISING BLACK KIDS?? it sure as hell isn’t BM and NO I’m not a babymama, either. Whats more f*cked up than not raising your seed?

      • Nah she is too angry and bitter right now to be Mrs/Dr anybody. Thee has taken all the crap she’s gotten from men and held onto it. That mess is just festering inside her like a disease. You can’t love anyone else until you can look in the mirror and accept the person who is looking back at you.

        I have also dated and even married outside my race and I do give Thee credit for being open minded enough to expand her horizons; that still doesn’t give her on anyone else the right to put down their own people.
        There are plenty of good Black men out there if you look in the right places.








  18. ambers following the money.
    kanye, drake, reggie bush, getting a baby by wiz yes child support to hanging round nick who’as going through a divorce with Mariah.

    wonder did snoop hit amber.

  19. Wiz knocked some chick up. Amber can be pissed about it if she wants. She just got 1M from Wiz as well.

  20. celebrities have the worse love scandals ever.

    smoked out druggie rapper leaves a bisexual stripper who’s only famous foer phukking celebs.

    • Exactly Crazychris, but unfortunately it’s the truth and then our communities mimics things they see on tv.

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