Beyonce & Jay Z’s “On The Run” HBO Special Draws Low Numbers


The charade is up?

The numbers are in, and they don’t look so good for Jay and Bey… Only 888,000 people tuned in to watch HBO’s Beyonce and Jay Z On the Run tour special, landing it at the number 28 spot for Saturday night.

By comparison, a rerun of the Boondocks garnered 1,162,000 viewers.

So, were you one of those 888,000 viewers?


    • My hotel gave it away free, so they didn’t even get the number of paid viewers they claim to have gotten. It was a jumbled mess of flashing lights, movie screens n the background. an old n8ggah tryn to be young, and a wore out money grubbin ho promotn themselves.

      • Yeh they time is UP. Why not bow out graceful? He’s gonna be 60 years old sagging and talking about slanging rocks. She’s 40 already still fronting that fake pregnancy.

  1. It was ok I think it was better with just Beyonce it’s seems like Jay z needs her with out her he sucks and its also good to know she did have a baby . Good show

    • She did it to herself. Tired of people blaming Jay. If anything she’s brought him down.

    • I know! There are some fake ass old married couple with shitastic home videos that they probably actually paid to look that bad! Geez, I want to see crap home videos of babies and weddings, I could watch my relatives shit and get some free food too.

  2. THUG LIFE BABY! We need something thought provoking. The state of our people are hungary for that.Tired of this disposable music that our souls cant even digest.

    • If you let the agenda driven radio stations and record labels tell it, people AREN’T checking for that.
      I tend to agree with you but most people won’t dig for true artists, they just go with whoever radio/tv tell them is dope.

  3. Say what you want about Jay z but Beyonce can put on a show I can see her being around for a long time but Jay z time is up and he know that that is why he is making a new CD with her it’s over for Jay z.

    • You’re right, I’ll give her that. But she needs to take a break away from the spotlight in order to give people a chance to miss her.
      The media saturation and hype may ruin her from this point on.

      • Not only that S.C. She needs to refresh herself and her craft. She needs to regain her curiosity, learn old and new dance moves, look through fashion books, go ghosting at night clubs to see what’s going down, play with new hairstyles.

        I can’t go along with just because she is older she should stop.

  4. Pretty sure 90% of the 880K demographic was comprised of the gays and their hags congregating around wall mounted flatscreens and bose sound systems from Hillcrest San Diego, Dupont Circle DC to the catacombs of “ballrooms” throughout Atlanta.

    • Just like he gave his CD away with samsung and claimed sales, this was given away to hotels FREE and claimed as sales. nothing worse than a lieing ghetto n8ggah with money.

      • Damn you hit it on the head fan. I thought it was me. Jay Z needs to manage other young un’s and give the rap game a break. His old ass will look real funny trying to rap from a wheelchair. Old methuselah looking boy.
        And beyonce needs to put on clothes. She’s a mama.

    • People stay home when there is something good to watch on television like boxing, UFC or a concert by your favorite artist. It’s not like HBO randomly chose Saturday for an air date, that slot was a prime time slot.

  5. Not shocking, their sad attempt at staying relevant failed miserably… The clock is ticking fast

  6. You are so right Anonymous. They tried playing their Jedi mind games on people, as Matthew Knowles called it, and ended-up playing themselves. People ain’t stupid. Bey better be careful or else Jay is going to pull her career down right along with his.

  7. it’s called karma they haven’t treated people nice their lie steal copy and snitch!!

    beyonce is insecure and jealous were jayz is ugly and c0cky match made in hell do’t you think???

  8. Why stay home for the premier when you can watch it on demand or the catch it when they run it the other 99 times. It will make good background for doing laundry

  9. exactly lmfao the industry is already saying that Tinashe is the new beyonce

    • Oh gawd I hope not. I don’t like the Carters but that girl is average looking and she doesn’t have half of Beyonce’s talent.
      I would really love to see a mainstream artist with more talent than hype make it big in the industry.

    • Stop making shit up that girl can’t even compete with Destiny child Beyonce and I’m not even a fan of her c’mon u could picked another name not Tinashe tho

  10. I watched that dreadful tour online, mind you I was stoned, and I sat their in realize damn this is sad. 2 aging coonsthat ain’t worth bugs bunny shit

  11. Beyonce’s handlers need to move out of the way and let her refresh her creativity.
    She has a lot of experience, her body is used to dancing, her vocal chords are used to singing.

    She should not stop, her experience is the reason. She just needs to hit the refresh button. Get out of your comfort zone and build on your experience.
    Look,at Tina Turner, Cher and Madonna. Like them or not, you can’t take away their knowledge and experience. They are “boss” at what they do. Beyonce just take a page from their book and keep growing. Your years of experience could make you a double threat.

    • lets see Madonna reinvented herself;f with all these semiramis rituals changing her name to esther another name for easter, or Ishtar or eos or Astarte.

      cher is a techno dyke her music was trash to me from day 1 her daughter is a man and her son is a bitch.

      • Chris Madonna has to keep changing her name. Those demi GOD and Satan are the reason she’s still relevant

        • Ok guys I don’t profess to know everything. And I really don’t know about rituals and whatnot.

          My point is she should not throw herself away. She just needs to refresh herself. I used Tina, Cher and MaDonna to show that you can have relevant longevity in the business despite age.

          People are too quick to throw away experience because of a person’s age.
          The advantage of the older ones is their experience. To feel they are throwaways is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

          That is all I am saying guys.
          But lord knows I don’t everything…I am just giving snacks for thought.

          • You have a point. Janet is one of my favorite pop singers and reinvented herself on each album. After the Damita Jo lp I wasnt feeling her music as much. Janet and the Velvet rope lps are classic to me.

          • Exactly N.I.

            @ Crazy Chris,

            You are killing me, I can’t breath …LOL
            And I am in a silly mood too..oh lawd!

    • But GUF this new album was supposed to be a change in direction for her,the issue was Beyonce couldn’t pull it off.
      Beyonce doesn’t have Madonna’s personality or Janet’s charisma to reinvent herself. She only knows one thing and she does that thing really well so change is out of the equation. All Beyonce needs to do is fall back for about 2 or 3 years, log off IG and quit the underhanded media tactics. Her comeback would be epic.

  12. i dont watch demons.the term the media used is the hbo special flopped, say it with me it flopped. not low numbers it flopped.what people really want to hear the audio from the elevator fight. the fight was about rihanna, not only that he was going to party and sex her up as usual, but that on the same day he fired solange from live nation he signed rihanna to live nation. there was room for his sex slave mistress but not for his sister in law. thats also why solo was mad and took down her sisters pictures cause she temporary lost respect for her sister and momentarily mad.

  13. not only do i not watch demons i don’t listen to garbage that has been labeled music.

    • Girl nothing.

      You cook for Sunday and email it to me.
      How about fried chicken breasts, collard greens seasoned with smoke turkey and diced tomatoes, and Fiesta cornbread made with mixed peppers and jalapeño peppers?

      Then next Sunday I will cook and email it to you.

    • Hey DaR1
      Southwestern chicken egg rolls with cilantro dip and coconut rice on the side. I can’t decide on what to make for dessert.
      What are you making?

      • Ladies Imma throw down this Sunday. Imma cook some pork blade steaks, rice and homemade gravy with a lil bit onions in the gravy, sweet potatoes, homemade Mac n cheese, butter beans & some cornbread.

        • Oh you are really doing some cooking tomorrow. I’m coming over so save me a seat.

          • U know us Southern folks do. We shake hands, we give out big hugs, we respect ya, and we dang who will feed the heck outta you! By the time you’ll finish eating, you’ll end up on that couch watching a 52 inch plasma watching free cable! Lmao!

        • Hold up Oh Radiant one,
          Rice, and homemade gravy with onions and black pepper?
          Chile you know you got to email that dinner to me.
          That is strong Midwestern dish by way of down south. Lord and cornbread and sweet potatoes…yummy!

        • Y’all know y’all welcome! Come to South Carolina! We cooks meals like that all the time! LOL!

      • Oh my lord I love Southwest Chicken egg rolls, an cilantro anything.

        Good thing I am cooking now, because I would have to come through the screen and beg ya’ll outcha’ll food.

  14. I wish she would sit her old ass down and stop thinking like a kid. Jay Z and Beyonce are aged Las Vegas acts. She is no Michael Jackson and doesn’t have the legend genes. Stop Bey fake pregnancy and gimmicks are getting ridiculous.

    • LOL. OHHH I DID NOT SEE this !

      They are on the run from Matthew Knowles and his big __s mouth!


  15. jay z and solange need to come out and admit they’re lovers.

    jihgga had to get dame dash back for taking lioyah.

    jigga took def jam, and rocafella from dame that wasn’t enough jigga wanted his ex wife too.

    in a wu tang documentary when odb passed some wu tang affiliates was talking bout dame was gonna pay for what he did.

    but nobody went into details as in what dame did.
    now dame signed odb but thatsa it.

    are they suggesting that dame had something to do with odb’s death.

  16. @crazychris. I have a question what’s up with Kidada Jones( ex fiancec of Tupac and BFF of AAliyah). Both her and her sister Rashida? was in the On The Run trailer.???

    • according to frank Alexander in his book he said pac never refeered to kidada as his fiancé.

      and none of the outlawz ever said pac and kidada was engaged and those dudes was around pac every day from the time he was out of prison to the time he died.

  17. neversaw the trailer.

    but kidadais rumored to be down with witchcraft,ll coolj said that when he dated her.

    ll also said that kidada put a spellon him.

    Hollywood is aicked place.

    quincy wasdoing jazz songs for the ocvcult when he was younger.

    the snow queen we know what that means.

    lots of these instrumental acid jazz fusion jams frombackin theday had all these strange titles symbolizing satan ask any jazz artist.

    herbie hancock is still here and billy cobham, pharaoh sanders, and idris Muhammad checkout their song titles.

  18. Beyonce and Jay Z should get gag order placed on Matthew Knowles until he can pay child support for his son.
    That should keep him quite for a good minute.

    • Girl Matthew is part of the machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were still on the Carters payroll to misinform people. I will never believe the elevator fight was staged.

      • I got to go.. You got me killing myself laughing and I am super giggly today. I will be laughing at everybody and everything, and saying silly stuff..I got to go.

  19. solange attacked jigga like a jealous lover.

    if bey won’t say or do nothing why should she.

    that’s jay and beys marriage she wanna get mad cause her brother in law creeps well she should have gotten mad 15 years ago.

  20. Ladies! I got my food but I gotta go walk back to the store and get some seasoning. Thank God Food Lion and Dollar General is in my backyard! LOL! Oh and I coupon too! Hell yeah my crazy tail do coupons! Being 38, sick and retire is not bad. I take one day at a time, that’s all!

  21. It’s about time people realized that this is all smoke and mirrors. These people are worthy of about 5 minutes of your attention. They are an embarrassment to black music.

  22. These two people need to go and sit they monkey asses down and raise that alleged child of theirs. Damn! I’m tired of hearing about these two sambo bitches.

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