Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Rah Digga


Iggy Azalea has responded to the comments Rah Digga made about not considering Iggy a real Hip Hop artist.

Here’s what Iggy Azalea tweeted:

“I honestly don’t really mind if I’m described as rap or pop. My passion is purely making music and entertaining.

its definitely funny seeing ppl get so emotional over it all. What does it matter? music is music and many enjoy mine, no need to feel upset”

Is Iggy Azalea ashamed to admit that she’s a culture vulture? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Chuck D.


  1. Ooh boy… The fur, the butt implants and blonde weave are getting ready to fly over here.

    The comments are going to be buck wild.

    • Sis, the people need to make her feel the fire down below… Ya Dig? Oh, she assumed Daddy was gonna make everything right and exact… Pause! Tip done started ish he can’t finish. Iggy can clap back, We clap even harder, Yes? Explosive dialogue is what they call it… Carry On!

      • Hey there Ty,

        So far so good. People for or against are making sound points and giving me pause reflection. Yep, so far so good. But wait for it…

            • In good, better than most, hech, I might even be better that that….lol. Abot to give my 2 pennies on this post.

            • I got to get another device, this IPad does what it wants to do…typos

        • What’s Up Sis

          Most members see thru the bs. Is she the problem, or, those around her? Tip has a lot of blame in this. Hopped on a plane to Australia, saw a tall white girl that was into hip-hop… Ding Ding Ding! From her perspective, she hit the jackpot. Not realizing what really goes on in the industry. A white female surrounded by black males is fish bait. They’ve probably had this girl do all kinds of ish to get on. Tip and the labels see dollar signs. Not going soft on her, but, two sides to this issue. Rah Digga and other Sistas should speak on this. Men, black and white, are using this woman for their own benefit. As a result, talented women who look like us get the shaft… It’s Not Right! All opinions are welcome, regardless of content. Us discussing this is good, the more the better. Be Good Sis!!!

      • Iggy is not absent of intelligence, she understands white privilege. A light-skinned woman in a dark world. To step into another culture, respect must be shown to the other side. Forbes did her a great disservice. Before that interview, i read about her fooling with Tip and so forth… Pay for Play! She was not on my radar, being honest. Like a ghost, she’s crowned the Queen of Hip-Hop by them folks. Her soft tone is an admission that ish went too far. Iggy’s gotten comfortable in her bubble… Tip, Nick Young, MTO, TMZ, and other media can’t shut up about her… One Song! She not trying to go back home. Her copying the swagger of sistas ain’t new. Lotta chicks do the same all over. Homegirl can’t just see herself as a toy for horny brothas, which created this mess from the jump. Hip-Hop is a big tent, all races can ball out. But, not at our expense. Like you said, she was humble. My first post, was on my way to work. Typing fast, refresh ish… i scan Jacky’s post and take it from there. Probably was too hard, but, the bs is too much to stomach. Disrespecting the culture is a problem. Thanks for correcting me, none of us are perfect. But, the jury is still out on this… We’ll See?

    • I still say this white girl needs to stay in her lane! Like I said she is garbage and that’s all. If her rapping skills were rooted in greatness I would not have a problem giving her credit.Her skills suck

        • Puff Pastry is what happened to him. You can’t survive more that two albums with that dude. He will get that budget Forman album and pocket it. The parent company writes it off. I guess if he feels like you album won’t make more that the budget he buys the project.

      • Honestly, her faux rap skills don’t concern me as much. The politricks that spawned Iggy are more problematic. Music industry is at war with blackwomen on both sides. Over time, r&b and hip-hop have become downright hostile to sistas. How did this happen? Invasive cultural practices come to mind. Steal from one pot and dump in another. J-Lo did the same thing, but, she gets a pass for some reason. Billions are at stake, money is the root of this, Please Believe!

        • We’re not races for telling the truth Iggy, if there’s anyone that’s racist is your handlers and the white PTB in threw industry, so please don’t get us mixed up. Eminem paid his dues, then you need to as well. By the way, you mean big fake a$$.

  2. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Iggy is piggiy backing on the black groove to ease her brand into Mainstream pop. She will be another Pink but I don’t know if she can cut it like Pink did. Pink has real chops. Iggy? It remains to be seen…
    As the ol blind man said, “We will see”.

    • But Pink’s first album was pop she never came across as black or a culture vulture. She was punk-pop and I still have the first album .

      • Pink’s first album was produced by Babyface and LA. Her cut was played on our urban stations.
        She then transitioned to PoP exclusively.

      • Like Whatchusey said, Pink’s first album was R&B, THEN she went Pop, and now she’s settled nicely in the ‘Angry White Dyke’ Pop/Rock genre. Another Culture Vulture who thought she’d get a ‘black pass’ by f*cking Treach and doing songs with not-that-relevant rappers like Cuban Link and Benzino, but that obviously didn’t last.

        • pink met that dyke linda perry who showed her the way to go.

          pink was out of place doing r&b.

          la had that fantasy of that ghetto whiyte girl she cwas his mistress.

    • Right and you Blackies need to get that its nothing to her she said what she meant this is not her music so it means nothing and will never mean anything.

      • Ickie we see right through you, that’s why you be it long, we know you’re racist and trying to use our music style to get mainstream cause you’re not gonna cut. The industry can’t make the public buy into you, remember that on your way back down. Oh by the way Eminem survived the industry cause he’s a dude, you must haven’t caught the memo most rap chicks don’t stay long unless they come hard like the fellas, darling you ain’t it.

  3. all iggy needs is blackface when she raps who dat who dat. i totally disagree, the bullshit is hip hop, cause you give them a good beat or good track they can be saying they gona kill your whole family. or calling women bitches pretty much saying any random bullshit.as long as the beat is good. that why i stated the bitch should be in blackface , then just maybe the dummies will really see her when she who dat who dat. simpletons

    • @Anonymous…TRUTH..I tell silly negroes all the time listen to the words not the friggin’ beat… I heard a French Montana song the other day, he said ABSOLUTELY nothing on the track & I was like HUUUUUHHHHH…? however, the beat was dope tho…#SAD..SHFH…

      • In the words of OUSTANDING lyrical artist, Gemstones:

        “These artists are so so
        they just hidin behind the beat
        the production is dope though
        so it’s harder for you to peep”

      • Yes I agree, I listened to 2 Chainz song I forgot one song it was but he said something like I’m cut like a kitchen cabinet. I think the name of the song is Im different or the birthday song. Lil Wayne is the same way at times I guess that is when he’s drinking that cough syrup.

  4. Clap back with a live rhyme with a beat off the cuff. How real hip hop Artis really clap back. Keep your cloth on and stop it with the artificial cakes. Do it live on a radio show.

  5. “its definitely funny seeing ppl get so emotional over it all. What does it matter? music is music and many enjoy mine, no need to feel upset”

    Iggy’s comment above is indicative of her lack of respect for ACTUAL musicians, music, black ppl and our culture.

    She has no commitment to the craft of music, she won’t even commit to the genre. Instead she’s slickly renaming and conflating Hip hop with the genre: Pop…. See what she did there???

    The whole point of music is to entertain and evoke Emotion from the listener.

    Iggy is an example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with the music industry. At least send this tramp to Music Theory 101…

    • I am still tripping off the part where she says and I quote,” Music is Music” Bitch get your lame corny ass somewhere and sit down somewhere! Not all music is not music ! So Iggy right there tells us U is truly an idiot! Coming out your mouth with that comment. I betcha she won’t say that shit up in The Bronx. And them fools know and Lord Tariq said it best, “When U cone to The Bronx you better wipe your feet when U come into their house.” Somebody need to school this wannabe



        DR1, if it was 15 years ago we would have a case but we don’t. And I say we because I’m a music lover to my heart. But we caused this shit here, well maybe not us but our nephews nieces and kids. They buy, listen to and support this shit. Have you heard rap lately? At this point they (white people) can have this bullshit. I don’t Want anything to do with it. It’s just like everything else. They let somebody else create and or develop something, come and f*ck it up trying to squeeze every dollar they can out if it. Most rap songs of today are using the same beat. I think every rap song is the same person when I hear it and lest not even talk about lyrics and style flipping. Think about people making money off of rap and tell me they have talent or anything positive going for them anymore. The shit isn’t even an art anymore, it’s a gimmick. Every so often real artist will say, the say rap is dead. People it’s gone, it’s not coming back. I don’t give a shit about it any more because this a situation where the serenity prayer applies. The will ban rap before they let us take it back to an art that promoted positiveness, provoked consciousness a encouraged love for self and the race. We had yoyo rapping black pearl, now we have Nikki Minage and Trina selling p*ssy in raps. But be honest, how many sisters supported them when they started this bullshit? See, we are part of blame for this.

        Gucci mane
        Soldier boy
        OJ da juice man
        French Montana
        Iggy Azalia
        2 Chains
        Rich homo Quan
        Chanel West Coast

        I’m done, too many more to name.

        • Eddie its a same shame we are not getting credit where is credit due. Take for instance, the cotton gin. A black man made the invention but Eli Whitley stole it. Hell yeah I listen to that bullshit they supposedly call rap. That shit is ridiculous! If I were to sing a couple of Phyllis Hyman songs right now, somebody would be like, ” We don’t wanna hear that shit!” But let somebody like Nicki, Iggy,and the rest of these talentless wannabe starts put this bullshit out, Oh! Its a hit! Eddie, U and I need to make us a bullshit song, but there’s a catch. We probably have to sell besides our souls, teeth, p*ssy, dick, blood, organs, drugs…oh oh oh oh! Wait! They already have! Damn!

          • LMMFAO….for years I would hear songs on the radio and say, wow, I could have made millions if I didn’t care about attaching my name to some bullshit. I always say that….lol. But sis, like I told a troll the other day, our credit will always be taken especially all of the stuff we invented to bring us to modern civilization, medicine and all of the stuff that advanced our ability to mass produce things. And I stand by my statement that the only thing that white people created was the US patent office, to retain all the shit they stole. But rap is sooooo screwed up, I don’t even care it’s like handing over a big steaming pile of dog shit. Fuck it because it’s dangerous, destructive and mysoginistic .

            • @DR1 and ELTHP, tell the TRUTH! I listen to old school music all the way, this crap now is the worse! And radio stations play it all day long. I work at a public middle school (7th & 8th graders) and all you hear in the classrooms and going through the hallways is this mindless “hip hop” music, or the loud music through their ear buds. The kids know those dumb lyrics word for word more than their school work. And even sadder, they’re parents allow them to walk around with long colored weaves, lipstick, pants hanging down, copying their “hip hop” heroes. Its so disappointing to see this generation like this, not all of them, but most.

            • Maia. Have U notice how they write an essay or a paragraph in Language Arts? They write and spell just as the way they talk or whoever they mimic in those unruly music they listen to.

            • @DR1 Oh my…YES! That’s because of that common core mess they’ve implemented in these school systems. Myself and another teacher were discussing this about how we disagree with what they’re doing to the children, basically they’re guinea pigs funded by Bill Gates and the government, especially the local gov’t is all about the money. It was no input from teachers, school board members, educators, etc to see if this curriculum would be beneficial to the schools or students. They’re monitoring and controlling the political propaganda that is being taught, basically teachers and students are robbed of academic freedom. Teachers have endured these educational faux pas from Goals 2000, School to Work, No Child Left Behind and now Common Core. No way they are preparing them for a decent life, or to make it as an adult. Anytime they don’t teach how to write in cursive and allow them, as you said, to use text language as acceptable, what will they do when they have to fill out job applications or write documents, the list goes on.

            • That’s all I mess with. There are only a hand full fora
              Pets that I will listen to these days. The only 2 I mess with now are some vets in the game. I listen to The Outkast, 8 ball and mjg and face . Devin the dude and a few others…but that’s all

            • Even my 13 yr old keeps telling me the mudic id garbage I was shocked that she noticed the difference in the short time she has been listening. Then she says listen Nicky nothing she says makes sense, straight garbage. I am assuming many more younger kids are seeing this. Thank god. Maybe soon the others will stop supporting this crap.

          • Slim there is a more sinister plan out there by corporations. Dont take my word for it. Check it out. uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

        • My brother my brother first let me tell you how much I appreciate you passion for our culture but you are mistaken.What is hot today is not determined by the fans like years ago. It is more sinister than that. Corporations push brain dead garbage to keep blacks brain dead and distracted.Dont take my word for it. Check it out yourself. uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

          • Oh, I’m totally aware of the push and the sinister reasons behind this new stuff. But I tell my sons what’s going on with it, I give them the reason and the examples. I put it all out there, so I do my part. I tell my cousins, uncles aunts and even my mother, I discuss this with everyone, even peope at work, a lot of eopl are aware. They all go wow, shake their head say they understand. At that point it is on us. The evil people can push what they want to push but we have to buy accept and consume this shit for it to work. We can’t just take everything that the devil sells us. I know the reason for crack and meth, they make It they push it, but if I get hooked on that stuff, then thats on me and nobody else. We still have free will, from the moment you learn the truth about something, it’s no longer on the evil pusher it’s on you, me and she.

          • Oh, Im aware. I try to learn he truth about everything. I know that every major corporation has a team psychologist on their pay roll. The first thing hey do is try to find a way to make you either consume or become dependent on what they are selling. Like Walmart, some people know but many people know why they spend more money than they intend to everytime the go in there. Their shrinks told them to put he most common things in the back. If you go in to get a gallon of milk, water, butter, eggs or soda. You have to pass everything in the store, you might no know it but you mind is seeing everything it thinks you need, you end up buying stuff you don’t even need. So I know that there I a constant attack on ou brains. I watch how the television attacks and poisons us. All black professional women are loose. The love Shonda Rimes but I’m seeing a pattern, there is always a strong black woman but there is always some whoreish tendencies in those strong women. They are loyal and connected to white men. The back men are strong upstanding for the most part but dispensable pawns or jst not good enough. There I always a mastermind a person that gets the job done no matter what, hey are always gay. I’m aware, my high beams are on and I’m processing. Don’t think I ain’t up on their mess because I am.

            • No doubt, this is what it’s really about, spreading information. If we ain’t careful, they gonna shut this nitch down. NOT!!!! It’s way too much trolling posing, shit starting going on. But be aware of tthe attempted segregation going on in here. I see there are some people in here posing and cosigning themselves in an attempt to make it look like there is a female movement. Be careful who we cosign because there are some imposters posing as black women in here starting shit, y’all know who you are. Tighten your game up because, as my grandmother would say “Your slip is showing”

        • No nigga, “WE” didnt do anything! The suits who knew music was influential and decided to take a music that had many directions of expression and cut off every voice but the most ignorant and self destructive, decided to put all their cash behind the dumbest niggas because they would rather use impressionable minds to steer into disregarding education, killing themselves, doing/selling drugs to send them to prisons or f*ck up their records, and spend all of their wealth anything but their own people.

          The only fault blk people are responsible for is not caring enough about ourselves to see these games for what their worth and protecting ourselves and our children. We let the media and television have them and all that shit is made to make white folks look like the best thing since sliced bread so our kids get f*cked up thinking they are whatever media says and we dont create shit in our culture for them to see that isnt so. Hip Hop was once something they could discover themselves or something other than the bullshit that Amerikkka would have them to believe, but once it started making too much money and becoming too popular it had to be controlled and wear a white face like everything else.

          • Yes “you” did when you signed the contracts those men in buisness suits gave you as soon as hip hop went mainstream it was sold

      • Girl….what cha know about DA BRONX…….see what rap has done…….brought people all over to da birthplace………….OH MY…….

    • Ua thief for stealing those elegant words out of my mouth!!!!Now get your hand out of my pocket! lol

      • This post was a co production by EATERTREATER and ELTHP. Don’t take me to court fam, I can’t afford to be paying for the stuff I steal, I ain’t BEYONCE….LOL

  6. Rah digga posessed to much baritone to be a female MC just like Foxy and Remy.Iggy at least has femininity and don’t sound like a damn man when rapping.

  7. Jacky, even though Rah’s skin is gorgeous in this photo, yall couldn’t find a pic where she’s wearing makeup, like the pic you have of Iggy? See, it’s little things like this that makes me give yall the side eye.

  8. “I honestly don’t really mind if I’m described as rap or pop.”

    This is proof that Iggy doesn’t care about the music or the culture she’s mimicking. It’s all about the money and popularity to her. THIS is why music is shi*t now.

  9. First….whoever posted that pic of Rah Diggah was wrong for that, dead wrong! LMAO…did Rah grimey. Second I can understand Rah’s frustration. Iggy is wack af from her lyrics to her persona. he just reads fake all across the board. She should thank whoever hooks her up with those beats because that’s the only thing that makes her songs playable (on radio).

    • but she still looks good with no make-up and is holding her own next to Iggy full make-up pic. But, is does make you wonder out of all her other pics why this pic they tried it. Not going to clown her like it seem they were fishing for but call THEM on this B/S.

  10. Iggy started out trying to be the next Brittney Spears and when that didn’t work she came out as a southern gangsta rapper. The fact that people can’t see through her phony ass is the real problem. It’s a sheer minstrel show. TI should be ashamed of himself, but I know he’s not because he’s cashing those fat checks from his corporate sponsors. And to me TI and others like him are no different from those who sold us out in slavery. But the one thing they fail to realize is that one day we all have to stand before God & give account for our actions& that money will stay here. What profitith a man to gain the world and lose his soul? P.S. TIP u sound like a str8 homosexual on the “if it ain’t about the money” song.

    • AGREED! I thought I was the only one saying ti sounded like a fag with one hand on his hips and the other pointing at you like your mom when she say shame on u.

  11. In a perfect world I would have a label with a roster of:

    Remy Ma
    Rah Digga
    Foxxy Brown
    Lil Kim
    Mc Lyte
    Missy Elliott
    Da Brat and a few underground chicks and allow them to show what a fem-cee really is.

    • Nice summation of many of the best female rappers of the ’90s-’00s. I just saw M.C. Lyte in concert last month and she killed it just freestyling over other peoples’ beats. Da Brat’s Butch ass is underrated along with fellow Chicago rapper Shawnna. As for Foxy, I don’t know if she is as crazy as people in the Industry have been saying or if they made her that way, though it may be too late for her to make a comeback. Nicki did Kim wrong, stealing her style and lyrics then turning around and acting innocent and making people think Kim was some jealous, bitter hater, though she (Kim) still releases music for her fans, so that’s cool. And Remy & Digga held/still hold the streets down (The real streets, not the ones with these Soy-eating, skinny-jean-wearing, Vine-watching ’90s babies)

    • So many new artists out there who get no shine, like young pretty black bombshells. Dreezy from Chicago. Neneh Cherry should be included, one of the first artist to rap sing and do spoken word on an album pre Lauryn Hill. Ive got you under my skin is classic.

  12. Damn why can’t people make the kind of music they want? So what if it’s pop, or R&B, or hip hop, or any combination? What the f*ck does it matter? So what if she sounded like britney, she was trying to develop a formula for success to generate more revenue so how can anyone be mad at that? If anything it shows a little versatility. So what if she has fake body parts, hair or whatever? Over half these celebrity bimbos (black women included)got the same thing, to an even greater extent. I’m so tired of these washed up hoes talking smack and hating on a up and comer doing her thing. Where the f*ck is the universal unity that we are suppossed to have? And one more thing, although our culture HAS been leeched upon, this doesn’t mean that EVERY single time someone from another race attempts to immitate our culture, their (or the corporations behind them)intentions are to “steal” anything. Damn, it’s only ONE white girl causing this commotion? I guess they mad cause ain’t none of these other bitches making no noise save nikki. That’s what it sounds like to me. I’m black and if I wanted to do heavy metal music are you going to tell me to stay in my lane and just do rap? Fuck outta here! When it comes to making the music you want there is no lane.

    • There u go again.#1 you doing heavy metal wouldnt be a thing because blacks invented rock n roll(the art form in which heavy metal is derived)#2I think you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.Look it up that is your word for the day.#3 yes im f*cking with you because it is my mission to raise the conciousness of all people f*cking up our culture one Sambo at a time!All in the name of love my sista!

    • To me its not about a white chick rapping because if you are dope you’re dope. For example Im the biggest Teena Marie fan you would ever know.It’s more about how she got her accolades.It’s a deeper science by white corporations.Dont take my word for it. check it out yourself.


    • Don’t kid yourself. When black people try to get into Country music, white people throw all kinds of shade. When Jada Pinkett’s band Wicked Wisdom was slated to perform at some glorious Heavy Metal concert white people were upset. Which was crazy because rock sprang from black people.
      White people are very very protective of those genres.

      Yes black people need to be openly credited for their genres. It is a black sound.
      Every other culture gets credit for theirs. If you hear a latin rhythm you know where it came from. When you hear black music , culture vultures say it is American rhythm.

      The media makes sure to let the world know our alleged bad side. Why not let the world know the good side as well?

      Yes you two are wrong my friends. I bet Italians get props for Opera don’t they?

      The real deal is real black people don’t need these truths explained.

      • To add to my point..
        When Kandi Buress and Jodi Messina did a Country sing together, Kandi performed it with her at a small cafe in Nashville.. When Kandi climbed her little chocolate self on stage, those white people looked like it was the seventh sign and all hexx was break loose.

        It was a cute song too.

        And I am not being racial. I am being fair.
        Universal truth…if you blast my bad side…can you at least publish the good things I do?

        See real black people know the burden of minding their own business, yet having to bear the cross of the media driven image of…they are all good for nothing.
        Again… I would not have to explain these truths to real black people.

    • @Anonymous 10:28–Lil’ Kim was in that ‘position’ back then because of her image and who she ran with, not just her talent.

  13. Iggy needs to chill out. She’s coming in the game making enemies. Her career will be very short if she doesn’t get a good PR team.

  14. I need to look this chick up, I still have not heard one of Iggy’s songs to this day.

  15. she might quit rapping and movbe on to techno and pop.

    anybody seen her and rita ora kiss yet.

  16. blame it all on T.I.’s little wee wee between his legs

  17. miss real female rappers even if they had a guy writing their raps.

    oaktowns 357
    l trim
    salt n pepa
    sweet tee
    nini x
    jj fad
    Roxanne shante
    sparky dee
    real Roxanne
    la star
    mia x
    gangsta boo
    doggys angels
    yo yo
    mc lyte
    lady of rage

    yeah iggy wouldn’t have had no chance in the 90’s too werak.

    lots of these rappers now wouldn’t have survived the 90’s souljah boy wouldf have been a one hit wonder.

    drake would have too.

    weak ass rappers getting tats trying to show how hardcore they are.

    prince and l;ittle Richard is harder than drake.

    since gene simmons wanna talk about rap music let him diss iggy.

    • Chris thanx for putting my girl Mia X up there. I miss her and the Ghetto Twinns from N.O.

  18. Gene Simmons ole’ geriatric, Satanic, money-grubbing, Industry-creation ass better sit down somewhere trying to come at black art forms. That is all.

    • You forgot the part about how they copied LaBelle’s crazy outfits..Gene Simmons and Kisss that is.

      • No, I didn’t forget, it was for a lack of knowledge, but thanks. My issue with these deluded white rockers who try to pop shit about black artists while themselves being rich and successful off of black art forms is that they have absolutely NO room to criticize anyone else. Good to see others feel the same way.

  19. Black people need to be credited with the good they do so we are not viewed as the world’s throwaway people. If our contributions are made known we become as human as everyone else. But before you genocide a group you have to dehumanize them.

    There has been a sustained and deliberate effort to tear down and deconstruct black people for centuries. People sitting on the outside, and fed lies for history have no clue about this.

    But if you look closer and look at who is doing this you will see this wickedness is not natural, it is supernatural.

    • I agree, though I would say it’s a combination of both supernatural wickedness and whites’ fear of Genetic Annihilation via racial intermingling as told by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. I came to the conclusion a few years back that we (Blacks) must be as divine/Godly, powerful, and rich in history as those of us ‘in the know’ have read about & seen for our enemies to incessantly and gleefully malign, subjugate, belittle, degrade, harm, torture, and kill us for centuries (Even though, if Karma is to be believed/followed, I question why there has been little to no recourse, especially nowadays). My only question is when does this (bull)shit end? Have we not suffered enough as a people?

      • Raheim,

        You just proved my point that it is supernatural. Hatred between tribes of man die out at some point. But the hatred for black people never has.
        As a group of people what have we done to globally wrong the planet’s population?
        The continent of Africa has started no global wars. Black people have not invaded anyone’s country. We did not steal other’s land and slaughter the populations and then around and say …”so what.”
        We don’t have legal pull to get drugs into the country, and we don’t own the planes to fly drugs all over creation. But yet we are painted as the world’s drug dealers.
        Black people don’t sit around in labs dreaming up race specific bio weapons like SARS and AIDS.
        Africa is the richest country on earth and yet they are the poorest.
        If you look closely at overlords who do,these things you will see the common bond is they all worship Satan.
        Satan the Devil is the true author of the mistreatment of all blacks.
        Some will say I am crazy for,saying it….but the facts are the facts.

        • But I am not saying you are wrong.
          I am just adding conversation.
          You know I love your mind Raheim.

          • Raheim,

            Oh lord I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. I really respect and learn from you. Goodness I hope I did not offend you.
            I read a lot and think a lot and It causes me to talk too much. I am not saying anything else.

            • It’s all good, GUF, I totally got what you were saying and agree wholeheartedly, to the point that it would take me some time to properly respond to your last comment without repeating what you said.

  20. These whiteowned corporations are not dumb and they are aware that a white artist has to have that black stamp of approval in order to sell records.Without Dre Eminem would have vanished quicker than Vapor and without TI homegirl would still be doing youtube videos. This is all a gimmick and chicanery.

    • @BlackAnastasia

      very true Eminem only made it so far because dre likes white wrinkly dick. if Eminem was black dre won’t of helped him and that’s the truth
      Eminem’s music is shyt is for white kids who want to rebel against their parents!!!

  21. In other words Whites stand a Snowball chance in Hell of making it in HipHop without a black Cosignature. Do Believe Me?Do the research for yourself.

  22. iggy is trying to be someone she’s not most white women want to compete with black women because their jealous of black women!!
    you low rent n1gga’s stop telling these wrinkly white rabbits their better than black women because their not

    black women can’t be copied mimicked or diluting

  23. Rah Digga is one of the best female rappers ever. The powers that be choose to promote this ugly white chick. This is what happens when you let the enemy infiltrate your culture and destroy it. A few black people in music may have become rich, but our music (Rap, r&b) has been completely destroyed!

  24. iggy is just a tool she being used “they” see her as a “barbie” type figure is interesting how their making barbie dolls with big boobs and big butts
    sooner or later iggy will have a barbie doll of herself (nicki will be pissed) Mattel do’t care about n1gga’s they only care about figures

    they lighten Sasha’s skin and Jasmine. jade is Chinese but she looks white they gave chole big lips (a white women with big lips fake)




    YES THE BARBIE SYNDROME GOES BAck to the wicked voodoo doll symbology.

    • @crazychris

      thanks for the info very interesting, all so check out holly hood she has a video about barbie programming

      Mattel sued aqua for using barbie’s name

  26. Iggy is not a hip hop artist she’s a white girl making fun of ratchet black women seriously, have you guys hear her speak. She’s in the movement of white women who want all the black men for themselves.

  27. Black people hold on to the most dumbest things ever…rap music and big butts??!!!?? Grow the f-ck up already! smh

    There is so much more to life. Stop holding on to those same stereotypes that have plagued us for years. Shiiiit, let her have it. Black woman should be known for more tangible things anyway. Black women should feel happy that Iggy is happy to take on the bed wench role for a change.

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