Is Paul George a Deadbeat Dad?

Paul George Deadbeat Dad

A Manhattan judge blasted Paul George for his role in an ongoing paternity petition, falling just short of calling the injured All-NBA selection a “deadbeat dad.”

Daniela Rajic first filed the legal matter in Manhattan Supreme Court during the Eastern Conference finals this past May, citing a private paternity test allegedly confirming that NBA player Paul George as the father of her child, her lawyers told the New York Daily News that George had met the baby and paid Rajic’s medical bills.

Here’s what Judge Mathew Cooper writes:

“Even though it is all but certain that George is the father of the 5-month-old baby girl at the center of this case. He has gone to every length imaginable to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.

It is beyond comprehension how George could vouch for his skill at caring for the child while disparaging Rajic’s abilities when he has never even seen the child, asked to see the child, or offered to provide for the child’s needs.”

Here’s what Paul George’s attorney C. Anthony Mulrain said:”

“Paul is a good kid and he’s far away from being a deadbeat dad. What deadbeat dads do is run away from their responsibilities. George is trying to embrace them.”


  1. Bro, if you’re gonna play in another man’s backyard…Keep it 100? No respect for your own, then, you s**t on this woman for brownie points with the homeboys. Cease with the bull and do right by this woman and your daughter… It’s Called Integrity Bro!!!

  2. if you don’t want to pay 10k in child support spend one damn dollar on a condom some bars give them out free WTF is up with all the barebacking???

    • Paul George saw her as an easy lay, which is the elephant in the room that folk avoid talking about. This same dude was on Twitter awhile back boosting white chicks for being the new black girls and whatnot. He scored one, and now wants to discard her like trash…Naw Man! Ain’t jack cool about that conduct. Don’t play mind games with these women, knowing all you wanna do is cut and run. Doc Rivers daughter you wanna show-off now, shoulda did that the first time. Now, you gotta pay this woman millions for 18 years because she was a stripper…Had To Do It?

  3. LMBAO over here. This Albanian peasant just got one helluva come up from this dumb, kneegrow. Her pimp must be so happy. Even the lowest of the low can take a black athlete’s bank.

    • Lets not start with the race baiting its getting so boring and repetitive.lets focus on the issue at hand which is a child that needs to be taken care of and this man needs to step up and take care of his.the moms race and color is irrelevent because she could be black and dark skinned and she would still file for child suport so dont make it a race/skin color thing!

      • Wealth is to be built within the community not flitted away on whores, strippers and women from other cultures, races and languages. She will take that money to her community and bring along a whole tribe, not just her child. I know that is very difficult for a dumb cunt like you to understand.

        • @17:06
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          So fuk of and die u stupid racist mad wack woman!

          • You wish your little scenario was true. Obviously, your pettiness and ignorance causes you to be threatened by the statement of basic economic principles. Only a coward or a fool (both categories into which you fit) is fearful of the truth.

            It is laughable that you would advise on the subject of what drives men away since you cannot pull any women (or in your case, men) yourself? You are the bigot because you resort to the lame, tired and false accusation that the truth is an indication of bitterness. FYI: God also hates those who call the truth a lie. The only thing true about your post is that your screen name reflects the only type of woman you can attract (or in your case, want to be).

            If anyone is losing, it is you who as you are ignored, ridiculed and outright dismissed.

      • How can it be race baiting. They are targeted by WW because it’s common knowledge now that black players have an affinity for them and a distorted notion that they are the idea. Is this news to anybody here? This is not to say that they are not chased by BW alike but saying “let’s not make this about race” is ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the middle of the room and we can’t silence the discussion because it’s uncomfortable. Race does play a factor but money is a stronger drink. Look at Matt Leinart and biracial Blake Griffin. Both slept with the same blonde who is now pulling a nifty note from each men for the next 18 years. If I were an NHL player, I would be careful around her. Don’t tell me there is no cunning here.

        These chicks know what they are doing. They time themselves and their cycles just right for the kill. Why ignore that. Or do people actually believe that these mercenary accidents have no bearing on the character and the economic situation of these women. It’s tiresome when people try to shut down the discussion with accusations of self-hate shaming, jealousy, and other insults on BW. What you see don’t lie to you.

        Then there is this kid. This guy has allegedly ignored his child after he said he would accept responsibility. The kid was born in NY state and they don’t play with child support there. He wants to move the court dispute to FL where it will be more economical for him. But that’s where they met, not the birth place. She will make millions over the next 21 years.

        • Nahhh these men are lack self control, self worth and let their phallus rule. White boys at get vasectomies and or more selective with the whores they fock and women they breed with. Women prey on rich men, period. These ballers are only victims of their self induced circumstances and I pity the children from these encounters.

          • Shit, non importante, thanks for the schooling! I didn’t even think of vasectomies, which can easily be reversed.

            YT boys get together and share information. Kneegrows would never do that and that is why in the professional sports, they get taken by these hoes.

        • @Blue Sky,

          I swear….I live in a condo in a deep canyon UNDER A ROCK!

          My cousin plays for the Steelers which is how my son has been able to attend Matt’s football camps. I know nothing about Blake Griffin beyond the fact that he plays ball & clearly has do pretty good endorsement deals.

          I had NO idea these 2 cats have children with the same woman. THIS alone should be a lesson to all these dumb-dumb men…ALL men not just atheletes.

    • Yeah don’t start with the racism. White, Black, Asian women, they all know these athletes are as dumb as bricks. But they bring it on themselves so you can’t feel sorry for them

      • Yeah the generally are dumb as hell coupled with being closeted and insecure. I was a peer tutor in college and literally some could barely spell their names and were slow to grasp basic concepts. Ended up making a lot of side money doing assignments for them.. Richard Shermans and RG3s are rare. Football and basketball mostly. Baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and sprinters were more studious and less rowdy.

        • Can we at least acknowledge that these guys are targeted and once they sign the contract, they are exposed to a weak social circle where they become vulnerable to these girls whose sole purpose is to secure their own brand of contracts for 18 years, 21 in some states.

          I mean no harm or disrespect, but you see these 350 pound not handsome at all linemen with the pretty blonde at his side and the first thing I think of is ‘man, use a condom and flush it yourself’ because she wouldn’t give you the time of day if you were pulling an hourly wage. Or do we have to wait until she gets preggos to call the relationship for what it is, a financial venture for her.

          • Nahhh these men are lack self control, self worth and let their phallus rule. White boys at get vasectomies and or more selective with the whores they fock and women they breed with. Women prey on rich men, period. These ballers are only victims of their self induced circumstances and I pity the children from these encounters.

            Posted this in the wrong thread above

            • ^^^Good response & on point. You have to be in control & being Black & from a poor background, bad friends is no excuse. EXCUSES. These women don’t hold guns up their heads to get them to talk to them. They do it because they want to. You did babydaddy things(sex with a woman that is not your wifn) so don’t about it now

          • That part right there. N….’s make a extra amount of money, ugly or not, and here come the hoes. The “men” think & believe their slicker than the game for a few minutes (wrong), get caught up, look stupid, in my Erkele voice: Did I do that? YES u did, u more than ignorant ass mutha f*cka, NOW you’re stuck! Stupid is as stupid does, and this type of dumb shit will continue. SAD.

  4. He offered her 6 figures and told her to abort. Being the true golddigger that she is, she said hell to the no. Now he stuck financing this sluts lifestyle for 18 years.
    These dumb negroes never learn. All women in the stripclubs are looking for sponsors to help them get off the pole.
    It tickles me to see these fools get got. Ha!

    • 18 years? The kid was born in NY. Make that 21 years. She was offered six figures but she knew it at 21 years n NY state, she can make at least 2 millions minimum. If he is smart, he would demand the kid for half the year. I’m non sure if you have to pay for child support for those six months. It would force her to live modestly and actually use the money for the kid and not herself. With the contract he recently signed and shoe deals, he is probably worth 200 millions. So forget 10K a month. She will ask and get much more, especially in super punitive NY state. This is why he is trying to move the whole thing to Florida. That’s where he smashed, but also in Cali. Won’t matter, kid was born in the empire state and he is out of 2 mills plus for the next two decades. Playa continues to stay losing.

    • U mean to tell me he offer her six figures. If she was smart she shoulda got those six, come up with some fake ass paperwork, have the baby, take the test and BAM! Now that’s how you gold dig! And bank that money up while U getting it! Some of these women can’t hustle for pay!

      • DR1- thats a come up for real- but if the person who does that is able to sleep at night & still look at themselves in the mirror then they are diabolical & deserve every bad thing the universe brings there way. Homey got gamed for real. Tsk tsk tsk

        • She was f*cking him & getting up in the morning combing hair & applying make up, she didn’t have a problem then, so u said that to say what? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  5. You make them, youND THESE MEN THAake them. I don’t understand these men that have sex all over the place with groupies then complain about child support. Well moral of the story is to not have sex all over the place.Y did babydaddy things so don’t complain when things happen.

  6. The Black athlete are the dumbest people on the planet & everyone knows it. That is why they end up in the situations they do. They need to wise up & learn. Being Black & poor is not an excuse either because a lot of athletes from Africa, Asia, South America don’t do dumb sh!t. They need common sense.

    • get the f*ck out of here talking that bullshit.Just because you have recessive genes doesnt mean his race has anything to do with his “alleged” actions.

      • There is a problem as a whole & it needs to be addressed. Is it culture, physical, emotional? Why is it always the Black athlete but not the Asian athlete? or Indian?

        • @anon I co sign with you. boo. But you should know that BM are above all rebuke, LOL. Yes its a race thing. These black BOYS don’t have proper FATHERS teaching them to value family and to wrap that thang up. Babydaddy culture is a failure no dad at home equals more bastards till the end of time. Marriage is over for BP!

          • Moreover, it is the self-hatred and they are always chasing strange fruit and then get bitten like a mofo.

  7. I think alot of these athletes are mentally retarded and maturity is stunted. They have been given a ride their whole live because they can carry a ball. Never been made to take responsibility for their actions

    • So sad, but true. A lack of personal responsibility will fawk anyone up no matter race. Steve Nash also has/had this problem. Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that the system is in his favor.

      The Ray Rice event had come and gone but all of a sudden when Mr. Jerry Jones was out there also abusing women & about to get caught in some rape/abuse drama, they trot out the RR abuse again. Cover up & RR was the fall guy. What is Ben Rothlesberger (sic) doing still playing ball? I guess because his abuse is not on tape or does he receive favor because of his skin.

  8. I don’t feel sorry for these athletes because they feel invincible and get very arrogant like they are above the world. These skanks plot all day everyday. They don’t want to pay a few bucks for a box of condoms but get stuck paying out thousands for years to come to these whores. What a big joke!

  9. Well she definitely needs the money. How else is she gonna adjust those cock-eyeded monster sized blue-veined titty balls ? Using your support check to inflate body parts is the primary reason to have a trick baby.

  10. This is not hard and I’m not even a lawyer. Since it has already been proven that dummy is the biological father, all she needs to do is proceed in court with him in absentia. Then the judge rules in her favor for child support.

    Then the state of NY goes after his NBA wages and garnishes him for $25K a month retroactive to the birth of the child. This will go on for 21 years to include private schooling, medical, and dental care. Dummy. And because he has distanced himself, he needs to not have custody of the child and only supervised visits with a social worker. Dummy. Because this fool will be broke in 18 years, he needs to be forced to put money in a limited trust or an escrow account to ensure the child is well provided for.

    Since the court fees and garnishments are not being done for free by some NY state employee, he will be charged a monthly processing fee. Maybe 3K a month, it’s NY. She will also keep lawyers employed to make sure this deal happens and make him pay for that too.

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    • Thank you for standing up for us…
      We truly appreciate you for this especially since there are always so many men & women of ALL races including blacks tearing us down.

      No one ever speaks on how women of every race are rushing out to BUY the biggest breast, the biggest booty & fuller lips in an effort to outdo NATURAL black women.

      Thank you so much!!!

      • @Ms. Reg Says! thanks as well

        back in 40’s and 50’s the white media was making fun of black women’s bodies they made fun of black women’s boobs and ass and lips now their
        embracing it??? talk about being a hypocrite

        • Black people give the White media too much power by always caring getting our feelings hurt when they day something derogatory.

        • Not just embrace, but emulate via a surgeon’s scalpel. Then they take credit for the final results as some original attribute from WW. Only KK and Azalia are getting credit for big butts which is part of the appeal towards fame and fortune.

          • the white media was making fun if the like of Hattie McDaniel and butterfly McQueen’s figure where white women at the time were
            stick fit. remember sarah baarton a African woman went to France thought she be famous but she wasn’t the french treated her like shyt

            there’s a movie about her on YouTube but it’s in french the actress who’s playing sarah is actually naked

          • Let us not forget how they were glorifying Jenifer Lopez’s ass back in the day…now that the media is glamorizing bigger more dramatically formed “store bought” asses here she comes out the cob webs to rub botties with that Icky Azwhatever as if THEY are icons strongly apart of a special trend.


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