Was Sanaa Lathan Pregnant For Denzel Washington?

Sanaa Lathan Pregnant For Denzel Washington

Sanaa Lathan and Denzel Washington are alleged to have smashed during the filming of Out of Time.

Now, word is Sanaa Lathan was pregnant back in 2003 and she had an abortion for The Equalizer star.

Here is what someone close to the actress is claiming:

“Denzel Washington is a wild man. He’s been cheating on Pauletta for years.”

Here’s the drop:

“Denzel doesn’t play around with high profile actresses anymore. He has scouts in Hollywood looking for party girls.

His scouts will bring the girls to his people and they’ll interview them. If they pass the test they’ll meet Denzel.”


      • Money amplifies negative human traits. Denzel can behave in this way because Pauletta is not gonna give him up to another woman. In reality, cheating increases with dough, not the other way around!!!

          • Sis…Us 9 to 5 dudes can’t ball like Denzel. Money is the game-changer in this scenario. Sanaa Lathan is a beautiful creation, but, if Denzel was an average dude…No Play! Can’t say that i’m shocked by this, the temptation is X10 on his level. Pauletta a smart woman, she know what’s going on. Again, she not giving up her lifestyle for no groupie, jumpoff, booty call, etc. Appreciate the feedback!

        • She can always leave him and take her half. Why live with a man that can bring those nasty critters to your bed. She can find a nice non- cheating man and walk away with her dignity. I know, lofty ideals.

          • They prob hav a prenuptial, and you can make bank if someone cheats…. and cheating for years plus raising the kids=$$$$ Shes gonna wait til his dick don’t work and quit a bitch!

            • She can always get him in the “Rat Trap.” That time comes down the road, she gon drop the hammer on him. Every action has an opposite reaction and result. Cheating with millions at stake is a risky bet, that’s how I see it. Then again, a man gonna choose the path of least resistance. Which is, his family jewels are the train engine pulling the rest of him down the tracks. At some point, he’s had every kind of woman known to humankind…Will he ever be satisfied?

          • @Blue Sky

            I agree with you, but, that aspect of his cheating takes a backseat for some reason. He may stray and violate his vows, but, she birthed his seeds. Other folk can tell a woman to leave, but, it’s more complex than that. Denzel got a good one, yet, she alone is not enuf. Brotha is cursed, he good-looking, smart, and rich…Lady Killer! Him being with Sanaa is old news, but, the abortion is not…#RichBrothaProblems

          • @Blue Sky,

            You mean like Juanita Jordan did?

            And, for thr record…I agree with you 100%.

    • Yanno old women dont care about infidelity and their mantra is just because he cheats on you(or sometimes even beat you) doesnt mean that he doesnt love you. Her side family lives lovely on their compound in Colfax NC. Might as well get something out of a marriage.

  1. Old, old news. Supposedly he was messing with Eva Mendes also while filming that movie. He’s just a man doing what some men do and there will always be willing females.

    • In other words, there is no perfect man. Denzel is flawed just like the rest of us. You’re right, nobody is shocked by this revelation.

        • Sadly, they do exist. Nature’s way of keeping us under control. Imagine how much larger the human population would be without STDs? It would be a sardine can on this planet. Denzel would have entire islands of women at his beck and call. He would love to taste, just a taste. Sultan of Brunei is as close to male heaven as a man can get. Gets it everyday without fail, his family jewels are still iintact. Age is the only thing that can slow us down. Denzel got more tread on his tirez, will he crash and burn before Pauletta calls it quits?

      • Tolerate is the word. Everybody has a breaking point. Secrets don’t stay secret forever!

  2. Not to excuse his behavior. But at least he’s not messing around with men like most of hollyweird.

    • @Bitch Stop Stealing my Name..not true, Denzel is just like the rest of the 99.9% of inDUSTry Black DL men, he will bust it wide open for a goon and vice versa..where U been?

  3. No surprise here because its been said that Denzel’s wife kicked him out of the house behind Sanaa Latham and her assumed child.

    • One thing I know for sure is that Sanaa has No Children. If she was pregnant, maybe but she does not have any kids.

      • I didn’t mean a physical child but its been rumored that denzel deposited his DNA into Sanaa and impregnated her in the past. What happened to the child is another story that I can’t answer.

        • The child is living and breathing and living a fabulous life.. Word is the sanaa had the baby by him and you or I will not know about it until the child is 18 years old. Stay Tuned@!!!!

    • It was off the chain when that story broke. Essence mag asked her about it in an interview and published it in their magazine. There had to be enough truth behind it.

  4. This is some VERY old gossip/news…It was said that the baby she birthed was Denzel’s or the married white dude whose an entertainment exec, I forgot his name.

    What I’m trying to understand is how this attractive, biracial, silver-spoon child whose father is an industry heavyweight… can’t seem to find love, she’s mostly solo or looking like a man’s after-thought.

    Is she really just a full-blown lesbian at this point??? I do know that she used to be bisexual.

    • Yeah shes not mixed. Her black parents produced an attractive family, her brother is cute but overweight. Shes high maintenance and picky, as she should be. She may be happy solo. Everyone isnt the relationship type.

  5. Someone please enlighten me. Is Sanaa somebody’s mother o not? If she is not, she should have had the child and married someone for cover, like uhm… Kerry Washington. If not, she played herself.

    Still cannot get over the fact that Denzel is a drug addict, DAMN!!

    • Yeah I heard Kerry’s baby is hers and her girlfriends dude she married was just the sperm donor.

    • Denzel is aging out. When I saw the previews for the equalizer, I was like wow, he needs to be refreshed.

      Btw, this news about Sanaa Latham is so old and I thought this was spoken about on this blog in the past.

      • Hey 7:29 the older Denzel gets the better looking he gets. Them Capricorn Men age beautifully!

        • Capricorn rising sun and moon people age backwards like the curious case of Benjamin button or whatever. Capricorn suns are also sexually deviant whores with an evil streak

    • There are many photos of her with a big pregnant belly. She is obviously put that child in some witness protection program or something because no one knows about the birth of the child. At least she does not prostitute the kid to the media like other celebs do.

  6. Hole Up! Hole Up!Hole Up. I can’t drink all this TEA. *lol* My girl was preggers by Denzel and he was a Heroine addict?!! Gaawd!!!


    • Well that pretty much sums up when a Virgo Lady and Capricorn Man do….we earth signs gets nasty in the bedrooms. He still messing with her. What damn Capricorn is going to stop messing with a Taurus or a Virgo? Shit look at Janet and her husband Wissan. Taurus Lady and Capricorn Man. Its something about them Capricorn men! I am yelling y’all that be some good sex! Lmao! If Sana’a know what I know, U better keep Denzel! If I see the brother, Imma let him f*cked the brakes outta me! Lmao!

        • @Jazzy, Why I need help for telling the truth? I don’t have nothing to hide. And if I want to express my views including sexually, guess what? This Lady Taurean is going to do it! That’s my persona, not yours.

      • No! U shut the hell up! I expressed my words and sexuality anyway I f*cking please! How about U try expressing it and quit telling folks what to say! Its OPEN SEASON AND EVERYBODY IS A TARGET! Now do U want me to get that http address and do U like I did six members who can’t get back up here? Uh huh…..

        • This not my life one. Two, I have a Capricorn man. Three my six digit security follow a series of Alpha codes allowed me to gain entry to the Pentagon. You keep your digits, I love mines! P.S. Dildos are not my style…I normally turn those into weapons. I was gifted like that. Don’t say nothing to me, I won’t say nothing else to you. Like I said before keep your six digits, I love mines better! ( Thanks to the old man and his best friend. That book gave me more things and more…. nawwwwww…Its not worth telling about those dark secrets that exist as I speak)

  7. True! I damn sure doing it right now! As soon that damn Capricorn brings his ass back to this house, he gotta a lot of work in that king size bed! Lmao!

  8. @Da Radiant is telling the truth, I’m a Capricorn and my husband is a Virgo and we keep it sizzling in the bedroom..porno style

    • Thank you 8:02! I am a True Taurus! I almost ran out the house naked getting hold to my Capricorn! Girl I mean he turned around and jump on him and he had to tote me back in the house! That Cappy dick is sumthing serious!

    • I moved away from my Capricorn. Relationship was rocky but the sex was ridiculous.

  9. so the day Denzel’s new movie is supposed to drop yall decide to drop some old as dirt tea, whats the point in that? Its nothing new about this intel and its not even worth an honorable mention in my book, whoever approved this old ass tea needs to be demoted.

  10. Anon6:01

    You hit on a point, women are FARRRRRRR more visual than men. Women love beautiful men. From what I have observed women with extremely handsome husbands seem they are in eternal crush with them.

    I am not downing them, because I am visual as well, but that mind has to be pretty too.

  11. Lol…. When we go to war and the stock market crashes I seriously doubt anyone will care who Denzel slept with.

  12. He is good looking but I never found Denzel hot. Sorry. Btw the story over the years was she was pregnant, had the kid and send him to live overseas. I read she is bi and her girl is Regiona Hall (Candy)

  13. the woman knows he’s married!
    Why the HELL you wanna mess around with a married man, If you do.
    Leaving evidence is a NO NO.

    • I’m assuming because he’s Denzel Washington. Even if I say no to married men 364 days of the year, if Barack Obama wanted to hit, it would be a NO BRAINER. Denzel would be a no. All of the players in the NBA and NFL would be a no. Barack, okay, right here? LOL. Everyone has that person. When you’re dealing with celebrities, who knows, he might have been her person. Shit, she prolly still thinking about him in MO Betta Blues. LOL.

  14. This is old news…even if Denzel has his sidechicks, he is not that crazy to replace Pauletta. A marriage without a prenup is a gold mine to the woman and a nightmare for the husband.

    • That may be so, but why not just pay the woman off and go find your happiness. He will have plenty left and she will have her fair share. It will happen, it’s just a matter of time. By then he will be too old and new girl will be with someone else.

  15. At Momma Dees Toof I heard the same thing. That Regina Hall is Saana’s girl. More tea please

  16. Does anyone remember when Sanaa was pregnant by Omar Epps? This was years ago right after Love and Basketball and they were in Jet magazine and she had to be least 8 or 9 months. She had cornrolls in her hair and Omar was holding her stomach and smiling. My nosy asz has always wondered what happened to the baby… And why he got with Keisha from Total so soon after. Hmmm

      • I swear. I forget who wad on the cover, I wish I could remember but it wad in the “Pictures of the week” section or whatever its called. I was at my grandmas house one day and I opened it and said WTH?! Now I’m hoping it wasn’t stillborn or something, that’s terrible but when I saw Out of Time I noticed she had put on some serious weight. Not fat just thick, and she was small in Love and bball so when I saw the image I put two and two together. I just always wondered whether she had it or not. Sanaa had some secrets…

        • No it was real. I’ll find the issue and see if I can get the picture lol. There’s absolutely nothing on google about this either 🙁

  17. Essence mag interviewed Sanaa and called her out on the pregnancy -she walked out of the set… Google this

  18. It’s called hire a fixer. And he must spend a lot of money protecting his image.

    We’re only talking about this now because he needs more buzz around this movie.

  19. That’s some fascinating shit. That must suck.

    I tend to find the low key average looking guy who is a little nerdy. The one that no one is paying attention to. Then women see me with him and wonder what it is about him. Next thing you know the dude got a waiting list and his ego is huge. It’s all down hill from there. LOL. I’m like DAMN.

  20. So true. Pre-husband I dated the most gorgeous man and he had everything….money, looks, 6 ft 2 ( and packing!), educated, cultured, fluent in 3 languages, hell that mug could even viola and dance… And I couldn’t hardly beat the bitches off him. Let me tell you women get super aggressive around fines ass men… and there’s always some Kartrashian type female who swears she’s cuter than you. Can’t tell you how many times I had to take down my top knot and toss my curls just to let a bitch know she had nothing on me. Gets exhausting after a while….

    • Anin 22:52

      Who are you telling?

      THEY SAY MEN ACT LIKE DOGS…BUT LET A BEAUTIFUL MAN WALK IN THE ROOM…you will find why they call women b_____s.

  21. why are you people shocked?? all celebrities cheat is their trademark is what Hollywood was built on lies betrayal and secrets and deceit
    many actor and actress have cheat on film sets their husbands and wife’s are not around their lonely and bam

    do’t forget tori (fugly ass) spelling f*ck dean on set then they both left their spouse for each other
    lean (ugly ass) rimes f*ck eddie and they both left their spouse for each other (does anyone see the pattern here their both ugly)

    if you want to make it in hollywood you have to cheat is what celebs do no one is loyal or faithful in hollywood

  22. Ladies, ALL RICH, POWERFUL MEN CHEAT! If you marry a rich, powerful man, you will never be the only one! That is not an opinion, that is a fact!

  23. Obviously you are flaming gay and hate the fact that straight men want nothing to do with you. They treat you like walking HIV.

  24. Sanaa had a son who is the spitting image of Denzel and he was sent away to boarding school as soon as the likeness started to become apparent, where he will remain until he’s of age.

    And what pre-nup would Denzel have with his wife? He wasn’t a rich A list actor when they married. He was very much starting out and struggling.

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