Lil Wayne Blames Bad Budgeting Of Money On Birdman & Bryan Cortez

Lil Wayne Money Problems

HSK Exclusive – Lil Wayne spent over $100 million and he’s now blaming his financial problems on Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Cortez Bryan.

Insider is saying Wezzy is not paying his baby mommas their large sums of money that he used to. Know why? Because Wayne is spending more money than he’s making. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nivea.

Here’s the drop:

“Birdman and Wayne’s relationship is not currently on good terms. He’s saying Birdman and Cortez f*cked up his money.”


    • Juvenile talked about it too. He said the he was at odds with Bird Brain because he want them TI live up to that stunting shit, blowin all his money and he said, that just wasn’t him.

      • That’s cool my brother but Juvenile after all the shit he talked about CashMoney he’s now all up baby’s ass trying to be down once again,now that he’s a washed up Rapper.

        • Lol…it’s the second time, remember he went back in 2004. He talked shit because he was frustrated and wanted to spill the beans, that’s how it happens especially when you are a streak cat getting robbed. But I also know he signed his life away to Baby and he can’t do shit without baby’s approval. Shit get real every three or 4 years…lol

          • I agree.Juvenile feeling that struggle life in these Nawlins streets these days.That 98degrees money than dried up and is long gone.Who fooled this highs and told him he could run a lable UPTRecords when he has Zero business Acumen?He wasn’t shit with Baby and yes even worse without him so he should have stayed with CashMoney.

            • It just shows that Juvenile wants to keep it 100, but money is keeping him from maintaining his real.

    • Poor Weezy.. He has spent 100 mill and he’s mad at Bird. Weezy should’ve made some of that money make money instead of spending it all.

      • I saw him at KOD in Miami making it rain like there was no tomorrow, and I don’t remember seeing a gun at his head either!
        Lets hope he has savings!

    • REALLY? This is like the blind leading the blind. Word to Wayne in your spare time you should have been taking a course or two in accounting. Birdman is illiterate as hell. Why you would trust him with your money? Instead of being high all time you should have been taking note on how your liquid assets were being managed. #DONTFEELSORRYFORWAYNE Why does these women keep has children with him? Something is wrong with them all.

  1. If you are in a situation where you cant manage your own money that is the usual result.

    • You know it. All them down lows blinging out. 3 years from now they will all be BROKE.

  2. Lil Wayne was dumb for giving Birdman all the control over his paper. The way Birdman has ripped off other artist after busted their booties and leaving them broke Lil Wayne booty ain’t no better. Hope he gets a help.

    • I guess he know what’s next. “Come over here and let me feel on that booty playboy”

        • Young Hugga is the new Lil Wayne…. Hugginem Birdnutz Nia66a… Platinum status while killing off yo braincells with his attack on your audibles(ears man)….im jus being stoopid 4give me

        • LMAO, you know them cats are fruity. But you getting that joke tells me that you watched that interview. That being said, did you see that lil chucky dude hair? He must have the same hair braider that does Stevie wonders braids……lol. Did you notice, if not look at the interview again and look at his head….lol

          • Yeah i didnt know who dude was. Im a oldhead so im on some maybe i just aint getting it or maybe im just lame or we are in bizzaro world. Are these NI66AS really serious? I know its about getting yo paper but im like werdafuq am I at? Its like up is down right is left good is bad and lebrons hairline is called a hairline… But yeah lil chucky is on “Im geeting some rice cakes for father type shao-lin monk type dreads.

  3. Time to go back to the studio…LW better get his rhymes tight…that long run he had making hits back to back is over.

  4. Mannie Fresh, BG, Juve they all said their pockets were emptied a decade ago. It took you this long Wayne?

    • Take it back to early cash money unlv had issues with the Williams brothers in the mid 90’s

    • Hmmmmm and poor D. Woods sister never had a chance but being a ran thru ho for the label. But, here is sumthing that got my attention. Remember the first artist that Baby signed to the label name Magnolia Shorty but was gunned down when she was about to blow up? But nobody won’t come forth and tell who killed her and dude at her apartment complex let alone killed her husband? I am starting to think could Baby be behind that? Think about TB. Sis I wanna know what U come up with.

      • I had never heard of Magnolia before so I just looked her up. What a horrible way to die.

        • Her episode came on TVOne Crime Story. She was the intended mark because she was going to be sacrifice. The reason for that she was about to blow up like Nicki Minaj blow up.

          • I don’t know what kind of person she was but I’m pretty sure she didn’t deserve to be shot up like that. NM’s Pink Friday dropped about a month before Magnolia was killed. Now maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe Magnolia wasn’t happy with the way she was being treated compared to Nicki and threatened to spill some Cash Money dirt to the public.

            • Isn’t that a coincidence.. Pink Friday came out 11/19/2010 and Magnolia Shorty died 12/20/2010 26 times! She didn’t deserved that and she was cute.

      • Rumor was Magnolia Shorty was complaining about not getting paid. So I agree BM may have been behind that.

      • I don’t know about Magnolia Shorty but there has been word in the N.O. for years that he had Yella Boy killed and He was a rapper in the The group U.N.L.V and that was the firs ever cash money group. Now that’s grimey

        • I need to see BM face to see how many tears he got. From there we can put two and two together.

          • I don’t know if any f the articles get into it. But you should see all the people from the NO Say baby had him hit. But a dude that know em said, it all came down to the money again. Yella was the one who everybody wanted to hear at the time. Baby wasn’t paying them boys like he should have and Yell was inquiring about the money. Baby still didn’t break bread, but you him he a stunna, he bought another brand new car and Yella had a melt down and shot Baby new shit up and that’s why he put a hit out on him. He shot In The damn face as he slept. You know how we get em from everywhere in the Navy, got this from some dudes that I was processing for violation of ucmj article 112a….lol

            • Yep and by the time them damn articles add U might as well say Fuck It! I read on Yella Boy. That shit is f*cked up. I just got done listening to Drag em by the river and one of my favs, was dissing Mystikal like crazy! But the funniest thing is this, Yella didn’t killed Mystikal’s sister. It was Damion Neville and his ass got acquitted. That some f*cked up shit.

  5. lil wayne is a big guppie christina millian left her fiance for lil wayne now he’s bawling for money!
    niva is fat!!! eating too much fatty foods maybe the dream and lil waynr are giving her too much money!!!

  6. LOL

    ‘…If you sellin’ all the records and you f*ckin’ all the bitches/And you sit on top of charts and you livin’ out yo’ wishes/Wit’ ya chains all smothered and ya watches all glittered/And ya Ghost and ya Phantoms all comin’ home to visit/Or maybe ’cause ya bitches was never really ya bitches/Wit’ ya babymama f*ckin’ every rapper in the business/Niggas sayin’ you was better when the drugs was in ya system/Now ya ‘Crack Swag’ on ever since you came from prison/Got you Tweetin’ all stupid, is you skatin’ or you dissin’/FOUND OUT YA GHOST LEASED AND YA PHANTOM JUST RENTED/Won’t leave it in ya name like ‘Pac when he went missin…’
    –Pusha T, ‘Tell Me What They Mad For’ (2012)

    That lil’ Cooning Gremlin BEEN broke, let Pusha tell it lol

    • Hey Rah, you forgot the part about baby and that star on his head…he said that star tattoo was just a target…

      • Yeah, EL, I purposely left it out so the post wouldn’t be too long after my point (The line in all caps) was made, though I agree about that being a target.

  7. Most music recording artist are in debt. That’s what the pimp does, he takes all of the hookers money in order to keep her/him walking the stroll. I watched pimps up hoes down last night—teehee.

    • Exactly. That’s what Baby has been doing for years now–Under (And sometimes not) paying his artists and putting & keeping them on drugs in other to both control them and keep them broke (B.G.). This is the reason Juvenile and B.G. left the label way back when.

      • That’s why there isn’t much real talent out there now. Singers and rappers with real talent don’t take well to being robbed. The messed up part about it is they will probably get away with it.
        Does Nicki have one of those 360 deals with Cash Money?

        • Nicki most likely has a 360 deal, as it’s the standard deal for new artists now. That’s also where all those rumors of Drake wanting to leave the label because he was being underpaid came from.

          • LOL@You remembering M.C. Charmin! But yeah, I think Baby lets Aubrenisha and Onika off the hook, drug-wise, because they’re crossover artists (And in Drake’s case, an even bigger one than the Gremlin) who are soft, shook/scared and compliant enough that he didn’t need to use drugs to control them, unlike the ‘Hood dudes he came up with (i.e. the Hot Boyz minus the Gremlin).

          • Don’t be surprised if the next story is Lil Wayne found dead from and OD of Lean. But I’m sure most of you see this coming.

            • That could happen and it would be believable especially after the scare last year. I don’t care what lil wayne says, I believe TMZ was telling the truth about him being near death.

            • Cheese U might be onto something. In fact, U dead on it! And I know how they gonna do it too.

          • @Anonymous–I guess so, and I say that because he’s always been an overhyped ‘artist.’ The dude took some drugs, finally learned how to use punchlines after X amount of years in the game & found 500 different (Mostly wack) ways to talk about p*ssy in his raps, started staying in the studio because he picked it up from ‘Pac, and he has the nerve to run around saying he’s the ‘Best Rapper Alive,’ especially when he represents everything that’s wrong with contemporary mainstream rap (This is also why it puzzled me that he was featured on an episode of ‘The Boondocks’ when he’s the kind of rapper they satirized/clowned via the ‘Gangstalicious’ and ‘Thugnificent’ characters)? I just don’t see it. Hell, all that p*ssy talk, he might as well be an R&B artist.

        • What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. I would rather be broke and at peace than to be miserable and rich. Can you guys imagine the hell these entertainers go thru by selling their souls. What a messed up deal like kanye said.

          • You know what Tracey, seeing all these rappers having seizures are not seizures, I think they are being possessed by a spirit. Thats just my take on it. I might’ be wrong but that’s my opinion.

            • I believe it’s a combination uncontrolled ignorance, syrup, & demons. Most of us were raised with a sense of “knowing” GOD & to have that tapered with, in ANY fashion is the fight of AND for your very life, and to just give away for temporary substances, has got to be game AND life changing. Them demons ain’t playing.


  9. the music industry is a money pit hakin grean (a rapper) was explaining how the music industry works

    1) 1st the artist gets signed to a a record label
    2) then the record company will give them a advance (money) sometime these artist spend it
    3) then these artist have to pay for recording session promotional advertisement marketing wardrobe hair/make up etc

    • It’s such a messed up system too. Execs will prey on lower income people because they know they are desperate. All they see are the number of 0’s on the contract without reading the small print.
      If I had musical talent I would go the small, independent route. You’ll probably still be robbed but at least it’s easier to keep your eyes on where the money is going.

      • @Say Cheese

        many of these artist’s left school at an early age and these record companies are taking advantage these young kids are seeing
        the money signs. their not reading the small print their signing their names on the bottom line and the money is clouding their judgement

        then when these artists gets bored of their record companies demands these artists will want to left and find another label but their can’t because their signed their life away

        • They want out after a couple of years because that’s the moment they check their bank accounts and realize they have nothing to show for all that hard work.
          I always laugh at those fake numbers Forbes put up. No music entertainer other than Dre and maybe 50 has the kind of money they claim.

          • Any of ’em try to leave and Baby & Slim will release those sex tapes they secretly recorded of them f*cking the artists & having them service Baby & co. when they were in the midst of being put on/signed to the label. The media, performing its role as a weapon of the Elite, will never divulge where the tape(s) came from in favor of the Williams brothers’ white and J_wish bosses, but the truth is/will be obvious.

    • Do you all remember the guy( I think his name is no limit) talked about how they get these up and coming rappers high on drugs and then they have them filmed having sex with another man. Whenever these rappers refuse to sign with them or want out of their contract they will threaten them with the tape. I was reading the comments below and everyone was saying that he was actually talking about drake. I saw it on youtube. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.

        • Oh my God. I just watch that video of sho cheese. Man these rappers get f*cked like that. To hell with being in the music business.

        • Just watched the video Rah and it just fits in picture perfectly.
          It is sad though. If I was a parent there is no way I would want my child in the entertainment business.

          • remember a group called O-town basically they won a competition to be in a band
            a guy from the group was on (boulevard of broken dreams) he said lou pearlman took all their money. he thought arista records was meant
            to pay them. but arista didn’t because lou pearlman took it for himself

  10. To bad so sad for all the womenhaving his babies to get large child support payments. You should have askedfor a lump sum. Lol


    • Magnolia Shorty haven’t been a artist on CashMoney Records in over 15 years so she’s a sacrifice to whom?She was singed when CashMoney was independent lable and she enjoyed no major lable success.I’m from NewOrleans so I know the deal.She was killed for something dealing with gangs and her boyfriend not CashMoney.

      • U mean with her husband? But I read she was mentoring that dude that was killed along with her before she did a show in Florida. BA, can U answer this question caused I’m kinda stumped. Did Magnolia Shorty knew about Nicki Minaj and her CD and was Baby already was signed to Universal before she got killed and she know that Nicki was already signed to the label? This is where I got stuck figuring out. Anybody are welcome to explain this to me cause I am confused!

        • Magnolia Shorty has no contractual ties to CashMoney Records since they’ve been signed to Universal and Baby don’t FCK with his past artist very much.Baby has the”What Have You Done For Me Lately”type mentality and if you can’t make him any money he has no conversation for you.Magnolia was a artist on CM like early 90’s before they hit it big with Juvenile “Ha”off of 98 Degrees album but not after.That’s been almost 20years ago.Magnolia been left CM before Nikki Manaj started rapping.

          • OK. Cause SC pointed out the time when Magnolia Shorty died and the time Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday debut a month a part. I was like WTF! That’s why I’ve was confused.

            • I had never heard of Magnolia until last night and that’s when I looked her up.

              Now I don’t know how accurate this is but this is what Wikipedia reads:
              “She was a member of Lil Wayne’s Cash Money crew in the early 1990s, and she was collaborating as well as working on her second album on the Cash Money/Young Money label in 2010.”

            • I know SC but I was saying when you mentioned the Pink Friday CD came out a month before MS had died, I was like, Huh?! Girl, even I had to looked both those up myself! Don’t feel bad! LOL!

  12. knowing them they probably smoking the money by burning it and rolling it up like a blunt


    • They won’t make any money off Nicki if she is dead. It’s not like she has a large catalog of hit music they can continue to make bank off for years.

    • You know what beauty I was thinking the same thing. I said to myself someone needs to pull this girl aside and talk to her because she is headed for trouble. Dont know why but I have a strange feeling something is about to go down concerning her.

  14. wayne spent his money on drugs, and all those baby mamas and all those groupies and strippers he was phukkinbg.

    supahead wasn’t cheap, Christina million isn’yt cheap hes spending on her. look at his spending habits.

    wayne has himself to blame if hes playing out well dude had a long career and lasted longer than most folks.

    can’t blame baby when wayne is supposed to be a ceo himself.

    • Baby’s being blamed because (Damn, that’s a lot of ‘B’s lol) he’s the one who took the Gremlin out of the Ghetto at 9 years old and got the Cooning, drug-induced, perpetually broke ball rolling.

  15. magnolia shorty was killed with her boyfriend or husband.

    souljah slim left no limit for cash money and he was shot down.

    one of those unvl dudes was killed too.

    birdman’s sister was gunned down.

    mannie fresh sister was shot and the killer remains at large.

    juvenile’s baby mama and daughter was killed by her son.

    some of cash money’s early artists went to jail for drugs thgis was before they broke up.

    baby phukking juve, bg, and turk for years he paid them with heroin.

    and lets not forget all trhe artists on there who was there for years and never released an album.

    busta, tateeze, gillie da kid, currency, shanelle, mystical, young buck.

    think the game’s album coming out how the hell did he go from having his own lavbel to a goon for cash money.

    baby signed paris Hilton’s ho azz like she need the money.

    • I know a lot of people from the N.O. And I was told all the way back in 2000 that Baby got then dudes hooked on that Horse and fostered their habits to control them. He got them all hooked before they even went nation wide. That part of he reason you don’t see Slim. Slim is hooked too and Baby is controlling he money. When I saw you say he was paying them in Heroin, it all came back. But I remember when BG was strung out and he would do interviews and just fall asleep in the middle of th interview, cigarette in hand and all sad. But he had to get away from them to clean up.

    • Magnolia Shorty was gunned down riding with the 2nd most wanted man in New Orleans. People should be mindful of the company they keep else to avoid death by association. One of my college friends learned that the hard way during her rough neck phases. She and her then thugaboo were shot at while filling up at a gas station. Now shes married to a business analyst.

  16. remem,ber lala brown was killed along with her boyfriend a few years back.

    a few years ago lyfe jenning went to jail for trying to kill his baby mama.

    lalas killer is still at large.

    seems like entertainers who are killed their murders don’t get solved.

    scott la rock was killed back in 87 and that incident made krs 1 wanna stop talking about guns.

    scott’s killer was never found.

    jam master jay was killed in front of a lot of witnesses and all those witnesses and nobody came forth and can nobody explain why jam master was really killed.

    busta’s bodyguard was killed during a video shoot.
    busta was the intended target.
    proof was killed around the same time.

    the game’s sister was shot, his cousin was murdered.

    nicki minaj’s cousin was killed.

    Bruno mars lost his mom.

    venus and serena oldest sister was killed in a gang crossfire.

    dolla was killed.

    doe b was killed

    lil phat was murdered.

    m bone was murdered.

    all these rappers paid the devil the price for fame some kind of way.

        • Damn! That’s where I know her from! Damn! And they never found out who killed her and dude to this day! Somebody knows something! This is not OPEN SEASON for nothing!

          • Everybody here knows what happened to her but aint nobody going to say shit. I don’t think she was the intended target, they found her in the closet where she was hiding and took her out for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was trying to get her life back together, damn shame.

            Lyfe paid that poor girl dust after he thought he made it, karma is a bitch and time her friend, sooner or later she will catch up with yo ass.

          • The Mil is ill and Chi is worse, people here are like crabs in a bucket, don’t want nobody to shine, smh.

    • You are so wise Crazy chris. I love this website Yall be spitting out some knowledge.

  17. Shout out to Toya. She’s more than likely not hurting for Wayne’s money. She has a clothing store in New Orleans, a shoe store in Smyrna GA, a hair line, and Reginae is the spokesperson for Hairfinity Teen. I’m proud of her.

  18. After a man f*cks you in the butt, you can’t demand anything from him. Wayne is the bottom

  19. He allowed it to happen by not being aware. He is always high and has been in a coma more than once. I’m sure Baby provides the best drugist Wayne’s money could buy. Maybe he put down the lean long enough to get a clue. His harem; Niver, NuNu, XTina, Whodat and the very random “you wait 5 minute” Asian better have a sister wives meeting and come up with an intervention before they all have to finally accept the fact they had a baby with a life sized Gremlin who is now broke and does not have the money for them to say well I had a baby with him because he is an amazing artist. He will become a broke, dusty played out rapper to them once those checks stop !

  20. First they leak the pedifile story now this, yup Birdmans shit is over, guess that illuminati star on his bid ugly ass water head has expired

  21. Weezy better tread lightly else one of his loved ones will end up dead like Mannie Fresh’s sister and Birdman will have another teardrop tattoo.

  22. The party’s over? All the make’en it rain and bottle pop’en and party’en all cross the contents is over? WHAT? Well lil stupid used up. Lean and and codine drink’en junkie u finally out of the purple haze to find yo daddy as u call him done f*cked up the churches money? And not to mention the trail of baby’s this cat has by young ladies I had hoped had more class and sense enough not to have a kid with that wild jungle look’en ma f*cka. Lauren London suprised me have’en a baby wit him now Christina Milan bought to lay up and have a baby for him yuck! Why? These two pretty young ladies I thought had more class than that really I did.i guess it’s true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder because he another ugly ass gator. Well Wayne go to rehab a couple weeks and clear ya head get all the drugs out and call an accountant and see how baby low down back stab’en gorilla look’en ass have stolen and jip’ed you out of. Stupid ass you fell for the bait he kept the good times goen and the drugs available so he could skim and cut up your dough boy. Are you woke now stupid? Done lick’en his ass?

    • Non of these women should surprise you, just cause a person is attractive doesn’t mean they’ll make a gray mate. The company someone keeps should tell you about who they happen to be within. Remember birds of a feather will always flock together. Lauren London said she likes thugs and was attracted to Lorenz Tate character in menace to society, so right there, was a look into her character. Again, never judge a book by it’s cover, watch that person and the rest is history.

  23. cant say baby’s through.

    now when you heasr about baby having money problems then you can say baby’s time is running out.

    baby’sstill making money off wayne, nicki,and drake.

    wayne has a huge catalog and if he dies baby willut out unreleased material and unreleased hot boys albums.

    and his baby mamas will benefit.

    all baby caresabout is wayne, drake and nicki.

    not baby’s fault wayne can’t handle money.

  24. Lil Wayne can’t blame nobody but his self for improper budgeting. He should of been done with baby years ago. Birdman see more of Nicki and Drake money than weezy when they are actually Wayne’s artists. Lil Wayne is a legend lol he don’t need baby no more. I never did understand why he continued letting birdman use him. I don’t blame drake for wanting to get out but he running round screaming no new friends when he know them niggas ain’t shit. Weezy need to take his young money artists and get the hell away from birdman fast before they all come up missing in a plane crash on their way to a video shoot smh

    • baby owns young money and is the real ceo he gave wayne the label or put wayne in front like wayne really running things he gave that label to wayne as a means to hold and control him.

      but baby is the real ceo of young money and cash money and yes whatever wayne, nicki, and drake makes baby gets his share from all of them.

      plus all the guest appearnces wayne, drake, and nicki made over the yerars who got paid more birdman of course.

  25. 100 Million is a truckload of money. Is it me, or is Baby channeling Don King? Brothas doing it for themselves, but wanna act stingy with the dough. What’s Up with this “Scrooge” nonsense with black folks in power? Wayne, you’re supposed to handle your own affairs, this includes financial. Daddy robbed your piggybank, What are you gonna do about it?

  26. back in the day artist were making lot of money because internet wasn’t so advanced YouTube wasn’t invented
    music wasn’t being downloaded like today unreleased music wasn’t being leaked for all to hear like today that’s why someone artist’s are struggling

    iTunes/YouTube/downloading is killing off music anyone can record a song on their phones and put it on iTunes or YouTube and sound cloud
    why do you think certain old artists such as princes refuse to put his music on YouTube because it’s free

    • artists was getting ripped off before the internet.

      ask sugarhill gang, and every other rapper the late Sylvia robinson ripped off in the 80’s on her sugarhill label.

  27. Alot these women that he got pregnant should have used condoms or some form of birth control. Lauren London caught me by surprised by letting this little gremlin impregnate her. Then of course his first baby mother Toya, some blasian girl named Sarah, Nivea, and now their saying Christina Milian is pregnant by him. These girls sound like chickenheads to me. I’m not surprised the money ran out. The music industry is a joke.

    • Its something about Wayne that can get a woman’s undivided attention. His mom did say he is a very articulated talker. Have y’all hear him talked? I forgot what radio show he was on, but if U sit there and listen to him, he is very smart. But why he couldn’t put those smarts into managing his money better is beyond me? Hell, Even Karrine, Lauren, and Toya said he is very articulated. Go figure!

      • m oney and fame can get you lots of p*ssy.

        flav, odb, Erick sermon, crunchy black, Michael blackson, wiz khalifa, snoop, Trinidad james, these are some ugly mfs.

        but we all know why they got p*ssy.

        add Gucci to the ugly list.

      • damn you think Wayne is articulate?? lmao… Wayne have the “pretend to be smart” look on his face lmao

  28. Sooo no one mentioned Slim?..He looks slow but he is quiet Neva trust a quiet person too sneaky

  29. slim always stayed in the background but yes him and birdman are partners and co ownwers and the only 2 survining members of their immediate family.

  30. I remember Baby had folks fooled that he did some billion dollar deal with an oil billionaire. WTF! He was lying and the only on balling with real tax dollars are 1.Dr.Dre $680 Million Apple Beats deal$$$ …2.50 Cents $100 Million mainly from water deal…(All the other are in massive debt Diddy, Jay Z, Bey, Baby, the list can go on….Dr.Dre and 50 Cents can floss for real…..

    • I’m sure just about every entertainer is in some kind of debt. There’s good debt (investing other peoples money) and bad debt (spending more than you’re making on frivolous merch) Doubt 50 is bringing in more bread than the Carters. Jigga been getting bread way before 50. He, alone got pre and post Roc, Def Jam and Roc Nation money shyt thats all this fool cares about so u know he ain’t lacking

  31. Man, that dude lie a lot. He lied about loosing 2 million betting on the Miami Heat in their first championship series with LeBron James. He lied about buying that 8 million dollar car and he lied about being part owner 97 the dolphins. The looked into it and found the only people named williams that had stake in the Miami Dolphins were Venus and Serena. That dude is pathological.

    • Baby always admitted to being a “stunner” and what do stunners do? Stunt (lie, embellish or over exaggerate wealth).

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