Pilar Accuses Deon Sanders Of Attempted Murder


Since Pilar Sanders joined the Moorish Divine she’s dedicated a great deal of time to exposing her ex husband Deion Sanders.

In July, the former model accused her legendary NFL playing husband and his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds of kidnapping. Now she’s accusing her ex of attempted murder.

Four days ago Pilar posted the document pictured above, a typed document. In bold red letters it reads, “Deion Sanders beats woman for filming his attempted murder of Pilar Sanders Love El Dey, smashes her phone and threatens third witness before testifying!!!!”

The document has bullet points and pictures of two women. The caption to accompany the post reads:

#MOORtruth #DeionSanders #BEATS and #THREATENS #DiannaBoswell #DestroysEvidence -threatens and Refuses to pay #DrLisaThompson $5,000.00 For Piano Lesson Bill because she Testified! #RaymondWheless doing Business as 366th #CollinCountyCourt #ConcealedEvidence so #DeionSanders could Help Him and #CollinCountyColluders Continue #InternationalCrimes #InquisitionOperations #BlackChristianCodes1724 #KingAlfredPlan #Genocide They Kidnapped My Three #Indigenous #MoorishAmericanChildren – Deion Sanders Sells a show-he couldn’t get without my children and #ForcedToFilm his ‘realityshow’ for #OWNNETWORK #Peonage #HumanTrafficking #Racketeering #ViolenceAgainstWomen #CHILDABUSE

Pilar’s Instagram is dedicated to these type of posts labeled #MOORtruth with documents, photos of battered women, graphs and unthinkable accusations.

In addition, Deion refuses to pay his ex’s lawyer fees, which he was ordered to pay by a judge two years ago. An impending lien on his property and assets could force him to pay the $250,000 tab.

The pair were married for 12 years before they split in 2011. They share three children together.

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  1. Lol… Wonder how long it’ll take before NFL removes him from Thursday Night Football?
    If he is removed people will cry out racism even though this is a black woman throwing him under the bus? why do we come to the defense of other people stupid behavior when they’re not even things that we would do ourselves?

  2. Stop the madness! Another pissed off female who is mad because she got dumped.

    • I dunno. Seems to me, yet another NFL player being exposed for DV. She has been saying for years, to anyone who would listen, that he had beat on her thru the course of their marriage. These NFL players seems to be coming full circle with these issues, of putting their hands on women… ijs…

  3. Women are finally being HEARD ! IT IS A MANS WORLD .If a man kills a women he gets 5 years . If a woman kills a man she gets LIFE. ALL ABUSERS while the door is OPEN !

    • That’s a statement of fact. Courts don’t protect women in this country. I watch Investigation Discovery a lot. A woman can file endless restraining orders, and it does not protect her. When a woman is six feet under, then cops wanna arrest the husband or boyfriend after the fact. I blame us for a lot of this, we’ve stayed silent about Domestic Violence. Men should be the most outraged, women can’t fight this alone.

      • Uhhh that’s how it works. People can’t be arrested BEFORE they’ve committed the act. Duh?

    • I’m sorry, where are your stats generated from? the law s are bent towards women, statistically. please think, before you speak.

  4. Why is she bashing her children’s father? Work it out privately! It has been 3 years and instead of her just taking him to court, she bashes him on social media? Crazy black chic or what ever she is. He has moved on and she just mad at him. I’m glad he protects his money.

    • Thank you! And wasn’t she sitting on TBN with her husband 10 years ago talking about how their marriage was so good and how to keep God first in a relationship. Heffa please, BYE FELICIA!

      Sidebar: I know this is a rhetorical question…but when is HSK/Jacky going to start posting stories again exposing the tea about celebrities BEFORE it happens?

  5. Whoa #King Alfred Plan?
    Always an interesting subject but what does it have to do with Deion?
    Pilar is one of the finest chix I’ve ever seen but as always with her it looks like the engine’s running but there’s nobody behind the wheel.

    • A lot of the programs that she mentioned are interesting, the the only one that I could even apply was the black christian code that states the children of a free mother shall be placed with the mother if the father is a slave. Maybe sh is saying Dion is a slave and it was wrong for the slave masters to give him custody of the kids…….**Kanye Shrug**

      • Oh shit! Deion U are through! Eddie I am with U! I see a lot of shit and I remembered at least..let me shut the hell up!

      • The U.S. Constitution states that if a man becomes imprisoned he is considered a slave. oops..Deion better watch out.

        • Don’t hold your breathe, she will be behing bars before he will.

  6. Pilar always have been a crazy witch. Deion should have never married her. Looks are deceiving. She’s a bitter,scorn woman seeking to destroy her husband because the funds of life have been cut. He need to watch his back and get custody of his kids if he doesn’t have them already. Let her sink her own ship of foolery. Coo Coo Bitch!

  7. No y’all. She is telling the truth. Why did Deion and his first wife divorce? He was beating on her and she had the proof. That’s how she had got custody of Deion Jr. and Deiondra. This time, Pilar didn’t have the proof at that time because he threatened her. Now that she got hardcore evidence, Deion is through! She is not throwing Demon under the bus, She is a woman of scorn and a woman is not going to take so much!

    • okay…I can buy that. And he did make it a point to take custody of the kids he has with her. His fame and notariety got him over with that divorce judge I believe. What do you think?

      • It did and it worked! But like I tried telling these men, y’all don’t want the simple women..Ohhhhhh nooooooo!! Y’all want them gold digging ugly ass woman that don’t know her tongue nor her teeth because they lie so damn bad! But yeah Deion use his status and now its coming back to bite him in the ass!

        • We obviously knew each other in another life, because you are on point! If you flash cash and your biggest attribute and lure of attraction are by using materialism, you’re going to attract superficial person. It’s a simple formula. You attract what you’re about…if you ain’t about shit, you’re going to attract people who ain’t about shit. If you about substance, you’re going to attract someone who is rich in love and spirit. It’s a simple formula people. lol

        • Come on DR1, both men and women are shallow it’s not a gender thing it’s a personal moral thing. How many women get with known womanizers, abusers drug dealers and homos because they’re pretty boys or rich. The hardworking dude making an honest living is not a hot commodity. I never heard a woman say that they want to get with a farmer. But guess what I’m doing, I’m studying agriculture, I’m gonna learn how to farm, I’m already a professional fisherman, they won’t f*ck up the economy and starve me to death. Me and mine are gonna eat…..lol.

          • Eddie, I’m not shallow. But I betcha this country girl can survive off the land! Know how to make lye soap, cut wood, use a prime pump, drained an out house, kill and gut a pig, deer, chicken and work on cars. So you are not the only one who can’t live off the land. LOL!

          • Yes, it works both ways. Women look for that easy, fast cash…well with that comes a WHOLE lot of shit you got to tolerate. Other women, lack of respect, verbal abuse. Personally, I’m with a man that’s a VERY hard worker…he doesn’t have much, but to me he is WEALTHY beyond compare. I would never leave him for a dude with a fancy car, bling…cuz all that is materialism and has no power or glory to it. I let him know EVERY DAY how I appreciate him and together we will build an Empire, I will not take from him what I did not help him build. I keep it 100% because I respect and adore his courage to be his own man in a society that tries to force our young brothers to dishonor and disrespect women. I LOVE a hardworking honest man…that is what is attractive to me.

            • See TB, that’s all I’m saying, have both men and women who don’t know what it all about. Will never find love or will never find a person to love them because to them love has a material or visually aesthetic criteria placed on it. And that’s because people don’t know the difference between living in the world or BEING OF THE WORLD.

      • Ok, I do know what happened in his first marriage, most of that was not public, but as time and technology advances, I can give you the public facts and issues of this case.

        Yeah she complained about abuse, problem is, SHE was found guilty of DV. They charged him with simple assault. Which means that he made a threat. That’s all simple assault is. Now if he made a threat and touched her with a finger or even hit her with a pillow, that turns into assault consummated by battery. So the authorities made determined that any injuries she got were due to him defending himself. She was issued a restraining order and had to sta away for 60 days. And he was the one on record that expressed fear for his life and the safety of the kids. I think with all of the NFL DV stuff going on, I think she sees an opporotunity. But best case scenario for her, if he did hit her there is nothing hat can be done at this point anyway because the statue of limitations on DV in Texas is 2 to 3 years.

        But she made it hard to take her serious when he custody battle was going on, right at the height if things, she does not show up for the custody hearing. Her lawyer is there but she isn’t, then the lawyer later tries to file an appeal saying that she was in the parking lot at the time. So judge has it looked into and finds out that she was with her boyfriend Bird man Williams, she is part of the YMCMB concubine.

        But in her defense, Deion is rich and famous and some believe that his relationship with TD Jakes vpcarres weight and influence. Now you can research it yourself if you want to but this stuff is public knowledge.

        • HI ELTHP!!! First, let me say I always like what you put down, you’re a conscious brother. And I agree…but I also got to add, that if ALL of his relationships turn eventually become volatile, then maybe the problem is not his wives, it’s him. LOL! It’s like that old saying, If you don’t know who the asshole is in the room, it’s probably you. I see a pattern with him…Now if Pilar and her new man start getting physical then I can say, okay he picked a bad woman for him…but it’s all of his relationships that start getting ugly.

          • Hey I agree with you 100%, I truly do. And he might possibly be an abuser and if he is, there is no excuse for him. The info I found was public knowledge. I’m a true believer that if everybody is saying the same thing they are more than likely not lying. But I just want to know why was she charged with DV and more importantly why didn’t she sho up to the court hearing for the custody o th children. Like I said, in fairness to her, he is rich an has connections but she has no excuse for ditching her kids for Baby Williams. But to be honest, I think both of these people are f*cked up.

            You be the judge. You have a case you have two people claiming the other is evil and you believe that hey both are. One shows enough responsibility to be where they are suppose to by order of YOU, the judge, the other blows you off. What choice do you have. She had no excuse to not show up to fight for her kids.

            • I agree with you on the baby situation. No excuse for her not showing up to court. It always looks worse on a mother because not being there for your children…as a woman, a mother…it is unnatural. And that’s why she lost them. And, I agree, I do believe that Deion played that courtroom and that judge like a violin. He knew what to say, when to say it…a lot of Sirs and Your Honors was thrown about…he did just enough to make her look like the unstable one.

        • Eddie she in within the statue limitations. Its only a year. Now that I can assure U on. In SC if I’m not mistaken 3 to 5.

          • They are in Texas. SHE was charged for DV in April 2012, over 2 years ago.

            • She still in her limitations. CV is a federal offense. If anybody know some Federal shit…Ask Me! Boy, I can tell y’all some crazy shit y’all wouldn’t believe!

        • Pilar didn’t ditch her kids. She was trying to come up with some money for her legal fees. That’s why she missed some of the hearings. She didn’t get up with Baby until Deion got custody of all the kids. The judge order Deion to pay for her legal fees and he didn’t do it. So she went to the one person she and Deion both know which is Baby.

          • See, we will never know the truth because, she blamed her lawyers for convincing her to continue going after Deion because they believed that they could get a big payday. But when it didn’t happen, they hit her with th bill

      • They gave him the kids because she didn’t show up for court. I think the judge figured the kids were not a priority to her,,,,JMO

    • When human beings do wrong, their conscious gives them a migraine. During the Mid-2000s, i watched TBN two or three times a week. Pastor Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paul & Jan, etc. Out of nowhere, Deion becomes a member of The Potter’s House in Dallas. He was a flashy dude, loved to floss and so forth. It surprised me when this happened. My gut told me something wasn’t right. A lot of dudes that play ball are time bombs because they feel that everybody should bow to their wishes. I play football, on your tv screen all the time, the fans love me. Sports is a ball of confusion. Owners could care less about bad behavior, they just want Ws at any cost. Fans don’t care either. With any issue, it’s 3-Dimensional…His Story, Her Story, The Truth. All of this is coming out now because it has to. I don’t know if he abused Pilar, but, Sis ain’t been right since the breakup.

        • I read the link… Very Revealing! As you stated, more than likely, negative actions took place. Pilar has everything to lose and nothing to gain by lying about this. A false accusation is not a trivial thing. The NFL Network is how he pays the bills and provide for his kids. The last time i saw them together as a couple was on (Football Wives), which was a reality series on VH1 some years ago. What’s crazy about all of this, is that, now folk wanna pay attention? NY folk remember the Lawrence Taylor spectacle a few years ago. Had sex with a female minor, but that was bleached as well. Prime Time is innocent until proven guilty, but the streets are not libra scales. It’s not good, this ain’t good DR1!!!

          • Well…..Ty. Now is the time for Deion to get a mediator for him and Pilar. Like U said it is not looking to good. He can give the woman at least 10 million. He’s good for it.

            • She got what she agreed to in the prenup. He ain’t got to give he shit else. He has the kids and she blew her money trying to take his. PERIOD.

      • Deion became a member of the Potters house back in 98 when his lifestyle caused his first divorce. He wrote and published a book after he was counseled by Jakes he was a member in the late 90s fam. Deion does not need that TV check, that’s suit money for that brother. He is worth more than just about anybody else you see doing broadcasting. Some people need that check but that brother does not need that change. Broadcasting is temporary job, every year dudes are retiring from the league and lining up for that broadcasting check. If you are broadcasting and sneeze wrong you are gone. Michael Irvin was found with a weed/crack pipe in his car, and you ain’t seen him since. With everything going on in the NFL and domestic violence if there was any substance to these allegations, that man would not be working that sorry TB and ATL game tonight. Pillar better be careful, she is accusing a lot of people of wrong doing, not just Deion. They are gonna get tired if her running her mouth and she won’t be able to get a job waiting tables.

        • I wanna know, if you getting your ass whooped, how do you go to jail. She and some crazy chick jumped on DS in his house. Come on y’all, really. Please think, If she is getting beat and they don’t do anything about it and she ends up dead, some heads are gonna roll, she is accusing him of ATTEMPTED MURDER. If they ignore that. And he really is trying to kill her and they have evidence of this. She ends up dead and the entire Dallas DAs office Is gone. Do you think a bunch of Texas good ole boys are gonna put their neck on the line for Deion Sanders? If y’all do, I want some of what y’all smoking

          • Too many people are are looking at this and either placing their feelings from past relationships or experiences and it’s effecting their feelings an thought process.

            This man will gain nothing by killing her, he has the upper and, kill her for what?!? It’s not like she can take his money. The best way to Kill her is to leave her broke, get your kids, find another woman to replace you, move her stuff in the 1,500 square foot closet your stuff use to be in and take great care of you kids and your queen. Well look at that, Looks to me like Deion has he playbook….lol

    • “Why did Deion and his first wife divorce?” Because he was cheating with PILAR.

      It’s common knowledge that she was his mistress and helped contribute to the breakup of his marriage to his first wife, Carolyn.

      I feel sorry for her losing her children and have NO DOUBT that Deion’s career with the Cowboys and Hall of Fame status tipped the divorce and custody dispute his way but Pilar isn’t doing herself any favors with stunts like this.

      She’s bitter and wants to make his life miserable since the court upheld their pre-nup which only gave her $1 million when Deion is said to be worth over $200 million AND he has full custody of their kids and doesn’t have to pay her any child support.

      Deion’s mad and won’t pay her lawyer fees because the pre-nup dictated that they would go to a mediator to avoid those fees and that if lawyers were involved she’d pay for her own lawyer.

      At this point, the only thing left for her to do is move forward with her life and try to co-parent her children.

      • That’s how i looked at it. I see that she is crying every chance she gets and saying that the deck is stacked against her. But then I ask myself, what do they have to gain by screwing her. I truly believe that if they could take Deion Sanders stacks and give them to Pillar they would. Of course, take that loud mouthed flamboyant niggas money and give it to the Golddigger to give back to the merchants. The problem is that he may be loud ad he may not be what they like, but you can’t call him dumb. He obviously thought she might be a golddigger otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten prenup. They were married thirteen years, she should have taken classes at the UOSO, the university of Shaunie Oneil. There are three sides to this story. She ain’t as innocent as she is trying to see. Wasn’t there a sex tape with 50 cent that didn’t work too well for her?!?!?

    • @Smarter than u think

      if your childhood sweetheart left you for another woman wouldn’t you go crazy??!
      dwade cheated on his wife of 10 years and left her for gabby union… now their playing happy families is enough to drive any person insane!!

      • I would have to think about that one cuz I’m male. Doubt insanity would be my response.

  8. This dude busting up in chicks like HIV and Herpes and other STD’S don’t exist he need a Condom Surgically sewed on his Dick! He playing Russian Roulette with his
    Cock. Lmao

  9. these self hating bed wenches love to hurt black men for what? not getting enough d*ck or money is very interesting
    when a sellout black women gets tossed aside like a empty wrapper by her “white” husband these self hating black women do’t say shyt
    no slick comments over the web!! but when a black men divorces he’s wife. these women love bashing him exposing him etc

    let’s not kid our selves white men ain’t perfect their just as dirty and low like some black men are even worser!!!!!

    sellout self hating black women are dangerous to black men ………just ask robin givens she f*cked up mike’s career

  10. Now they saying Dwyer head butted and broke his wifes nose because she bit his lip because she tried to stop his sexual advances. I’m done…it’s open season now.

    • He married his white lady, she got the cash baby and wants out, maybe to get herself her white man. Let this be a lesson to ALL of them.

  11. It’s a good wake up call for these fools that marry pretty but crazy women. Now the blueprint is in place, complain of DV and his job is done. Unless you pay them.

  12. Pillar obviously has nothing going on in her personal life because if she did foolish shenanigans like this would be beneath her and after all of this what real man would want to be within a 10 mile radius of a scorned obvious golddigger like her.If deon was a manager at popeyes none of this would be happening.She’s doing this because she’s broke and jealous of Tracy Edmonds. I’ve be taught that the Emptiest Wagon always make the most noise.Quiet down Pillar.

  13. Pillar displayed these same bogus photos during her so-called book release that nobody remembers and if she feels she’s been assaulted where’s the police report or the lawsuit?This woman is dehydrated thirsty and that was proven when she was wearing a arm brase on TV during court looking for public sympathy in hopes of a good divorce settlement. I guess Slim cut her off and now deon is back on her radar. Pathetic


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